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Evelyn's Second Love by Judge Atland

Evelyn's Second Love

This work of fiction is the property of the author who grants permission to copy, distribute, or make available to you, the reader, et al, for the purpose of entertainment wherever it is legally proper to do so. You may not claim authorship, change except for the purposes and expedience of publishing the work, sell, or otherwise deprive the author of monies received from the sale of this work and/or of his rights to amend this work as he deems necessary or appropriate.

Chapter 1

Evelyn quietly surveyed the clothing hanging in her large walk in closet. So many beautiful evening gowns, as well as less pompous garments hung silently, enduring her steady gaze.

Suddenly she placed her palm over her mouth to stifle the ragged cry welling up from deep within her breast. Trying not to break down completely, Evelyn allowed a single keen emanate from the very center of her soul. Taking a deep breath and putting forth an unsteady hand to support herself, she tentatively stepped inside the pleasantly smelling closet. Jasmine filled her senses and caused her to feel slightly lightheaded. Tears flowed copiously down her cheeks as the pain and loss overwhelmed her.

Jonathan had said only a few days ago that he was ready for a vacation. He was tired and overworked and had been neglectful towards her of late. As Evelyn allowed these thoughts to pass through her mind, she recoiled in horror at her recollection of her conversation with him that evening. "Jon, I know your work is very important to you but I feel you're finding more and more excuses to avoid me." Jon shrugged as She continued, "Is there someone else?"

Smiling sadly, Jon replied, "No Eve, there is no one else. I just don't have the energy to get into an argument with you this evening. Would you mind? Let's wait until morning to discuss this?"

The horror during the early morning hours as Jonathan struggled to live blotted out the heated reply She had given him. Anger twisted her features as She screamed, "Fine! Forget it. You have other interests. Probably some floozy you've met on those countless trips you take. To hell with you; you, you, heartless bastard!"

Running in tears from the room, Evelyn fell in bed with a cry and cried Herself to sleep, not realizing when Jonathan finally came to bed as the clock struck 2 am.

Calling out her name in the darkness, Jonathan had cried as the pain in his chest and neck overcame him.

"Oh Eve honey! I need help, help me, my god I hurt so bad!" Rising in the Darkness to switch on a lamp, She saw his face contorted in pain and the Appearance of a small boy replaced the man She had loved and lived with all These years.

He reached for her and she held him as She dialed 911. The ensuing flurry of activity left her breathless and alarmed but certain everything would be OK. He had mouthed, "I love you Eve!" Under the oxygen mask and gamely tried to smile through his pain as he was being carried out to the ambulance.

Watching through the large window of the emergency room, Evelyn pleaded with Jonathan's business partner to find a biomech heart for him. Silently she dropped her head and placed the phone in the cradle as he explained to her that there weren't any available, "I'm sorry Evelyn, we just don't have one ready. It will take several hours to prepare one. Let me speak to the attending physician!" The irony of the situation was almost too terrible to contemplate, the inventor of the world's nearly perfect biomechanical heart lay dying and none was available to save him. Then she had stood beside the cart in the emergency room and held his Lifeless hand inside her hands. How serene he appeared. The lines on his face had lessened in death. He seemed at peace and her heart wrenched to think they had grown so distant she had failed to recognize the tell-tale signs of a pending heart failure.

Her mind wandered back to when they were young as memories flooded her heart. The dark walls of her dressing room faded and the bright, cheery walls of her home where she lived as a child in Caribou, Maine appeared. Long, cold, winters grudgingly gave way to bright spring days as she tiptoed along the path to the small school she attended. Though spring temperatures seldom rose dramatically; perspiration beads sprang from her upper lip to give credence to the effort walking so warmly dressed caused.

Thinking to herself, Evelyn spoke vehemently to the awful boy in her mind and what she would say to him who had taken to teasing her unmercifully. Her mother had laughed off her concerns when she had complained and told her it was just the way small boys flirted with girls they liked. Raising her voice as loud as she could manage, she yelled, "you see here Jonathan Price! My brother will make short work of you when he returns from the military academy. I told him about you and he's promised to beat you to a pulp."

Jonathan cackled and answered, "Nah nah nah you ugly stick. I'll beat you up and your invisible brother up in about 2 minutes, you best mind the threats of a visible boy you big mouthed monkey!" Then as Evelyn stared in horror, Jonathan advanced on her holding the ugliest toad she had ever seen. As she turned to run, he stuffed it down the back of her blouse and fell down laughing as she screamed and hurriedly started trying to remove her clothing.

