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Erotic Mrs. Martin and her Student Robin by Pedicabdriver

Erotic Mrs. Martin and her Student Robin

Mrs. Robin Martin is 30 years old. She has short brown-red hair. She's about 5 11 and teaches at Etiwanda High. She is married, but is getting kind of bored and lonely. Her husband is moving to Arizona and she is moving with him. She wants to leave one of the students with something to remember her by. She knew just whom. Funny enough, his name is Robin also. He has blonde hair, green eyes, 5 9, and is in good shape.

Since she was 18, Mrs. Martin had a thing for 15-year-old boys. She would look at them and wished to be 15 again. This boy really turned her on. Now Mrs. Martin isn't a stereotypical teacher. Mrs. Martin is one hot mamma! She considers her best feature her ass. It is very nice; perfectly rounded and tight. One of those asses you can stare at all day long. She knew Robin thought so too because when she would bend over to get something she always catches him looking. Her tits are nice too. Not big, but not small. You could suck them for hours on end. She wanted Robin to remember her for the rest of his life. It would be hard seducing him though. He does have a girlfriend, Roxanne. She sits right next to him in her class. She has long brown hair, great smile, Big breasts and a nice plump ass. Not big, but just plump enough to where you want squeeze it like a balloon. On occasion she would catch them fondling each other. She didn't mind. In fact one time she saw Roxanne grab his cock right in class. Mrs. Martin didn't say anything, but rubbed herself through her skirt at the sight of his cock hardening. Too bad it was interrupted when the bell rang.

"Robin!" she said.


"Can you stay after class please?"

"Uh, I guess so. You go on ahead Roxanne."

"OK, I'll see you later at the house."

"Alright. What is it?"

Robin was not the best student. This gave her an excuse.

"It's your grade. You have a 66% in the class. The only way you can bring it up is if you do great on the final. Do you think you can do that?"

"No problem."

"Good. I'll give you a study sheet.

She turned around to her file cabinet to get the sheet. She made sure earlier that she placed the sheet in the very bottom drawer so she could stick her ass up in the air. She bent down and her short skirt lifted up high so you could see her panties. Robin glanced over, and his eyes bulged at the sight of her panties, not to mention his cock either. She moved her ass side to side. The cabinet was a polished metal cabinet so she could see his reflection staring at her ass. She purposely bent lower to raise her skirt up even higher. Now Robin could see her wedgy. He wanted so much to grab her and fuck her right there on the table, but he knew he could never do that. Finally she got the sheet and sat back down. She was wearing a tank top at the time and it was sticking to her because of the sweat of the heat. She lifted it up and off her chest to fan her tits.

"I'm so hot."

"You bet you are," he thought to himself.

"Now, you should study the sections on Othello and the vocab words. It'll be on the test."

She leaned over to circle the words, and as she did Robin peeked down her shirt to sneak a peek at her tits. Lucky for him, she purposely didn't wear a bra, so he could see both her nipples. Robin had to leave or his cock would burst through his pants. He had to make an excuse.

"Uh... Mrs. Martin?"


"I have to go now. Or I'll be late for sex... I mean sax! I'll be late for saxophone lessons."

"OK, but I expect you to study."

"No problem."

Robin grabbed the paper and left as fast as he could. As soon as he left, Mrs. Martin locked the door and sat back down. She pulled out a picture of Robin from the Drama club.

"Robin, Robin. I'm going to make you a man!" she rubbed her pussy.

Meanwhile... Robin raced over to Roxanne's house on his bike. He threw it down on the lawn and raced to the door. He knocked as loud as he could. Roxanne rushed to the door to let him in.

"Jeez, what's the hurry?"

"I want to finish what we started in class... NOW!"

They quickly ran to Roxanne's parent's bedroom. They weren't home from work so they could fuck for at least 3 hours. Roxanne loved to have sex on her parents giant bed. Robin quickly lifted up her shirt to grab her tits. She undid her bra and Robin sucked them for about 5 minutes. He loved to do that.


She ran into the bathroom and grabbed a condom.

"I'm not stupid."

Robin quickly put on his condom and took of his shirt. Roxanne slid out of her skirt and panties and they went at it. Robin got on top and just slid his cock in and out of Roxanne 's pussy as fast as he could.

"Oh yea! Uh-Huh! Faster!"

Physically, he was fucking Roxanne. Mentally, he was fucking Mrs. Martin. When he grabbed Roxanne 's tit he remembered Mrs. Martin's tit hanging out went she bent over.

"Oh Robin!"

"Oh Mrs. Martin!"



"Whoops? What do you mean, whoops?

"I'm sorry, it's just..."

"It's just what? Why in the Hell did you say her name?"

"There is a good explanation."

"Let's hear it!"

"After Mrs. Martin called me after class, I saw a little more than I was intended to."

"What? She flashed you?"

"Might as well have."

"So our English teacher gets you hot?"

"Sad to say it."

"Did you see her tits?"


