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Encountering Lisa 5: The Revelation by Catriona

Encountering Lisa 5: The Revelation

*This story is copyrighted! Please do not post without my express permission. However, fell free to copy for your own home use.

*special thanks to Mr. O (he knows why)

**as always, my heartfelt thanks and all my love to my 'editor', who not only proofreads and gives suggestions but is also a source of information. I love you, baby.

Encountering Lisa 5: The Revelation

Lisa watched as four of the men crowded around her. She noticed that Misha stayed where he was, in his position by the fireplace. Looking over at Renee she saw her friend kneeling in front of Larry, who had moved onto the couch and had his jeans unzipped and his hard cock held in front of her face. Lisa watched as he rubbed the head of his cock across Renee's lips. Renee's little pink tongue snaked out and licked the glistening pre cum off the tip. Lisa moaned softly and turned her attention to the men in front of her.

The first man, the big blonde guy, was standing there when he was suddenly pushed aside by another man. The new man grabbed Lisa by the hair and pulled her up. He was tall, around six one, and had short black hair and exotic features. Lisa guessed he was Filipino or Italian... maybe a mixture? She couldn't decide but it really didn't matter; he was extremely good looking and nicely built. He held her head back by her hair, making her breasts thrust forward as he did so. He grinned, his even white teeth a sharp contrast to his dark skin.

He reached out, cupped her breast, and squeezed her nipple hard. Lisa gasped and tried to squirm away but he held her tight against him. The blond man moved behind her and began to caress her ass through her skirt.

"Why are you fighting for?" the dark guy said. "We know how you like it." Pinching her nipples again he leaned down and kissed her roughly.

"Hey Cortez, Mike said no kissing," Larry called out from his position on the couch. Lisa glanced over at him and the sight that met her eyes made her pussy wet and her clit throb.

Renee was still kneeling in front of Larry, her head bobbing fast and hard as she sucked his cock. His hand was in her hair as he guided her along. One man, a handsome black man, was kneeling behind Renee. Lisa watched as he slid her skirt up over Renee's ass and slapped her black garters over her thighs. Renee wiggled

her ass suggestively as the man pulled her lacy black thong aside. Slowly he began to rub his hard shaft up and down her exposed slit. A third man sat down next to Larry and offered her his cock. Renee pulled away from Larry and eagerly took the other cock into her mouth. After sucking on him a few times she moved back to Larry.

The man behind her slowly pushed his cock into her cunt and he grunted with pleasure as his large shaft filled her full. Renee pulled away from the cocks in her face and arched her back and sighed with immense pleasure. She began to fuck him back, her body sliding back and forth on his cock. He slapped and kneaded her plump ass cheeks as Larry pulled her head back down to his waiting cock.

Lisa groaned and turned back to Cortez. She began to breathe faster as her excitement grew. Her tongue licked her lips as she slid down his body to her knees. She quickly unzipped his jeans, freeing his cock and sliding her warm mouth over it.

"Oh yeah baby, that's it," Cortez breathed as he watched her. Lisa's mouth moved rapidly on his cock. She sucked and licked the sensitive head of his cock, her tongue swirling around the hole at the very tip. She lapped up the pre cum and moaned when she felt hands caressing her ass and tits. She looked quickly behind her and saw the blonde man and the man who had been sitting next to Larry, caressing and squeezing her ass. She felt fingers slide up under her skirt and she moaned softly when one of them inserted his finger into her pussy. She continued to suck Cortez hard and fast. She began to stroke his cock with her hand as she sucked him. His grip in her hair got tighter then he pushed her away.

"That's enough bitch," he said harshly. "I want to fuck that cunt of yours." He moved behind her and the blond man took his place.

She was presented with another hard cock, although this one was slightly smaller and not as thick but she eagerly took it into her mouth. Sliding her lips over the purple ,ridged crown, she took it deep into her mouth and felt a tiny shiver of pleasure when the man groaned. He tangled his hands in her hair and caressed her head as she sucked.

Cortez slid up her dress and almost came when he saw the lacy red thong she was wearing. Her pussy was already soaking wet and swollen with her excitement. He was unable to resist that temptation. He pulled her thong to the side, leaned down and licked her pussy, letting his tongue slide wetly up and down her slit.

Lisa moaned with pure pleasure. She bucked back against his mouth while continuing to suck the blonde guy. The other man knelt down and unzipped her dress in the back, exposing her red bra strap. He pushed her dress down over her shoulders and pulled the pins from her hair. Her long blonde hair spilled down her back. Then she was kneeling there, with her dress half pulled off while one man ate her out and another forced his cock down her throat. The third man took his cock out of his pants and began to rub it on her face as the other cock slid in and out of her mouth. Lisa reveled in it all as she sucked one cock then the other equally.

