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Finding the Clitoris by Heroin Daydream

Finding the Clitoris

I remember it like it was yesterday.

I was 16 years old and I was scared to death. I remember reading once that while committing a crime, you can make up to 25 mistakes, and you normally only remember 5 of them. Am I committing a crime? I thought.

We were in the middle of nowhere - at a campground near Walla Walla.

By we I mean my girlfriend and I. Actually, by we I mean me, my girlfriend, and the 20 or so assorted members of her family. It was probably 11 o' clock at night and we were all gathered around the campfire, talking and laughing. She was sitting next to me in a lawn chair and all I remembered was how beautiful her face looked in the firelight. She looked at me and smiled.

"It's not polite to stare," she said coyly, squeezing my hand.

"I can't help it," I replied. I squeezed her hand back and I leaned over and kissed her. "I love you."

Now I know what you're thinking - this wasn't real love, right? Of course not! It couldn't be! He was only 16!

Well...I can't say I blame you - but I'd never felt that way about anyone in my entire life. I had been in relationships before; and girls had hurt me - but she was different. She was special and I felt she really wanted me to be happy. And I think that I loved her. I admit I would be skeptical in your position too.

But when I told her I loved her I meant it. I might not have known what it was at the time but when I said it, I meant it, and goddammit, that was good enough for me.

I had my first sexual experience with her on prom night, after dating for about 3 months. We were both virgins and I intended to keep it that way, but we got into some heavy petting and she and I both orgasmed for the first time. Well, at least we had our first orgasms that we hadn't experienced on our own - we were very open about these things.

About 2 months had passed since then, and we had steadily progressed sexually since then. Lord knows I was learning plenty, and I felt like pretty hot stuff.

She stood up and stretched languidly in front of the fire. She walked over to my chair and sat on my lap, leaning against her back against my shoulder. I wrapped my arms around her and sighed contentedly. After a minute she swiveled her neck around to face me, kissed me lightly, and whispered in my ear "pretend like you're going to the bathroom, and meet me at my tent in 5 minutes."

Instant hard-on. I knew exactly what she had in mind. We had gone on a hike earlier that day, and when we got in the deep woods I got her down on some soft mossy grass - I pulled up her shirt and began licking her tits and stomach, while beginning to undo the button on her jeans. Once she realized what I was doing, she said, "Why don't you save that energy for later - when we have more time?"

She had been hinting at it all day. Every time I remarked that I was hungry, she would wink at me and smile. She would drink her bottle of water, and stick her tongue in the bottle while she drank while staring at me. She wanted it, and I was ready.

My teenage brain raced with activity. HELL YEAH, I thought, ACTION!

She swayed in the darkness as she walked toward her tent. Her curvy ass was visible in the firelight, and she knew I was watching. She called a casual "Good night!" to the rest of her family and disappeared into the darkness. I began to sweat.

I sat for a moment, watching the rest of her family. I was thrilled to go on this camping trip with my girlfriend, not just because of her, but also because I really liked her family. They liked me a lot too, especially her parents. About 50% of the group there was drunk at the moment, but I was still nervous.

How am I gonna pull this off? I thought. They're gonna see me go over there!

As much as I wanted to sneak over and please my girlfriend, I was reluctant. Her family really liked me - what if we got caught? I was looking for a long-term relationship with her, and I didn't want to ruin it just because we were horny.

But I the fact is, I was really horny. And apparently, so was she. Scary combination.

I decided to chance it.

I tried to play it off a little bit before I did my thing. I grabbed my Coke, and I stood up, facing the fire for a minute or two. After lingering for a minute I walked away from the fire toward the porta-potty across camp. I saw my girlfriend's 13 year old sister glance at me suspiciously as I walked away, but it was only a brief glance as the conversation around the fire regained her attention. No one saw me - or so I thought.

I walked halfway to the outhouse, and then I curled back around the ring of campers to the tent where my girlfriend was in. Probably waiting for me, I thought with a smirk. I ducked down to the entrance and unzipped the tent slowly - so as not to attract attention - and crawled into the little space inside the tent. I zipped the tent up behind me and went to face my girlfriend.

In the glimmering moonlight I saw her sitting on the air mattress. She still had on her T-shirt but she had taken her pants off. She looked at me and batted her eyelashes. I giggled. "Spare me," I remarked. I looked down and saw that she was wearing her black lacy panties - my favorite.

"So you decided to get ready for me, eh?" I said with a grin.

"Actually, I was about to change."

Grrr. You think she'd humor me. I shrugged it off mentally. "Well, let me give you a hand."

I placed my hand on her breast and I gave it a good squeeze. She closed her eyes and bit her lip, moaning a little bit. I still can't believe that she liked that so much - her firm tits were not as sensitive as some of the other girls I had been with. Years of soccer adjusted her so that she enjoyed the "rough play."

I moved and crawled on top of her. I began to lick and kiss her neck, which really got her going. I could smell her cream as she began moan louder and louder from the stimulation to her neck, which she loved. I nibbled on her earlobe and she wrapped her arms around my neck, moaning at a high pitch with wild abandon. I stopped for a moment.

"SHHH..." I whispered, placing a finger on her lips. "They're going to hear us..."

She licked my finger and took it into her mouth, sucking on it like it was my dick. It was such an unbelievable turn-on. When she did things like this it made me want to pressure her to give me head - which she had never done - but I'd save the requests for later. In the meantime...

I moved over to her side, lying in between her arm and her side. I slid my hand up her shirt and starting squeezing her tits again. They were huge for her age - she was only 17, and they were double D's. I felt kind of bad for her, because she received a lot of teasing from the kids at school. However at this moment I don't think either of us cared. I lifted her shirt up to her neck and began to lick and suck on her nipples. She began to move underneath my attention, barely able to contain her sexual energy. She growled deep within her chest, mewling due to my tongue stimulation on her nipple.