She knew the saying that toads gave people warts if they were handled. It didn't occur to her to wonder why Jonathan's hands weren't covered in warts. She just knew that her back would soon be an ugly mass of misshapen bumps oozing pus and god only knows what else out of them.

Chapter 2

Spring turned to summer and though Maine seldom got uncomfortably hot, There were days when shorts and sleeveless blouses were appropriate for little girls to wear. She hadn't seen the horrid Jonathan for several days, maybe a week or two and so she had began to breathe easier.

One day as she was returning from wading in the 'little caribou river', she saw Jonathan in the distance and noticed he was just walking along with his head down looking at the ground as he walked. Inspiration struck her and she hurried to climb the old tree that Jonathan would walk under if he continued going in the direction he was going. Removing her blouse as she ran, she hurriedly pulled her undershirt up and over her head and after putting the blouse back on, began stooping and picking up rocks to put in the undershirt.

Jonathan had not moved very far so Evelyn had plenty of time to prepare the attack. Climbing the tree, she positioned herself out as far over the path as she safely could and waited silently.

Sure enough, Jonathan walked under the branch Evelyn had so cleverly positioned herself on and just as he looked up to see her, received a good two dozen fair sized rocks on his face and head as he fell to the ground. Instead of getting up and coming up the tree after her as she thought he would, he rolled over on his back and began crying. Blood oozed from multiple minor cuts on his face and head but he did nothing to wipe it away, he just lay there crying.

This unexplained response baffled Evelyn so badly she allowed her curiosity to get the better of her so she climbed down out of the tree and went to see what the matter was. Walking to within a few steps of him, Evelyn carefully watched him and waited to see what kind of devilment he was up too.

To her utter astonishment, Jonathan began sobbing uncontrollably. Slowly sitting up he held out his hands to her and mumbled something. She stepped back and looking at him in total amazement said, "What did you say?"

He mumbled the same words again and Evelyn knew she had understood the second time. He had really said, "Please hold me!"

She was furious with him. He must think she is the stupidest girl in the state of Maine. After all the mean, low-down, conniving, ornery, back-stabbing, dirty, nasty, things he had done to her, he wanted to be "HELD?"

Stepping back a pace or two, she picked up a really large broken limb and advanced with it over her head to pummel him with it. He looked up at her and dropped his head and began sobbing harder than before.

Evelyn's mouth opened to speak and then she slowly allowed the limb to fall beside her on the ground and for some reason she never understood, walked to him and sat down beside him and held him.

He lay his head against her shoulder and boohooed for more than an hour. Finally Evelyn realized there was something terribly wrong. Her child's mind could not conceive of anything so bad to make the tyrant Jonathan behave this way so she decided to take him to her mother so she could figure out what was wrong. He could barely walk as they made their way slowly to her home. As soon as she was within hailing distance, she began screaming for her mother. Suddenly Mom heard them and came running to them. The moment she saw the blood on Jonathan, she thought something really terrible had happened. After a quick inspection she understood that the cuts weren't the cause of the sobbing and boohooing.

Mrs. Macintosh picked Jonathan up and carried him inside to lay him on the daybed. She called her husband at the bank where he was a loan officer and told him to find the doctor and bring him to the house.

The doctor and Evelyn's father arrived and after sedating the boy explained what he thought was wrong. Mrs. Price, Jonathan's mother, had died in childbirth that morning. Fortunately the baby had lived but the family of 5 was devastated. Jonathan had been a momma's boy and losing his momma was more than his small child's mind could bear! At that moment, Evelyn's little girl heart melted because she was a momma's girl and losing her momma was unthinkable. Her little girl heart fluttered and settled on the object of all her hate and torment for so long. Jonathan became Evelyn's alter ego, her soulmate in that moment.

The doctor went to tell Mr. Price what had happened to Jonathan after Mr. Macintosh offered to take the boy in for a few days. Evelyn stayed and held Jonathan; long into the night. Mrs. Macintosh tried to get her to come to the table for dinner but Evelyn refused. Finally realizing she was beaten, Mrs. Macintosh took a tray to Evelyn so she could eat.

Heartbroken and beginning to sob again, Jonathan awakened to find Evelyn holding him, He snuggled up closer to her and lay his head on her lap, Evelyn gazed steadily at him for several moments then leaned over and kissed his cheek.