Finally Cortez could stand it no longer. He gripped her hips and with a grunt plunged his cock into her pussy. Lisa cried out in pleasure as he began to ram himself fast and hard, in and out of her cunt. Lisa moaned and sucked harder on the cock in her mouth.

"Yeah that's it Lisa, suck my cock," Dan breathed as he watched his cock slide in and out of her mouth. He lifted her hair to the side so he could get a better view of his cock sliding between her lips. Cortez reached down and softly played with her nipples as he pounded into her body.

"Oh God yes, make me come," Lisa moaned as she slid back against his cock. She reached down and started fingering her throbbing clit and was surprised when Dan pulled her hand away. She almost whimpered with loss when Cortez pulled out of her cunt.

"No bitch, you ain't gonna come tonight," Cortez breathed. "We're under strict orders from Mike himself. You're here to serve us and that's it." He slapped her ass. "Do you understand?"

Lisa moaned in frustration. "No, please, I need to come!" she whimpered.

"I said no." Cortez slapped her ass again then moved in front of her. He thrust his cock, wet with her pussy juice, in her face and she took it again into her mouth. The blond man, Dan, got behind her and she felt him pull her ass cheeks apart.

"Oh yeah Dan, fuck her ass good!" Cortez said.

"I will," Dan replied. He positioned his cock at the entrance to her ass and began to push relentlessly into her. There wasn't much lubrication and Lisa felt like she was being torn apart. She continued sucking Cortez' cock even though her ass was burning and being stretched. Dan kept pushing until with a grunt of triumph he slid all the way into her ass. Lisa cried out in pain as he started a rhythmic thrusting into her asshole.

"This bitch is tight," he muttered as he pumped her. He closed his eyes as he fucked her.

"I want some of that," Cortez announced.

"In a minute, man." He began to thrust in long, smooth strokes as her ass stretched more to fit him. Tears came to Lisa's eyes but she continued to suck Cortez. He pulled away and switched with the third man. "Here Johnny, your turn," he said as he began to jerk himself. Johnny eagerly thrust his cock into her open mouth. He gripped the sides of her face and face fucked her relentlessly.

Meanwhile Dan was pumping her faster. His balls slapped against the backs of her thighs and his grip on her hips tightened. "I'm gonna come," he announced. Lisa felt his balls contract then he pulled out, spewing hot cum all over her ass and thighs. His place was immediately taken by Cortez, who quickly slid his cock into her already stretched asshole.

"Ahhhhh!" he moaned as he fucked her. Lisa closed her eyes at the pleasure that began to sweep through her. Her clit was hard and throbbing and she needed relief. Again she brought her hand down to her clit only to be stopped again, this time by Johnny.

"Sorry babe, but rules are rules," he said with a malicious grin.

Tears of frustration came to Lisa's eyes. "Please!" she cried. "I want to come!" Oh God, why are they doing this to me?

Johnny laughed. "Well that's just too damn bad, isn't it?" He shoved his cock in her mouth. "Mike gave us certain rules and we're gonna follow them. So shut up and suck my dick."

All Lisa could do was obey. With her mouth full of Johnny's cock she saw Dan out of the corner of her eye. He was laying on the floor with his arm over his eyes. She turned her head slightly and caught a glimpse of Misha. He was watching her intently. A strange gleam was in his eyes and a shiver ran down her spine.

"That's it bitch, take my cock," Cortez was saying. Faster and faster he fucked her ass until he too pulled out. He jerked himself off until he was spurting gobs of cum onto her already cum-covered ass and thighs.

Johnny pulled away from her. She tried to get up but Johnny pushed her forward until she was laying flat on her stomach. He knelt in between her legs and spread them roughly with his knees. He lifted her by the stomach until her ass was in the air. With one thrust he was inside her ass. Although she was already well stretched Johnny's cock was huge and as he slammed it into her, her ass stretched even more. She screamed as he fucked her ruthlessly. He put his hand over her mouth to block her cries.

Tears came to her eyes as she felt the third cock slide in and out of her. Why am I letting this happen? she thought. Because you like it, replied the calm voice in her head. You like being treated like a whore.

With this thought she resigned herself to the fact of what was happening to her. She arched her back and tried to get in a more comfortable position. Johnny pulled out then lifted her up.

Lisa, who was already sore from the ass fucking, groaned as she stood up on her sore knees. "Over here," he said roughly as he led her to the living room table. Lisa meekly followed and allowed him to bend her over the table. She was pressed flat on top of it. Her breasts were flattened underneath her. Johnny spread her legs again and thrust himself into her pussy this time.

