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Fantasy Assistant by LadyMoon

Fantasy Assistant

He couldn't believe his luck when they told him that he and his assistant were to attend a seminar in Reno, Nevada. As they were the only two going from his company he immediately made reservations in a different hotel from the seminar. He was pleased to find they were the only two attending from his region as well.

Lucky for him, his assistant had recently turned 18, all nice and legal. She is tall with long sexy legs, long brown hair, and green eyes. He had been training her to be his sex slave for almost a month. Much to his delight, she seemed to enjoy all of her lessons, always eager to submit to his every command. Needless to say, spending an entire weekend violating her was a fantasy come true.

The drive up to Reno is strangely quiet. He is busy keeping himself entertained imagining what he is going to do to her. She is also quiet, staring out the window, leading him to think she is slightly nervous about what he has in store for her.

When they arrive at the hotel he hardly notices the bells and whistles of the casino just off of the main lobby. All he can think of is her sweet mouth wrapped around his cock among other things. After checking into a room high above the street he orders her to take off all of her clothes and kneel in front of him. It is dark outside and he has turned on the lights in the room. They are in front of the floor length windows looking out on the hotel across the street

She is used to giving him head while on her knees and actually seems to enjoy it. She reaches up and unbuttons his pants and takes out his large thick cock. Looking up into his eyes she takes it into her mouth working the head at first, then taking it all the way in. She deep throats him exactly as he has taught her. Taking it deep and then almost all the way out slowly and then increasing her pressure and speed. She has been a very fast learner and seems eager to please him in every way.

After the first few moments of bliss he stops her with his hand under her chin and turns her head gently so she can see out the window -- making sure she realizes that anyone looking out of the windows across the way can see what she is doing.

She gives a moan letting him know that she is turned on by this and goes back to sucking his cock like she was born to it. Deepthroating him like the women in the porno tapes he has shown her. Pulling it out of her mouth with a little pop she looks into his eyes and smiles at him. She returns to her task of pleasing him. He watches her as she works his rod in and out of her mouth and wants to savor the feeling but can't hold back.

Just seconds before he blows he pulls out and starts fisting his cock hard and fast. She watches, waiting for him to squirt his load on upturned face. He feels his cock get stiff and starts shooting his huge wad all over her mouth and eyes and cheeks. She smiles and rubs it all over and trying to catch it every stray drop with her pink tongue. She then takes it gently into her mouth and sucks it clean for him.

While she is still on her knees in front of him he steps back with his cock in his hand and decides to make a real slut out of her and piss all over her. As he lets his bladder go he directs the stream all over her face and body. Making sure to get her tits and her shaved pussy. She is shocked but takes it like the submissive she is being trained to be. The sight of her at his feet covered in his cum and piss is enough to get him hard again.

He instructs her to bend over the dresser, legs apart, spreading her ass cheeks for him. He hesitates long enough to savor the view of his fuck slave obediently waiting for him. He is an anal sex addict; in fact he can't remember when he last fucked a woman in the pussy. He had started her with a thermometer working his was up to a fairly large dildo. He loved to make her beg to get fucked up the ass. If he allowed it she could orgasm from that without any stimulation of her clit.

Getting into position behind her he slaps her ass a couple of times to get her hips moving and tells her to beg him for a good hard buttfuck. She immediately starts begging for his cock, telling him how much she wants it. She even begs him to shoot his cum all over her back. He pulls back and with no warning slams his hard rod straight up her tight hole. She gasps as it fills her butt, remembering to hold steady so he can pound her as hard and fast as he can. She continues to beg for it telling him how good it feels. He reminds her she is not to cum until he gives his permission.

Her tight ass feels so incredible to him it takes only a few minutes for him to get off again. He decides to cum up her ass instead of shooting it all over her back because he likes the idea of her sitting in the restaurant with his cum oozing out of her sore anus. When he finishes shooting his cream deep into her bowels and catches his breath he orders her to clean off his softening cock with her mouth.

When she completes this last order she is allowed to clean herself and dress in the clothes and lingerie he has brought for her. She looks very young younger than 18 and he is pleased. He is glad he is going to take her down to a nice dinner and show her off a little.

She has still not been allowed any release and he knows that the scene in front of the window and ass fucking have made her very excited. As they step into the elevator he gives her permission to cum. He pins her against the mirrored wall with his body and reaches under her skirt, placing his palm against her cunt and tells her she has until they reach the lobby to cum. She immediately starts rubbing her bare pussy against his palm as hard and fast as she can. She is like a bitch in heat, gasping and grunting humping. He can feel her wetness flooding his hand as she gets close to orgasm. Since he is pleased with her performance so far, he helps her along by slipping one finger into her pussy and another up her ass. She reaches a huge climax just before the elevator door opens. She is breathing hard and can hardly walk but she obediently follows him into the restaurant.

While they are at dinner he explains in great detail all of the things that are in store for her for the rest of the weekend. She is going to have to take (and hold) different items in her pussy and ass. He is going to spank her ass until she can't sit down after he introduces her to the riding crop he has purchased. Oh yes, there is one thing he has always wanted to try fisting!

This is my first attempt at writing anything in many years and I hope you have enjoyed reading it!

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