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Fantasy Takeoff by Lei Magnus

Fantasy Takeoff

Fantastic Voyage

* This story is dedicated to Honey, who insisted that I should try writing erotica, even though I didn't think I would be that good at it; to Deed, because without her I would have forgotten how to laugh, and this story would never have been written; and to Ness, who taught me how to love, and I know she's waiting for me in heaven. *

Chapter 1

College years, for me, were never like they were supposed to be. I never went to a kegger. That doesn't mean to say that I never drank. Cause I did. I would sometimes take little trips down to my friends' dorms for a few drinks. A party for me included a movie and my own soda with a few friends and people I didn't know, all crammed into one room.

College sucked. The plus side: I had lots of free time. Too much, in fact. My average credit load was 13 a quarter. That's about three to four hours a day. Child's play. Which meant I had plenty of time to surf the net looking up little bits and pieces that piqued my interests. Mostly porn. Whenever my roommate was out, I'd get on the net and go straight to the streamed videos. Other times, I would check out erotica sites. Now there are some top notch sites. I'd occasionally check out the gay sections, but in some sites there was one section I always loved to read. The zoophilia or bestiality sections.

Sure, it may be disgusting to think about. I mean hey, the critters aren't even human. Well, I never really cared too much for humans anyway. They were selfish, stubborn, proud, and they were all hypocrites. Not like animals. Nah, animals were perfect. A little smelly at times, but always faithful. Always willing to please. Well, the pets at least.

I used to like all zoophilia stories. Girls with dogs. Girls with horses. Girls with primates. Girls with dolphins. There were tons of things a girl could fuck. But the ones that turned me on the most were stories about guys getting fucked by dogs or horses. Hell, they had ones about guys with lions, tigers, and bears. Oh my! I liked them for many reasons. For starters, these weren't forms of animal cruelty. Those dogs were more than willing to fuck those guys into submission and make them their bitches.

At times, I'd get off even when my roommate was trying to sleep. I'd do it quietly, of course. I wasn't gay, and I was sure he wasn't either. I would sit in front of the computer watching movies or reading stories, all the while getting harder and massaging myself from outside my shorts. Then when I had gotten aroused enough, I would turn off the computer, grab my toothbrush and toothpaste, and make for the rest room. In my dorm, the rest rooms were relatively public, so there were other guys walking by. But I didn't care. I just made sure I kept the volume down and shot into toilet paper rather than on the floor or walls.

Eventually, I found a different form of mindless entertainment. Online chat. I liked Japanese anime, so I went to the chat room set aside for just that. My first day on, I was desperate. I hit on every 17 to 20 year old girl I came across. No luck whatsoever. I made quite a few friends at the time, though. But finally, later that night, I was talking to one girl when another guy asked if he could cyber with her. I later found out that this was her first time on chat, also. So she obliged just for fun. Well, I stepped up, noticing the other guy was only interested in her mouth and breasts. While he was busy up north, I took a little stroll down south and ate her out. It was exciting, yet it wasn't. There wasn't a whole lot to it.

A few minutes later we finished up. The three of us chatted for a while, and I learned that she was 18, like myself, going on 19. Her real name was Chriss. I told her mine, but insisted she call me Lei. It got late, so we both said goodnight and went to bed. The next day I logged into the chat room. Lo and behold, there was that same girl. I was pathetic. I must have seemed like a little puppy to her, cause everywhere she went, I followed. But she never told me to go away. In fact, she fell in love with me. As I got more comfortable being around her, I began telling her things no one else knew.

The first thing I confided to Chriss was that I let my mom's spayed dog give me blow jobs. This was a shock to her, but she accepted it. Then I told her I fucked my horse's mouth when I still had a horse, but I always felt bad about it because I knew it was animal cruelty in that case. At times, the incidents with the dog involved animal cruelty, and I told her I regretted that. She understood and accepted that. I was afraid she would have dumped me right then and there, but she never did. And so we stayed together for many months on end.

Then she sent me her picture. The biggest thing that can ruin an online relationship appeared in my mail that summer. And it damn near almost did ruin our relationship. I got hung up on looks. She was far from what I was hoping for. But I loved her a lot. So I told her what I thought about her looks. Hey, I never got out much when I was growing up! I didn't know she'd take it so hard. After a month of arguing and threatening to leave me, she finally forgave me. I was glad she did too. I was running out of compliments to give her. I mean, when I'm married to her, I need something to say to her when she gets all old, fat, ugly and gray.

After we made up, we were closer than ever. I began to worship her body. Subconsciously, I guess I was just trying to work my way into bed with her. But it made her happy, so I was happy. I had cybered with plenty of other girls during the first few months of our relationship. Some great friendships came out of cybering. Cynthia, one of the girls I cybered with, confided in me dirty little secrets of her own. It was only fair that I did likewise. A few of my friendships were borderline to romance. But I hung onto Chriss tightly and cybered with her whenever I had the chance. And she was the most fun I ever had.

One day I couldn't stand it anymore. I wanted to meet her in person once and for all, but she lived three states away. Amtrak was going to cost $339 for a round trip ticket to North Dakota. Chriss didn't have a job, so she didn't have any money. I had the money, but I wasn't about to pay 340 bucks for a ticket if things weren't going to necessarily work out. I told Chriss to borrow $150 from her parents to pay to me, and I would be over there ASAP. Well, she did, and I was.

Her parents had a cabin up on a lake. She used to chat with me from there during the summer. It was a nice place. We could go swimming and jet skiing. Her parents let us stay together up there on the second night of my week-long trip. We'd swim all day or race on the jet skis. At night we would snuggle up in front of the fireplace and just talk. Well, until we started making out, that is. But we never took it beyond kissing. I dug myself in too deep with the beauty comments.

On the fourth night, I dared to round first. I knew it was going to be difficult. I had already used quite a few compliments, and I had planned on saving the rest for after marriage. But I decided I could spare a few. So while we were making out that night in front of the fire, I told her to get off the floor and sit on the couch. My excuse was that my ass was getting sore. I stood up and lit a few perfumed candles. Chriss watched my every move. I figured she knew what was going on in my head. When I finished lighting the candles, I sat down next to her on the couch. She just smiled at me. Yep. She knew.

I ran my fingers through her hair, enjoying the ticklish feeling that the hairs gave my fingers. Chriss smiled and leaned forward, kissing me on the lips. I cupped the back of her head and pulled her face closer to mine. We both closed our eyes, so I had to trust my instincts from here on. She was wearing a T-shirt that she made, so I knew I didn't have to worry about buttons. I reached down and ran my hands along her sides, lingering over the roundness of her 36D breasts. They were good-sized for a 5'1 girl like her.

I reached around behind her and snuck my hands up under her shirt and rubbed her back casually. My strategy was working. She didn't voice any complaint. Finally, I gathered my wits and took hold of the straps of her bra. Shit, I knew I should have practiced. It took me too long, and she stopped me before I could undo the clasp.

"Lei! Don't. I..." she sputtered.

I looked at her like a confused and saddened little boy. It gets her almost every time. And it worked then too.

She looked at me and sighed. I knew she was uncomfortable about her body around me. As I said, it was all my fault because I criticized her looks. Without hesitation, I grabbed the bottom of her shirt and lifted it up over her breasts.

"Lei!" she snapped. She reached up for my hands, but I quickly leaned forward and kissed her hard on the lips. I pulled away and stared her straight in the eyes.

"Look Chriss, I've told you already. Stop worrying about your looks. Your body is a temple in my eyes. I worship it."

She sighed and looked away from me. I grabbed her chin and made her face me.

"Chriss, I love you. You have nothing to hide from me. Nothing." I kissed her on the nose, which made her smile a little.

Chriss leaned forward a little and reached behind her. I sat back and watched her with keen interest. She unfastened the bra and brought the ends forward. I took her shirt and lifted it over her head, staring as her breasts heaved. Running my hands back over her arms, I slipped the bra straps down her arms and pulled the bra all the way off. My attention was focused entirely on the fleshy mounds, but I knew she was blushing.

