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Finding Felix by Placebo

Finding Felix

My name is Jarred, I am 32, married and I fell deeply for a woman I worked with. Sound familiar? This is a true story. Out of respect for Felix, there is no explicit material here. This is an accurate rendition of a time in my life that effected me profoundly. I hope you will enjoy and share in my experience.

I had some serious suspicions that Felix wanted to do the business with me, but each time an opportunity presented itself, there would be some reason or another why it could not happen. I began to think she was just leading me on, playing mind games, so I backed off. As the weeks went by she asked me why I no longer paid any attention to her and I told her that I was tired of playing games, so she said, "Well whatever." After a few more weeks of us basically ignoring each other, she invited me to Flat Dogs, a busy club in town. Sharon, my wife was visiting her family some 600 Km away, so I had free reign for five days. It was a Thursday and we went out after work; we left the smoky club at around 3am. They basically kicked us out. Apart from some gratuitous mutual flirting, nothing else happened.

On the Friday I invited her round for dinner at my place, it rained so hard that night, that I thought she wouldn't come all the way out to the suburbs, but to my surprise and delight she did. We had dinner, talked, drank red wine and listened to music. I thought I was in, but at the last moment she decided to go home in the raging storm.

As I saw her out she said that she was going to a club in town, oddly enough directly across the road from where we worked - now closed down, to see her favorite band in concert on Saturday, and if I wanted, I could meet her there. I was pissed that she was leaving, so I just said, "Well whatever."

I was not going to go, but at the last moment I changed my mind. I was worried that she would be with her boyfriend of five years, Dave as I had not phoned her to let her know I was coming, but at any rate I was determined to make the most of my temporary freedom. I met her at the club, Dave was nowhere to be seen, but she was with friends - of course. She lost them easily enough. She wore a long blue summer dress when the bright lights caught I saw she wore nothing else. I played it cool, not being too into her or anything, smiling when I should, buying drinks, you know how the game goes.

The support bands were excellent of course and finally it was time for the main act - Felix's band. Well, they just blew my mind. After they finished their set and responded to the encores, she sat at the bar talking to Brad the bassist from the band and I felt somewhat like a third wheel so I went to play pool. I began playing doubles with this girl who was dressed completely in black, the guy she was with was so stoned that she started playing with me. I bought her drinks while her boyfriend just sat there staring at his boots, muttering to himself. It must have been a full hour since I left Felix with Brad at the main bar. I figured well what the fuck; I can play this game too.

As the evening or at least the morning wore on, I got quite tanked and had had enough of this little cat & mouse game Felix and I had been playing. I decided to find her and thank her for a wonderful solo evening and leave. I found her at the bar; she was talking to some other guy by now, no surprise really. I waited for a break in his very animated conversation and said " Well I'm outta here." She grabbed me by my arm and pulled me onto the barstool next to her. I suspect it was mostly for the benefit of the guy who was busy trying to come on to her. She then did something truly lousy... while the guy who had obviously bought her a few drinks was talking to her, she swung her legs around her stool and used them to pry my legs open a little and pushed hers in between them. She looked into my eyes and asked, "Where've you been? I missed you." I looked at the guy she was ignoring and he just shrugged and slipped into the crowd. I figured that she'd stop her little game once he had left, but instead she began running her hands up and down my legs, squeezing every now and then. I watched her hands as they traveled and looked at her and went back to watching her hands.

Finally I looked into her eyes and said " Are you sure you know what you are doing here? " sounding a little menacing and aroused at the same time. I looked down at her hands again to make sure she knew what I meant. " Are you sure YOU know what you're doing here? " she replied. Before I could say or do anything in reply she leapt up as a song by The Cure started I think it was Love Cats. "Ooh I just have to dance to this!" She pushed her way through the crowd and began dancing on the somewhat deserted dance floor. Everyone was watching, and she loved every second of it. I stayed at the bar for a bit and then took my drink to the rails that separated the dance floors. I stood there watching her as she floated around the floor, her dress swirling and her hair flowing as she spun in slow circles.