Looking back, she understood that she fell in love with him that day. Not a childish, puppy love sort of thing, but a real, heartfelt, commitment to being whatever it was Jonathan needed.

Chapter 3

Jonathan and Evelyn grew together inseparably. Mrs. Macintosh worried about it until their senior year in high school then she realized they were not going to get into any trouble. Neither child was foolish. Both had goals and pursued those goals almost as if it were an obsession.

Both remained virgins. Neither of them was willing to spoil the love and relationship they had. Jonathan adored and revered Evelyn. Evelyn likewise loved Jonathan deeper and deeper with each passing day.

Though the struggle to remain virgins grew every time they were alone, both had agreed that they would wait until marriage to consummate their love for each other. Each knew that abstinence was the only choice either found acceptable. Jonathan wanted Evelyn to complete college. He had been accepted to premed and looked forward to beginning his studies, but he was miserable when thoughts of leaving Evelyn for so long overtook him.

Thus it was the two lovers found themselves alone at a favorite parking spot called Horse Head Cove. Though the joy of being alone was bittersweet, the joy of making love with each other's hands assuaged the pain to a slight degree.

Evelyn's clothing lay carefully folded in the front passenger's seat. Evelyn sat cuddled up to Jonathan's nude body as he pressed his lips against hers and gently rubbed her clit with his thumb and dipped his index finger inside her virgin quim. Evelyn held Jonathan's hard cock in her hand as she slowly stroked it up and down. The crescendo of their mutual efforts gradually grew in tempo until Evelyn moaned and helplessly trembled as her climax consumed her. Evelyn's orgasm triggered his own and he gave up his cum to her hand as their kiss became more intense and their quivering bodies clung to each other. There was no doubt of each other's love, the sacrifice of remaining virgin made the other seem all the more precious.

Chapter 4

Evelyn completed college and was awarded a degree in elementary education. Jonathan received his MD and had been accepted to a residency at a prestigious Hospital in Dallas, Texas and would soon be prepared to practice medicine virtually anywhere he chose. Evelyn continued her post-graduate studies and received her doctorate in education; thus it was Evelyn quickly gained experience and soon qualified for a professorship at the University of Texas so she could be closer to Jonathan.

She and Jonathan began making marriage plans when he landed a position as a member of a well-known medical research facility in New York State. No parent could have been prouder of their children than Mr. Price and Mr. and Mrs. Macintosh.

Evelyn and Jonathan's wedding was the largest and most prestigious event in Caribou, Maine that could be recalled by it's oldest citizens. The Governor of Maine and other high-ranking dignitaries descended on the town and taxed its meager accommodations but the resourcefulness of the merchants prevailed.

Evelyn's father had been promoted to Chairman and Chief executive officer of a rapidly growing banking corporation that had merged with the original mom and pop bank. So it was that life was good to the Price's and Macintoshes.

Jonathan and Evelyn sat watching the sunset over the Pacific as they enjoyed their honeymoon in Hawaii. Last night had been as if it were a dream as the two lovers finally consummated their love for each other. Lost in their respective thoughts, the couple snuggled together on a large rattan deck chair thoughtfully provided by the hotel where they had a honeymoon suite reserved for the next 7 days. Evelyn's pussy grew wetter with each passing moment as she remembered the way Jonathan had tenderly taken her virginity. They had nearly fucked on the plane coming over; but managed to satisfy themselves with a promissory manually completed finger/hand fuck under a blanket as they sat in their seats. No sooner had they entered the honeymoon suite, the two disrobed and fell on the gigantic waterbed to ravish each other repeatedly during the night. Jonathan's hard cock had found the entrance to Evelyn's pussy and although Evelyn's desire was evident, the close quarters of her virginal pussy kept Jonathan at bay until she had orgasmed several times and relaxed enough that he could press against her hymen until she forced his hard, throbbing, cock inside. Jonathan's patience as Evelyn struggled to accommodate him was endearing to Evelyn as she felt him slide all the way to the hilt and touch the end of her cuntal channel. As he touched bottom, she felt him clinch his butt and an impossible swelling of his cock preceded an awesome climax that left him spent and helpless inside her. Always before, when Evelyn had stroked him off, his cock had become flaccid almost immediately. This time however, his cock remained as hard or harder than she had ever seen it as it lay inside the glove soft sheath. Forming an "O" with her lips, she resumed thrusting against him and his raging cock matched each of her own. Wide eyed and speechless, Evelyn felt the pulsation's of his cock on each stroke until he cried out and spent himself yet again inside her.