I ran my hands over her breasts, leaving no part untouched. A woman's body was the final frontier, as far as I was concerned. And it was my duty as a pioneer into Chriss' body that no area be left unexplored. I was halfway through my quest, now. But the rest would have to wait for later.

My hands searched every inch of her breasts, using the whole hand, the palm, or just the fingertips. She appeared to enjoy the latter the most, so I kept up with my fingertips. I circled her nipples, which made my mouth water just looking at them. Chriss gasped, and her breathing became shallower, but I never looked up at her. I was too entranced watching her nipples harden at my touch. Anyone could have done this for her, but at the time, there was only me.

She reached up and placed her hands on mine. Once again, I cupped her breasts in the palms of my hands. With her own hands, she guided mine across the tender skin. I scooted down off the couch and onto my knees. While she was working my hands, I began kissing all over her tummy. When I reached her belly button, I gingerly licked around the inside edge, relieved that hers hadn't collected any lint today. As I licked, sucked, and kissed her belly, she started squeezing my hands. I picked up on the message and began kneading the flesh between my fingers. But I knew this wasn't going to be enough for her.

I began kissing up her stomach towards her chest. Her body tensed as I neared her breasts. There was no turning back, nor would there be any more hindrances. She was mine. I removed my hands from her, but she whimpered and pushed my hands back onto her breasts. Once more, I took my hands off her, and when she reached for them I grabbed her arms. Her eyes opened wide.

"Please. Don't stop."

"Ssh. Don't worry. It's just beginning," I cooed.

After kissing her lightly on the lips, I moved down and began kissing every exposed inch of her breasts. She closed her eyes and heaved a sigh. I couldn't get over how beautiful her breasts were. How could I have been so hung up on her looks?

As I kissed her chest, I dragged my tongue around. I didn't expect it to taste any differently. I mean, it was just more skin. But I wanted to taste them more than anything else at the moment. I kissed along her cleavage and licked between her breasts. She was hot. I could taste the sweat.

Chriss was enjoying this, and I wasn't going to let it end right away. I kissed around her nipples, poking my tongue out every now and then. Then I traced figure eight's around her nipples, changing the size of the loops as I went along. She was panting now, which pushed her breasts closer to my face.

I kept up the lazy eights, using only the tip of my tongue. But on one of the loops, I sucked her left tit into my mouth and sucked hard on it. She gasped and broke out of my grasp. Chriss clutched the back of my head and held me in place. I sucked eagerly on her nipple, knowing that I was a good boy.

She was my bitch, and I was her puppy. I continued to suckle her tit while occasionally swirling my tongue around it. She was moaning like I have never heard her, and I was drooling uncontrollably. Without any thought, I reached up with my left hand and squeezed her right breast. I pinched the nipple between my thumb and finger and twisted it sharply. She let out a little yelp, not expecting me to do that. Her hands were roaming all over the back of my head, and her body was covered in sweat and drool. I finally managed to switch breasts and do the same with her other breast.

But there can always be too much of a good thing. And I didn't want to find out what the limit was. I sat back from her, pulling on her nipple with my teeth. I reached up, grabbed her arms, and placed her hands on her breasts. She ran her fingers over her slick breasts, eyeing me closely. In one swift motion I unbuttoned her pants and pulled them down to her ankles. Chriss didn't say anything, which was a shock to me.

I stared wide-eyed at her panties, now wet. With one finger, I poked and prodded the wet spot, Chriss moaning each time. While sucking her breasts I was getting stiff, but I was never really hard. Now I had a raging hard on and it was killing me. But I wasn't going to be selfish, so I toughed it out.

When I finally got the nerve, I grabbed the top of her panties and pulled them down her legs. I was spellbound. My tongue must have been hanging out of my mouth. Chriss didn't encourage me to touch it. No sir. She practically ordered me to lick it.

"Go ahead, taste it," she said sweetly.

I didn't know what to do. Sure, I had fantasized about this moment. But now the fantasy came true. Chriss looked at me worriedly.

"What's wrong?"

"Um... nothing," I stammered. For the first time all night, I was hesitant. I leaned forward, never taking my eyes off the folds glistening before me. I stuck my tongue out and took a tentative taste. Chriss let out a soft moan. Encouraged, I lapped at her vagina with long, slow strokes of the tongue.

I didn't know if it was the fire or the candles, or if it was just me, but my head was spinning and my tongue felt numb. It was probably the candles.

This was an unusual taste. It wasn't unpleasant, but I didn't think it was the greatest taste in the world. Chriss continued to moan, and she was now gyrating her hips. My mouth was wet, sweat was pouring down my face. My crotch was starting to get wet, while Chriss' cunt was overflowing with juices.

We may have been virgins in every sense of the word, but I wasn't completely green. I had read plenty of stories with guys eating girls out. They were explicit enough that I learned quite a lot from them. But right now, all I had learned had vacated my mind. I was lost. My foot had just touched down on third, and I was safe. But I could still overrun it and get tagged out. What should I do?

Chriss was still enjoying my lame licking. Or was she faking it? Oh god, that wouldn't be good. Not for the first time. My mind flashed back and raced through all the erotica I had read, looking for anything. I was desperate. Then I recalled one thing a lot of them had mentioned. Here I was, a virgin, getting my first taste of pussy. Forget the books and all I've learned. She was a virgin too. This was new ground for her too. I should settle for exploring her, doing what comes naturally.

I pulled back and swallowed hard. Running my hands up her thighs, I moved my fingers to her cunt and spread her lips. It was overwhelming. I was getting deeper than I had ever imagined. Now the stories were shouting tips to me and coaxing me on.

I kissed along the inside of her lips with my tongue peeking out of my mouth. Chriss had long since been encouraging me on, but I had tuned her out up until now. As I licked all over her exposed pussy, she was rocking her hips back and forth against my face. Her hands were once again running through my hair.

I pursed my lips around her opening and sucked on it like I did her belly button. Chriss let out a gasp when I poked my tongue inside her, and she pulled my head down onto her. I tried to position myself so I could get my tongue as deep inside her as possible. My tongue scouted her insides, relishing the advantage it had over my dick at the time. Chriss' hands were all over my head, holding me down tightly. She wasn't going to let me go anywhere.

She was moaning loudly, but I couldn't make out where the sound was coming from. Was it me or was it her? I didn't care. I had lost control of my tongue by now. It was moving on its own and doing just fine without me. To me, Chriss was nothing more than a fleshy blob in front of my eyes. Her cunt was all that interested me now. The pain in my crotch had subsided as I drifted off into ecstasy. As my tongue worked her cunt, my lips were sucking on the rest of her. I was going to give her the best muff dive she ever had. But I knew I already had.

As satisfied as I was just making out with her cunt, I knew she was getting tired and I had to move on. Reluctantly, I licked up along her vagina to where her clit was poking out. It was so cute, but I didn't have time to admire it. Teasingly, I licked up to her bud and then looped around it. Chriss pushed her hip against my face and grabbed the sides of my head. She was squeezing so hard that I thought I would pass out. I puckered my lips around her clit and sucked hard, forcing a long guttural moan out of her. With my tongue, I circled the bud, flicking at it like a snake.

My head was yanked back and Chriss started grunting. She began humping my face, rubbing her cunt over my mouth. I let my tongue hang out and licked at her pussy as she squirmed under my nose. Grabbing her ass in hand, I steadied her, took her clit back into my mouth, and nipped it gently.

"Shit! God! I'm gonna c... c... cum!"

Chriss thrust her hips up, knocking my head back. Her hips started bucking, but she held my head against her. So I continued to suck hard on her clit.

"Yes! Suck harder! I'm cumming!"

I sucked at her clit while flicking my tongue across it at the same time. She was thrashing against my face, which was slicked with her juice.

