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First Encounter by Terry

First Encounter

I often enjoyed going to the adult bookstore and getting myself off. Not that I needed to do it myself; I'm 19 and considered a very attractive guy.

Normally I don't have any problem getting my needs taken care of, but sometimes I just like to watch a porn movie and touch myself to orgasm. The bookstore is kind of in a bad part of town, but I was in and out of there quickly usually. I've seen quite a few strange looking characters go in there. The people in there left me alone and I left them alone -- until now.

I was shopping around looking at magazines in the main part of the store for quite a while. Once in a while I would catch the stare of some guys in the store. Quickly, I would look away. I paid the guard at the peep booth counter and he gave me my tokens and I found a booth in the back. I pulled my pants and underwear down to my ankles, dropped in the token, and sat back to enjoy myself.

This time, as usual, some guys were trying to look in the window on the door to get a glimpse of me. I just figured that it wasn't hurting anything so I usually just carried on. Entranced on a nice movie of a gal getting double-teamed, I was too occupied to worry about them. Suddenly the door cracked open! I must have forgotten to lock it all the way. In stepped a large man who appeared to be about 6'3" and around 230 lbs. He was dressed very well in a business suit. He must have been around 50 years old because he had salt and pepper hair with a graying beard and mustache. I straightened up immediately and tried to cover my hard cock with the front of my shirt. I thought he was a security guard or something who was going to bust me for exposing myself. I always knew you weren't supposed to touch yourself in these booths, but I didn't think they ever did anything about it. I just thought I was in a lot of trouble.

The man was making "shhhhhh" noises as he locked the door and sat down beside me. He was coaxing me by saying, "It's okay. Just relax, honey. I just want to make you feel good." Then he put his left hand on my still hard cock and began to gently stroke it up and down in his huge paws. I still wasn't thinking straight and was mostly really scared at that point.

I wanted him to stop, or did I? I didn't move and I could have, but I just didn't.

He changed the video playing to a gay movie with one guy sucking another's cock while finger fucking his own asshole. I didn't look at the man in the booth; I just stared straight ahead at the monitor while he touched me. He found a large drop of pre-cum leaking out of my dick and pulled it down the sensitive under side of my dick, which caused me to arch my hips up to his stroke and force a gasp to come out of me. He asked me, "You like this, baby? You like how that feels on your cock?" What was I going to say? No? Yeah, right. I didn't take my eyes off the monitor. I just nodded yes. He was doing an even better job on me than I could have done myself. Then he moved closer to me and began kissing and licking and nibbling on my neck. His aggressive tongue was working me all over and I just let him. My breathing was now coming in gasps and I was close to coming. He must have sensed this because he let go of my cock and began rubbing my swollen balls. It felt good, but it kept me from coming, which I desperately needed to do. He resumed pumping me and slowing down at the point of orgasm. He knew exactly what he was doing. And I was squirming and whimpering I had to cum so badly.

He asked me, "Sweetheart, you are in such a bad state. Why don't you come home with me and I'll make you feel better. You want to let daddy take care of that? Hmmm? " I have never had a homosexual encounter, nor did I think I ever would, but at this point my dick was leaking pre-cum at an incredible rate. My balls felt like they were going to explode. And a MAN had me doing things I never thought I'd ever do. He smiled and said, "Pull up your pants and come with daddy. We'll get you all taken care of there, honey." I just did what he said. He grabbed my hand and led me out of the booth past a group of guys standing in the alleys appearing quite jealous. I just clung on to his hand and followed.

We entered the well lit part of the bookstore. There were quite a few people mingling around looking at various items. When they saw this older man pulling a young cute guy out of the video booths, it seemed they knew exactly what had happened and what was about to happen. We passed two girls looking at dildos on our way to the door. They were watching us the whole way and one of them giggled as we passed, "Have fun tonight guys." Then they both started giggling. I was embarrassed, but I also didn't care because he promised to get me off, which I needed more than anything right now.

I got into his Lexus and he drove us to his house on the nice part of town.

The whole time he was rubbing my crotch through my pants. When we went inside of his house he shut the door and pinned me against it facing him.

