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Encountering Lisa 3: Risque Business by catriona

Encountering Lisa 3: Risque Business

*This story is copyrighted! Please do not post without my express permission. However, please feel free to copy for your own home use.

**special thanks to Penance for contributing to this story. And much love to Keith; my lover, best friend, and editor.

Encountering Lisa 3: Risque Business

The dildo was made to resemble a real cock. It was flesh colored and had a realistic scrotum at the base. The shaft itself was eight inches long and two inches thick. It slid in and out of her wet pussy with a satisfying slurping sound. She moaned and as it rubbed against her clit she worked the dildo faster. She reached up with her free hand and pinched her nipples lightly through the black lacy bra.

Lisa was lying across the couch with her legs spread and her black skirt hiked up around her waist. She hadn't bothered taking off her black garter belts, stockings, nor her black heels. Her red blouse was unbuttoned and pulled open. Her blonde hair was down and spilled across the armrest. Her breathing came in rapid little bursts as she felt her orgasm building.

As she fucked herself, she imagined her Stranger, the way he had been two weeks ago when he fucked her ass in the restroom at the bank. She whimpered as she remembered the feel of his hands on her hips as he rammed himself into her tight hole. She recalled the feel of the cold tile digging into her knees as his big cock filled her. With a whimper Lisa began to rub her clit harder. The memory of him pulling out and coming on her thighs, ass and back sent her over the edge. "Ahhhhhhhhhh! Yes!" she cried as she arched her pelvis against the dildo. For another minute her body shuddered and spasmed then slowly she came back down to earth.

She opened her eyes and smiled. She stretched slowly then stood up. What a fabulous way to spend her lunch hour! She glanced at the clock and saw that she still had twenty minutes left. She stood up and smoothed down her skirt and rebuttoned her blouse. She took her brush out of her purse and quickly brushed out her long tresses. She thought about pinning her hair back up into her normal conservative hairstyle but decided against it. With a wicked grin she left her hair down and walked into the kitchen.

She opened the refrigerator door and found some nonfat yogurt hidden behind some leftover lasagna. She found a spoon and ate while leaning against the same counter on which she had been fucked by her Stranger. She closed her eyes for a moment as she remembered that night and was instantly aroused. Ever since her two encounters with her Stranger her sexuality had blossomed. She had recently begun to wear fewer conservative clothes. Her wardrobe now consisted of more colorful blouses and skirts. Gone were the stuffy suits she always wore. She walked around with a sway to her hips and a suggestive gleam in her eyes. Men at the bank had begun to notice her. A few, bolder then the rest and sensing that her iciness was melting, even asked her out. So she had gone out on a few dates and had even had great sex with a few. Her female co-workers, however, being the catty bitches they all were, whispered and gossiped about her behind her back.

One co-worker, Trisha, was the worse one of all. She had always been jealous of Lisa. She envied both Lisa's job and her looks. Trisha, although only a few years older and taller than Renee, was also big boned and grossly over weight with wide shoulders and pasty white skin. She was a cold, bitter woman who's disposition made her even more unattractive. Lisa never understood how Trisha had gotten the position of customer service rep- she was unfriendly to everyone, fellow employees and customers alike. She tried to make Lisa's life Hell by constantly spreading rumors and gossip. However, Lisa took this all in stride. She was happy, carefree, and enjoying the best sex of her life.

Renee, Lisa's secretary, was the only woman at work who didn't seem to dislike her. Although Renee had only worked at the bank for three weeks now, and had gotten off to a rocky start with Lisa, she was now on very friendly terms with her boss. Over lunch one day Lisa had confided in her new friend about Glenn, the client she had fucked in her office. Renee had listened wide-eyed then giggled along with Lisa. She also swore to keep Lisa's secret. She knew that if word of her little dalliance had gotten out Lisa would have been fired.