When her orgasm subsided she let go of my head. I just sat back on my knees, swaying back and forth, dizzy and seeing stars. Chriss was lying back, satiated with a look of disbelief on her face. Pulling myself up onto the couch, I leaned towards her and kissed her on the lips. She parted her lips, letting me put my tongue in. She swirled her tongue around mine, tasting her juices in my mouth.

She pushed me back against the armrest and began cleaning up my face with her tongue. I closed my eyes and just laid back with my mouth hung open. I felt her tongue enter my mouth so I sucked on it. Chriss reached down and undid my pants. Though I didn't want any attention tonight, I was too dizzy to resist. Five seconds after she grabbed my dick in hand, I shot all over her stomach. I never came so hard, so fast in my life. She looked down at her stomach and giggled at herself.

"Do my hands feel that good?"

"No... your pussy does," I mumbled.

Chriss giggled some more, which brought a smile to my face. She reached down and wiped some semen off her belly and licked it off her finger. I just watched her in a daze. It was obvious she didn't love it, but she didn't hate it either. She leaned down and licked the cum that had dribbled down my penis and onto my stomach.

Regaining some of my senses, I sat up and pushed her down against the other arm rest. She looked at me in shock. I scooted back and licked my own cum off her stomach. Chriss smiled and pulled my head up to hers when I had finished. She sucked my tongue into her mouth and did the best she could to clean my mouth. We both knew it was a futile task, but we went at it all night until I felt too tired to move anymore. I moved back down to her breasts and rested my head upon her chest. The last thing I remember was Chriss' hands against my head and the words "I love you".

Chapter 2

The sun broke through the windows, shedding its light on my face. My eyes burned from the light piercing through my eyelids. I awoke to find myself with my head between Chriss' breasts. She was sleeping soundly, so I carefully sat up. I gave her breasts a couple good morning kisses and stood up. Chriss mumbled something and rolled over onto her side, facing the back of the couch.

I put my pants back on and went into the kitchen looking for something to eat. It was 10 in the morning. Chriss wouldn't be awake for another two or three hours. There wasn't much in the kitchen, so I picked out a banana and sat down in a chair. My mind was racing as I sat there watching Chriss sleep.

On the one side, she was almost worse looking as she laid there naked. Yet on the other, she was never more beautiful than she was last night. Could our relationship work out when we were on such a beauty cycle? Some of the erotica that I had read suggested that committed relationships could last via good sex. But was it good? Will it always be good?

Chriss stirred in her sleep. She rolled over onto her back, letting her left leg droop off the couch. Her crotch was upset because it didn't get a good morning kiss like the breasts. My penis stiffened in my pants. I finished the banana and chucked the peel in the fire.

Getting down on my knees between her legs, I leaned forward and gave her pussy a gentle morning kiss. Chriss let out a little sigh and curled her lips into a smile. I sucked her outer lips into my mouth and ran my tongue along their edges. Pulling her lips apart; I proceeded to kiss all over her inner folds, sucking on her opening and tonguing it deeply. She began to squirm under me, moaning softly. I didn't know how much she could take before she woke up, and I didn't care. This was my time to savor her at my own pace.

When she started humping my face, I paused for a moment until she settled down. She gave off a slight whimper and I saw a frown spread across her face. I inserted my index finger into her and probed around. Chriss just sighed. When I had finished feeling around, I slipped my middle finger in, pumping my fingers in and out of her. The frown had disappeared now, and she started thrusting against my fingers. I leaned down and took her clit into my mouth, sucking gently on it and rolling my tongue over it. She was moaning louder now, and I wondered if she was awake. But if she was asleep, what was going on in her head?

Pulling my mouth away from her clit, I blew gently over it. My fingers and mouth switched places as I resumed tongue fucking her. With my finger and thumb I massaged her clit until she was spasming around my tongue, cumming hard into my mouth.

I continued to lap at her pussy. My tongue swirled around cleaning her up.

"Mmm. You can wake me up like that any day."

I looked up into her gentle eyes and became lost once again. My tongue took on a mind of its own and continued cleaning her up. Chriss sat up and leaned forward, taking my head in her hands. She pulled me to her face and washed my face just as she did last night. We sat there, embracing each other, sucking face.

"I'm hot and sticky now. Let's go swimming!"

"Hold on," I said. "Let me get my shorts."

I stood up and turned towards the bedroom. Chriss grabbed my arm and spun me around. She stood up and pressed her body up close against mine, her nipples poking me in my chest. My dick was now trying to break free from the confines of my pants.

"No," she said. "You don't need those. Let's skinny dip."

I tried to talk my way out of it. It's one thing to be seen naked during sex. But in an everyday event, nudity is a no-no. You just don't do it.

Chriss reached down and cupped her hand on my crotch. She rubbed the bulge while kissing my chest. I melted at her touch.

"Please? It'll be fun. I promise."

I just stared blankly at her. She could have told me to do anything. As her hand worked at my hard on, I mumbled something of an agreement.

"Goodie!" she cheered, and ran out back to the lake.

"Oh god, what have I gotten myself into?" I sighed.

She stopped at the edge of the lake and crept in. The water rose up her legs, up to her knees, then her thighs.

"Eep!" She squeaked. "Shit, it's cold!" Chriss turned around and looked at me, shivering. "C'mon! The water's great!"

Her smile made me lose all inhibitions. I walked out to the edge of the lake.

"C'mon, big boy. Strip!"

I unbuttoned my pants and pushed them down to my ankles, kicking them aside. All that was left was my boxers.

"Woohoo!" she cheered. "Now take the rest off." I shook my head. "Aw, c'mon. I've seen your dick. It isn't that bad." The smile returned to her face.

Off went my boxers. Chriss cheered and clapped, making me blush from head to toe. I ran into the lake and dove head first. Shit, it was cold!

"Boo! Hiss! That was cheap," she cried. "You didn't let me admire you."

I stood up and looked down at my stomach. Relaxing my muscles, I let it hang out.

"You want to admire this?" I asked, with a look of disgust.

Chriss swam towards me and kissed me on the nose. She grabbed my shoulders and tried to dunk me, but gave up trying.

"You're not that ugly."

"THAT ugly?"

"Well, you wanted to admire this." She stood back in the shallow end and posed.

"No, I wanted to taste it, eat it out, and fuck it. I never wanted to admire it."

Chriss frowned and turned away from me. I dove under the water and swam towards her. My hands made their way up her sides to her breasts. She turned to look at me.

"Don't touch me!"

I squatted down and kissed her cleavage. Then I made my way up to her lips.

"Never wanted to admire it. But I never said I didn't admire it."

"Yeah, you did!"

"No I didn't."

"Yes, you..." she sighed. "Shit! You suck!"

"Well, duh. I thought that's what you liked about me," I joked.

"No, I don't know what I liked about you. It beats me why I even stayed with you."

My heart sunk and drowned in the lake. She knew how to hurt me. It didn't take much.

"The sucking was just something extra that I liked."

Chriss lowered her face to mine, biting on my lower lip. She pulled away, sucking back on it. Her puny hands resumed trying to dunk me.

"You suc," I reminded her. "More than me."

"Oh, I don't know about that."

And so we made out there. The taste of last night's cumming was strong in her mouth. She took my penis in her hand and tried to work it under the water. But it was too cold for her to get any action out of the bullpen.

"The bat boy's on vacation."

Chriss burst out laughing. She traced a fingernail down my chest.

"But the bat girl's still on duty," she kidded.

"Well, the last man at the plate tossed his bat towards third base. Bat girl, go pick it up."

She put on a face of mock seriousness. I moved my hands down to her legs and spread her thighs. Dunking my head underwater, I stroked her pussy with my tongue, trying my best to keep from inhaling water. Every so often I'd rise for air, then dunk back under. After a while, I could see her juices floating around atop the water. I went back down and did by best to tongue her cunt without drowning. When I felt her hips push against my face, I blew the bubbles out my nose across her clit.

No sooner had I resurfaced for air, then she grabbed my head and shoved me back underwater. She was going to drown me before this was over. I had always thought drowning while eating a girl out would be a good way to die, but this wasn't what I meant.

