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David Bowman's Stories

Fantasies for a Woman by David Bowman

Fantasies for a Woman


I fantasize that we meet in a motel restaurant, you are wearing a floral dress.

While we are seated at the table you allow your dress to rise, and your legs can be seen. Well you can't really see your legs as the tablecloth is blocking the view but I can imagine that they can be seen beneath the table.

You realize that a waitress is watching you, a very pretty dark haired girl, with a smooth skin and very well built. She's wearing a skirt without stockings. You act very slowly, and I can see you spread your legs a little, making as though you are speaking to me. You too are not wearing any stockings and a sudden desire grabs at the waitress: she wants to see if you're shaved! She's never done this with a stranger before, but your floral dress is a magnet.

You remove the serviette from your legs and spread them wide open. At this point the waitress loses control and makes her pen fall beneath the table. It is a corner table so she can easily go under it without being noticed by anyone. Once she is under she makes you move your legs to look for the pen, as it is dark. You feel her face between your thighs: you have never been with a woman before, but the situation is really exciting. You spread your legs, your dark pubic hairs are showing from the hem of your panties, you move your body forward in the chair. You can feel her breath on your thighs, you cannot take it anymore, she licks the internal part of your thigh, she moves your panties out of the way and licks your cunt. You offer yourself totally, pushing your bust forward over the table, you continue speaking with me and making as though nothing is happening, but you are blushing. All of a sudden you feel that you are loosing control and you move her head directing her between my legs. As she unzips me, you put your hand beneath the table! and feel her soft, smooth skin. In the meantime around us there is total confusion, and she licks the tip of my dick. Here I decide that such things are best done in the privacy of our room. I let her climb out from under the table behind our chairs. As she is climbing out I whisper our room number to her.

As we get to the room we decide to have shower. We calm down and you lay down on the bed and ask me to smear some oil on you. You are totally naked and shiny and you love to look in the mirror to see my hands wandering all over your body. You pose in all positions in front of the mirror, and slowly you begin to get turned on, you show me how you open yourself with your fingers, you turn onto all fours and you touch your asshole, until you can't anymore and you start to lick and suck me. I'm lie down on my back and you suck me with your ass to the door.

The door suddenly opens (she had the other key) and closes. I nod and you continue to lick and suck, while she comes quietly closer to your ass.

At a certain point you feel a tongue on your back that is slowly but surely moving towards your ass.

The excitement makes you lift your ass even higher and spread your legs even more, until you feel that nasty tongue in your asshole, and then in your cunt.

This drives you even crazier: you leave everything and you open your ass with both your hands, saying that you would like to feel that tongue everywhere. I get up and what I see drives me crazy: I go to get a piece of rope from the cupboard, I grab the girl from your ass and start to tie her to the bed, lying on her back with her legs spread wide, the thick black bush clearly in sight, a pillow under her ass to lift up her cunt, which is now there for our pleasure. My cock is hard, and you don't know what to do: whether carry on being licked by putting yourself over her mouth, to make her go crazy with your hands and mouth, or if you want to see what I do while you masturbate in front of the mirror. All of a sudden you have an idea: you have a great desire to shave in front of us.

You go to the bathroom, grab a stool and the shaving kit. You put the stool in front of the bed and sit down with your kegs spread open, with a bucket of water in front of you. The waitress looks at you, while I begin to lick her from behind. You're full of shaving cream, and when you begin to shave the waitress arches her back to be licked better. While you shave she begins to moan as she wants my tongue to move lower, she moves her ass as best she can as she is tied. When you have finished you too are very excited, and you show the waitress what she wants to see: the way you touch yourself, what you like to do on your own. She can't hold her excitement back anymore and she asks if she can lick you...

You then sit on a pillow, with your shaved cunt in front of her face; she licks you as if she just can't get enough. She really is good; no other has ever licked you in that way before. I lose my head and penetrate her suddenly, while she lets out a shout of satisfaction, I start to fuck her, while she licks your cunt. I then push my finger into her asshole: it's too much, she comes thrusting and shouting, making me come too and while all this is happening you masturbate until you too orgasm.


I fantasize that we make an appointment to meet in an Austrian Hotel. You arrive a little earlier than me and book into a room. When I arrive I find a message at the reception that says I should come up.

I arrive, and you're ready to go to supper....

I have a quick shower and follow you towards the elevator, your skirt reaches your knees, but I cannot see what you have on below.... Naturally you are beautiful and bubbly, you put on your favorite red shoes, and a white shirt unbuttoned quite a bit.

On the third floor the elevator stops and a beautiful dark haired girl enters, about 25 years of age. You make as though you lose your glasses and you bend down to pick the up, hereby showing the tops of your stockings.

The girl smiles and comments on the fact that you both have the same type of stockings, and she shows them to us. For a moment you see her read panties, and looking nicely I can see that your nipples have hardened all of a sudden. She's wearing a silk shirt and is braless.

The situation is totally unexpected, and you feel a shiver of excitement that runs through your body, almost at the same time (you're sure) that a shiver ran through mine...

Continuation by her:

She says she'd like to see what I wear with the stockings and slides her hand up my skirt, her fingers caress the outer lips of my cunt and I get a shiver up my spine and my nipples, like hers, start to harden. You invite her for supper, she agrees to join us for a light supper in the hotel dining room. After having ordered our meal she asks me to accompany her to the bathroom, of course I go with her. On reaching the bathroom she invites me into the toilet and stands up on the toilet ring and tells me to feel her off, I start running my hands up and down her legs, I can see her panties moistening, I lick her just between her thighs, my tongue brushing against the material of her panties and she lets out a moan, I move the panties to the middle so that her cunt lips are free, with the tip of my tongue I lick her lips, she puts her hands into her panties and starts rubbing her clit.

With the other hand she starts to unbutton the top and unclips her bra, she asks me to suck them and I run my tongue up the center of her tummy and grab one nipple into my mouth she starts gasping, I go harder and start to rub my own clit, with her free hand she grabs my boobs and starts tweaking at the nipples this turns me on, and in a few minutes we both come....

After washing our hands and touching up our make she asks me about you, and asks whether I think that you would enjoy a show, and together we think of a plan. As we sit down you noticed that we are both flushed and you can smell the musky scent of sex on both of us. Just thinking of what went on in the bathroom gives you an erection. We had both removed our panties in the bathroom and I see that she grabs your hand from under the table and puts it up her skirt, not one to be left out during the action I slide under the table and give your stiff cock a quick lick, you start to finger fuck her, she starts to breathe heavily so you stop so as not to attract any unwanted attention...

You decide we would rather finish the meal in the room, and ask to have a bottle of champagne sent up as well...At this stage we are all very turned on but decide to wait for room service before continuing... her and I decide to have a shower... with the warm soapy water running over our bodies, she interlocks my hands above the shower head opens the shower door so that you can get a better view...and starts to lick my hole body really teasing me by making circular movements over my very excited clit.

The champagne arrives.... She accidentally spills some down the front of her body. The sight of her wet body drives you mad. You strip off your tie and tie her hands behind her head and on your knees you start to lick her cunt, seeing your ass in the air brings me to opening the cheeks and licking your asshole in long slow movements, you can't take it any more, keeping her hands tied you turn her over and fuck her from the back, she asks me to come kneel in front of her so that she can lick my cunt, until we all come in a satisfied heap...

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