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Erotic Assignment by KinkyDzires

Erotic Assignment

You gave me an erotic assignment that I planned to follow explicitly.

The wind was whipping through the Denver area. I fought the wind for control of my short pleated skirt, all day.

My last meeting ended at 6pm. I was anxious to get out of the office and toy with some unsuspecting salesman. I got in my car in the huge parking structure and decided to start the adventure now. I kicked off my heels and slipped off my nylons. Ahhh, much better.

As I drive to the mall, I can feel my smooth pussy flesh on the cloth car seat. The gentle rocking of the car arouses me. I find myself hitting bumps on purpose and I giggle to myself.

I get to the mall and know there is no way I'm going to find a decent parking spot. I panic for a minute knowing I am not wearing a stitch of clothing under my short skirt. If the wind has its way...I will be exposed. Strangely enough, I'm excited by that idea.

I boldly get out of my car and make a half effort to tame my skirt. When I pass three men exiting the mall, I notice their glances float my way. I make eye contact with each of them, then let the skirt dance around my thighs. I brush my hair back with my hand, letting the skirt fly up. It was obvious that I meant to give them a treat. With a devious grin, I don't look back as I walk into the mall.

Now to find my target. I have an idea of who I want. I walk about the mall careful to look in the shoe stores for my toy. The heels are hurting my feet and I am very tired. I am about to give up when I spot him. Tall, blonde and about 19 yrs old. He is kinda awkward looking, but a real cutie. This boy must be a virgin. In my 30 years, I have never fucked a virgin. He is perfect

I walk into the store and approach my boy very carefully. I am very polite and to the point. I don't wanna scare the poor thing off. I ask to see a 3-inch heel in black. He seems a little shy, this may be harder than I thought. I love the challenge. I pick the perfect chair to sit and wait for him to return.

He drops the shoeboxes as he comes out of the storeroom. He is simply adorable. I take off my right shoe and he hands me the box. I ask him to put the new shoe on for me. He stammers for a few minutes and kneels down at my feet. I look right into his eyes and smile at him. He takes my foot and slides the shoe on easily. I purposely told him a size larger then I actually wear. He gets up to find a smaller shoe size. I shift in my seat, hiking the skirt up farther.

When he comes back his eyes dart at my thighs. He again kneels down to try on the new find. This time I rest my bare foot on his thigh, lightly caressing him. His face is bright red and he is starting to sweat. I move my other foot so that it is resting just below his crotch. With my toe, I graze under his slacks, knowing I'm arousing the sensitive flesh of his balls. He flinches a little at my surprising touch. I love this as much as I thought I would, knowing I have you to thank for it.

I ask to see the tan colored shoes he brought with him. He says they are for another woman. I tell him I want them. Without a word, he takes them from the box. While his head is turned to open the box, I let me knees fall lazily apart. As he turns back around the shock in his face is apparent. He cannot speak or move. I know he has a perfect view of my freshly shaven pussy.

The moisture has built up in the now open lips. He nervously looks around the store. We are on the other side of a shoe rack. Nobody can see what I am doing to him. I asked him if he likes where he works (innocent small talk) and he hoarsely answers, "I do now".

"I just can't seem to find what I'm looking for"

Sweat still beaded up on his face, he says, "If you explain what you are looking for I can find it for you".

"No, I don't think so. Can I just look for myself?"

He says that is against the rules for customers to be allowed to go in the storeroom. I lay my foot on is bulging slacks, "I won't tell anyone, if you don't".

He says he will bring out more for me to try on. I'm getting the feeling that this boy is afraid of me. His hands are shaky as he tries to collect all of the spent shoes. He walks away, obviously not very comfortably. He is gone a little more than a minute or so.

As I sit there, amusement curls the corners of my mouth, thinking to myself that he might in the storeroom "relieving" himself. Oh, that thought gets to me. I have to go investigate. (You know how I love to watch) My temperature rises sharply as I picture him. Before I realize it, I'm walking into the storeroom.

When you gave me this assignment I actually never intended to follow though with the ending. Only the teasing part. Nevertheless, I find myself looking for him.. I see his shadowed figure. He is behind a rack of shoes stroking himself. I quietly slide up behind him and put my hands on his shoulders. He jumps and tries to compose himself. I look down at his open fly.

I smile and say, "Oh, you found what I was looking for".

He tries to talk, but no voice. I lean against the wall across from the shoe rack and prop my foot up on a small stool. I take his hand and cover it with mine, laying his trembling hand on my inner thigh. Again, he is speechless. He wants to kiss me, but I gently touch my finger to his lips, guiding his hand up to my very wet and hot pussy.

He seems to become weak, letting out a breathless whine as I close my fingers around his hard cock. I doubt if anyone but him has ever touched it. His breathing is uneven and shaky. I start to stoke him very slow and lightly. Nice, plump young man. Very nice indeed!

I image how it would feel to be stroking his cock with my pussy, but I know that's not why I'm here. I could finish him off very quickly at this point, but I'm having entirely too much fun.

I caress his hand and tell him it is okay. With that, he slides his long, slender middle finger inside me. He hasn't yet found talent in those fingers, but I can tell he has potential in them. I lean into him and suck his ear, moaning deeply. I increase the pressure around his throbbing cock and begin to stroke him faster. His face looks as though his is going to cry. His mouth is wide open, with no sound coming out. As he cums I circle my thumb over the opening. His cum coats my hand and drips to the tiled floor. The sweat is visible though his clothing.

I take his hand, bring his long middle finger to my mouth, and suck my juices from it, kissing the tip of his finger before letting go. I adjust my skirt, thank him for helping me find what I was looking for. As I turn to walk out, he touches my arm and asks why I did that TO him. I said, we both have a friend to thank for it. He looks at me puzzled, with a faint smile.

I leave the mall, out into the parking lot. The cold wind feels good, cooling my steaming pussy. When I get in the car, I don't feel satisfied. I loved the assignment, but he didn't get me off.

It is now dark outside and I'm in a parking lot alone. :o) Laying the car seat back, I caress the inside of my thigh, slowly venturing up my skirt, finding that sensitive spot that I needed him to discover. I flick my finger on my hard achy clit, plunging inside, sliding my fingers in and out, quicker and harder. Each time hitting my clit with my thumb. As I cum I think of your reading this assignment and stroking yourself

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