I needed air bad, so I grabbed her arms and stood up, gasping for air.

"Oh god. Don't stop," she whined.

Reaching down with my right hand, I massaged her clit. My lips were busy working over her neck, shoulders and breasts. I ran my fingers down to her hole and slipped the index and middle fingers in. Working at her pussy with my right hand, her neck with my lips, I squeezed her breasts alternately with my other hand.

"Lei..." Chriss sighed.

With both hands, I grabbed her ass and dove down one last time. Sucking on her opening, I blew bubbles across her clit. Her orgasm went on forever as I tried to hold my breath for as long as possible. Finally her orgasm subsided and I shot out of the water breathing hard. Chriss was breathing a little harder than me.

"Oh my god. That was great," she gasped. "Freezing water all around me, but warmth spread from my crotch."

"Come on, go take a shower." I headed towards the shore.

"Will you take it with me?" she asked.

"Nah. I don't want you to have a heart attack."

"Don't flatter yourself that much," she said with a smirk.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

Chriss waded over to me and wrapped her arms behind my neck. She pulled me down and kissed me on the lips.

"Never mind. I'll go take my shower."

She walked out of the lake and back into the cabin, leaving me standing naked and speechless. I watched the water lap at the shore, listening to the morning (was it still morning?) birds chirp. Laying back on the water, I stared up at heaven, thanking God.

Chapter 3

As I stepped back inside the cabin, I noticed Chriss' wet footprints on the floor. I followed them to the bathroom door and listened in. She was humming something that I couldn't make out. The toilet flushed and then I heard the water pour into the bathtub.

I heard her shut the water off. Straining my ear against the door, I tried to make out what she was doing. Suddenly there was a loud pounding on the other side of the door. My ears were ringing when Deed opened the door.

"The door's unlocked, silly. You don't have to stand out there eavesdropping."

"I... um... I was... um... um," I stammered. Chriss grabbed my arm and yanked me into the bathroom.

"You need a bath too. We might as well save water." She led me over to the toilet and pushed me down on the lid. "But first..."

Chriss got down on her knees between my legs. Immediately I got hard.

"What's this?" she inquired. "Is that what you think I'm going to do?"

"Um... What else would you do?" Chriss giggled.

"Um... I dunno!"

I hated it when she said that. It was such a cop-out.

"You were good to me last night and this morning... twice." She grabbed hold of my semi-erect cock. "It's my turn to be good to you." She leaned forward, tongue hanging out.

"But you're always good to me!" I blurted out, still acting the unselfish one. Chriss stopped and smiled up at me.

"Well, than I'll be better to you."

"B... But you can't possibly be better to me than you already are!"

"What's wrong, Lei?" She looked up at me lovingly. "Are you afraid?"

"Um... Me? Afraid? Of what?"

"Of me being in control?"

I sighed, sinking down into a slouch on the toilet. Chriss' lips made there way up my stomach to my chin.

"Don't worry. You'll love it. And when it's all over..." A smirk spread across her face. "I'll let you be in control again."

She dropped back down onto her knees again and kissed the tip of my penis. I just leaned back, trying to settle down and not be a major dumbass about the whole thing.

Chriss kissed down under the length of my shaft to the base. I felt her teeth nip the inside of my right thigh and I jerked upright. But she sucked on the little bite mark with soft, gentle kisses. She kept this up until the insides of my thighs were a faint pink.

I felt her tongue snake up under my scrotum and swirl around my balls. She sucked in one nut at a time, alternating between left and right. When she was done with one, she'd let it plop out of her mouth before sucking up the other one. Her tongue rolled them over and around as I could hear myself moan quietly.

Chriss moved back up, away from my balls, licking up the shaft. At the bottom of the head of my cock, she flicked her tongue at the flesh. She opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around the head and sucked on it, wriggling her tongue in and around my piss hole. I was having trouble breathing and my head was swimming. Things were happening too fast for me. It had only been five days since I met Chriss at the train depot. And now, here I am getting blown by her. On the other side, I've already eaten her out three times in two days. It's not that I didn't like it all. Hell, while she was sucking away on the head like a lollipop, I was rambling on about loving her and all that shit.

She shifted her head forward and went down on my cock, sucking hard on it as she slid her lips further and further down. I let out a gasp and cried to God when I felt the back of her throat. She worked her tongue around the shaft while sucking. I ran my fingers through her hair as her mouth worked on my manhood, making me blubber like a little baby. I was putty in her hands, and now she had me in her mouth.

Chriss pulled her head back up, sucking as hard as she could all the way. I reached out and grabbed onto anything I could, trying to hold back. She stopped at the head and swirled her tongue around it again. This was the greatest thing I ever experienced. Well, that's not saying much in my case.

She pulled the tip out of her mouth with a little pop and moved back down to my balls. This time, she sucked both of them in at a time. One hung lower than the other, and now I was thanking God for that too as she played with them in her mouth. Chriss grasped my rod again and began working her hand up and down the length. I felt my nuts tense up.

"Chriss! Stop! I mean hold up!" I pleaded.

Her hand slid up my dick and over the head, curling the palm and rubbing across the tip. She let my balls plop out of mouth and gave each one a kiss. I looked down at her and watched her suck up my penis from underneath. When she reached the bottom edge of the head again, she nibbled at the flesh. My mind somersaulted and I grabbed the sides of her head.

"Please Chriss! Make me cum now! Please!" I begged.

Chriss stopped briefly to look up and smile at me. I smiled back down and watched her hand grab my dick and her lips close around the head one more time. Closing my eyes, I leaned back and ran my hands through her hair. Her hand was working my shaft while she sucked eagerly on the head, licking around it.

I came so hard I was afraid I would drown her. As my orgasm subsided, I looked down at Chriss. She smiled up at me, mouth closed loosely. When she opened her mouth, I could see her tongue swirling my jiz around. Then down it went, down her throat. My mouth hung open. From what I gathered, most people don't guzzle cum on their first time. And I knew this was her first time. Only one thing managed to creep into my head.

Dropping onto the floor on my knees, I embraced Chriss and hugged her tight, kissing her smack on the lips. I'm not gay, or anything. But like one of my girlie friends said, if I guy expects a blow job, he better be willing to taste his own cum. I might not have been expecting her blow job, but I sure as hell wanted it. So what was a little cum-filled kiss? Chriss loved me, and I knew it beyond a doubt.

Chriss scooted back, out of my bear hug, and leaned forward to finish cleaning off my now limp penis. I leaned back to give her better access. When she finished, she stood up, pulling me up with her.

"Did you like that?"

"Oh yeah." I was still panting hard now.

"That's good. Now get in the tub and sit down."

I kissed her on the lips and turned to the tub. With one foot, I tested the temperature of the water. Chriss spanked my ass playfully.

"Come on, big boy. I haven't got all day."

"Fuck you!"

"I'm sure you want to." She broke into one of her giggling fits again.

I stepped into the tub and eased my ass down into the hot water. Well, it was hot compared to the lake. Chriss stepped in, placing her feet between my legs. She wiggled her toosh in my face, giggling hysterically. I leaned forward and bit it.


I kissed the little bite mark, which pleased her a lot. She sat down between my legs, wiggling her tooshie against my crotch. I pulled her back against my chest and we sat there, my arms around her stomach, making out until the water started to cool down.

Reaching down with my hand, I stroked the folds of her vagina. Chriss moaned into my mouth as I played with her crotch with my fingertips. I slid three fingers into her slippery cunt and began finger fucking her, slowly at first, then faster, then slowly again. All the while, my thumb was playing just under her clit. She pulled her mouth away from mine to watch my hand. I took the opportunity to nibble on her neck and ears.

When I let my thumb finally rub up against her clit, she turned her head back to mine and bit down on my neck, giving me an unexpected hickie. We continued sucking on each other's necks while I fingered her to her third climax for the day.