Tossing the now empty yogurt container into the trash can she grabbed her purse then left the house. She walked the short distance to the bank and made it with five minutes to spare. She walked through the doors and kept her head up as she made her way to her office. She ignored the glances her co-workers gave her. To hell with them, she thought.

As she passed by Trisha's desk she heard Trisha say to Maureen, a teller and her best friend: "Look at the slut." Lisa stopped and glared at the women.

"Was there something you wanted to say to me?" Lisa asked coldly.

"You missed a button, sweetie," Trisha said with a malicious gleam in her eye. Lisa glanced down at her shirt and sure enough the very top button was undone.

Lisa smiled and after glancing around to make sure no customers could overhear she said, "Well that's what happens when you're with someone who can't keep his hands off you. You forget little details like buttons." Lisa laughed at the look on Trisha's face. So she had fibbed a little - Trisha would have had a heart attack if Lisa had mentioned the dildo.

Trisha flushed and looked away. "You looked better when you wore suits all the time," she went on. "A woman in your position should dress more conservatively. You are setting a bad example for your subordinates," she finished primly. She glanced at Maureen for support but the other woman was busy examining her nails.

Lisa leaned closer to them and lowered her voice. "The way I dress is of no concern to you, Trisha. Do you understand that? As one of my subordinates I'd suggest you keep your mouth shut and mind your own business." Then with another smile she kept her head up and walked slowly away from the two women. She swayed her hips and gave her hair a shake. She felt very sexy and was gratified to know that all eyes were on her as she made her way to her office.

Renee was already at her desk outside Lisa's office when Lisa arrived. Renee stood and followed Lisa inside with a thick sheaf of paperwork clutched in her hands. Lisa sat down at her desk and glanced up at Renee. "Ren, everybody's talking about me."

Renee nodded sympathetically. "I know. All the women are just jealous because they see this amazing change in you. I mean, I have only been here three weeks and I've seen how different you are now. The men, well, you know what the men want."

Lisa nodded. "Yeah, I do." She smiled. "And I've been happy to give it to some of them, too." She gestured to the chair in front of the desk. "Sit down, Ren. What do you have for me?"

"Oh just some things I need you to sign," she replied as she sat down. She crossed her long slender legs and Lisa couldn't help but admire Renee's gorgeous figure. Renee not only had a good body. She also had a very pretty face. She had curly black hair, blue eyes and a wide, sensuous mouth. Lisa let her gaze slide over Renee's large breasts then back up to her face. Renee caught her looking but only smiled knowingly as she glanced back down at her paperwork. She laid the papers down on the desk. "Anyway they aren't too urgent but they do need to be signed before you go home."

"They will be." Lisa sat back in her chair and smiled. "You'll never guess how I spent my lunch hour."

"I think I can guess. Someone from the bank?"

"Nope. I went home and tried out this new dildo I bought . . . It was wonderful!"

Renee grinned. "You naughty thing. No wonder you came back from lunch glowing!"

"It was that noticeable, huh?"

"Are you kidding? Anyone could see that you had just had an orgasm . . . and a good one at that."

Lisa shrugged. "Oh well. I don't care what anyone thinks of me anymore."

"Good for you Lisa. Don't let these anal retentive assholes get to you." She smiled brightly. So, what are you doing tonight? Anything exciting?"

"Probably not. I'm just going to go home and watch tv . . . "

"What about your 'stranger.' Do you think he might show up?"

Lisa shivered. Just the thought of him aroused her. "I don't know. I never know when he'll show up. But I hope he does."

"He sounds really hot, Leese! I'd love to meet him but I doubt you'd share, huh?"

"Definitely not!"

"I was just teasing, Leese!" She laughed. "Anyway, I'm going over to the gym tonight after work. You're welcome to join me. I have an exclusive membership at the country club. Well, actually it's my dad's. I have my own workout room, shower room, and even a little 'bedroom' where I can take a nap if I wanted to. It costs extra but my father pays for it. I'd love the company."

