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Fantasy Wood by The Portale Nomad

Fantasy Wood

This is a work of erotic fiction, and is not intended for viewing by anyone under the age of 18.

Wind and rain assaulted the cloaked figure astride a humble gelding. Pounding rain matted the black fur of the sleek horse to the gelding's side. The rider clenched the reins and leaned forward to keep the rain from penetrating the cowl. Around the rider a dense forest grew ever thicker. The dark trees' canopy high overhead did little to shelter the rider from the rainfall. Lightning lit the sky and a resounding crack of thunder followed, nevertheless, the fatigued gelding continued deeper into the forest. Time seemed to crawl as each step through the muddy path grew more difficult then the last.

After a short time, the rider noticed a faint light ahead off the path to the right. Upon closer inspection, the light turned out to be a small cottage. The rider urged the horse on to approach the cottage and dismount. Delicate hands pulled back the cowl to reveal a shapely female face. She combed through her sandy colored locks to look presentable before knocking to beg for shelter and supper.

Knock, knock. Her gloved hand rapped against the door. A flash of lightning followed by thunder startled her. She walked around the cottage but saw no trace of life. The windows were shuttered and locked so she could not see in them. Another door toward the back of the cottage allowed her an entrance. She glanced around the interior. The cottage only had two rooms and a privy. No one seemed to be in the small cottage. She called out softly, but heard no reply.

She closed the door behind her and stepped further into the cottage, a small hearth lit the main room and the held a warming glow. She cautiously approached the fire and bent over to warm her hands. She felt uneasy in the seemingly empty cottage. A short time after her hands were warm, she walked quietly toward the only room, other than the privy, which must have been a sleeping chamber. Before she could open the door she heard a soft noise.

She stood motionless while listening to discern where the noise came from. A soft 'whish-whish' came from the sleeping chamber. She realized how wet her clothes were by this time. She pulled her cloak off her shoulders and hung it on a nearby handcrafted wooden chair. She pulled off her heavy woolen riding tunic and hung it beside her cloak. Off came her boots next. Soon she stood in her smallclothes, still damp and slightly cold. The soft, slow repetitive noise from the sleeping chamber had not stopped, and she knew she should not have taken off her clothes before asking permission from the cottage's owner, but she could not stand the wetness anymore.

Her bare feet padded across the central room once again but this time she did not pause in front of the sleeping chamber's door. It was cracked, and she could tell that a candle illuminated the room with an orange-yellow glow. She pushed the door open slowly and peeked her head in along with it. The sight that greeted her took her breath away. A burly man lay nude from the waist down with his hand around his manhood, slowly pumping it up and down. He panted softly and his eyes were drawn tightly shut in concentration. His legs were taut and his toes fidgeted and strained.

She did not move or breathe, at first the sight caught her by surprise and even slightly repulsed her, but that thought was quickly replaced by a serene feeling. This hunter, obviously alone out in the woods and lonely, lay on his back to pleasure himself the only way he could. He had a worn but handsome look about him, his arms were covered in scars from cuts by the underbrush, his prey and probably sword cuts from brigands after his prize. He panted softly, oblivious to her presence. Up and down, up and down, up and down his hand moved slowly. She blushed while she watched him, wondering what she should do, she felt something strange deep down and wanted to approach to help relieve the poor hunter, but she didn't know how he would react.

Finally she got the nerve. She approached slowly and silently. Her breasts sagged slightly in her wet smallclothes. Her nipples were hard from the rain and poked the fabric of her smallclothes; she could not help but reach up and pinch them softly sending shivers through her body. She also felt wetness between her thighs that did not come from the rain.

She knelt by his bed pad, and watched a moment longer. His hand was moving faster by this time, but he still held a smooth motion. The foreskin of his manhood glided up and down over his glands, the head pulsed with each stroke. She could contain herself no longer. Her hand trembled as she reached out and grasped his manhood. His eyes opened suddenly and his already panting mouth dropped even lower, but he did not shy away. He only watched wordlessly as the shapely woman fondled his manhood.