I pulled her shirt all the way off, licking in between her expansive breasts and rubbing her stomach, inching my way down toward the treasure that lay beneath the black lace. I slid my hand beneath her panties, teasing her pubic hair and running my hand all over her mound. Just as she was about to go berserk, I slid her panties off her hips and placed my hand on the warm folds of her cunt.

She bucked underneath the pressure that my hand was putting on her sweet pussy. She was already soaked, and I began moving my fingers up and down the folds of her dripping, horny twat. She arched her back and moaned softly. I knew she was trying extremely hard to hold back - we'd done this numerous times before and she is NOT a quiet one. Her excitement prodded my cock into full hardness - but I wasn't expecting anything from her this night.

Something felt different. She was more excited than normal - I moved my hand faster and faster as I ran my tongue all over her breasts and midsection. She was on the verge of coming, as she panted and bucked, wailing with pleasure. I was feeling paranoid as I swore (later on, anyway) that somebody was going to unzip the tent any second. As she was on the verge of orgasm, all of a sudden she grabbed my swiftly moving hand. I looked at her in confusion.

Her red hair swirled all around her head, she glowed with sweat in the moonlight. She pulled my face toward hers and kissed me deeply for about a half a minute. She moved across my cheek to my neck, kissing and licking, before she reached my ear, in which she whispered "How about we try something different tonight?"

I pulled away and looked at her quizzically. She looked at me with heat in her eyes as she looked down at her soaked cunt, then back at me. She moved her face forward, flicking her tongue across my lips. She backed away and made a little lizard movement with her tongue.
I swallowed hard. I got her message.

She looked at me with pity. "You don't have to if you don't want to, honey..."

Not willing to admit to weakness, I kissed her and began to move down her body, making stops along the way at her tits, where I sucked her nipples until I thought she would pass out...and her navel, which she also loved for some odd reason. I would stick my tongue into it like it was a miniature pussy and she would go nuts. But that was the ironic part of the whole thing.

I HAD NEVER EATEN PUSSY BEFORE! I honestly did not know what the fuck I was doing down there, and I was embarrassed to admit that to her - I didn't want her to think I was an "inadequate lover." Well, you know what they say about the moment of truth, I thought.

I licked her inner thigh, teasing her a little bit. She was trembling. I was pretty sure that she was new at this too. Up until this point I had only gotten her off using my fingers and in our dry humping sessions, which were murder on my dong. Owie.

And then, like the amateur I was, I dove in. The aroma emanating from her womanhood was amazing. I had never been this close and it was almost like an opiate. However, the newly added fervor to my cunnilingus didn't improve my technique much. I moved my tongue around her hot hole, and up and down her pussy lips for about 5 minutes - no response. I tried to remember everything I had ever heard about giving female head - I did the ABC's. No luck. I moved my head up and down really fast. Nothing. I moved gently from side to side. Nada.

I sighed to myself. I'll give it a minute or two before I quit, I thought. Just as I was about to give up. I ran my tongue near the top of her pussy lips, where I found a little bump...I touched my tongue to it tentatively.


"OHHHHHHHHHHfuckyesthatsitrighttherebabyohgodmmmmmpleasedon'teverstopJesusyouaresogooooodmmmmMMMMMMM!!!!!!" my girlfriend said.

Holy shit!

I licked my tongue over the spot again. She nearly passed out, bucking like a horse and arching her back. Could it be...?

From that moment, I was a pro in my pussy licking career. I got a good rhythm going on her hot button, and she went nuts. I saw her grab and squeeze her huge heaving breasts - she opened her mouth, moaning and reached down to grab my hair. She shoved my face into her hot cunt and I flicked my tongue up and down all over her erect clit. I pushed it back and forth with my tongue and she was babbling incoherently at this point.

After like...seriously...ONE minute, her knees began to shake, and I knew she was reaching her peak. She said "OH God.... now!" and I pushed my face as hard as I could into her pussy, swabbing her over and over again until I thought I was going to break the poor little thing off. She began to convulse and she had to cover her mouth in order to keep from screaming at the top of her lungs. I felt her hot fuck-cream cover my chin and spill all over the air mattress. I licked up and down her slit, catching the sweet cum. She rode out her orgasm for about 5 minutes until she finally slumped over.

I felt like the biggest stud ever. I didn't want to stop. After a few more minutes of exploring her now spent cunt, she pulled me up to her face where she sampled the product of her cum for herself.

"That was the most incredible thing I've ever felt," she said. Tears were running down her face.

At that moment, she had never looked more beautiful.

I didn't know what to say. I kissed her tears away from her face and held her in my arms.

"I love you," I told her, "and I'm glad I could make you happy, sweetheart."

"Oh God...I love you...I'm really tired now, honey. Don't leave me...hold me until I fall asleep."

She reached over us and grabbed her covers and pulled them around us. I held her as tight as I could and she fell asleep almost instantly. That was the happiest moment of my life to date. I had never been so fulfilled. I stayed up for about an hour afterward, just thinking about her and everything we had shared together.

But at the front of my mind, I thought....

Hell yeah!

I found the clitoris!

(PS. I woke up the next morning at about 6:30, where I realized that I had stayed the night in my girlfriend's tent. SHIT!

Luckily, she had rolled away from me during the night. I scrambled out of the tent without managing to wake her up. Please God, let me be the first one awake...

But sitting by herself next to the morning fire...was my girlfriend's sister.

She glared at me knowingly. "Sleep well?" she said icily.

She knew...or at least she thought she knew. My girlfriend and I ended up having to pay her off to keep her quiet.

But it was worth it!)

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