I told her no more. This was all too much for me in two days. First I ate her out, almost passing out from the eroticism of the moment. Then I gave her a morning muff dive. To follow it up, I ate her out under water, almost drowning from the eroticism of the moment. She thanks me with a great blow job. And to wrap it all up, I fingered her in the tub. As much as I loved her, I was a rookie, and I needed time to take things all in. It's like hiring a prostitute for your basic suck and fuck, only to find out that you hired an S&M queen. You're in for more than you bargained for. Today, I was in over my head, literally.

We continued to thoroughly explore each other's mouths some more before finally washing up, like I had planned on doing before she sucked me in. I grabbed the bar of soap and proceeded to lather up her whole body, taking my time over her breasts and vagina. Working up a good lather in my hands, I massaged her back with soaped up hands. Chriss turned around, pressing her breasts against my chest, and attacked my mouth again while I rubbed her back.

When I finished with her, she took the soap and soaped up my body, saving my crotch for last. She took her time as she ran her fingers around, over, and under my penis. With her foot, she unplugged the tub and let all the water drain out. Chriss took a firm hold of my dick and pumped it in her hand until it was hard again.

She stood up and turned on the shower to rinse off. I laid there, watching the water run over her breasts and down her hips. My penis was twitching uncontrollably, begging for the attention it was getting earlier. Chriss spread her legs a little and parted her pussy lips.

"Do you think it's beautiful?"

"Yes," I droned. "It's the most beautiful flower I have ever seen."

"Oh, it's a flower! Feel free to sniff it."

Chriss pushed her hips forward a little, enticing me to do what I already told her I wouldn't do. Well, I haven't always been a man of honor. I sat up on my knees and buried my nose in her cunt, licking the bottom edge as I nuzzled her pussy. The water was now washing over my body too, down my back, rinsing away some of the soap. She started gyrating her hips, pushing my nose deeper into her.

"Sniff my clit."

I moved my nose up to her clit and poked at it. My tongue darted in and out of her cunt while my fingers replaced her fingers spreading her lips. Chriss grabbed the back of my head and directed my nose where she wanted it. Curling my tongue, I fucked her hole when I could slide my tongue in.

"You dirty girl. Somebody's got to wash you."

Lapping at every part of her pussy, I reached up and ran my hands over her breasts. Pinching her nipples between my fingers and thumb, I jerked and twisted her knobs until her tits were hard mounds filling the palms of my hands.

Chriss moved my tongue down to her opening and shoved my mouth against it. I forced my tongue up as far as possible. Opening and closing my mouth, sucking on her pussy, I rubbed against her clit with my upper lip.

"Oh yes! That's it! Clean me up!"

She slumped back against the shower wall and spread her legs as wide as she could without falling. I worked my tongue deep around her hole, her warm juices mixing with the water and flowing down my chin and chest. Seconds later, she came into my mouth and her legs gave out. I reached out and did my best to hold her up.

"Oh shit!" She was panting hard, trying to stand back up. "My legs are numb!"

I helped stand her up and then laid her down, her back against the wall opposite the faucet. She looked up at me and smiled.

"You're great," Chriss sighed, trying to smile exhaustedly. She closed her eyes and leaned back against the wall. I watched her carefully. When she opened her eyes again, she took in the full frontal of my body up close. "Now you rinse off," she commanded.

I adjusted the nozzle and closed my eyes as I felt the warm water wash over my body. I have always taken long showers. The psychologists say it's something about feeling like I'm back in my mother's womb. I don't know about that, but I savor the moment whenever I get the chance. At my house and in college, that was always. Chriss sat up suddenly.

"Turn around and scoot back a little. Let me help you rinse off in front."

Chriss grabbed my penis and began stroking it under the falling water. It had gone partially limp in the attempt to hold her up, but now it was rising full mast once again. She pulled up on my nutsac and rubbed her hands along underneath it, trying to get the rest of the soap off. Satisfied, she turned me around and looked me up and down carefully.

Reaching behind me, she turned the shower off so that the water was gushing out of the faucet into the tub. She scooted down in the tub, lifting her legs up against the wall. Spreading her legs under the faucet, she let the water rush over her vagina, now bright pink after all the attention it's been receiving. Chriss started moaning in pleasure again.

She grabbed the back of my knees and pulled me closer to her head. I knelt down over her chest and she pulled my hips up to her mouth. While the water was pleasuring her, she licked and sucked the head of my penis, unhindered. With one hand, she massaged my balls; with the other, she squeezed hard and worked the cum out of my balls. When I felt the inevitable, she sucked it all into her mouth and guzzled every drop as it rushed out.

I scooted down her body and sucked on her breasts one at a time, kneading her rump with my hands. When she finally came, I turned the water off and hugged her close as she slept.

Chapter 4

After our bath, I dried Chriss off and carried her to the bedroom, where she passed out cold for the rest of the day and through the night. While she was asleep, I sat out in the family room and watched a little TV.

Five days ago, we met in real life. A year and a half ago we met for the first time. Yesterday I ate her out and she gave me a "hand job". Today I ate her out three times and got blown twice. Back when we first met in chat, we cybered that same day. This was meant to happen. So why doesn't it feel right? It's not like I've fucked her or anything.

My parents raised me Christian. They failed, like they've done at a lot of things. But some bits wore off on me. One, in particular, was the commandment "Thou shalt not commit adultery". That was a good rule, simply because then you won't have given your heart away to someone you don't care about, or who doesn't care about you, nor will you get an unknown STD. It's very sound advice, and those are the reasons I live by it. The only reasons.

I've told Chriss this before, that I don't want to have sex with anyone unless she plans on staying with me forever. Chriss said it was a nice personal rule to have. But I've always been wondering if she got the impression that I was talking about marriage. In the long run, I was. Yet I didn't mean to say sex was an engagement ring. Her pussy would be a ring on my biggest finger. That wasn't what I meant at all. Marriage could always be put off until the time is right. I just want to know that she's seriously considering marrying me in the future.

The Conan O'Brien show finally finished up, and my eyes were heavy. It was getting late, and knowing Chriss, she'd probably want to continue this newfound pleasure fest tomorrow. So I stood up, turned off the TV, and crawled into bed with her. Both of us were naked, of course. Why shouldn't we be?

When I finally woke up, I felt something warm surrounding my crotch. I looked up and saw Chriss, her head bobbing up and down on my dick. How long had she been down there? My nuts tensed up again and I thrust up into her mouth, catching her off guard. She tried her damnedest to keep it all in her mouth, but some dribbled out the sides.

She swallowed what was in her mouth and licked up what had dribbled out. Chriss looked up at me and smiled.

"Good morning, hun!"

"Um..." I tried to gather my senses. "Good morning, to you too! What time is it?"

"It's about 11. I'm up early."

"Well, you went to sleep real early last night."

Chriss scooted up my body, kissing up my tummy and chest as she moved. She pushed her tongue into my mouth, which I sucked on eagerly.

"No thanks to you. You wore me out!"

"Well, you gave me a workout I never had yesterday, too. I was out of breath."

Rolling out of bed, she threw on some clothes and went into the bathroom to brush her teeth. A minute later, she poked her head out the door with toothpaste foaming out her mouth.

"You're a weakling. I suffered more than you!" she sputtered, spraying toothpaste all over the room. She saw what she was doing and went back in the bathroom.

"You underestimate your prowess."

"Ooh, big words from a LITTLE man!"

"It wasn't me talking, it was my dick!" I shot back.

Chriss burst out laughing, spattering toothpaste all over the bathroom mirror. She rinsed her mouth out and came back into the room.

"I was talking to him, not you."

"Fuck you!"

"But I haven't said yes yet." I sat there, staring at her. She looked at me quizzically before I looked away. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean I'll never say yes."

"That's okay. I know what you meant," I sighed.

Chriss tossed one of my shirts at my face. She jumped on the bed and sat on my tummy.

"Come on, you lazy bum. Get up. Let's go downtown. We can get something to eat too." She rolled off my stomach and onto her back.

"No thanks. I've had plenty to eat these past two days." She giggled, then poked me in the tummy.