Lisa sat back in her chair. It wasn't like she had anything better to do. "Sure, I suppose so. We can go to my place after wards . . . I can show you my new friend." She laughed.

"Great!" Renee stood and headed for the door. "Oh! I almost forgot. Mr. Peterson wants to see you in his office right away."

Lisa groaned. Why did the president of the bank want to see her? "You wait to tell me now?"

"He called me with the message right before you came back from lunch. Then me and you started talking . . . besides, I knew you wouldn't want to rush over to his office anyway."

"You're right." Lisa stood. "Come on, I might as well get this over with."

Renee went back to her desk and Lisa walked to the office at the end of the hallway. Mr. Peterson's secretary glanced at her and looked away. "Go on in, he's expecting you," she said in an unfriendly tone.

"Thank you," Lisa said sweetly as she pushed open the double doors.

Mr. Peterson was sitting behind his massive oak desk. He was fifty-five years old but in very good physical shape. His grey hair was short and styled perfectly. His custom made dark grey suit looked superb on him. He gestured carelessly to one of the two chairs in front of the desk. She noticed the thick gold wedding band he wore on his left hand. His wife was a very nice woman, Lisa remembered. "Sit down," he told her. Lisa sat in a chair and crossed her legs then demurely folded her hands in her lap.

"Lisa, I need to discuss something very important with you," he began. He had a strong, deep voice and it made Lisa a little anxious. He sounded so stern . . . was he going to fire her? "Something has been brought to my attention and I am very concerned about it."

"I understand Mr. Peterson. I'm concerned too because I can't imagine what I did wrong."

"Oh you didn't do anything wrong, so to speak. I think you had a lapse of good judgement, that's all. How old are you, twenty-seven?"

"Twenty-six, sir."

"Twenty-six then. You are a young woman still and I can understand what made you do this."

"Mr. Peterson, what was it that I did?"

He pushed back from his desk and walked around until he was in front of Lisa. He leaned back against the desk and folded his arms across his chest. "What you did was have sex in your office with a client."

Lisa paled. "Mr. Peterson, who told you this?"

He held up a hand. "It doesn't matter who told me. The fact is I found out. Like I said, you are a young woman. And I know that young women have certain desires that need to be fulfilled. However, the work place isn't the place to satisfy them. Is that understood?"

"Yes Mr. Peterson," she replied in a quiet voice. Lisa was mortified. Who had told him?

"And one more thing - you are dressing far too bold. I would prefer that you wear more conservative attire - more like what you used to wear."

"Yes Mr. Peterson," she replied in a subdued voice. Great just great! Trisha is going to love this.

"You're lucky that I'm not going to fire you," he continued. "You are one of the best employees that I have. You are a hard worker. That is why I would be willing to overlook your attire and your little indiscretions if you would do something for me."

Lisa gazed up at him warily. She wasn't naive. "And what would that be?"

He smiled. "First I want you to bend over the edge of the desk."

Lisa's clit began to throb immediately. Without hesitation

she stood in front of the desk and placed her hands on the smooth surface. She bent slightly forward at the waist and held her breath. She wasn't surprised when she felt Mr. Peterson's hands caressing her ass through her skirt. Her pussy became hot and wet. His hand slid down the back of her stocking-covered thigh down to her ankle then slowly made its way up the front of her leg. "Spread your legs," he said in a breathless voice. She obeyed then gasped when his hand slid around and cupped her pussy. He stuck a finger into her wet slit and rubbed her already erect clit.

"You like that don't you?" he asked. Lisa nodded as his finger worked faster. Then he stopped and Lisa whimpered. "I'll be right back," he told her. He went to his closet and pulled something down from the top shelf. Lisa saw that it was a black riding crop. She gasped and straightened up.

"What are you going to do with that?" she asked. She didn't try to conceal her fright.

"I'm going to punish you," he replied. "Now bend back over."