Lisa sighed in relief. She couldn't fuck him back; all she could do was lay there as he took his pleasure off her. She desperately wanted to come; it was all she could think about but she knew they wouldn't let her. She turned her head and locked gazes with Misha. The malicious gleam in his eyes frightened her and she wondered when he would take his turn.

At last Johnny started to come. With a cry of triumph he pulled out and, grabbing her head and pulling her around to him, shot load after load of cum into Lisa's open mouth. It landed in her hair, in her eyes, and dripped down her cheeks and onto her breasts. She licked her lips and smeared the rest of the cum onto her fingers. Slowly she licked her fingers clean.

With a sigh she stood up and looked over at Renee. She was laying on the floor completely naked with her legs spread wide. Larry was on top of her; he was still dressed. Only his jeans were unbuttoned as he pumped away at her cunt. His hands slid up her thighs as he laid her legs over his shoulders while the black man, also dressed, knelt over her chest, with his legs on either side of her body. His cock slid in and out of her mouth as he face fucked her. He grabbed her tits, kneading and massaging them as she sucked his cock.

Lisa's ass was throbbing and sore but her pussy was still wet and throbbing. She needed to come badly. She slid her finger into her pussy and watched as the black man stood up. He turned around and stared at Lisa a moment then with a grin he sauntered over to her.

"Get on your knees bitch," he commanded. Lis scrambled to obey. Greedily she took his cock into her mouth. She tasted Renee's juices on him and this excited her more. She began to finger her clit faster.

"Hey Lee, better stop her. You know the rules."

"Aw, that's right." He reached down and grabbed both her hands in his large ones. He reached behind him, took out the handcuffs from their holder, and slapped them onto Lisa's wrists.

Lisa had been about to come and she cried out in frustration.

You son of a bitch!" she cried furiously. She struggled against her bonds but Lee only laughed.

"That's ok baby. Just wait until Michael gets a hold of you. He'll make it all better. Now suck my cock like a good little girl."

At the thought of Michael she stopped struggling. Her heart started to pound with anticipation. "Is he here?" she asked.

Lee smiled down at her. He glanced at Misha and chuckled. "Yeah, he'll be here later. Now do as you're told."

Lisa obliged by taking his cock deep into her throat. She had never been with a black man before and the thought of going down on him excited her. She imagined his dark skin on her white skin and she began to suck, her excitement building.

Lee tangled his big hands in her hair and watched as his thick black cock slid in and out of her mouth. She deep throated him over and over again and he felt himself about to come. "Ok baby. I wanna cum inside that pretty little ass of yours." He pulled her up by her arm and bent her over the table again. She braced herself against the pain as he shoved his large cock into her asshole.

"Oh God!" she cried as she felt her ass being filled again. Her ass slowly stretched until he was in to the hilt. She felt his balls hanging against her thighs and the picture she imagined of him behind her made her clit throb. "Oh fuck me please!" she moaned. "Fuck me with that big cock of yours!"

Lee began to pump into her with slow smooth strokes. Lisa wasn't even conscious of the fact that she had been ass fucked already by four different men; all she cared about was the pleasure she was now experiencing. Her eyes met Misha's again and she licked her lips, silently inviting him over for a blow job. He just stared at her with those dark eyes. Lisa closed her eyes against the malice she saw in them.

"Lee, don't shoot your load in her. Remember what Michael said," Larry called from the couch. Lisa glanced up and saw Larry sitting on the couch as Renee went down on him. She probably got to come, Lisa thought petulantly. God, she needed to come!

"Damn it Larry, you had to go and remind me now," Lee replied with a groan. He pulled out and pulled Lisa up. "That's all right. I'll come in her mouth instead." He shoved his cock in her mouth, making her gag. However, it didn't take long. He began to come in spurts as his come shot into her mouth. It shot out in gobs and Lisa tried to swallow it all but some of it trickled out of her mouth and ran down her chin. Lee pulled away pushed her down onto the floor then walked away.

Lisa heard Larry cry out and she looked up just in time to see Larry shoot his load into Renee's open mouth. Lisa was now so exhausted that she couldn't even stand up: she just laid back against the table leg and closed her eyes. Her body ached; her ass felt like it was a mile wide and it burned and stung. She was sticky with the cum of four different men and her clit still ached with need. She was still handcuffed but she didn't care. Her eyelids grew heavy and she dozed where she was.


Someone was shaking her. Groggily Lisa looked up and saw Larry standing over her with a grin on his face. Lisa eyed him warily as he helped her to stand. He turned her around and unlocked the handcuffs. Lisa rubbed her wrists then tried to pull her dress back on but he stopped her.

