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Ending Things by Pervetta

Ending Things

"I have thought about us over and over for the past 6 months. I never dreamed you would be this hard to get over. Maybe, if I didn't see you everywhere I went, it wouldn't be as difficult. I knew going into this that I needed to be very careful and not let feelings get in the way. At first, I did okay, but the more I got to know you, the harder it became. She's damned lucky to have you, and if I were in her shoes, I wouldn't let you go either. It's hard to find a man like you, (and I say man with the utmost respect). I believe you actually knew all along how things might possibly turn out. That's why you tried to keep me away, but as you found out, I can be very persistent. I saw what I wanted and I got it..." she wrote.

She did not realize that she would have him for one last time.

Her phone rang just as she walked in the door. Looking at the caller id box, she knew it was him.

"I need you," he whispered.

"I can't," she told him.

"Meet me at the motel in twenty minutes. Same room," he said and hung up.

She knew she shouldn't be doing this. This was not her plan. In all the other situations, she had been in charge. Not this time. She would have to trust his judgment this time.

He opened the door as soon as she arrived. He let her in the room and closed the door quickly.

"I thought we decided to end this," she told him.

"I'm sorry. I know what I said," he replied, coming up behind her. He wrapped his arms around her as his lips slid over her neck.

"I can't keep doing this!" she told him. "It's driving me crazy. Yes.

No. Yes. No. I thought this was going to be easy... Oh, God!" she breathed heavily, turning to embrace him.

She touched him everywhere. She wanted to remember every inch of him.

Running her hands over his face, she traced the fine lines around his eyes that made him so sexy when he smiled. Down along his jaw, through his beard.

She ran her hands to the back of his neck, ruffling her fingers through his hair. This had taken a lot out of him, but she still saw the guilt in his face. Guilt he would never be free from until she could finally set him free. She didn't think he knew it, but that was exactly what she intended to do today.

She reached down and gently pulled his T-shirt up over his head. She kissed him, her tongue exploring his. When she pulled away, she studied his face. She was searching for anything to tell her she was doing the right thing in setting him free. She saw it, even though she didn't want to.

She kissed him all over. His forehead, his eyes, his cheeks, his chin, his earlobes, his neck. Her hands feeling everywhere on him, so she would never forget. Pushing him gently toward the bed, she undressed for the last time with him. She crawled onto the bed and lay beside him, touching him, remembering him.

She lay in his arms, wishing she didn't have to leave them; knowing she would. "Just get it over with!" she told herself. Her hands began their journey. His chest, his arms. Touching and squeezing. This was tearing her up inside, but she wouldn't let him see the weakness. She got to her knees, reaching down to undo his jeans, her gaze taking in his sexy body for the last time, (at least in this way). He raised his hips as she slid his jeans off of his body. She hadn't spoken a word since their first embrace at the door. She couldn't trust herself to say anything. She hurt. Bad! It felt like a knife twisting in her chest, but he could never know.

He was already hard. She knew what she could do to him. Just thinking about it made him hard as a rock. She wrapped her hand around his throbbing cock, sliding her hand up and down, feeling him, coaxing him.

She bent and took him into her mouth. Her movements slow, pulling at him, sucking him in and out of her mouth. Tears formed in her eyes, but she would not let them fall. Not here.

Staying on him, giving him the pleasure he wanted until he came.

Milking the very last drop from him, making sure he would not forget too soon. Spent, he lay with his hand tangled in her hair, her head on his stomach.

A few moments passed and he asked, "Are you all right?"

"I'm fine," she lied to him.

"Get up here," he said. "It's your turn."

He lay beside her, touching her. He touched her nipples, running his thumb over them. They responded to his touch as he kissed them, tracing circles around them with his tongue. He twisted his body around until he was between her legs. Tongue flicking over her body, his hands moving to her hips, he moved down. Lower and lower he moved on her.

She wanted to scream her pleasure, but instead she grabbed the pillow and bit into it. Then he was there. His tongue licking her clit. He teased her, nipping the bud with his teeth, as his hands moved over her body, caressing her. She gasped and clenched the pillow tighter in her teeth.

He brought his hand down sliding his finger through the wetness of her cunt. Wetting his finger with her juices, he slid it into her darkness.

Still working on her clit with his tongue, he began sliding his finger in and out of her.

Finally, when she could stand it no longer, she begged, "Please, baby! Oh God! Please fuck me!"

He pulled her into him, holding her. He was on his knees, with his legs bent under him. She, straddling him, slid down on him. He moaned softly, burying himself inside her. His cock inside her warm wetness, his head buried between her tits. She rode him. Content to have him inside her.

Suddenly he pushed her back onto the bed. Her legs were bent under her, his hands grasping her hips. She could go no where. From the way she lay, she could not touch him.

He pulled her hips tight against him, holding her there. He backed out and then slammed forward into her. Her breath catching in her throat. He pulled out again. Slam! Each time getting a little quicker, harder than the time before.

Her head whipped back and forth, her hair fanning her face, hands clenching and unclenching the spread of the bed beneath them, as he continued to pound himself into her. "Oh God! Oh God! OH GOD!!!!!" she moaned, as he drove himself hard into her one last and final time.

Tears fell from her eyes as she lay quivering beneath him. He lay over her, holding her. He kissed her face and neck as he murmured to her.

They lay in each others arms for a while. Soon, she got up and began putting on her clothes. Keeping her back to him she said, "I have to go. I won't be back. You're free now, and I'm sorry for all the hurt I've caused you."

As she reached the door, he broke the silence, "That's it? You just walk away?"

"Don't! You know I have to. Remember what we said at the start?" she asked, her back still to him. "No strings? Weren't they YOUR words?"

She was crying silently now. The tears sliding down her cheeks, but he would never know. She opened the door and stepped out, closing it quickly behind her. She walked quickly to her car and got in, tears streaming down her face.

Getting up from the bed, he walked into the bathroom. There he found the note lying on the sink where she had lain it.

It would take a long time to get him out of her system, and today was as good a day to start as any.

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