He leaned downward and buried his tongue into my mouth. His beard and mustache were tickling my smooth cheeks as his tongue assaulted mine. I didn't know really how to react so I just did what came natural which was close my eyes and let out tongues mingle with each other. My arms wrapped around his neck and he was pressing his hard cock into mine; kind of dry fucking me against the door.

It wasn't long before I was totally moaning into his mouth as he kissed me.

He broke the kiss and pushed me to my knees in front of him. He asked me, "Are you going to give me everything I want? I'll treat you like a queen if you do. What'd ya say?" I nodded yes as if I was being controlled by some other force. What was happening was so lustful and taboo that I've never been so overcome with horniness before. He smiled and unzipped his trousers and pulled his dick out. I was hard and about 6 inches long with average thickness. The head was completely shiny from pre-cum. He said, "Suck daddy." And then arched his pelvis forward offering his dick to me my first dick. I didn't know what to do. Half of me just wanted to get up and run out of there and forget the whole thing ever happened. There was still time to do that. But my better judgment wasn't in control of me at that point. I just felt myself, as if robotically, closing my eyes and leaning my head forward and opening my mouth to let a man put himself into me. It was like slow motion and seem to take forever but I finally reached his cock and my lips closed around it. I was salty-like and greasy on the head. It had an unusual taste and texture that I couldn't describe it was almost spongy, yet it was hard. Either way, it filled my mouth and I loved it! I was instantly addicted to sucking his cock! I licked the underside of it and his hairy balls and tried to take as much of it into my mouth as I could. I knew from his grunts and groans that I was doing well.

After about five minutes of sucking my new lover, his picked me off the floor and told me to come upstairs with him. I eagerly followed into his bedroom. He took all of my clothes off piece by piece, very slowly, enjoying my young body. He then stripped off his clothes the rest of the way. Then he went to a dresser drawer and pulled out 3 pairs of panties and told me to pick one. I picked a cream-colored one with flowers on it. He got down and had me step into the panties that I chose and then he slowly slid them up my body onto my cock and covering my butt. He laid down on the bed and had me model them for him. When I got close to him on the bed he grabbed my butt and pulled me tight to him and started kissing my cock through the panties. I was so turned on by this point that I would have done anything he told me to do.

He grabbed me and laid me down flat on the bed. He again went into a dresser drawer and pulled out a jar of something clear colored. He pulled my panties aside and smeared some on my asshole and some on his cock. It was cold, but it felt slippery and good. He sat beside my sprawled out body and began to insert his finger into my virgin anus. It slid in right away and brought me knew sensations I never felt before. I liked it a lot! He was banging me and stroking his cock at the same time. He had total lust in his eyes, which turned me on even more. Quickly he jumped up and picked my legs up onto his shoulders and mounted me. I was totally his and I was going to give it up to him. His cock was positioned at my entrance and he let go of his weight and his cock began pushing at my hole. It wouldn't go in. I needed it to be inside of me at this point and I was beginning to feel desperate for it. He told me to relax and he stroked himself to complete rock-hardness and mounted again. This time I arched my hips up to my lover's cock and I felt him enter me. I hurt at first kind of like sharp stinging sensations. He must have sensed this and told me to relax..

I did and he slowly fed me his dick. It took almost a minute before his had all of himself in me. I knew it was completely in because I felt his pubes tickle and mash against my full balls. He withdrew and began pumping. I was totally lost in lust and every stroke he made force a drop of pre-cum to ooze out of me. He was pumping hard and sweat was dropping off his body and onto me, which I loved. He began grunting hard and I knew he was close to filling my tush with his cum. I begged him, "Ohhhhh, yesssss! Please fuck meeeee! Cum in meeeeee!" This took him over the edge and he let go inside of me. I couldn't really feel it, but I heard it. His cock now made squishing noises when thrust in or out of me and his pumps slowed down to a halt. I was glowing inside and out. I made a man cum in me! He rolled off me and he told me to jack off. I grabbed my cock and began to fiercely masturbate. It only took several pumps before I was squirting a huge load of cum that had been wanting release for hours. It squirted so hard that streams of it hit my hair and one even went into my own mouth. I tasted my own cum and thought it was incredible. He kissed my cummy face and said, "Thank you, love." He took me back to my car and introduced his name (finally) as Jerry. He gave me his card and told me to call him anytime for some more fun. Do you think I should call him?

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