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Engineering School by Finnish

Engineering School

Dear Reader,
What you are about to read is a work of fiction. This story contains unethical behavior, and that means it shouldn't be copied in real life. If you can't distinguish fantasy from reality, or the fine line between the two is a little fuzzy for you, then please seek some professional help before you cause someone some harm. However, if you simply enjoy a good story for what it is, then please, enjoy!

Engineering School

I remember how damn mundane college was, once I finally reached my senior year. It was 1975, and I was a 22 year-old man whose life consisted of study and sleep. I mean, I attended a conservative Midwestern college that accepted good little boys and girls who had parents with enough dough to send their kids to a place that was well known for its atmosphere of "good, conservative values." I didn't give a flying fuck what the place had a reputation for, all I knew was I had a scholarship paid in full to send me to this place, and I was damn sure going to take advantage of it. Being poor was the shits, and I wanted to live the lifestyle that my parents couldn't give me; I wanted the freedom an engineer's salary had to offer. Anyway, as hard as it is to believe, I had the single best experience of my life there, and I'll never forget it!

Like I said, up until that event, all I ever did in college was study and sleep. I was in my professor's office at 9:00 one night, grading some papers for the old fart. I don't know where in the hell he was, for all I know he was home boning his fat wife. But grading papers was something I had been doing for him all semester, hoping to score some brownie points in the process. Well, I had finished grading the stack of papers (it was just from a 101 class, so it wasn't that difficult, just time consuming), and I stood up to stretch my legs. I was startled to hear the voice of a young woman. She looked about 18, and she asked me if Professor Morgan was in the building. On the surface it seemed like an odd question. I mean, what professor would be here this late anyway? However, when I saw the desperation on her face, I realized it must be serious. I asked her what she needed. She told me that she was in scholastic trouble, and she just needed to explain her situation to him, so that he might cut her a little slack on her final. This would allow her to make it through the end of the Spring semester, and she would promise Professor Morgan to make better grades next year. I took in her figure. She was hot. I mean, long blonde hair, smooth white skin, bell bottom blue jeans that hugged her in all the right places, complete with a white blouse that just made her look all the more innocent. I chuckled, and told her that Morgan is one of the toughest professors in the department, and expecting him to cut you a break was like expecting the moon to crash into the Earth...theoretically possible, but highly unlikely. She seemed crushed, and that gave me the coolest idea. Getting an innocent, young thing like this would otherwise be a statistical impossibility, but if the opportunity were to present itself, this was it; I had to be smart about this. This was obviously her first year away from mommy and daddy, so she was most likely desperate to make them proud. She didn't want to go home a failure. Also, the way she acted made me surmise that she hadn't had much dating experience. If she had ever taken a cock, it would probably have been to give her boyfriend a hand-job the night of her high school prom. She didn't strike me as someone who had fucked half her neighborhood, so I realized what a rare treat this sweetie would be if I could manage to get into her pants. This time it wouldn't matter how little money I had, or what kind of car I drove.

"Look," I said to her with all the sincerity I could muster. "I can tell you right now, Professor Morgan ain't going to cut you any deal for your grades. He doesn't care. He gets paid whether you flunk or not." I was really laying it on thick, but I had to if I was going to get any of the sweet stuff between her legs. She needed to think I was her only hope, so it was necessary. Then, I said to her, "but, I may be able to help you without Morgan knowing about it." Then, with hope in her eyes, she said "you mean, you want to take me on a date or something? I would have done that for free if you had just asked." I realized she had done this type of thing before, lying to guys to get what she wants. However, she was going to find out that being given the "honor" of taking her out to dinner in order to be seen with her wasn't going to cut it this time. I wanted more, much more. "That's not quite what I had in mind," I explained to her. "I grade papers for his class, so I have a lot of say about who gets what grade." It took her a couple of seconds, but by explaining my position in all of this, combined with the smirk on my face, she realized what I was getting at. "You mean, you want ME to have SEX with YOU?" She was genuinely astonished that anyone, let alone trash like me would even ask her something so vulgar. After all, SHE was ABOVE that. "I don't think so," she said coldly. "I'm not going to sell MY body to get something I want." She turned on her heels and marched down the dark hallway in the direction from whence she came. I waited. The reality of the situation would hit her any second now. Sure enough, it did. She hadn't even made it to the stairwell. She approached me once again with a whole new attitude.

