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Excess Inventory by Buzmepleze

Excess Inventory

It was a Saturday night, she had been bored from doing nothing all day, so she decided to go to the mall. A little shopping always cured her woes. And today would be no exception. She parked in the usual space and headed inside. She had taken the kids to her mothers, so she was all alone. She decided to wear the tight little shirt that her husband loved so much. It made her tits look delicious, and right now they looked the best they ever did. So she made her way into the mall... checking the stores as she made her way around. She bought a few things, a pair of sunglasses, a couple of shirts. Even a new bra and panty set to show off for her husband later. She went into the shoe store, cause she needed a new pair of shoes for work. The lady behind the counter came right over and asked if she needed any help. She was attractive... about 5 foot 10 with dark hair and just the hint of red highlights. She wore the most seductive black dress with the front cut way too low. It showed off her beautiful breasts. Firm, round and 38DD. A real handful. And they were practically flowing over the bra she was almost wearing. The hemline of the skirt caught her attention. It was really short, and her long tanned legs seemed to go on forever. With her black pantyhose and her stiletto heels, she was a vision. And all she wanted to do was to help. "I am looking for a pair of shoes for work." After getting information on size, and style, the sales lady escorted her to a rack of shoes that were all about the style she was looking for. She selected several pair and went to the bench to try them on. She say down and as she bent to remove her shoe, her pocketbook fell to the floor. The sales lady immediately came to the rescue and caught it before everything spilled out. "Let me help you with that" She removed the shoe and began to slowly slide the new selection onto her naked foot.

She had never had another woman touch her before, and a stirring inside her was beginning. She was not sure what it was, but it would soon become obvious. The first pair was too big. The second too tight. The 3rd and 4th were just not right. The sales lady was patient and kept the shoes coming. Her long fingers were rubbing her toes and massaging her heels. It felt really good. She could not be sure, but she could have sworn that the sales lady was looking at her in a strange way. Almost looking in her instead of at her.

It was not a bad thing, and she remembered feeling a little tingle in her stomach. The sales lady was sliding her foot into the last pair that she had picked out and this time her hand slid a little far up her thigh. Just to the top of her knee, but a little high. The tingle became more intense. But instead of removing her hand, the lady left it there. Had she done that on purpose? Should she ask her to move it. She was not sure how to react. Just about the time she had decided that it was nothing, the sales lady slid her hand up a little higher. her fingertips were just under her pants leg. Suddenly, the sales lady spoke. "Those are perfect on you."

"You have the sexiest feet I have ever seen." With that, the sales lady started toward the back. I have to get the other shoe from the back. I will be right back. So she waited on the bench, pondering the moment. It seemed that the lady was taking a long time. What could be keeping her. She decided that she could wait no more and stepped into the back room to see what was the matter... She could not see the lady, so she walked further in and as she walked down the narrow aisle, she saw her up on a tall ladder reaching for a box. She was practically right under her before she saw her, and as such, had a great view of the sales lady's bottom. She wore a purple satin thong that did her ass justice. It was only a few seconds, but it seemed as if she was staring forever. The sales lady made her way back down and was carrying the box.

When their eyes met, they both jumped. Neither had been aware of the other. The sales lady reacted first, having noticed that the lady was still staring at her ass. "You like?"

"I am sorry, I didn't mean..." But before she could finish her sentence, the sales lady leaned toward her and put her hand on her cheek. "It is ok, I actually enjoy having people watch me." The woman was speechless. And her lips were parted in a sort of surprised way, so it was already poised for what happened next. The sales lady, seeing the look of pleasant surprise, leaned further and actually kissed the woman on the lips. At first, the woman did not react. She had never been kissed by another woman before, much less thought about it. But her reaction was not one of fear, but of curiosity. She pressed forward and kissed back. She could taste the lipstick on the sales lady's lips. They were full and tasted delicious. They just stood there, each not sure of what to do or how to do it. Again the sales lady reacted first. She put the box down and reached around and put her hand on the back of the woman's head. She pulled her to hear and began to moan softly. The woman, now regaining her motor skills reacted by doing the same. One hand on her head, the other started probing and searching. The material of the dress felt really good, and before she realized, she was squeezing the sales lady's tit. It was soft yet firm. And judging by the reaction, it felt good. It only took her a second to forger all the inhibitions she had, and both of her hands began to caress and rub on the sales lady. One hand on her chest, the other had made its' way down past her waist and was under her dress. Her finger lightly caressed the mound under those purple panties. She could tell that the lady was wet. Without thinking, she pushed aside the material and her fingers found their target. She was actually fingering her first pussy. It was hot and wet, just as hers was. It felt the same, but different. Suddenly, she was startled by the sales lady unbuttoning her pants. They hit the floor and before she could offer the slightest protest, her under wear joined them and she had two fingers inside her. She let out a moan and reacted by pressing hers deeper into the pussy she was enjoying. Suddenly the feeling inside began to intensify and with this lady's fingers inside her, she started to cum. Her orgasm seemed to go on forever... She did not want it to end.

And as soon as she started, the sales lady began breathing heavier and deeper. She was nearing explosion.

Their lips were parted and each had the tongue inside from another. She could feel her juices dripping down her inner thigh. She was just coming down from her high and regained her composure. She picked up her panties, slid them on and then followed with her pants. One last kiss and she started for the exit.

The sales lady had straightened herself and was following. When she reached the sales floor, the woman turned and reached for the shoes. "I will take them... and thank you." She paid for the shoes and left, still not sure if what had happened was a dream or real. When she got home, she took off her pants and noticed that her panties were still wet... she realized that it was more than a dream... It was a fantasy!

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