Lisa obeyed again and sighed as he lifted up her black skirt."You're not wearing any panties, you slut," he said with a groan. He bunched the skirt around her waist. Lisa knew he was admiring the view her garter belt-clad ass and thighs gave him. His hand caressed her again then suddenly she felt the sting of the riding crop as it lightly hit the backs of her thighs. She gasped and tried to move but he held her down. Again the riding crop came down, this time across her ass and she whimpered. His finger went back to her clit as he hit her over and over with the riding crop.

Lisa moaned as his fingers worked her to orgasm. She wiggled her ass and pressed back against him, moaning with ever-increasing delight as the crop hit her flesh. She leaned further over the desk and squeezed her tits through her blouse as she came. "Ahhhhhhhhhhh!" she gasped.

"You've been a bad girl, Lisa," Mr. Peterson said through gritted teeth. The crop came down hard on her ass. "I'm going to have to punish you further." She heard the sound of a zipper being pulled down.

"Yes!" she moaned. She felt the head of his cock at the entrance to her cunt. He wiped it up and down her slit and she backed against it. It slid into her smoothly and she sighed. She began to fuck him as his hands gripped her hips.

"That's it bitch, take my cock," he panted. He reached around her and squeezed her tits with both hands. His balls slapped against her inner thighs as he slid in and out of her wet snatch.

"Give it to me!" She glided back and forth on his dick and moaned as it rubbed against her already aroused clit. She held onto the edge of the desk as she fucked him. Then he pushed her face down onto the desk then slammed into her with staccato like thrusts.

"Oh yeah, fuck my cunt Mr. Peterson, fuck my cunt!" she groaned against the desk. She reached underneath her and rubbed her clit.

"You're such a whore Lisa," he panted as he savagely drove into her body. "God, your pussy is so good!" He gripped her hips and snapped her garter belts against her skin. He bent down and bit and licked her neck. Then he straightened and gave her ass a hard slap.

Lisa shivered as he fucked her. Her fingers worked on her clit until she felt herself start to come again. "Ahhhhhhhh!" she groaned as her body shuddered. She arched her back and his grip on her hips tightened as she felt his hot cum shoot into her cunt.

"Oh you bitch!" he grunted as load after load of hot jizz shot into her pussy. He pulled out and, pulling her by her hair, forced her to her knees in front of him. "Lick my cock," he commanded. Lisa hungrily took his wet cock in her hand and, looking up at him with an obedient smile, began to lick up and down his shaft until there was no trace of their mingled juices. His cum had seeped out of her pussy and ran down her leg, so she took her finger, wiped the cum off her leg and sucked it off.

"Now go back to work Miss Murray," he said formally as he zipped himself back up. He straightened his jacket and tie. "You may continue to wear what you'd like as long as it's decent. I know you'll be discreet about this encounter. "

"I'm always discreet," she said with a smile, thinking about the incident with her Stranger in the staff restroom, and all her recent 'encounters' with some of her male co-workers. She stood, pulled her skirt back down and walked slowly to the door. Looking back at her boss she said, "I hope you'll be discreet as well. I wouldn't want Mrs. Peterson to find out."


Renee laughed as Lisa told her the story. "Oh my God, you actually said that to him?" She broke into fresh laughter.

"Yes I did. You should have seen the look on his face! I doubt he'll be running his mouth off to any of his friends."

"I wonder why he had a riding crop in his office?"

"Why do you think? He probably fucks some of the other girls at the bank."

They were walking back to Renee's private locker room after their workout. Both women were wearing spandex exercise outfits and had towels wrapped around their necks. Renee opened the door to the locker room and locked it behind them. "That was a great work out, Lisa. I really needed that."

"Me too." Lisa sat down on the wooden bench and bent to take off her sneakers. "Hey, did you see those two cops in the gym tonight? I wonder what they were doing there." One of the cop's had caught Lisa's attention. He had been tall and built and very attractive. But he hadn't noticed Lisa's interest, much to her disappointment.

"I don't know," Renee said as she also sat and began to take off her shoes. "Maybe someone was double-parked outside or something. They were talking to those two guys by the weights."