"What, are you full already?"

"Full? Nah, you emptied me last night in the tub."

We both laughed at ourselves. She rolled back over onto me and looked me in the eyes, rubbing her nose against mine.

"Just wait until tonight. You'll get more than you can handle."

"Oh great."

Chriss giggled and hopped off the bed. She skipped into the kitchen to grab a quick bite to eat before we left. I rolled out of bed and quickly got dressed. When I stood up to pull my pants on, I turned around and saw Deed giving a banana a blow job.

"It can't give back to you," I jested.

"Oh no?" She eyed it hard, taking in as much detail as possible. "Hmm... It looks bigger than you!"

I growled at her and shook my head. Chriss started laughing insanely, when I spun around and lunged at her. She shrieked and ran into the family room, me close behind her. Reaching the fire, she grabbed the poker and turned around, wielding it in front of her.

"Stop! I have a hot poker!"

"Yeah, and he's standing before you," I smirked. She put the poker back and glided over to me, pressing hard against me.

"Maybe, but not when you're in the lake."

"No, that was just yesterday. I can get hard in cold water any day. Let's get going."

"Fine, but I want to whack it in the lake before you leave."

"No problem. You'll be swimming in cum before you know it."

"Yeah, my own!"

She ran out the door, grabbing the keys on her way out. I just stood in the door, watching her, shaking my head. These were going to be a long next two days. Or tiresome, at least.

Chriss turned the car on, gunning the engine. I hopped in next to her.

"Ooh! Listen to that kitten purr!"

"Since when is put-put considered a purr?"

"It doesn't go put-put!"

"Whatever. Just drive."

She stuck her tongue out at me. I leaned over and sucked it into my mouth. She giggled sweetly and shifted the gear into drive. I grabbed her hand.

"Don't speed." She gave me a funny look.

"And why not?"

"We're in no hurry," I said, and grinned like a cheshire cat.

"Oh we're not, are we? Ok, then."

The car backed out and took off down the road, staying right at the speed limit. I took my seat belt off and put the cruise control on.

"What are you doing?"

"Having fun."

I grabbed her pants and pulled them out from under her and down her legs, and did the same with her panties. Chriss beamed at me.

"What do you think you're doing mister?"

"Like I said, having fun."

I leaned over and wiggled my tongue between her folds, licking up and down. My tongue was angled so that it didn't spread her lips too much. Chriss stroked my head as I continued to eat her out.

"I thought you said you didn't want any more for a while?"

Sitting further out of my seat, I tilted my head upside down and did the best I could to tongue her. My neck was cramping up, so I went back to just licking around the edges. I pulled her lips apart, found her clit, and started playing with it while fucking her with three fingers.

Chriss was moaning and petting my head with harsh strokes. I knew she was going to cum soon, so I nibbled on her clit.

"Oh shit! I forgot about that!"

Eager to please, I sucked hard on her clit, swirling my tongue around it, flicking it out now and then. I pulled my mouth away and pinched her clit with my left hand, never letting up on the finger fucking. Chriss lurched and bucked her hips.

"Shit!" The car swerved, tossing me back into my seat, my right hand streaking her cum through the air. She was trying to catch her breath when she slammed on the brakes.

"Never do that again while I'm driving!" I looked at her innocently.


She smirked and reached down for her pants. I traced a finger just along the inside of her butt crack. Chriss sat up suddenly and grabbed my hand.

"What the hell! I don't want your finger up my ass!"

"Why not?"

"Why... ? Because!" She quickly pulled her pants on and looked at me sternly. "If you ever stick anything up my ass, I will kill you!"

"Is that a problem? Do I get a choice on how you kill me? Fuck me to death!"

"I'll probably feed you to the dogs."

"Yippy!" I clapped my hands excitedly.

"Eep! Forget I said that!"

She gunned the engine and peeled off down the road. I sat back in my seat and put my seatbelt back on. A few minutes later, uncomfortable with the silence that had fallen upon the car, I turned around and looked behind us. Chriss was speeding.

"Uh oh!" She looked at me worriedly.

"What uh oh?"

"There was a cop back there."

"Shit! No!" She banged her head against the steering wheel.

I patted her on the back and leaned over to her. A tear rolled down her cheek. I felt bad for doing it, but I couldn't help myself.

"It's okay."

"No it isn't!"

"There was no cop."

"What?!" Chriss slammed on the brake and spun on me. "What the fuck! Then why'd you say there was one?"

"It got quiet, I was trying to think of something to say."

"So you tell me there was a cop when I was speeding?"

"Well, it's not quiet anymore." She backhanded me in the chest. I winced a little and smiled at her.

"What's so funny?"

"Well, at least you pulled your pants up. That would be something. The cop comes up to the car, sees you without pants. 'Oh my god!' he'd say. Then he'd have to use his billy club on you. I'd love to see that!"

"I'm sure you would. God, you're such a jerk!"

"What? Cynthia's boyfriend has a billy club. He uses it on her a lot. He loves to stick it up her ass or in her mouth. If he's careful, he can stick it up her cunt." I burst out into hysterics.

"That's a bad joke. It isn't funny." I slap my thighs, laughing hard.

"Yeah it is! It's a knee slapper!"

"Only for you."

"Well blah on you!" I stuck my tongue out at her. She looked at me, a smile creeping across her face.

"You look stupid like that." I continued to stick my tongue out at her. "I'm not going to suck on your tongue!" I closed my eyes and waited. "Fine. You're such a baby." Chriss leaned over and sucked on the tip of my tongue. She turned, put the car in park and undid her seat belt. "I'm all shaken up now. You drive. Did you bring your license?" I looked in my wallet.

"Yep, of course."

She hopped out and ran over to my side. I just sat there.

"Well, come on! Get out!"

"Aren't you supposed to open the door for me, madam?" I tried acting all haughty.

"Fuck you!" she blurted, and yanked the door open. I stepped out daintily.

"Thank you, madam. Here's your tip." She held her hand out, palm up. "Watch your tongue around me. It might get eaten." I walked around to the driver's side and crawled in. When she finally got the pun, she hopped in and slammed the door shut. I put the car back in drive and safely drove away.

"You drive too damn slow," she griped.

"Well at least I won't get pulled over by a cop and fucked by his billy club!"

"I never did."

"Good thing."

"Shut up and drive!"

Chapter 5

We drove on towards town, about an hour from the cabin. Chriss was silent after the police incident. She just stared out the window. It was obvious something was on her mind, her face was all scrunched up. I reached over and rubbed her shoulder, startling her.

"What're you thinking about?" She just sighed and looked out the window.

"Lei, remember those things you said about my looks? Back when I sent the pics?"

"Yeah. What about them?" I squirmed in the seat, not liking where this was going.

"Do you still feel the same way?" I shrugged.

"Well, I still don't think you're what I want as far as appearances go. But in bed, you have a beautiful body. Out of bed, naked, you have a beautiful body. I never told you, but before I gave you that morning kiss yesterday, I was sitting in the chair, thinking."

"About what?"

"I thought you were uglier, lying there naked."

"Oh." She looked back out the window, frowning.

"But this morning..." Chriss looked over at me.

"What about this morning?"

"This morning, you were an angel. Heavenly. Granted, you woke me up with a BJ."

"Oh, so it was only because you were sexual then."

"No. It was because yesterday I realized how much we loved each other."

"You're just interested in the sex."

"I've never just been interested in the sex. I didn't follow you around like a lost puppy when we first met because I wanted to fuck you. I didn't stay with you after being disillusioned with your pic because I was under the impression I could still easily fuck you. I stayed with you all this time because I seriously love you. In all my fantasies, or at least 90 percent of them, you're present, and you're the main person in those." The back of my fingers brushed against her cheek, wiping a tear off. "The circumstances in which I met you were pathetic ones. But the love I felt, and still feel for you is genuine. You're the only person in my life, the only loved one that I have."