"But how can you do this?" She begged me to be "reasonable," as if I cared that I wasn't going to give HER something for nothing. It was pretty much apparent she always got what she wanted from men. "I couldn't do that! Why, I've never even been with a man! What kind of monster are you to try taking advantage of me like this?" I think that she truly thought her speech would make me feel guilty enough to help her for free. It was probably due to her going through life having boys and men treat her like a princess, and still not get to fuck her anyway. I had to teach her the hard realities of life.

"I am a senior engineering student," I explained to her. "If I rig your final and get caught, then I will be kicked out of here." I paused to let all of that sink in, before I added, "and I'm not going to risk my future for nothing. If I'm going to put my ass on the line for you, I'm going to have a little of yours." I couldn't believe how cute this bitch was. My balls started to ache just looking at her full, lush red lips. Her long, beautiful eyelashes batted back the tears welling up in her crystal blue eyes. She looked ready to cry. She knew she could either accept my proposal, or go home and explain to her parents why she came home 3 years early. "In the office." I said, snapping her out of her trance.

"What?" She said to me, as if she didn't understand what I meant. I pointed to the office next to us.

"I want to fuck you in the office. Now!" I demanded, without hesitation.

"Right now?" She asked me. I guess it hadn't occurred to her that I would want instant gratification.

She entered the small, cramped office, and I followed her. I shut the windowless door behind us and locked it. She stood in the center of the small room, not knowing quite what to do. "Take off your jeans and panties," I said. She started to do so, albeit slowly. I caught a glance of myself in a small mirror that Morgan hung on the far wall of the office. You know, I remarked to myself, she isn't getting such a bad deal. I know I'm poor, not athletic, I have an old, uncool car, and I ain't built or even hung (to say the least!) But, one thing I do have is my looks. And back then, I was a looker. I had the unusual attractiveness that no amount of surgery could ever buy. However, by a twist of fate, I didn't have much of anything else. Therefore, I never got any of the cute, rich girls. It didn't matter how good looking I was, students at that college who knew of my financial and familial circumstances (i.e. poor white trash) treated me according to their snobby sensibilities. I was fucked for things I had no control over. No dynamite chick wanted to be seen with me riding around in my piece of shit car. Now, however, it was my turn to do the fucking. I looked at her, and noticed she had just started to pull down her panties. "Can we move this along?" I asked impatiently. "I would like to start by midnight." While she finished taking off her jeans and panties, I admired her beautiful body. It was lean and soft. Her beautiful face and natural innocence was the icing on the cake. This was an incredible woman. I decided to let her leave her blouse on, after all, the stuff that really mattered was already exposed. "Sit on the desk." She did as I asked, and it was then that I noticed a fishy smell. It obviously came from the moist, blonde pussy between her legs. I undid the zipper to my blue jeans and took out my cock. It was at full mast. I looked into her crystal blue eyes and touched the tip of my cock to her soft, moist cunt lips. She shut her eyes tight, and probably pretended she was somewhere else. Suddenly, I couldn't wait any longer. I shoved my cock up into her box, ripping through the hymen and continuing on up into her. She screamed in pain, then went quiet once again. Her warm, wet twat felt so good wrapped around my man-meat that I nearly passed out from pleasure. Then, after I regained complete control of my senses, the full magnitude of the situation hit me. I finally grasped the reality that I was using her! Poor white trash from Pennsylvania! I refocused my attention on her and looked down at out fuck tools. I watched as I began thrusting my manhood in and out of her wet, newly penetrated pink slit. She whimpered, but still allowed me to continue with my fun. I rubbed my hand on her shapely hips, and then over her smooth, tight buttocks. This was pure bliss. "Open your eyes and look at me," I said to her, a little pissed off. I wanted her to know how much I was enjoying her sweet box. Her blue eyes snapped open and we looked into each other's eyes. I increased the speed of my thrusts, and she winced in pain. "Have you ever sucked a man's cock before?" I asked her. I had evidence of her previous virginity, but I was somewhat uncertain about her mouth. "No," she whined, "never!" I smiled at her curt answer. This was one spoiled little rich bitch that was going to earn something for the first time in her life, instead of getting everything handed to her because of her good looks or her daddy's money. Nothing in this ol' world is free, and she needed to learn that hard fact. The sooner she did, the better off she'd be. It was my civic duty to introduce her to the real world.