Sore, exhausted, and unable to remain awake, Evelyn drifted in and out of sleep as Jonathan worshipped her body and came 4 more times until his cock finally became soft and slipped outside as he fell into dreamless sleep at her side.

Chapter 5

Evelyn and Jonathan made love constantly and narrowly escaped discovery once on the beach in the dimming light of the tropical setting sun. A small boy carrying a child's pail and shovel nearly tripped over them in the waning light as he called for his mother.

Giggling and snorting to themselves they had waited a few minutes and then fucked each other's brains out in the growing darkness. Every time one would look at the other, a burst of helpless giggles surrounded them as they recalled the ludicrous folly of fucking on a public beach.

All too soon the days and nights ended and turning their thoughts towards home left the sunny isles to return to reality and the grim world of commerce and hope where hope held sway over their lives.

The last 15 years had seen the change from a happy young couple to a loving and work bound existence as the days trudged slowly by. Though they had tried and sought help, the couple remained childless so each spent their energies on their respective careers.

Jonathan had gained a reputation as an excellent surgeon and entrepreneur in the field of heart transplants and research. He had also returned to school and obtained a degree in engineering, which many thought to be impossible. The combination of medicine and engineering paved the way to the invention of a mechanical heart that was so reliable and such an improvement over the natural heart that it was nearly impossible to produce enough to meet demand from the medical establishment. With the invention of fluid or bio-computers as they came to be known, miniaturization rushed the development of Bio-mechanical hearts, kidneys, and a liver replacement utilizing reverse osmosis technology far beyond the capabilities of nature's efforts.

As Bill Gates presided over the Microsoft Empire, Jonathan and his associates managed the burgeoning empire of Biomech. More and more of Jonathan's efforts were directed towards prosthesis for arms, legs, and even eyes.

It seemed nothing was beyond the reach of bio-comp technology and Biomech. So it was, Evelyn became secondary to Jonathan's existence and the foolish argument the night he passed away lay heavily on Evelyn's heart.

Chapter 6

Two years had passed since Jonathan's death. Evelyn's circle of friends kept encouraging her to get out and meet people in the hope she would meet someone and once again find happiness as part of a couple. But as Evelyn had repeatedly said, "Once you've had the best, what else is there?" There was no one to compare to or replace her beloved Jonathan. Evelyn had immersed herself in her work and became the Dean of Science at a local college. So it was when she received a phone call from Jonathan's eldest sister she was in a tizzy over the message.

One of those small confrontations in the Middle East had caused Diana's youngest son to be horribly maimed in combat. A Jet-Jockey as Diana described him to Evelyn, she understood he was a flyer and was being fitted with Biomech legs. In addition, a Biomech eye had been fitted and a lengthy program of rehabilitation and recuperation awaited him. Early on, Biomech had determined that loss of limbs fared much better if the amputee was rehabilitated as if his own limbs had been injured and were healing. This gave time for the nerves and regrowth of arteries and capillaries that joined the Biomech version of those organs.

Diana had asked Evelyn to allow her son, Jonathan II, to stay with Evelyn during the rehabilitation process as an outpatient. Evelyn recalled JonTwo as his family and friends had nicknamed him, as being a bright, handsome, young man, full of energy and a certain twinkle in his eye that promised devilment. At first Evelyn recoiled at the idea of having someone in such close proximity to her daily routine. But later, she began to rationalize and the idea of having someone to talk to again seemed very attractive.

Nervously, Evelyn patted her hair in the airport women's restroom and checked her makeup for the thousandth time. It wouldn't do for Jontwo to see his Aunt Evelyn in less than perfect state. Finally Jontwo's flight was announced and Evelyn waited on tenterhooks for Jontwo to be wheeled off the aircraft to the waiting area. Several dozen people deplaned and met happy family members and friends as they embraced and patted each other hello.

Finally, when it appeared Jontwo must have missed the flight, a tall, dark skinned man walked slowly through the embarkation door to stand nervously looking out over the crowd. He towered over everyone present and his eyes had a peculiar look due to the pronounced eyebrows that threatened to meet over the bridge of his nose. The eyes were what drew Evelyn's attention. Suddenly, the man gazed directly at Evelyn and shouted, "Aunt Evelyn. Hey! Aunt Evelyn!" Evelyn gulped and realized Jontwo was a giant. He stood well over 6' 10" and the breadth of his shoulders took her breath away. As he raised his hand to wave, she noted the fingers of his hand were longer than her hand, palm and digits combined.