"What about Cynthia? Don't tell me you don't want her. I know you do. The only reason you can't have her is because she has a boyfriend. You want them to break up and you want me to dump you so you can go out with her!"

"I used to have a crush on Cynthia. And she did make me feel special, for reasons similar to those that make me feel special with you. But as soon as I found out she had a boyfriend, I realized they loved each other a lot, and I didn't want to come between them. So I gave up on her. She was a fleeting crush."

"You don't fantasize about her?"

"Well of course I do. She made me horny lots of times. But they're only fantasies. And they're weak ones. I don't get real hard from them, and they don't last more than two minutes. Besides, I haven't had that many of her because she isn't all that special to me. She makes me feel special. She's someone I can confide in. But she isn't the one I love. She isn't the one that makes me happy. She's just a friend."

"A friend you'd rather fuck than me."

"No! I just told you, she doesn't turn me on. Not like you do, anyway. I think about you and fantasize about you every day and night. Some nights I'm awake for five hours humping my quilt while fantasizing about you. And in those times, Cynthia never crept into my fantasies. The greatest of those fantasies were of just me and you. No one else was in them. No extras. It was just me and you." Chriss looked at me, her eyes red and bloodshot.

"What's your favorite fantasy that you have?" I stared out the windshield at the road. "Let me guess. It's not about me."

"On the contrary."

"Then what is it?"

"Well, we make out, eat out, and stuff like that."

"That's it?"

"Then you get real horny."

"Ooh, there's more! And I'm horny! Wow! This is going to be good!"

"If you're going to be that way about it..." She frowned and looked away.

"I'm sorry. Go on."

"Like I said, you get real horny. You start rubbing up against me, wanting desperately to have sex, to feel me inside you." Chriss smirked. "But I won't let you have sex with me. I don't want to have sex with you."

"You call that a fantasy? What the fuck!"

"I'm not done."

"Like hell you're not! What more is there?" It was my turn to slam on the brakes. I spun around and faced her down.

"I don't want to fuck you unless you say you'll stay with me forever!"

I looked back out the windshield and focused on the road. Gunning the engine, I raced down the street, trying to hide my feelings. Chriss sat, stunned, staring at me.

"I'm sorry. I just thought..."

"Thought what? That I had been lying to you all these times about how much I loved you and how much I wanted to fuck you? Gee, I can see why you'd think that! I've only actually lied to you once! Get off it! It's an old issue!"

"That's not what I meant! You never say things directly. So it sounded like you didn't want me anymore, and you were fantasizing about breaking up!"

"Who the fuck would get off thinking about that? Gimme a break!"

"I thought you were, with what you were saying."

"Well then I guess you don't know me as well as you thought you did."

She stared at the floor. Neither one of us said anything as we drove on for the next couple minutes. Finally, Chriss spoke up.


"What?" I snapped, not bothering to look at her.

"I... I'm sorry. I didn't mean anything."

"Dammit, that hurt. You never did trust me all that much."

"I did trust you. I still do. It's just, everything's happening so fast. I don't know how to handle it."

"Welcome aboard."



"Stop the car."

I pulled the car to a stop and looked at her. The little makeup she had on was smeared where tears ran. She reached over and turned the car off, taking out the keys.

"I... I have something I want to tell you," she mumbled.

"And what would that be?"

Chriss unfastened her seat belt and threw herself on me, hugging me tight. Kissing me on the lips, though I remained motionless.

"I'm so sorry Lei. I didn't mean to hurt you. I never want to hurt you. I love you too much. I'm sorry."

I shrugged my shoulders indignantly. Chriss continued to kiss my unmoving lips. Her body squirmed all over me. I tried to see what she was doing, but she kept her face in front of mine. She pulled my face close to hers, trying to look me in the eyes.

"Lei, I love you. I'm sorry I hurt you. I..." She reached down and grabbed the zipper on my pants, pulling it down. I looked down and saw that she had her pants and panties all the way off. I looked back up at her. "Lei, I... I don't want to leave you. I want to be with you forever."

Resting against my chest, she grabbed hold of my penis and stroked it towards an erection. Gripping my neck for support, she sat up on her knees, then lowered herself slowly down onto my hard on. I was still trying to take in what she had just said when I felt the head of my penis squeeze into her. Something pressed against the tip of the head. Chriss kissed me hard on the lips. This time I responded and poked my tongue out, which she eagerly sucked on. She thrust her hips down and I felt the obstruction give way. I could feel Chriss' mouth frown, but she continued kissing me heavily.

Chriss started riding my dick slowly, tensing the muscles in her cunt as she tried to acquaint herself with the new sensation. My eyes were open, staring at the blurred image in front of my face. Her eyes were tightly shut, her face scrunched in grim concentration. She was doing her best to fuck me well, but I couldn't concentrate on her fucking. All I could think about was what just took place between us. One minute we were fighting about old issues, and the next minute she's riding my dick like she trying to make amends.

I pulled away from her mouth and looked her in the eyes. Her pain shot from them into mine, straight to my heart.

"Chriss, you don't need to do this."

"Yes I do... Fuck me Lei! I'm yours forever!"

She pressed her lips to mine, sucking and nibbling on them, all the while keeping up her insistent fucking. Something snapped in me at that moment and I grabbed her ass with both hands, lifting her up along my dick, then lowering her back down. We devoured each other's tongues like they were delicacies. Chriss squeezed her cunt around my cock, giving me sensations I could never imagine. She was so hot, wet, and slippery. And above all, she loved me as she fucked. I was having sex with her. A car must have come by at some point. But we didn't care, lost in a world of our own.

I let go of Chriss' ass and laid her back against the steering wheel. She adjusted herself so it didn't press too hard into her back. I brought one of her hands down to her clit, keeping the other one on my neck. Taking hold of her ass once again, I resumed fucking her with slow, careful motions. Leaning forward, I took her right nipple into my mouth. Chriss sighed, stroking my head, neck, and back.

While she rubbed her clit, I picked up the pace as she became more aroused. After a few minutes, she was thrusting against my hips, moaning in ecstasy.

"Lei... I'm gonna cum..." she moaned, panting hard. I maxed out and thrust into her hips full force, fucking her as hard as I could at the time.

"Oh god! Lei, I love you!"

Chriss' cunt spasmed all around my dick, squeezing all my cum up out of my balls. Suddenly I was brought back to my senses. I pulled out of her quickly, setting her down on my lap. She looked up at me concerned.

"What's wrong?"

"I... can't... don't want to... cum in you... yet..." I groaned.

She smiled at me and sat down on my right leg, rocking her hips back and forth through her orgasm. With the hand that was on her clit, she took hold of my penis and pulled me off. I came all over her belly.

Chriss wiped the cum off her tummy and licked her fingers clean. I laid back, spent and happier than ever. She leaned forward and kissed me passionately.

"I love you Lei."

"I know. I love you."

"I've always known that. And I'll never forget."

She crawled back into the passenger seat. Leaning over, she licked clean my penis and thighs, but wet spots still remained on my pants.

"Uh oh. We can't go into town like this!" she cried.

"Then I guess we'll just have to go back to the cabin and change."

"Well, if we're going to drive that far, we might as well do more than just change."

"What did you have in mind?" Chriss smiled sweetly and grabbed my limp tool.

"Remember what I said I wanted to do before you left?" I was beaming as I zipped my fly back up.

"You got a point there. I think we have time for that."

I cranked the car around, and slammed down on the gas, fishtailing. We zoomed on down the road back to the cabin, Chriss hooting and hollering all the way. Good thing the cops weren't out. That was the last thing we needed.

Chriss leaned over and unzipped my fly. Poking around inside my shorts, she pulled out my penis.

"Shit girl, can't you hold out for a while?" Chriss giggled uncontrollably.

"Sure, I can. But can this poor little guy?"

"Longer than you think."

"Oh really? Let's see than." She parted her lips and sucked the head of my dick in. With her hands, she milked my dick until I filled her mouth again.

