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A Fantasy Cum True by Naughty Fem

A Fantasy Cum True

My friend John was married and once told me that he would never be able to fulfill his fantasy of a threesome. The time had come for me to help him out. I am married too so my real life fantasy would prove hard to accomplish as well.

My best friend was over one evening keeping me company while my husband worked. She and I shared lots of secrets together. I had told her about John and his predicament. She suggested we call him and give him as close to a threesome as he would get.

Getting very excited, I agreed to calling him up. I went into my bedroom and she used the cell phone. We had agreed not to be in the same room so we would not make each other laugh as we teased John into a frenzy.

He answered the phone and was surprised to hear from me. I told him that I wanted him to meet my best friend. How, he wondered? When she said hi, I could hear him take a deep breathe in.

He knew just where to begin. He asked what each of us was wearing. We told him, leaving out no detail. In my mind, I could not believe I was about to have phone sex with my best friend listening. She seized the silent moment and told John that she was turned on by hearing his sexy voice.

I loved listening to the two of them become better acquainted. He asked her to touch herself and tell him if she was wet. When she replied that her pussy was so hot, I could not help but touch mine. She described her shaven cunt to him in great detail. I laid there and tried to image what she was saying. She whispered that she was rubbing her clit. Laying on my bed, I slid off my shorts and panties so that I could finger my slick pussy.

John asked me why I was being so quiet. I told him that I was so turned on that I had started rubbing my pussy too. He loved that. Two women masturbating as he described the threesome he had always imagined. I was listening and fingering so intently that I didn't realize my best friend had quit talking.

My room was dark so I didn't see anyone enter. I felt movement on the other side of my bed. I must have let out a sound so different that John knew something was happening. "What are you two up to over there?" he asked.

I was the first to speak. I told him that she had come to join me in bed. Knowing that neither of us had ever been with a woman before, John knew his work was cut out for him. He asked her if she wanted to touch me. Hesitantly, she said yes. He told her to reach over and feel my breasts. Her hand glided over the outside of my bra. My nipples were hard and I could feel her soft hands as they moved across my chest. "Now it's your turn" he told me. I took the challenge and reached over to feel her bare breasts exposed. She was naked and I could feel her body heat next to me. Her tits were smaller than mine and felt so much different. I could feel my pussy growing hotter as I listened to John give us our next command.

"Now it's time to feel how wet your pussies have become." She was the first to move her hand. Slowly I felt it creep along my thigh. She ran her fingers close to my pussy and let out a moan when she felt that it was shaven and smooth. "Pretend like it is your own cunt," he growled. She stroked the outside of my pussy causing me to raise my hips into the air. She told him that my pussy was much nicer than her own and that she enjoyed feeling it. As her finger entered me deeply, I thought I was going to orgasm immediately. The anticipation was driving me wild. She knew exactly how I liked my pussy touched. She rubbed my clit making it grow harder to her touch.

"Lover, now you must feel her pussy," he told me. I reached my hand down close to her wetness. As I ran my fingernails up her thigh, I could feel the steam coming from between her legs. I inserted my finger in her pussy just like I do to myself. Using quick thrusts, I put two fingers deep inside her. She began to squirm on the bed trying to move her cunt as I fingered her. "Now I want you both to taste your fingers." Becoming more and more eager, she quickly sucked on her finger to get the taste of my pussy between her lips. Since she was able to taste it, I tried it too. Licking my fingers, I tasted her sweet juice that was covering my own.

"Who needs their pussy licked?" he asked feverishly. We both said, "I do" at the same time. He told my best friend to climb between my legs. She moved down and I felt her long hair brushing against my body. He told her where to start and she began using her tongue to circle over my clit. I lifted my ass off the bed so I could push my pussy closer to her face. She used her tongue like her fingers and darted it in and out of my pussy. This was definitely the best thing I had ever felt. Was she a pro? No, she just knew what a woman enjoyed and maximized on that. As she ate my pussy, I knew that John had to be in heaven. As she licked the juices flowing from my pussy, I could see her grinding her hips against her own hand.

I described to John what she was doing as she licked and sucked at my throbbing clit. He told me to reach over and grab my vibrator from my nightstand. I pulled it out and turned it on. He told her to move into the 69 position and put her pussy near my face. I could smell the scent of her pussy as it neared. John told me to insert the vibrator into her soft pussy. I pushed it in slowly at first. When I buried it deep inside her she began licking my pussy faster and faster. I stroked the vibrator in and out so that she would continue licking me with lightening speed. I felt my orgasm building quickly. I wanted cum on her pretty lips. My first wave of orgasm sent her into one of her own. She rocked back and forth as the vibrator penetrated her slick cunt. She was cumming too. As I moaned with pleasure, I could hear John doing the same. Ironically the three of us managed to cum together.

As we all laid there, phones dangling from our ears, I was the first to speak. "See, fantasies do come true. Next we will have to work on yours John!!"

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