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File 'D' by lotuseater

File 'D'

Karen could barely contain her excitement at meeting her new professor. She knew she shouldn't take the chance, but going around bare-bottomed always gave her a delicious thrill. Perhaps in the evening twilight, her daring would go undetected...

"Welcome to State University, Dr. Dunleavy. I'm Karen Wu; I'll be your Teaching Assistant," the pretty nineteen-year-old greeted Caitlin Dunleavy. It was an early Friday evening in November.

Smartly dressed, the lovely forty-something professor sported a fashionably short razor buzz cut that showed her thickly dark brown hair's slightest traces of silvery highlights to maximum advantage. Karen couldn't help but appreciate her trim 34-22-32 figure clad in a well-cut suit outfit. At 5 feet and 100 pounds, Caitlin Dunleavy was a very attractive woman indeed.

"A pleasure to know you, Karen." The professor smiled warmly. The girl took the proffered hand. Her heart sank when she noticed the white gold wedding band and expensive engagement stone adorning Caitlin's left ring finger, as the older woman clasped it momentarily over the handshake.

"Well, let's get your office set up, shall we?" she said brightly, recovering quickly.


"Can I take your grip?"

"Oh, no; I'll manage. I have some private files in my briefcase. I could use some help with this box, though."

The Chinese girl bent to pick up the bulky carton. As she did, Caitlin thought she noticed a flash of flesh higher than it ought to have been under the perky girl's short skirt. Odd, she thought; it looks as though she's...

Karen straightened. "Shall we go?"


They walked briskly down the deserted hall. As it was the week-end, few people would be on campus. Virtually no-one would be in the administration building. Karen was one of the few residents who didn't have a week-end job.

Closing the door behind her, Karen gave Caitlin's back a regretful look. She wondered what it would have been like to kiss those delectably full lips...

"Let's set the desk up first, shall we?"

"All right. Oh, is that your family?"

"Yes, Shannon is ten. That's my husband, Bill."

"I expect you're anxious to get back to them tonight."

"Oh, no; they know I'm never home Fridays or Saturdays," Caitlin said, cryptically.

Karen busied herself arranging the drawers and stationery. Caitlin was busy at a filing cabinet when the campus clock tower rang six o'clock.

"Karen, if you're not busy, I'd like you to have a seat, for a few minutes."

"Sure, Dr. Dunleavy." Karen sat in the guest chair.

The older woman took her seat.

"Now, as my TA, you'll need to know a couple of things."

"Yes, Professor."

"I always keep my Fridays and Saturdays free. On those days, and during the rest of the week after hours, you will address me as 'Cat.' Is that clear?"

"Perfectly, Caitlin. I mean, 'Cat.'" the girl lied.

Caitlin dimpled for a moment in acknowledgement, then continued.

"To forestall any innuendo or rumors, I will tell you a few personal things for clarification. You may repeat them, or not, at your discretion. Clear?"

"Yes, Cat." Karen was elated to enter the older woman's confidence.

"Good. Let's not beat around the bush. I am a practicing bisexual. Do you know what that means?"

The girl colored and nodded. She felt her pulse pound in her temples.

"My public persona, as Professor Caitlin Dunleavy, occupies my professional life from 6:00 AM through 6:00 PM, Sundays through Thursdays during the academic year. You may call me Caitlin during business hours. As you know, Caitlin is a wife and mother."

"I see..." Karen replied, feeling as though her racing heart would burst through her chest.

"Fridays and Saturdays, Cat is a butch lesbian. Any questions?"

The Chinese girl shook her head, eyes wide.

"Then I have some for you."

"Anything, Prof- Cat."

"Good. I was hoping you'd say that. First of all, did you know that I asked for you by name?"

Karen shook her head again, bewildered.

"Just how long did you think your nasty little adult website could be a secret? It was just a matter of time before 'Jasmine' was identified. Now, my second question; are you wearing panties?"

"Nnoo..." Karen shamefacedly admitted, secretly delighting in being found out.

"I thought as much. Just begging for it, aren't you, you little slut?" demanded the beautiful older woman in mock derision.

Karen blinked uncertainly, unsure of what to do or say.

"Stand up."

"Yes, Cat."

"Good. Now come over here."

Breathing heavily, Karen stood in front of Cat.

"Take my rings off."

As she reached for her hand, the professor stopped her.

"Not like that, honey," she said roughly. Taking her pointed chin in her right palm, she guided Karen's mouth to her left ring finger. "Like this."

Karen licked her lips nervously, and tremblingly took Cat's finger into her mouth. Using her teeth carefully, she gently guided the rings off the woman's digit.

"Good. Now dry my finger."

Obediently, the Chinese student carefully lipped any traces of wetness from her hand.

"You're a good little girl, aren't you? Now, go over there and let me look at you."

The pretty coed turned to move to the far side of the office.

"Not like that, baby; slowly."

With an exaggerated slink, Karen sashayed slowly to the far wide of the little room, hands on revolving hips.

"Better. Strip."

The girl couldn't believe this was happening. As if dreaming, she slowly undid her clothing, letting it fall to the floor in a heap. As Dr. Dunleavy had correctly surmised, she had no panties under the light chemise.

Her hands went to her brassiere, as of their own accord. Unfastening the clasp, she saw Cat motion with her index finger.

"Throw that here, baby."

Karen tossed it lightly to the seated woman.