Chapter 6

We pulled up to the cabin and I turned the car off. Chriss hopped out of the car and ran inside with me not far behind her. Six days into our meeting, and we were engaged. It was unofficial, but we would marry for sure, as long as I didn't fuck up. As I walked through the door, Chriss jumped into my arms, pressing her lips against mine.

"Hurry up. You're so slow," she chirped.

"What's the hurry?"

"No hurry. You're just slow." She scurried towards the back door, hopping out of her shoes. "Come on, let's go for a swim!"

"Again? You almost drowned me last time." Chriss laughed.

"No, we won't do that. This is going to be different!"

"Is that so?" She nodded. "Well, I guess it couldn't hurt."

The sun had risen high and was beating down on us. Sweat was forming under my shirt and across my brow. I had a suspicion of what she was planning, but anything to get out of this heat was fine by me.

I started undressing, watching Chriss peel her clothes off. While I was untying my shoes, I didn't see her sneak behind me. When I stood up to take my shoes off, she leaped onto my back, pulling me down unexpectedly. She landed on her feet, though I fell to my ass. I looked back at her. She dropped down to her knees and kissed me.

"C'mon. Gimme a piggyback ride! Carry me into the lake."

I stood up and brushed my ass off. Squatting down, I let her hop onto my back. Once I regained my balance, I jogged to the water's edge. Chriss squealed with glee. Before she could get off, I ran into the lake and dove in headfirst, pulling her down under with me. Her foot kicked me in the back and she broke free.

"That wasn't nice!" she shouted.

"Oh, don't be such a wuss."

"Humph!" Chriss stuck her nose up in the air and looked away from me. I dove back under water, swimming back and forth in defiance of her. "Don't ignore me!"

"I'm not. You ignored me."

"Shut up." She looked at the water and frowned. "Damn, it isn't as cold as it was yesterday. I guess we'll have to wait."

"Was that all we came out here for?"

"Pretty much," I frowned. "Let's go back inside."

"Why? It's nice out here in the lake."

"It can get a lot nicer inside," she said with a devilish smile on her face.

"I don't think your parents would like us dripping water all over the house anymore than we've already done yesterday. Let's at least stay out here to dry off."

She looked at me like I was some kind of total stranger. I waded out of the water and laid down on the grass next to a tree with a swing hanging from it. Laying back and spreading my legs, I basked in the warm sunlight. Chriss walked over and laid down beside me. Rolling over onto her stomach, she tenderly stroked my chest and kissed my nipples.

"You're blocking my sun," I muttered, trying to keep it from getting hotter than it was.

Chriss sighed and rolled over onto her back. I looked over at her and grinned childishly. She just frowned at me.

"What the hell was I thinking? You're my sunshine. You warm me up, make me hot, and do bad things to my skin."

"Bad things? What kinds of bad things?"

"Teasing it. Pleasuring it. Stuff like that."

"That's bad?"

"It ain't holy."

"That's true."

"You know what else isn't holy?"


"What we did today. We'll go to hell now, since we fucked and weren't married."

"Really? But we'll marry eventually."

"That's why I ain't Christian. It takes the love out of sex." Chriss leaned over and kissed me on the lips. She wrapped her arms around me and rested her head on my chest.

"What's sex without love?"

"Fucking. Just plain fucking."

"Did we have sex today?"

I stared up at the sky through the branches of the tree. It was sex between us, and we both loved each other. But how would her parents react? Or how would her friends react? Granted, I knew nothing about female social behavior. Yet I wanted something that would get the nagging guilt out of my head. Chriss looked at me worriedly.

"What's wrong? You loved me, didn't you?"

I looked down at my right hand and stared at the Holy Communion ring my parents gave me when I partook in my first church communion. Now Chriss and I...

I wiggled the ring off my finger and grabbed Chriss' hand, not knowing which hand was the correct one. Sliding the ring onto her ring finger, I looked her in the eyes.

"Well, we both know I can't afford anything fancy. My parents gave me this ring for my first communion at church. You know, the whole drinking wine and eating bread thing, body and blood of Christ shit." I looked back down at the ring, playing with it on her finger. "Now I want to give it to you, to symbolize our own communion, our coming together. This is the visible, tangible symbol of my love. Okay, maybe it's only temporary until I can afford a real engagement ring. But until then..." Chriss clutched my hands in her own and looked me straight in the eyes, tears streaming down her cheeks.

"It's perfect."

She scooted on top of me and laid down against my chest. Our hands held each other close, never wanting to let go. We kissed every part of each other's faces, filled with more passion than we knew what to do with.


* maybe I'll finish the story. I started this story for Honey, who I admired for her ability to write her erotica. after a while, I began writing it for me and Deed. lately, I've been writing it for myself, to get my thoughts out of my head and to be more expressive. I just want to thank Honey for not telling me to fuck off and staying with me when I was being a whiny brat, and for being supportive and encouraging about me and Deed. and I want to thank Deed for accepting me and showing me there are people that care.*

(As much as I crave sex, and as good as I am at writing, I have no skill or talent in writing erotica. It is interesting how I had prided myself on my ability to write, condemned myself for the constant horniness I suffer, and yet I cannot even so much as write a simple erotic story.

Aye, I have written one. And though it has been praised by friends I hold dear, I am not proud of it. Its greatness, for I know not what else to call it, lies in two areas. The first, I feel, is in the fact that it was written from the heart, not the loins. Indeed, it had more to do with my feelings towards Chriss and the ambitions I had in mind for the both of us than it did with sex. It wasn't written as masturbation material.

If you read the story, it's noticeable that I had intended more to follow, based on some of the quips and lengthy anecdotes spread throughout the story. This is the other attribute of my story that I feel made it decent, at best. The story was a work of fiction. None of the events contained within it took place. I doubt they ever will. When the story was written I had not yet met Chriss in real life. So, the story could have gone on rather than ending abruptly, since it was just a collection of fantasies dancing in my head. But I cut it off, and my excuse was that reality kicked in; and as in reality, the future is unknown. That is a bad excuse for quitting a fantastic writing, but it is an excuse I have chosen to use (sic.).

Initially, I wrote the story, or rather the first chapter, out of curiosity. This was new territory for me. It was one of the biggest challenges I had put myself up to, which is absurd when you consider the nature of erotica. By the second chapter, I had begun writing the story as an expression of my fantasies involving Chriss for her. Most people don't share fantasies until long into a relationship. Though Chriss and I had only been together, so to speak, for six months, I felt like I could tell her those things which only couples or psychos tend to talk about. The fact of the matter is, it was the little social taboos which we confided in each other that brought us closer together. So, it seemed natural to tell her my fantasies.

There is a sharp contrast between the fifth chapter and the first four. This was the point where reality had crept in. The argument which took place was one that Chriss and I had. I guess I was trying to show her that I remembered some of the things we had talked about, that I wasn't as dense as she sometimes thought. Chapter five came out more easily than the other chapters, but it was hard for me to write. Our arguments are conversations that I wish I could erase from my mind completely. Though we've made it through each one, loving each other more and more every time, they're still painful memories. All of them were my fault, and I realized this when I wrote the chapter. In other words, I was no longer writing the story for Chriss, but for myself. By the time I had reached the sex scene, tears were welling up in my eyes. A man isn't supposed to cry, so I dove into the sex to dry up the tears.

Chapter six was in the making long before I considered writing the story. I was lying in bed, contemplating how I could propose to Chriss. I had no doubt that I would be too poor to buy a fancy engagement ring, and I'm too cheap to buy one anyway. Since I no longer desired any affiliation with the church, the Communion ring which my parents had given me for my first Communion had little value to me, and was no more than a decoration. Yet I remembered what the word "communion" meant, and so the sixth chapter came into being. While in bed, I had planned the whole proposal, similar to how it appeared in the story. Chapter six was still fantasy, but it was one I plan on making a reality.

I may never write another erotic story again. When it comes to erotica, I may have the sexual desires, but putting them down in literature is too difficult for me. No one can say I didn't try. Though I don't think anyone would say that anyway.)

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