She watched as Lisa stood and peeled out of her sweaty clothes. Soon Lisa was standing naked in front of Renee, who eyed her boss's body with an appreciative gleam in her eyes. Lisa caught Renee looking and she smiled shyly. She watched as Renee

stood and slowly took off her clothes until she too was naked. Renee carried a little extra weight on her but to Lisa it looked sexy as hell. Renee was big-boned and wide hipped but altogether voluptuous. Her breasts were large and full, with pinkish brown nipples. Lisa hadn't been naked in front of a woman since high school and she was a little embarrassed.

"Don't be embarrassed," Renee said quietly. "You have a great body." She stood in front of Lisa and took her hand. They were the same height - at five feet eight inches they were considered tall. Their nipples brushed against each other as Renee leaned forward and kissed Lisa gently. Lisa didn't protest, although she was a little hesitant at first. She opened her mouth and their tongue's met. All thoughts of the policeman flew from her mind when Renee gently sucked on Lisa's tongue while reaching up to undo Lisa's ponytail. Lisa's thick blonde hair cascaded down around her shoulders and down her back.

Lisa moaned and pressed closer against Renee. She put her arms around her and drew her closer. Renee's hands moved over Lisa's body as they kissed. She cupped her full breasts and teased at the hard nipples. She ran her hand over Lisa's smooth ass and cupped a plump cheek. "You've never been with a woman, have you?" Renee asked.

Lisa shook her head slowly. "No, but I've thought about it. Especially since you started working at the bank," she confessed.

Renee grinned and kissed her again. "Lisa, you are so hot. I've wanted you since I first met you. And to know all the steamy details of your life . . . " She squeezed her ass again and Lisa groaned.

Renee took her by the hand and led her into the shower.

She turned on the faucet and adjusted the spray of the water. She made sure the temperature was just right then she pulled Lisa under with her. They began kissing again, each sucking on the other's tongue as their hands caressed each other's body. Lisa, at first hesitant, became bolder the hornier she got. Her pussy was wet, her clit throbbed, and as Renee's hands smoothed over her wet skin Lisa groaned. She squeezed Renee's tits and, bending down, took one of Renee's hard nipples in her mouth. She flicked her tongue back and forth against the rigid bud. She felt Renee's hands slide down her stomach and cup the plump mound of her pussy.

Lisa arched against her hand and she felt a finger slide into the wet folds of her cunt. She gasped as Renee broke off their kiss and slid to her knees in front of her. Gently she parted Lisa's pussy lips and inserted her tongue into her hole.

"Oh my God Renee, yes!" Lisa whispered. She held onto Renee's shoulders as Renee's tongue licked back and forth across her hard clit.

"Lisa, do you like it like that?" Renee asked.

"Yes! Suck my clit Renee, don't stop!"

Renee pressed forward against Lisa's pussy and fastened her mouth onto her clit. Lisa spread her legs and arched against Renee's mouth. She tilted her head back and the water sprayed onto her face and tits. Lisa brought her hands up and pinched her nipples as Renee's tongue swirled faster and faster on her clit.

"Renee, oh God I'm going to come!" she panted. "Ahhhhhhh ahhhh!" she groaned as she started to come, drenching Renee's face with pussy juice. Renee didn't stop licking until she was sure Lisa was through. Then she stood and kissed Lisa softly. Lisa tasted her own cunt and she felt desire flare up in her again.

"Here, let's wash before the water gets cold," Renee suggested. She reached down for the bottle of body wash and the sponge. She poured a generous amount of the sticky liquid onto the sponge then, after dropping the bottle onto the floor she started to soap up Lisa's body.

Lisa took some of the soap off her body and smoothed it onto Renee's. Her hands slid over her breasts, her stomach, and the rounded curves of her hips. She leaned forward and licked Renee's lips and kissed her neck. They began to rub each other, their soap and bubble-covered bodies sliding together effortlessly. Lisa bent and sucked again upon Renee's hard nipples.