After a while she said "Time to go." We left and made our way to the parking lot, which was on the roof of the club. I can still remember how odd it felt to be coming out into the open as the sun was slowly climbing, it must have rained during the night and I can almost still smell that clean sweet scent that always follows as shower. I don't think I have seen a better sunrise.

We made our way to our cars; we had parked right next to each other. She opened her door and got in. I caught a glimpse of her thighs as she swung her legs into the car. She had seen me looking asked "Like what you see?" I must have either been too tired of the game or just plain tired and so I boldly replied "Very much." She wiggled her finger at me to come closer; I moved closer to her car. She wiggled it again. I crouched down beside the open door. I was now more or less level with her. She slowly put her hand at the back of my head and pulled me towards her. That first of many kisses was breath taking. She opened her mouth as mine met hers and her tongue went to work. I almost lost my balance. Suddenly I was no longer tired, of anything. We kissed for what seemed ages. I did not want it to stop. My hand somehow found it's way to her lap and I was soon running it up and down in the same manner she did to me earlier. Her dress began to ride up, exposing more and more of her legs and thighs. She made no effort to stop me or keep her dress down. My courage soured and I slipped my hand under her dress and ran my right hand in one single confident motion up the inside of her leg. My fingers eventually found her pubic area, and not hesitating I rubbed her mound, slipping my index finger between her lips to find her warm and very wet. She stopped kissing me and rested her head on my shoulder, still holding the back of my head in her hands. She whispered " Oh Jesus" in my ear. She started breathing heavily into my ear as she raised her ass up off the seat to allow me better access. My fingers explored her as much as they could. I took my time, not wanting to seem over eager or clumsy. My haunches began to ache from being in the same position, but that was of no consequence now. I gently pushed my middle finger into her and it slipped in easily right up to my knuckle. She whimpered a little, and pulled my head down to her breasts. Through the thin fabric of her summer dress I found her nipple and bit on it gently.

After what seemed just a few seconds, there came a point of no return. I pulled my hand away from her and looked into her eyes. "You are amazing Fee" I whispered. She smiled her naughtiest of smiles and softly said "There's no one at home huh?" I shook my head slowly. "Give me half an hour." I stood up as she started her car and closed her door. I watched as she reversed out of the parking bay and down the ramp. I drove home as fast as I could. I could not help but bring my finger to my lips. I tasted her and it was intoxicating. Any moral questions of infidelity that may have been on my mind earlier had vanished now. I was consumed by my lust for her.

I almost ran into the shower. While I was washing myself, I began to think that she'd chicken out, or was this just part of her elaborate mind game. I seriously doubted that I'd be seeing her until work the following day. And then what would I say to her? How would I behave? How would she behave? All these thoughts raced through my brain at break neck speed. By the time I had dried myself and changed into shorts and a T-shirt, part of me wanted her not to come. I was afraid.

I made some coffee and sat in my lounge waiting for her to arrive, or not. My dilemma was nerve wracking. Two full hours had elapsed since she left me at the car park. I had quietly resigned myself to the fact that she was not coming and was about to go crash on my bed when her car pulled into my driveway.

I met her at the door, she was wearing a pink tank top and the shortest of shorts I have ever seen and she still had on her Doc Martins. In her one hand she had a bottle of red wine, in the other a corkscrew. She smiled and walked past me and into my lounge. She sat down on my two-seater couch and began opening the wine. My coffee got cold on the table. "Got any glasses?" I quickly retrieved two long stemmed glasses and she poured liberally.

I sat opposite her on my other couch, a larger three seater. She sat the with her Doc Martins, her shortest possible shots and her thin tank top sipping her wine. Her legs were slightly apart and I could see a few wayward pubic hairs spilling out around the edges of her shorts. I sipped my wine and drank in her stunning beauty; She was so small, so petite and so powerful at the same time. She had complete and utter control of me.