She was slightly thick of hip and thigh but beautiful. By her posture, the curious arch of eyebrow and a slightly quivering mouth, he sensed no danger. He lived so long in the woods alone, selling furs and skins to farmers; he had developed a sense of alertness second to none. Somehow this lovely woman entered his cottage and now sat by his side pulling the foreskin of his hunter's tool up and down. Years had passed since his last experience with a woman. That experience ended badly and he retreated to the woods to be alone with his emotional pain. Now an angelic beauty held him in her hands with more then lust in her eyes.

Her hand was soft and comfortable; a stark contrast compared to his calloused palms so used to carrying a bow, axe, or sword. She moved the foreskin gently back and forth gaining in comfort, familiarity and speed with each stroke, soon he could not help but let his head fall back to the bed pad and slightly thrust his hips into the air. She gained momentum and his breath came to him in ragged gasps from the pleasure. He had nearly forgotten the pleasure someone else could grant. He could feel his seed begin to bubble deep within and he moaned.

She heard his moan and knelt down further without even thinking. The hunter's arrow filled her mouth. She pulled the foreskin down then began licking and sucking. Her lips gripped the end tightly and she hummed, sending vibrating sensations down the length of his manhood. The hunter gasped and moaned. The humming sent a lightning of sensation along his manhood and throughout his body. He could feel her tongue dance and dart across his sensitive tool. She pulled his skin up but kept her tongue under it. Her tongue circled around the head of his manhood under his foreskin. The hunter's eyes rolled back in his head with pleasure.

She pulled his skin back down and sucked deeply while her tongue continued to circle and tease the underside of his helmet. She got a breath of air right before his seed emptied into her mouth. She sucked it down greedily and continued to pleasure him until he had no more to give.

His manhood stood straight and proud after her gift of oral affections; she leaned over to blow out the candle, but he stopped her.

"Let me see you with the light, such an angel as yourself does not belong in the darkness," he whispered. She pulled off her smallclothes and left the candle burning.

Her breasts were not large, but they had a natural perk that made them wondrous to behold. She straddled him at the waist and rubbed her womanhood back and forth over his hunting staff. Each time her love-bud rubbed over his manhood she felt a shock of pleasure like none other she had ever felt before. Shortly thereafter she could resist no more and reached down to guide him into her. Slowly she enveloped him. She worked his manhood into her until they were fully connected. She slowly rocked back and forth; the burly hunter had just a touch of fat above his manhood that rubbed across her love bud perfectly causing her to moan louder and louder. They mashed hair into hair and she could soon feel her orgasm approaching. The hunter moaned and panted softly.

She quickened her pace. She rocked back and forth rubbing her love-bud into the hunter and then moved up and down. Soon she was alternating. Up, down, back, and forth, then up and down again. Her rhythm and timing grew steady and quickened. Her breath was coming in gasps of pleasure. The hunter reached up and kneaded her pert breasts; his strong fingers showed great tenderness and tweaked her nipples sending shivers down her back.

They moaned in time with each other; the storm outside had picked up its intensity to match with their lovemaking. The hunter could feel the tightness and wet warmth from the mysterious maiden's love canal. He could feel the boiling of his seed once again and moaned uncontrollably from her movements.

Her moans grew louder and louder. Thunder and lightning raged outside. Her moans turned into screams of pleasure that matched Mother Nature's fury as her orgasm began. The hunter moaned in pleasure along with her. Shortly after her orgasm started, she slowed her pace to bask in the sexual bliss. The hunter rolled her over and continued pumping in and out. Gently, aware of her orgasm, he could feel his coming and wanted to share it with her. In and out, in and out, he was almost there; she continued to moan from his soft and subtle probing. The hunter gasped and moaned, he felt his orgasm starting, his pace slowed considerably and soon the lovers held each other in their arms only moving in and out very slightly, neither had ever felt sexual bliss of this magnitude before.

The storm outside calmed considerable, and soon the raging thunder turned into a pleasant rumble and the rain lightened to a soft pitter-patter. The lovers held each other and kissed for the first time. The woman was not used to facial hair but already found that the tickling was pleasant. They kissed softly yet compassionately.

The storm eventually stopped but they remained in each other's arms, the hunter still buried in her. They whispered to each other, greatly aware of the intense emotion they shared from the night's experience. They kissed softly for several more hours and fell asleep in each other's arms.


Sorry itís been awhile since my last story. Hope you enjoyed this. As always, questions, comments are welcome.

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