"I want to taste your pussy again Lisa," Renee moaned. "You taste so good."

"Let's rinse off then and play some more," Lisa told her. She turned around and began to rinse her body. She stepped aside and waited for Renee to do the same.

They hurriedly dried themselves with huge white towels. They wrapped the towels around themselves then Renee led Lisa into an adjoining room. To Lisa's amazement there were a bed, a dresser, and a small table with a lamp beside it. "Renee, how did . . . "

"I told you. Daddy pays for it." Renee closed the door behind her then dropped her towel to the floor. "Now Lisa, sit on the edge of the bed."

Lisa didn't need to be told twice. She sat on the edge of the bed and waited as Renee knelt in front of her again. Lisa spread her legs as Renee leaned forward. The sight of Renee's dark head between her legs thrilled Lisa. Her breathing quickened and her pussy oozed with excitement. Renee's pink tongue snaked out and licked Lisa's slit from bottom to top causing Lisa to throw her head back and moan.

"You taste so good," Renee said as she licked her boss's wet cunt lips. She breathed deeply. "You smell wonderful. God I want to fuck you." Her tongue probed into the wet depths of Lisa's cunt then she began to suck upon the rigid nub of her clit. Lisa gasped and grabbed Renee's head.

"Oh my God!" Lisa cried. The sensation of Renee's mouth directly on her clit was making her crazy. Renee reached up and began to play with Lisa's nipple as she sucked on her clit. Lisa shuddered as she felt another orgasm building. Then she was coming on Renee's face again as she screamed her pleasure.

Renee stood and pushed Lisa back as she laid down on top of her. She held Lisa's arms above her head as she rubbed her pussy-soaked face against her lips. Lisa stuck out her tongue and licked her come off Renee's face. Then they were kissing again as Renee ground her pelvis against Lisa's.

Lisa was on fire again. Never had she felt this way with any one. She pushed against Renee, who obediently rolled over. Then it was Lisa who was on top. Although she had never gone down on a woman, she knew instinctively what to do. She slid her way down Renee's body until it was she who was kneeling on the floor. Renee scooted forward until her legs were hanging off the edge of the bed. Lisa's face was inches away from Renee's pussy. She could smell the sweet smell of Renee's cunt. She rubbed her face in the dark pubic hair then stuck out her tongue and licked along the wet slit.

Renee moaned and shifted her body to give Lisa better access to her pussy. Lisa found Renee's smell and tastes such a turn on that her own pussy started to drip again with excitement. She ran her tongue along Renee's swollen pussy lips then down to the crack of her ass. She then plunged her tongue inside Renee, who moaned and thrashed around on the bed. Then Lisa took her finger and inserted it into Renee's hot hole. Renee bucked her hips as Lisa's finger stabbed into her repeatedly. She brought her mouth to Renee's clit and began to tongue the hard, swollen nub. She continued to finger fuck her and suck her clit while Renee groaned and thrashed.

"Lisa, oh my God, I'm going to come," Renee panted. "Ahhhhhhhhhh yes!" she screamed. Lisa kept her mouth glued to her clit as Renee came and came on Lisa's face and hand.

When Renee's spasms had subsided, Lisa crawled back on top of her and kissed her slowly. Renee wrapped her arms around her and licked her come off Lisa's face. Their tongues met in a sensual dance as they kissed and rolled around on the bed. They were a mass of naked, tangled limbs and they were so into one another

that neither one heard the door open.

"Oh shit," said a masculine voice. The two women jumped at the sound of his voice. They sat up and stared at the young man in the doorway. He was young, maybe around twenty-one or so, with sun bleached blonde hair and a nicely built, well tanned body. He was wearing a muscle shirt and shorts, and his hard on was obvious. His cock was outlined against the thin fabric of his shorts and when Renee saw it she glanced at Lisa and grinned. Without a word between them they leapt off the bed and knelt before the startled young man.