Moving towards him, she felt flushed and peculiar moisture she hadn't felt for so long permeated her panties. When she realized how she was responding to him, she shook her head and thought, "My GOD! He's my Nephew, what is the matter with me?" Barely taller than the height of his elbows, her breath was taken away as he stooped over to sweep her up in his arms and kiss her full on the lips. Wide-eyed and speechless, Evelyn fought to regain her composure and kissed him back while she noted the handsome face with teeth so white as to look nearly fake mere inches from her eyes.

She kept repeating to herself, "My God, this is Jontwo, little Jontwo. My lord! He's grown two feet or more since I last saw him." Jontwo had been babbling happily as he held her and suddenly she swam back to reality and joined in the conversation. Kissing and patting her, she felt like a small child as he effortlessly held her. Suddenly remembering he was injured, she said, "Oh Jontwo, put me down before you hurt yourself!" Jontwo laughed and roared, "Oh Aunt Evelyn, I'm fine. They just want me to take it easy, shoot! You don't weigh nothing!"

Finally convincing him to do as she asked, he stooped once again to deposit her on the floor. Grabbing his bags off the baggage wheel, he put one bag under his arm and held the other in his hand. Evelyn managed to snag his carryon bag and together the two joyously left arm in arm to find her car.

Chapter 7

All the way home, Jontwo regaled her with stories of his buddies in his unit. Laughter came naturally to him and Evelyn realized she hadn't laughed for so long she couldn't remember the last time she had.

Jontwo was a touchy-feelie guy. Emphasizing points he was making with pats and jabs to her ribs, arms, hands, and thighs. At first, Evelyn recoiled when he touched her, but soon she became used to it and began to even like it a little.

Pulling up the long drive from the main entrance to her home, Jontwo let out a long whistle and said, "Woo Hooo Aunt Evelyn, this is some place you have here, it's like a castle or something!" On seeing the Olympic sized pool, Jontwo became nearly hysterical with delight. Before she could catch her breath, he had stripped off down to his skivvies and jumped in. She began laughing at the incongruity of his immense size and graceful movements in the water. His natural athletic talents were not lost on her as he capered and cavorted in the clear water. Suddenly he realized she was standing fully clothed watching him and yelled, "Come on Aunt Evelyn, get those clothes off and jump in!" Blushing, Evelyn declined, saying she needed her swimsuit. He merely laughed and as he dove under the water, said, "OK old stick in the mud, go put something on then, I'm lonely in this big pool by myself!" Hurriedly, Evelyn changed into a white bikini that to all and intents and purposes left little to the imagination, A present from Jonathan, it seemed to be constructed of dental floss and the thong design left her ass cheeks fully exposed to anyone that happened to be looking.

Standing 5' 8" tall and weighing 130 lb., Evelyn was strikingly attractive. A dedicated aerobics fanatic, she managed her body just as she managed everything else in her life. Her full lush bosom threatened to burst out of the Bikini top and the trim waist swelled to firm hips and luscious thighs.

The smooth rippling action of her leg muscles belied the strength in them as she walked. Many an eyebrow had been raised and appreciative glances were welcomed even when Jonathan was living. Yes, Evelyn took great pride in her femininity.

Walking to poolside, Evelyn stooped to cup water in her hands and splashed it on her face and bosom. Satisfied she could stand being immersed in the relatively cool water; she raised up on tiptoe and dove in. She hadn't noticed as Jontwo came to a halt and stared as she prepared to enter the water. His cock hardened at the sight of her full bosom and rounded hips tapering down to exquisite thighs and calves.

Coming up beside Jontwo, she put her hand on his shoulder and playfully pretended to push him under. Jontwo yelped, "Hey!" and submitted to the dunking. Swimming deeper and turning to swim behind her, he rose rapidly between her legs and she found herself astride a marine creature capable of carrying her to the bottom of the pool. Begging for mercy, Evelyn convinced him to behave and she rested comfortably as he rolled over and floated as she sat on his abdomen. A sudden urge to kiss him overcame her and she quickly dipped her head and kissed his lips. Startled, Jontwo replied in like kind and threw in an unconscious thrust with his tongue, which she accepted without hesitation. The situation hit them both at about the same time, and each babbled incoherently after breaking the kiss. Embarrassed and not sure what to say, Jontwo left her to draw himself up to sit on the side of the pool as she swan towards him. Jontwo helped her to sit beside him and as his thoughts tumbled in his mind, heard her say, "Say Tiger, aren't you hungry?"