"Leave the dress the way it is. As a matter of fact-" he took the dress and slid it off her, ignoring the outraged look she gave him-"you won't be needing it." He smiled. "You were a good girl tonight, Lisa. I think you wore poor Officer Forlani out."

Lisa's cheeks grew red with embarrassment. "Um, which one was he?"

"Cortez. The big Filipino," he laughed. "He didn't believe me when I told him about you."

She looked around her and noticed she and Larry were alone. Trying to regain some of her dignity (which was rather hard, as undressed and cum-covered as she was) she asked, "Where's Renee?"

"She's upstairs asleep. Poor thing was wore out," he smirked. "Like you."

Lisa ignored him. "I think we should go home now. We've all had enough fun for one night."

Larry was shaking his head. "I don't think so. Although the rest of the boys are gone the night isn't over yet. Come with me."

Lisa was instantly on her guard. Although she had enjoyed the evening she was tired, achy, and she needed a bath. "I don't think so Larry. I had a good time but it's late and I need to get home."

Larry ignored her as he took her by the arm and led her to the stairs. Lisa knew if she struggled he would just force her so why bother resisting? After all who could she call... the cops? A giggle escaped her.

"What's so funny?" he asked.

"Nothing. Forget it." The whole night seemed so unreal to her. Had she really been in a gang bang with four cops?

Larry led her upstairs to a room at the end of the hallway. He opened the door and pushed her in. "I'll see you later," he said with a grin. "I'm gonna wake up Renee. She's slept enough." With a wink he closed the door behind her.

"Come here," said a deep voice from the shadows of the room.

Lisa jumped at the sound of his voice. She leaned back against the door in fright. Now why am I so frightened? she thought. It's not like I have never fucked him before. She looked into the dark room and saw his shadow by the window. He was indeed tall like she thought he would be. She couldn't make out anything else about him however, and she wasn't entirely sure that she even wanted to.

"Michael?" she said hesitantly.

"Yes Lisa?"

Lisa's heart leapt at the sound of the deep, sensual voice. She swallowed nervously. Glancing around the room, she saw that she was in another bedroom. It was probably a guest room and she wondered if Mrs. Martin had any idea about what went on in her home when she wasn't there. A queen-sized bed stood against one wall, covered with what looked to be a homemade quilt. A night stand with a lamp was on one side while another table was on the other side with a vase of flowers on it.

"Are you cold?" he asked politely.

"A little," she whispered. She was just a little terrified.

"Well, you won't be cold in a little while. I said, come here." He said this patiently with a hint of amusement.

"I-I can't see you," she stammered. Her heart started to pound with fright. Or was it excitement?

He chuckled softly, and the sound of it sent a shiver through her. "That hasn't made a difference before why should it now? Besides, it adds to the excitement, doesn't it?" It was more of a statement than a question. "Now, be a good girl and come here."

Lisa's heart started to pound even more forcibly as she slowly started to walk toward his shadow. Before she was halfway there, he stopped her. "Ok, stop right there. Get on your knees."

Lisa obeyed instantly. She slid to her knees, wincing at the touch of the cold floor on her bare skin. Goose bumps broke out all over her skin and she shivered.

"Whom do you belong to?" he asked in a voice as soft and smooth as silk.

"You," she whispered.

"That's right. I own you. You're mine to do with as I please."

Lisa closed her eyes and prayed, Please, don't let him hurt me.

"What's wrong?" he asked her. "Be honest- do I scare you?"

She nodded and was horrified when she started to cry. "I'm afraid you'll hurt m- me."

She heard him sigh then laugh softly. "Lisa, I won't hurt you, I promise. I only want to please you. But I won't tolerate being disobeyed. Do you understand?"

"Yes," she replied in a meek voice. Why fight it? She thought. He's had plenty of time to hurt me, and he never did. I loved everything he has done to me. "Can I ask, why me?"

"Because we belong together," was the simple reply. "Enough questions. Crawl the rest of the way over to me."

She did as she was told. She slowly made her way over to where he was standing. The floor was hard and hurt her bare knees but she didn't complain. When she got to him she tried to look up but he gripped her neck and pushed her head down.

"Don't look at me bitch," he growled. He forced her face down on the floor in front of him. The change in his personality was quick and unexpected. Lisa tried to stay calm as the pressure on her neck increased. She kept her eyes glued onto his black leather boots as above her she heard him undo his zipper.

Her pussy immediately became wet; her clit throbbed and ached at the thought of what was to come.