"Well, this is a lucky night for you!" I bellowed sarcastically. "You have hereby been commissioned to suck my cock." I smiled at the look of horror her face displayed. "That wasn't part of the deal," she bitched in that damn rich girl voice that showed how she was used to getting treated like royalty. "Sure it's part of the deal," I warned her. "Whatever I say is part of the deal is part of the deal, or else you can kiss this college goodbye!" After I said this, her eyes immediately narrowed and she glared at me with contempt. This gave me an extra thrill, you know, getting to enjoy her tight, stinking hole, and her having to let me, despite her obvious hatred for me. I pulled out of her with a wet, sucking sound, and grabbing her elbow I yanked her cute ass off the desk and sat her down on the chair behind us. "Hey! It ain't gonna get sucked by itself," I said with glee. I focused my attention on her full lips, and when I did that I couldn't wait any longer. I grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her face toward my cock. "Take it in!" I demanded. She relented and took me in her mouth, almost to my pubes. At first she gagged, but by instinct, she started to suck me like an experienced whore. Who knows, maybe her mother is good at sucking cock, and therefore passed onto her daughter the mysterious "cocksucking genes." I can't describe how good it felt, but I do remember thinking how much better it was compared to jerking off in my dingy dorm room. I contentedly watched her young mouth work its way up and down my shaft. Her sexy ministrations were almost hypnotic, as if I was taken to another world, a world where poor bastards like me got to enjoy the fuckholes of young rich bitches like her any time I wanted. The sucking sounds she made with her mouth were interesting, and they only added to my delight with the whole experience. The pressure in my balls started to build, and I knew it was about time to blow my load all over the face of daddy's little girl. "Okay," I said, "jerk me off." She took my cock out of her mouth, and with her small, smooth young hands she pistoned my jock up and down until I was on the verge of erupting. "Whatever happens, don't stop yanking my dick, or the deal is off, you hear me?" She nodded her understanding. I almost lost my balance, so I grabbed onto the top of her head for support. "Here is comes..." My entire body tensed and I blew my load all over her face. It was incredible, my cum dripped off her face, a virtual blanket of my thick man juice. She stopped, and I sat back on the desk. I was out of breath. I hadn't had a fuck like that since high school.

She grabbed some Kleenex out of her jeans pocket and tried to wipe the cum from her face, but it wasn't nearly enough to soak up the mess, so I pulled a handkerchief out of my pocket and handed it to her. While she cleaned up, she asked me if I was going to keep my end of the bargain. I assured her I was a man of my word, and she had nothing to worry about. We got dressed, and then she walked out while I straightened up the office. Then, I turned out the light and closed the door.

The rest of my senior year was uneventful. I had kept my end of the bargain I made with Ms. X, and after that night, she was just a memory. The very next month, I graduated and started my life, and I assumed she continued with hers.

15 years later, though, I discovered how she was doing. One night I was working late at my firm, and I picked up a magazine for mechanical engineers. I came across an article with her picture on it, and skimming over the article I discovered she had become quite successful in our profession. She had just designed a high-powered hydraulic lifting device that had earned her international acclaim. I was genuinely proud of her. I shook my head at the oddities of life, and after tossing the magazine aside, I looked down at my naked Mexican secretary sucking my cock. I inhaled that fishy smell coming from her love hole, and sighed contentedly. "That's a girl," I said. "If you keep this up, you might just get promoted!" That's me, always the philanthropist.

By Finnish

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