He let on he was thinking about it and then cracked, "Man I'm so hungry I could eat the south end of a northbound Skunk!" Evelyn had been wanting to ask him about his legs. Looking out the corner of her eye, she saw that the prosthesis was startlingly natural in appearance. Clearing her throat, she asked, "How do your legs feel? Is there any pain?" He looked up at the waning daylight and said, "Sometimes. They say as the nerves and arteries join, it is sort of like growth pains. I had a lot of those when I was growing up!" As she gazed at his legs, she could make out a dim line separating his artificial limbs from his natural body parts. Biomech was an amazing company and provided her with a lucrative income. She was so proud Jonathan had played such an important role in the company. Rising to stand up, Evelyn patted Jontwo's head and said, "Come on Tiger, let's see if the cook left any skunk in the fridge!"

Chapter 8

The cook hadn't left any skunk, but cold chicken, white wine, and some Kraft cheese did an excellent job of substituting. Evelyn was fascinated by Jontwo's enormous appetite as he wolfed down a whole chicken and smacked his lips in satisfaction. Draining a full glass of wine, he looked over at Evelyn and winked, "Man that was delicious!" Evelyn smiled and replied, "I'm glad you liked it. Want some more wine?" as she reached to pick up the bottle. Jontwo nodded and she topped off his glass before resuming to daintily nibble on her lunchmeat sandwich. He looked thoughtfully at Evelyn and appeared about to say something. Evelyn looked at him and with an arched eyebrow said, "WHAT?"

Jontwo grinned his infectious grin and blurted, "You don't want to know Auntie Evelyn. You don't want to know!" Both burst out laughing, He because of the ridiculous thoughts of his sexy Aunt, and she thinking the same ridiculous thoughts about her handsome and delightful nephew. Both shook their heads in unison and simultaneously chirped, "I don't know about you!" They then collapsed into helpless laughter.

As the days and weeks passed, Jontwo became even stronger which Evelyn hadn't thought possible. An old tool shed Jontwo noticed needing to be torn down as had Evelyn previously decided some months ago. He broached the subject one evening during dinner and Evelyn agreed to let Jontwo dismantle the building. Evelyn was concerned he might overtax himself, but decided he needed to be busy with something he could claim as his own. Arriving home early one afternoon, she saw Jontwo working and went to see how the job was progressing. Jontwo was so busy he didn't notice Evelyn for several minutes and was unaware of the appreciative look she was giving him. Turning to look for a tool, he became aware of her presence and was startled by the obviously hungry look in her eyes. The moment passed and he strode over to her and stooped to give her a peck on the cheek. She turned her head and the peck landed on her lips. Jontwo felt an electricity pass between them and unknowingly put his arms around her. As he straightened, he lifted her up and pressed her body against his. What began as an innocent family type kiss, turned into a full-blown lover's kiss that went on for some several minutes? Jontwo finally came to his senses and realized his Aunt had her eyes closed and was searching with her tongue for his tongue, which he gladly surrendered. His cock lengthened and her pussy became copiously wet. Then both became embarrassed and Jontwo sat her down and tried to cover his hard throbbing cock from her gaze. Clearing her throat, Evelyn croaked, "uhh Jontwo, we need to talk!" Jontwo just dazedly nodded his head as she turned to walk away.

