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Exposed! by lotuseater


Dedicated to Ann Douglas, Tenth Muse of the Twenty-First Century

"Next, on The Terri Winger Show, we go to small town America to see the destructive effects of Lesbianism on the fabric of our society. We'll go on location to Willow Lake, where we promise we'll shock you by exposing the goings-on in this community, by some of its leading citizens. That's live, next on Winger!"

"All right, wrap," the striking ginger-haired hostess signaled her camera man. "Where is she?"

"Your office," the harried-looking executive producer pointed offstage.

"Okay, Toots. Roll tape in forty-five minutes."

Terri Winger strode purposefully across the set. At thirty-five, she had one of the top rated daytime shows in the country with lurid sex-oriented programming that frequently featured onstage altercations and the promise of shattered lives.

Without knocking, she threw open the door of her office and stalked in. She saw an attractive olive-skinned girl with raven-black hair seated before her desk. Terri noted with interest that her close-fitting halter top barely concealed the nipples of her ample bust. The daintiness of her milky white legs, crossed delicately at the knees, was belied by the tight black leather microminiskirt.

"Maria Rozario?"

"Yes, that's right, Ms. Winger."

She took her chair. Without offering her hand, she leaned back.

"You have a tape for me?"

The girl blushed prettily.

"I have it here," Maria said, lifting a heavy oversized beaded bag with outsized handles onto the nearest corner of the enormous mahogany desk.

"Let's have it." Terri popped the videocassette into her player.

It was clearly a hidden videocamera tape of a sumptuously furnished living room, with a rich-looking leather couch in the center of the picture. After a few moments, a young Asian girl appeared. She sat on the couch and picked up a remote control. The glow of an offscreen large tube television appeared just to the right. After punching some buttons on the remote, the girl settled back.

The unmistakable sounds of a pornographic movie came onto the soundtrack. Two feminine voices gasped and squealed in simulated ecstasy. The young woman watched with rapt attention, mouth agape with wanton fascination. She began touching herself through her jeans and tank top.

It was a highly erotic sight, the girl masturbating before an unseen sex scene. As one hand clasped a nubile young breast, the other worked tantalizingly slowly at the crevice between her legs.

Another figure appeared from the left. Clad in a robe, the newcomer could have been her sister, their features were so similar. Without a word, the standing woman languidly clutched a handful of the girl's lustrous hair and deeply kissed her on the mouth.

Terri became aware of Maria's rapid breathing. She stole a furtive glance at her visitor. She could see her full chest heaving. Thick pink nipples showed visibly over of her straining top, and a faint sheen was evident adorning her inside thighs. Her legs were slightly parted, and her lower lip was between her teeth.

The TV hostess smiled. Stopping the tape, Terri spoke softly.

"Well, we'll edit out the spicier parts. I think we could see our way to a little bonus, here." Unconsciously, she moistened her lips.

"Really, Ms. Winger?"

The brassy woman nodded. "Uh-huh. But we'll need a few, uh, more details." She rose from behind the desk and strolled deliberately around, blue eyes gazing steadily into the young girl's brown ones. Perching on the edge of her desk, she let one leg dangle precariously close to Maria's knee. Consulting her watch, she thought thirty minutes would be just enough time...

"How long have you been working for the Wu family, dear?" Terri asked casually, just letting her knee graze Maria's.

The girl didn't flinch or draw back. Instead, the older woman was pleased to see the fine downy hairs on the nape of Maria's neck stand up. Goose pimples appeared on the porcelain forearms. Terri was getting aroused at the girl's evident excitement. After that sizzling videotape, it was no wonder.

"About three years, now, Ms. Winger."

Emboldened by the contact, Terri let a hand fall on Maria's thigh. This time the girl did start, but made no move to break the soft contact of skin on skin.

"Call me Terri, honey."

"Umm, th-three years now, Terri..." Maria repeated shakily.

"Mmmmm. Long time. Do Mrs. Wu and her daughter screw often?" Terri asked matter-of-factly.

Maria acted shocked.

"Oh, no, Mm-- Terri; I only found this tape by accident. I wouldn't have said anything, but Mr. Sinclair, your producer, her said--"

"Okay, okay," Terri hurriedly put in. Her producer was the furthest thing on her mind. From the corner of her eye she saw she still had better than twenty minutes. "Let's talk about something else. Do you have any - boyfriends?"

"No, Terri," she replied meekly.

"Any," the hand travelled to the plainly damp spot between Maria's legs, "...girlfriends?"

Maria squirmed.

"No," came in a hoarse whisper.

Terri bent to those luscious crimson lips.

"Want one?" she asked, just before making gentle, persuasive contact.

Maria could only moan from deep in her throat. Terri was practiced enough to know the girl was deep in the throes of passion now, past words. Frantically, she peeled clothing from Maria and herself, scattering clothes willy-nilly.

Terri goggled at the full, heavy breasts and ripely thick copse of hair adoring Maria's invitingly rounded mound. Greedily, she ravished the younger woman like a starved she-wolf.

Pressed for time, she licked the younger woman from nape to neck, then along her sweat-moist collarbone. She trailed her tongue down the smooth chest and twirled a nipple around before sinking her teeth softly in a breast. Terri felt the girl writhe beneath her as both hands squeezed spongy buttocks.

Her glistening pink tongue continued its quest along the ribs, nestling momentarily in the warm hollow of the navel, skimming through that lush black forest and finally finding the prize of Maria's precious treasure.

Supporting the girl by her hips, Terri hungrily devoured the slathering pussy. She gloried in every flinch, each groan as her nose and palate flooded with the olive-oyster taste of young girl.

Long before she was ready, Terri felt hands grasp her hair and those delicious thighs close spasmodically on her head. Regretfully, she lowered the bucking hips as Maria cried out in orgasm.

She climbed atop the overstuffed chair, straddling the armrests. Forcing herself to relax, she stood over the moaning Maria and directed a stream of hot urine on the excited girl!

She clutched at her own breasts as she savored the nonplussed look on the recumbent Maria's face.

Terri shuddered to a climax as she heard Maria gasp with mingled surprise and delight.

Then, all-business again, Terri consulted her watch. Five minutes to go. Perfect. She grabbed a white towel from the minibar and tossed another at Maria. The naked woman knelt at a wall safe, dialed the combination and extracted a fat coin envelope. She laid it on the still-helpless Maria's luxuriant bush.

"Gotta run, babe. Don't go anywhere." Terri threw on her clothes, grabbed the videocassette and ran for makeup. Her staff had cleaned up worse messes than these...

Maria recovered her breath and slowly dried herself off. Glancing around, she collected her clothing. She dressed quickly and dropped the envelope into her large bag. Then she trotted as briskly as her platform shoes would permit out of the office, down the hall, out of the studio and into the sleek black convertible that had been waiting outside all this time.

Opening the passenger's door, she carefully placed her bag on the floor. Settling in, she leaned over to kiss the driver on the cheek.

"Did she go for it?" asked Vivienne Wu, noting with wry amusement and a touch of envy Maria's flushed cheeks and shiny eyes.

"Like a ton of bricks!" Maria chuckled. She pulled the videocamera from her bag and rewound the tape. The two heads drew together as Maria replayed the tape.

Vivienne whistled.

"Looks like something the Harry Jesse Rayfield people would pay big bucks for," she remarked.

"You bet," Maria agreed. "And we've still got copies of that tape you commissioned from Screwtape Productions. Look - this five thousand should cover those expenses."

"You keep it, Maria. Ready to go?"

Maria smiled happily at her employer.

"You know me, Boss. I'm up for anything!"


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