The pressure on her neck slowly decreased. He tangled his fingers in her long hair and jerked her head up. She came face to face with his hard cock. The next thing she knew he was forcing it into her mouth.

"Uuummphhh!" she grunted as her mouth was filled. She could barely breathe but she took him in and out of her mouth, slower than faster. He groaned softly and began thrusting into her mouth faster and faster.

"That's it Lisa. Take my cock."

He let go of her head and she continued to suck and lick. She licked underneath his shaft, up the whole length of his cock swirling her tongue around the ruby red tip of his cock. Lightly she sucked on the tip the plunged her mouth down again, taking him all the way in until she could feel him hitting the back of her throat. She slid her hands up the back of his jean clad thighs and felt his muscles tense.

"That's enough," he bit out. He pushed her away from him. She fell backwards, landing on her ass. He walked toward the door and opened it. He exchanged words with someone in the hallway then closed the door again.

"Did I do something wrong?" she asked hesitantly. She still couldn't make out his features in the dark room and she wanted to scream in frustration. She wanted to know who he was!

"Actually, yes you did," he replied. He walked back over to her and stood in front of the window. She strained to make out his features but couldn't. "You did something that really pissed me off, and for that I'm going to punish you."

Lisa felt a chill go through her. What was it that she did wrong? "What did I do?"

"Never mind that now, Lisa. You'll find out soon. And please don't worry about me hurting you. I won't- at least not physically."

"Can I at least see your face?"

In reply he bent down and switched on the bedside lamp. The room was illuminated with the soft glow of the lamp. Lisa immediately lowered her eyes; she was suddenly terrified of what she might see. As her eyes adjusted to the light she looked toward him but kept her eyes down. She saw his black leather boots, then strong, well-muscled legs encased in black jeans.

"Just look at me, Lisa."

"I'm afraid," she replied truthfully.

"Don't be." The amusement was back in his voice. The sound of it sent shivers up and down her spine. "I love you."

She took a shaky breath then, gathering up her courage, she raised her eyes and looked at him.

The first thing that went through her head was, Oh, I know him. Then the realization began to dawn on her. This was Michael?! Her eyes locked with his blue ones. If her soul hadn't belonged to him before, it did now. "Michael?" she whispered.

He grinned. "Yes it's me. Surprised?"

She was speechless. She didn't care that she was naked and kneeling on the floor. Her eyes drank in the sight of him. Tall, broad shouldered, and muscled, he was absolutely gorgeous. His black hair was cut short. His face was smooth shaven and chiseled as if from rock. And she knew him.

"I thought your name was Misha," she said in a dazed voice. Her eyes traveled down the length of him until she saw his cock. It was still hard and glistening with her saliva. He was leaning casually against the window sill and it was all she could do not to ravish him. He saw her lust-filled eyes and a malicious gleam appeared in his dark blue eyes.

"My name is Misha. It's a long story - that's my nickname."

"Oh." She remembered back to the night in the park with him and Larry and she almost fainted. Oh God, he must know everything I have done. And he was watching the gang bang downstairs!

He walked toward her again. He took his cock in his hand and slowly began to rub it over her lips and cheeks. She stuck out her tongue but he backed away. "Don't touch me unless I say to." He began rubbing her face again. Lisa reached up and began to play with her nipple.

Laughing softly he said, "You like being degraded, don't you?"

"Yes," she moaned. She lightly pinched her nipple as his cock rubbed across her lower lip.

"And why is that?" he asked.

"I don't know." Her other hand crept down to her pussy and lightly began to caress her outer lips. She flicked her thumb across her clit and gasped at the jolt that went through her cunt. He began to lightly slap her face with his cock and she felt her pussy getting even more wet.

"Do you like that?" he asked as he slapped her again.

"Yes," she moaned. "I want to suck your cock."

He backed away. "Perhaps later. Someone else gets to have a turn now."

Lisa was so aroused that she didn't even hear him. "Please, I need your cock!"

In response he walked toward her and in one swift move he had her handcuffed. He dragged her across the room and leaned her up against the dresser. Lisa didn't resist what would be the point? He knelt down and handcuffed her ankles together, also.

He turned his head toward the door. "You can come in now," he called.

Lisa turned lust filled eyes toward the door. As Renee walked in, as naked as she herself was, all she could think of was, No. He's mine.

"Stop right there, Renee," he commanded.

Renee looked at Lisa in surprise. "Leese? Are you ok?"

"Never mind her, Renee. From this moment on just ignore her. Lisa is going to be punished. She needs to know who her master is."


I hope you enjoyed this latest installment. I apologize for the delay. Of course there will be another story in this series. Thanks to all who wrote in support of me. Please send any comments to

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