Chapter 9

Several days passed and although each of them attempted to pretend nothing was going on, both felt uncomfortable and was unsure of how to begin. The silence was almost unbearable. Finally, Jontwo started to speak at the same time Evelyn did. Jontwo stopped to let Evelyn speak. Evelyn only said, "Go on. What were you going to say?" Jontwo's face reddened and he started and stopped several times before he could complete a full sentence. At last, he blurted, "Aunt Evelyn, I love you!" Evelyn eyes filled with tears and replied, "Oh Jontwo, I love you too!" Silence resumed. Jontwo shifted uncomfortably and then to her utter astonishment he rose up and covered the short distance between them and fell to his knees before her. Even so, his eyes were on the same level of her eyes and he moved his face forward to press his lips against her own. Evelyn felt his tongue seeking entrance to her tongue and relinquished her lips as he parted them to intertwine with her tongue. She melted against his chest, as his kisses became more demanding. His arms moved to her sides and slid around to take her in his embrace. Her arms went around his neck and her hand pulled his head closer as she pressed forward with her upper body to feel her breasts press against his muscular chest. Evelyn's thighs parted and she felt Jontwo rise up to press his groin against her own. She gasped as she felt his enormous cock throbbing inside his jeans. Jontwo moaned and thrust his hard cock against her thrillingly wet pussy. Jontwo murmured, "I know this is wrong darling, but I must have you! I want to fuck my own Aunt. My god what is wrong with me?" Evelyn took a deep breath before she responded, "I know, I know, I want to fuck my own nephew. We are sick and depraved but I just don't give a damn! I want you to fuck me Tiger!" Jontwo effortlessly lifted Evelyn to carry her to her bedroom, depositing her on the bedspread; he stopped to pull off his tee shirt and squirm out of his jeans and shorts. Evelyn hurriedly removed her shorts and panties and sat up to reach behind her back to release her bra. As the bra fell away, she looked up to see Jontwo's sharp gasp as her breasts bobbed from their confinement. He knelt beside the bed and cupped her large, heavy, mammal globes in his gigantic hands to thumb the nipples and tweak them between forefinger and thumb. Lowering his lips to each in turn, Evelyn felt the onset of orgasm possess her, suckling her breasts as a child might, Evelyn started cumming and gave vent to a keening wail as copious pussy nectar flowed to spread on the cover. Jontwo relinquished his hold on her nipples and dipped his head to find her pussy slit with his lips. His tongue lapping at her cuntal entrance combined with the flicks his tongue gave her clit, drove her over the precipice of wonderful agony again and again. Mumbling to Jontwo, Evelyn repeated her request before he finally understood his Aunt wanted him to turn around and put his cock in her mouth. Raising his thigh to straddle her, Jontwo carefully lowered his sack and throbbing cock low enough for her to reach him. Lapping her nectar and pressing his finger inside her crinkled butt hole, Jontwo became nearly delirious as he felt her warm, silky lips envelope his distended cock-head.

Chapter 10

Jontwo felt the impending rush of orgasm descending on him. He stopped lapping his Aunt's cunt to warn her. She shook her head and redoubled her efforts as she sucked harder and stroked the base of his cock. His cock began to swell impossibly as his fuck cum welled up from his prostate. He felt his Aunt start massaging his tightening balls as the fluid from within him rushed to fill her mouth. He pressed downward and felt her throat muscles relax as he shot his heavy load down her throat. Evelyn gagged but managed to let his awesome cock fill her mouth and throat. Her lips were stretched by the size of his cock until the corners of her mouth hurt but she gamely persevered and swallowed as much as she could manage. Shuddering, Jontwo's cock popped out of her mouth and she felt him turning to face her. Smelling of pussy nectar, Jontwo's lips sought her lips and the taste of her own pussy and the combined taste of his fuck juice restarted the need to cum again. Evelyn hadn't been able to see his cock in the semi-darkness, but now as he poised it at the opening of her hungry pussy, seeing it made her doubt that he could insert that monster inside her tender cunt.

Jontwo pressed the head inside her pussy lips, stretching them impossibly. Her clit was crowded against his hard cock and suddenly she felt him going in and as he did so, her G spot came alive. Never with Jonathan had she felt the sensation of the little grape-sized organ being pressed so thoroughly. As Jontwo began stroking deeper and deeper inside her cuntal channel, she felt the agony of being filled slowly turn to rapt wonder as he fucked in and out of her. Her cunt relaxed and although his cock filled and stretched her pussy unmercifully, the sensation of unspeakable pleasure was growing inside her and her tender G spot rang inside her nerves like a gigantic bell. On and on he thrust inside her, she ground her hips against him and soon all of his immense cock pressed inside her as her cunt lips felt the hair at the base of his cock. His egg-sized balls rhythmically slapped her ass cheeks, as his thrusting became more energetic. Her cuntal walls trembled as did her body and legs as she strove to help him fuck her deeper than she thought possible. She felt his cock head pressing so hard it pressed the outside of his abdomen against his.

His lips brushed her cheek and he whispered, "Right or wrong darling, right or wrong, there will never be another woman that can satisfy me as you do. No woman has ever been able to take all of me inside her. Your pussy was made for my cock."

Trembling and whimpering as she grunted in response to his thrusts, she moaned, "Oh tiger, you fill me so. My god you're fucking me deeper and harder than I've ever been fucked. I love you so much Jontwo, my god if it's wrong, then it will just be wrong. Oh baby, ohhhh Tiger, I've got to cum honey!"