"Mmmmm," growled Cat, touching the warm undergarment to her nose. She inhaled deeply, savoring the scent of this young girl. "I bet your tits are twice as sweet as this, baby. Come over here."

Karen took a step when Cat stopped her.

"Not like that, honey. I want to see you crawl."

Karen felt pussy moisture begin to trickle down the inside of her thigh with the command. What a thrill to be ordered! She wondered what would come next as she snaked her way sinuously on her belly across the room.

Cat was touching herself through her clothing, drinking in the sight of the young Chinese girl sensuously making her way on hands and knees towards her feet. Her right hand slowly squeezed her breast, while her left idly stroked the damp lips of her vagina through her underwear.

Karen raised her eyes expectantly to her professor's crotch as she reached her.

"Oh, no, baby. not so fast. First, I need you to get a special file for me. Go and get me file 'D' from my personal cabinet."

The girl crept past the couch to the filing cabinet. Karen felt her skin tingle with eagerness, turgid nipples aching in anticipation. She rose to the top drawer and pulled out a fat bound portfolio, labelled with a capital letter 'D'.

"Bring it here, babe."

She rose to hand the heavy package to Cat.

Coolly eyeing the nude girl up and down, the professor unstrung the portfolio and extracted a bottle and padded leather harness. After some consideration, she carefully selected a slim black stylized plastic penis. She rose slowly to her feet.

"Undress me, baby."

Karen jumped up eagerly, naked breasts bouncing in her haste to comply.

"Yeah, that's it. Eager little slut, aren't you?" Cat asked rhetorically, as nimble fingers undid her blouse.

The girl could only gape in wonder as the older woman's athletic torso was bared to view. Cat's muscle tone put that of an eighteen year-old boy's to shame. Her shoulders were wide, and her figure tapered to a narrow waist. The professor's beautiful bosom was contained by a functional sports bra.

"May...may I touch them, please Cat?" she quavered.

The gorgeous woman beamed.

"You know how to ask, don't you?" she purred in pleased tones, softly touching the girl's cheek. "Yes, you may."

Her words were like music to Karen. Tentatively, she reached out to touch the inviting breasts.

Smiling, Cat placed her own gentle hands over Karen's and guided them to her chest.

Head swimming, Karen trembled at the touch of Cat's hand. She nearly fainted with excitement at the feel of the smooth grey fabric of the utilitarian brassiere.

"Mmmmmm....nice," murmured Cat. "Now take off my underwear."

Karen felt as though she were in heaven. With the heady scent of the older woman's musk, her soft compelling voice, the touch of her skin, it was nearly too much pleasure to bear. She unclasped the bra and gasped as the fine pair of breasts bobbled free.

"Like 'em?" Cat asked, rubbing the bra lines out of her firm tits.

The Asian could only nod. Gently, she gave the lightest of touches to the fine skin.

"C'mon, sweetie; you won't break 'em."

Emboldened, Karen cupped them in her hands and squeezed the tops and bottoms of Cat's breasts, then palmed the little hard buttons of nipples. She drew her fingertips over them, pinching them lightly.

"Mmmm...better," husked Cat. "Now my panties."

Karen dropped to her knees and hooked her fingers in the elastic band of Cat's soaked panties. Inhaling deeply, she reveled in the animal smell of the older woman's excitement, the dampness on her finger tips. Cat rested a gentle hand on top of the teenager's head to steady herself as she stepped free.

"Drop them there, honey." Cat picked up the dildo and fit it into the harness. Again lightly placing her hand on Karen's head, she stepped into the custom-made leather contraption. Her left hand stroked the shiny black member provocatively. "Now, when I'm wearing my cock, you may call me 'Daddy.'"

Karen again licked dry lips, big eyes glued to the plastic. She had never seen anything like this before. Dumbly, she watched Cat lubricate the thin black rod with oil from the little bottle.

"Since this is your first time with me, I'm gonna sit on the couch 'n' let you ride me, okay?"

The girl couldn't answer if she tried. Cat towed her to the sofa and perched on the edge, directing Karen to straddle her.

As she climbed astride Cat, Karen felt her arousal mount as the warm plastic nudged her outer folds. It slipped into her moistness, anointed by her own honey mingling with the fragrant oil. She gasped with pleasure as she felt it slide in slowly.

Deeper and deeper she urged it, squatting lewdly over the older woman. She sank lower, feeling the hardness with her tight pussy walls.

She shuddered as she felt her hymen rupture. Her excitement rose still higher as she felt warm juices leak from her, running down the insides of her thighs as she dropped her bottom to sit on Cat's lap. She felt the teacher's warm, firmly guiding hands on her hips, her soothing voice urging her to ride her with a rocking rhythm.

Squatting, Karen pumped herself up and down on the black shaft impaling her. Cat drank in the sight of her eager protege's ecstatic expression, as she fucked herself on her professor's cock.

Cat slid an index finger under the harness to diddle her throbbing clit, while tweaking Karen's left nipple with the fingers of her right hand. Karen was moaning aloud, "Oh, yes! Yes! Yes!"

"Do you like that? You like that? Tell your Daddy!"

"Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me! Oh! Oh, God! I'm cumming!"

"That's it, baby! Come for Daddy!"


"Ahh...that's it...I feel it, too..."

"Oh! Oh! Oh!"

"Don't rush it, babe. I'm cumming, too...Ride it out..."


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