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Engaged Tone by

Engaged Tone

"I can't believe you tell Lisa EVERYTHING about our sex life! Everything?"

We had been discussing how men and women are different when talking to their friends. Men talk big, but don't give intimate details. We just don't do that. You let me know that women discuss all the smallest details. Anything from how long we have foreplay to the one time I got too drunk and fell asleep while you were on top.

"Well, Lisa is my best friend. She wouldn't tell anyone else. She tells me about everything she does. Who do you think gave me the idea to jerk you off in the movie theater?"

When I finally resigned myself to the fact that our sex life would never just be ours the phone rang. Of course, it was Lisa.

"Hey Lisa. Sean and I were just talking about you. Yada, yada, yada..."

While you were talking, a devilish idea came to my mind. Why should Lisa get her information second hand? It's time for her to know EXACTLY how I pleasure you.

As you continued to talk, I snuck up from behind you and put my arms around your waist. I moved your hair to one side and began to kiss your neck. It looked like you were about to protest, but I began to graze my teeth across your neck, sending an involuntary shudder down your spine. Before you caught yourself, you let out a low moan. I clicked the phone's speaker just in time to hear Lisa question what that sound was.

"It's O.K., Lisa. I am just getting your informant horny." I turned up the heat and began to rub my hands up your stomach to your breasts. This time you didn't try to hide your moan.

"Sean is kissing my neck right now. He knows how that drives me crazy. I can't believe he is doing this while I am talking to you. He knows I can't resist him when he does that."

I continued to caress your neck with my lips and your breasts with my hands. I turned your face to mine and kissed you deeply. Our mutual passion came out in the muffled noises our mouths made as our tongues intertwined. I could have sworn I heard Lisa moan and unsnap her bra. I thought to myself, if she can touch her breasts, I could touch yours. I pulled your shirt off noisily, telling your friend just what I was doing all the way.

"You should see what I do; what a gorgeous body. And wearing my favorite bra too. The black lace bra that shows just a hint of those beautiful nipples. I have to take it off though. I have to taste them."

Taking the hint, you decide to play things up for your friend's enjoyment. It was obvious you were being even louder than usual. As my lips sank to your right nipple, you began to moan loudly. We listened to Lisa as she licked her nipples. In a battle of dueling breasts, you and Lisa were determined to get off first.

My hands trailed down your back, to your ass and began to gently massage your tight backside. My mouth began its descent down your torso to the edge of your jeans. My nose tickled your navel. Your hands moved to the back of my head. Your fingers traveling through my hair. I began to unbutton your jeans as you resumed the play by play.

"Oh, Gawd. He is unbuttoning my jeans now. Kissing me every time he exposes more skin. Now he is pulling down my pants. Not my panties though."

In concert with us, we heard a zip on the other side of the phone. Lisa was lowering her own pants. This inspired me even more. I began to kiss and lick everything unadorned by your clothing. I decided to leave your moistening pussy alone. There would be enough time for that later.

As I continued to lower your jeans, I left a wet trail down your inner thighs. I motioned for you to sit on the table as I pulled your pants off your quivering calves. I took that as a sign that you liked the attention I was spending on your legs and continued to kiss down your ankles. You were torn between being tickled and excited. It wasn't the first time I had ever licked your feet, but it was the first time with an "audience". Lisa began to moan loudly and we could hear a buzzing sound on the phone; that naughty girl was using a vibrator. She began to describe what she was doing every time you paused your running commentary to moan. She was using the vibrator to stimulate her nipples. Rubbing it around in circles on the outer rim of her nipples.

While she talked, I began to suck each toe wetly. My mouth took each toe in and out. I tickled your calves with my short fingernails as Lisa described her vibe fucking the valley between her breasts as she pushed them together. She even described her fantasy of getting a pearl necklace in great and naughty detail.

I spread your legs, putting your feet on the table and your heels together. I saw a damp spot had formed in the crotch of your panties and I aimed my tongue directly at it. A screamed of unadulterated lust escaped your lips as my mouth pressed against your wet mound. "Oh my gawd! Sean is eating my pussy right through my panties. He is licking up and down my slit. Now he is sucking my clit right through the cloth! DAYUM!"

Lisa's moans became more pronounced as she vainly attempted to control her breathing. Not caring that you were wearing your favorite panties, I stood up and put my hands on the insides of the waistband and ripped them from your hips. I peered down on your nude body and pushed your legs up to your breasts, flattening them against your ribcage. I then began to lick your dripping lips up and down and side to side. Neglecting no part of your depths. I buried my tongue in your pussy and my nose on your clit. Shaking my head, I grazed your clit back and forth and stretched your lips side to side. I am sure Lisa could hear the loud squishing noises emanating from your soaking pussy as I sloppily ate your hot love tunnel. We began to hear a more muffled buzzing from Lisa's side of the phone as she talked about how she put her toy into her pussy and started playing with her clit.

You came for the first time of the night with my head buried in your hot slit. You pulled my head deeper into your pussy by my hair, not worrying at all about any possible lack of oxygen I may have been facing. You knew you were cumming HARD and didn't care about anything else. Fortunately, I expected that and took a deep breath as you showed signs of cumming. Before you finished, I pulled you from the table and bent you over. I placed the head of my cock at the entrance of heaven and pushed deeply into your body. You were so wet, my cock slipped in with no resistance. I immediately started to stroke my cock into your pussy as you finished.

Lisa obviously started pumping the vibrator in and out of her pussy. We heard the buzzing go from loud to muffled to loud once again. Faster and faster she stroked and I tried to keep up. I grabbed your shoulders and began to slam my hips into your ass as hard as I could. You screamed that you were cumming again and you reached down between your legs to stimulate your clit. Even though I was standing nearly straight up, you could feel my breath on your back. When you thought your pussy couldn't take anymore, you started cumming again. Your pussy started to grip my cock and I could take no more. I sent my seed into your belly. Our mutual lust sent Lisa over the edge and she began to cum also. It was the first three person simultaneous orgasm I had ever been a part of.

As we caught our breath, you stood up and my softening cock slipped from its wet enclosure. You picked up the receiver and simply said, "I'll call you later..."

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