We just sat there for a while looking at each other. My mind raced at the thought of having this amazing 20-year-old employee of mine in my house with just five feet separating us. My heart was thrashing around in my chest as I stood up. Trying to keep myself steady, I made my way across that massive divide and stood in front of her. She looked up at me. I sank down on my haunches again, gently took her glass, placed it on the table and looked deeply into her eyes. My eyes silently pleaded with her not to get up or move away, as my next move would be the boldest thing I have done in recent memory. She stayed put. I leant in and began kissing her. She returned my kisses with as much vigor as she had done earlier. All fears of resistance melted away. I kissed her gently and lovingly as I knew how. Softly and slowly and then harder when I thought it was needed. Our hands began to roam as we explored new territory for the both of us. She was so soft, so tender.

I stood up and offered her my hands, she allowed me to pull her up and we embraced fully for the first time. We kissed and pressed our bodies together rubbing and joining as much as our clothes would allow. My hands ran up and down her back, her sides, and her front. I wanted to feel all of her. I stepped back towards the larger couch; she followed, never breaking our embrace. I sank down onto the couch, she remained standing. She lifted her right foot up and put her Doc Martin on my thigh. "The first thing you need to understand is that these stay on." I nodded in compliance and ran my hand up her the rear of her leg. It was so smooth, her skin was firm and I noticed that she must have spent many hours tanning herself. She stood in front of me and with the skill of a surgeon; she undid the clasp of her shorts, pulled the zipper down and let them fall to her feet. She lifted her tank top up over head and pulled her long red her through the neck of the shirt. There she stood in all her glory. I was in awe. Her tan had extended completely throughout her body, no tan lines in sight. Her breasts were small but perky, they rested in a classic teardrop shape, her nipples erect and pointing out proudly. I quickly pulled my shirt off and lifted up to remove my shorts. We were both naked, taking in our mutual nakedness. She smiled and sank down to her knees, took hold of my erection and softly took me into her mouth.

I could not believe the sensation. My eyes closed as the flood of pure pleasure saturated every inch of my body. My mind screamed that I was mad to close my eyes so I quickly opened them to watch her cute mouth work on me. Her hair kept falling around her head as she bobbed up and down along my shaft. I gathered it up and made sure my view was not impeded in any way. She rolled her tongue around my head and along my shaft down to my scrotum and back up again to engulf me once more in her mouth. This went of for many hour-long minutes. Each time I felt I was going to explode, she slowed down and allowed me to catch my breath. It was then that I knew that I was dealing with a very talented young lady.

She finally moved her mouth away from me and began planting small kisses up my stomach and my chest and one after another until she found my nipple and bit down on it. She carried on until she was kissing my neck, my face, and my lips. I tasted faint remnants of wine as she kissed me deeply. In one fluid movement she was on top on me crouching on my lap she somehow reached down, gripped my penis and rubbed my penis along the center of her very being spreading her slickness along my head. She paused, lifted her head at stared long and hard into my eyes. "Last chance" she whispered. I looked back at her, she knew I was hers. Her green eyes were ablaze, she was breathing in quick rapid bursts, she grinned and sank down onto me. I moaned as I felt myself entering her completely. She sighed and began riding me. I gripped her ass cheeks and lifted her up and down, her light frame was easy to manipulate as I pulled her up to the point where I'd almost pop out and she'd push down onto me, all the while rubbing her pelvis down to stimulate her clitoris. We picked up the pace. I was now plunging, long steady strokes, pushing my hips up to meet her downward thrusts. Our eyes locked onto each other's as we bucked over and over until our passion had overcome us and we exploded panting and heaving.

We stayed locked in that sweet embrace for ages until our breathing steadied. Felix looked up at me and asked "When was the last time you did that to a 20 year old?"

Our affair lasted 18 months until I was found out, but that is another story altogether. In that brief time we managed to be together as often as we could. We made love, fucked and just had fun on my desk in my office, on her desk, on the boardroom desk, on my partners desk, on the floor of the offices more time than I can remember. We did it in public toilets, in my car on the side of the highway, in her swimming pool, in at least 4 hotels, in the bath, in my shower, in my own bed. We even joined the Mile High club when I took her on a business trip with me. Felix is now abroad and I'm sure that she is satisfying some very lucky guy. She will always hold a very special place in my heart, despite the trauma of being caught.

There is, as you can see more to this, if you like what you've read here then mail me at I'd be happy to tell more.

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