Jontwo became as a machine, a giant fucking machine, designed to do one thing. Fucking his Aunt until she fucked his cock into a frenzy of orgasm. Evelyn's G spot ached terribly and then she felt herself cumming unlike any time before in her life. Waves of pleasure swept over her, her G spot spasmed and a thick, sticky, fluid resembling semen shot from her urethra, Jontwo felt this viscous fluid against his cock and rose up to look and was amazed to see the product of her G spot stringing as spider's webs between her pussy lips and his cock hair.

Suddenly, he was overcome by his own need and pressed his lips against hers to moan, "Oh god Aunt Evelyn, I'm cumming." Evelyn gasped back, "Give it to me Tiger, fill me, I want your entire load of fuck cum in my pussy." Raising up, Jontwo lifted her ass as she struggled to help him shoot his massive load inside her. As her ass cleared the bed cover, she felt his cock jump and the heat from the interior of his body coursed out his cock into her hungry cunt. Each time his cock gave forth ejaculate; she felt it inside her lower abdomen. It caused her to cum again and again; matching the spasms of his cock as it gave up its load to her pussy.

Finally Jontwo collapsed beside her as his semi-hard cock slipped from within her body. Quietly they rested turning to kiss occasionally. Evelyn took off from her work to use the well-earned sabbatical to spend with Jontwo. They made love constantly, never seeming to get enough of each other. They finally realized and admitted to each other that they were in love. Jontwo was desolate when Evelyn told him there was no way they could be married. She told him they could live together as marriage wasn't necessary anyway.

Several weeks passed and reluctantly, Evelyn returned to work and Jontwo found a position as manager of a large new car dealership. Jontwo's stature, ready smile, intelligence, and willingness to work hard found him rapidly climbing the executive ladder and was soon promoted to vice-president of sales for an East coast conglomerate. Jontwo had surpassed Evelyn in income from her job as Dean of Science; although Evelyn's interest in Biomech far overshadowed what both made combined. Evelyn for the first time since Jonathan's death, was, completely and insanely happy and looked forward to going home and making love to Jontwo. Driving up the long lane to their love-nest, Evelyn saw a car she didn't know sitting in front of the house. At first she thought Jontwo had brought a different car home, but no, his car sat in it's usual place under the carport to the side. As she got out of her car, her ex-sister-in-law Diana ran out to greet her and they hugged for several minutes before speaking.

Smiling broadly, Diana gushed, "I came to visit and check on you two lovebirds. I hope you don't mind!" Evelyn jerked back and stared uncomprehendingly at her beautiful friend and gulped before she could speak. She tried to speak but nothing came out. Several tries later she said, "You know about Jontwo and me?" Diana laughed, "Of course silly. I've known from before you knew I should imagine!" Diana paused and squinting her eyes thoughtfully, said, "Remember when Jontwo came home for a visit?" Evelyn slowly shook her head yes.

Diana chirped, "He told me then he was in love with you. I was mortified!" she paused expectantly and when Evelyn only looked at her, continued, "Well at first I thought, you are nuts Jontwo, that's your Aunt. You can't have a love affair with your Aunt!" Then the truth dawned on me, "By marriage dummy, by marriage. Cripes, if he wants to marry the woman that was married to his uncle, there's nothing wrong with that!" Slowly it dawned on Evelyn that all along, the Aunt Evelyn title was just a courtesy. She wasn't Jontwo's Aunt. She was once. Now she was just a woman he fell in love with. Evelyn grabbed Diana and hugged her and started kissing her all over her face finishing up with a big lip kiss that left Diana breathless.

Weeks later, Jontwo and Evelyn sat on another beach on a tropical island. She looked up at Jontwo and loved the curve of his throat as he drank from a pineapple. Reaching over to him, she tentatively checked the 'monster works' and noting it was stirring, said, "How bout it hubby? Wanna fuck?"

Jontwo looked back at her and replied, "I reckon, if I have too. You horny again?"

Evelyn feigned injury to her feelings and said, "No more than you are Tiger!" He frowned and then throwing back his head, let loose with a peal of laughter that echoed a long way up and down the beach. Then leaning over to cup her ear with his hand, he whispered, "We better get inside, baby, if your as horny as I am; We'll get arrested if we don't get off this beach. I don't think the law will allow private fucking on a public beach!"

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