"Did you like them?"

She grabs his hard cock and begins to jerk him off.


"You want to fuck her? Fuck her hard?"

"... Yes."

"Lick her pussy, squeeze her tits?"


"Fuck her ASS!"


Right then Robin exploded and spewed cum everywhere. On Roxanne 's tits, face, the sheets. She licked the remaining cum off his dick and swallowed it.

"Mmmmm. Your cum tastes so good!"

She licked the remaining off her face and spit it on her tits and drank it off her breasts.

"That felt so good," he said.

The sound of a door opening downstairs frightened them.

"Roxanne?! Are you home?!"

"I'll be right down!"

"Oh shit!"

"Get dressed and go out the side. I'll clean up."

Robin got dressed and headed out of there just as Roxanne cleaned up. As soon as Robin got home he jerked off in the shower. All he wanted was to FUCK Mrs. Martin and have his girlfriend watch and bang herself. Is that too much to ask? The next day at school Robin had to take 5 bathroom trips in just 2 periods so that he wouldn't have a hard on in class. He would go and jack off, go and jack off. Finally English class came. He couldn't keep his eyes off of Mrs. Martin. She looked so good. She had her slicked back and eye shadow on to look particularly sexy. She wore another tight green mini skirt. In fact it was so tight you could see her panty line. She wore a silk shirt and in the right light you could make out the outline of her nipples.

Robin couldn't help himself. He had the largest boner he has ever had in his life. Roxanne didn't help much either. She also had on a mini skirt, but hers raised so high you could see her panties. Next thing he knew Roxanne grabbed his cock.

"Calm down," she said.

Robin nodded and fixed his pants so that no one could see his boner. Then a note appeared on his desk. He opened it and it read:

"After class stay after. I'm going outside for a minute. After I'm gone you make your move on her. I'll cum back in after awhile. Then we can have some real fun!"

Robin looked over at Roxanne and she nodded. The bell rang. Robin's cock was pulsating. He waited for all the kids to leave to make his move.

"Mrs. Martin?"

"Yes, Robin?"

"I was wondering if you could give me another study sheet. It flew out of my backpack while I was riding home yesterday."

"OK, but this is the last one."

She bent over again and sure enough Robin had a clear shot of her pink panties. Robin looked behind him and saw Roxanne looking through the window. She kept on mouthing "Go on!" Robin hesitated at first then he grabbed Mrs. Martin's clit through her panties and started to rub back and forth.

"Mmmmmm. I was wondering how long it would take you."

"You like that?"


Robin squeezed and tugged at her pussy lips. He could see she was getting wet because he could see a tiny wet spot seeping through her panties.

"Oh! Oh! Yes! Yes!" she moaned.

Soon after Roxanne walked inside with her hand down her panties fingering her pussy lips.

"Don't stop!" Roxanne moaned.

Robin's cock got so hard he had to take off his pants and boxer shorts. He pulled off Mrs. Martin's Panties and shoved his cock in her pussy.

"Wait! You've all ready finger fucked my pussy." She bent over and spread her ass cheeks. "Now fuck what you really want to!"

Roxanne sat down in front of Mrs. Martin and pulled of her panties so she could see Roxanne finger bang her clit. Robin first started to lick her ass and kiss it.

"I want you so bad Mrs. Martin!"

He licked her asshole until she moaned as loud as she could.

"AHHH! Now fuck my tight little asshole!"

Robin spread her cheeks and rammed his cock into her asshole.

"AHHH! YES!" Mrs. Martin screamed.

Roxanne was marveled at how beautiful Mrs. Martin was. She envied Robin. He actually got to fuck her. With out warning Roxanne shoved her pussy into Mrs. Martin's face.

"Eat my cunt!" Roxanne yelled.

Mrs. Martin began to stick her tongue into Roxanne 's pussy. The sight of this made Robin pump even harder with his cock. He grabbed Mrs. Martin's tits and fucked her ass so hard. Mrs. Martin could feel both of them start to climax.

"Cum in my ass! I want it all in my ass!" she screamed.

"OH YES! OH YES!" Roxanne couldn't help herself.

She collapsed into the chair as she reached orgasm.

"UHHHH!" Robin grunted.

She could feel his cock pulsate. Then she felt him cum all inside her asshole. Robin removed his cock and spewed all over her ass cheeks.

"OH YES!" Mrs. Martin yelled. "Roxanne! Lick your boy friend's cum off my ass!"

Roxanne walked around and started to lick off Robin's cum from her English Teacher's asshole. As she did that, Robin chewed on Roxanne's pussy lips and licked her asshole. Five minutes later they were done. The most intense sexual experience they've ever had.

Every Friday Robin and Roxanne would stay after class to fuck Mrs. Martin; all the way until school ended. Then she moved to Arizona, and they've never talked to her or fucked her since. But now it's Junior year of high school. And Robin and Roxanne have their eye on the new Art teacher, Miss Landey. This'll be good.

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