Lisa began to caress and squeeze his cock while Renee reached around and pulled down his shorts. Lisa looked up at him and smiled. "What's your name?"

"J-Josh," the boy stammered. He couldn't believe what was happening to him. He looked down at the gorgeous blonde and brunette and closed his eyes.

"Hi Josh, pleased to meet you," Lisa murmured. She softly stroked his hard, eight inch cock from base to tip. Then, grabbing it lightly at the base she slid her lips over the head. She guided it in until her nose was inhaling the musky scent of his pubic hair. She heard him groan and this urged her on. She began to bob her head to a steady rhythm, drawing his cock in and out of her wet, warm mouth. Meanwhile Renee was on her knees in back of him, rubbing her tits against the backs of his muscular, hairy legs.

Josh groaned and tangled his fingers in Lisa's hair. He looked down and watched his cock slide between her lips. Lisa began to stroke his shaft as she sucked, twisting her wrist in a downward motion. Renee slid her hands between his legs and cupped his scrotum in a gentle grip. "Ahhhhhhhh!" Josh moaned. He leaned back against the door, which shut with a bang. Renee had to move in front of him but this suited her fine. She knelt next to Lisa and, bending down, began to lick Josh's scrotum with long licks of her pink tongue. He spread his legs to give her better access.

Lisa let his cock slide from her mouth then licked it from tip to base, where her tongue tangled with Renee's. Lisa continued to stroke Josh's cock as she and Renee kissed. She pulled away from Renee's eager tongue and offered her Josh's cock. Renee then took it in her mouth and began to suck heavily upon it while Lisa stroked it. Josh grabbed Renee's head and urged them on as they both took turns with his cock. Lisa took over for Renee and drew it in and out of her mouth while Renee licked it from underneath.

"I want to fuck one of you bitches," Josh said breathlessly.

Renee looked up at him as she took his cock in her mouth. She took it in deep so it hit the back of her throat. She held it there a moment, deep throating him, then she slowly pulled her mouth away.

"You can have both of us baby. Which one you want first?"


Renee stood and pulled Lisa up with her. They walked to the bed. Lisa laid down while Renee got on all fours between her legs. Renee bent forward and wiggled her ass at Josh. She looked over her shoulder at him and smiled. "Come get it."

Josh was stroking his erect cock and staring at the sight before him. Two gorgeous older women naked on the bed and both eager to fuck. He walked up to Renee and caressed her round ass cheeks. He took his finger and rubbed it along her wet slit. Renee shook her ass a little more and said, "Come on Josh, fuck me!"

With that invitation Josh gripped her hip with one hand while inserting his cock into her pussy with the other. Renee sighed in satisfaction as he began to pound into her. She bent forward and stuck her tongue into Lisa's pussy.

"Renee yes, eat me!" Lisa moaned as she spread her legs wider. She cupped her own breasts, pinching the nipples as her friend ate her out. Renee sucked and slurped Lisa's hot juice out of her as Josh continued to drive his cock into Renee's willing cunt.

Josh's cock slipped out and Renee took this chance to scramble up until she was laying full length on Lisa. They laid belly to belly and breast to breast. Renee took Lisa's face in her hand and kissed her mouth hard. "Taste your pussy, Lisa," she whispered. Their tongues tangled and Renee ground her pelvis against Lisa. Josh knelt on the bed behind Renee and spread her legs on either side of Lisa's then he pushed into her cunt again. He fucked her rapidly, his dick sliding in and out of her as she and Lisa kissed passionately.

"I want the blonde now," Josh said as he pulled out of Renee. Renee got up off Lisa. Josh grabbed Lisa by the hair and pulled her toward his cock. He rammed his cock into her mouth, making her gag but he kept pushing forward. Soon she had all eight inches in her mouth and she was greedily sucking off Renee's juices. Josh pushed her back on the bed then grabbed her ankles and spread her legs up and over her head. Her cunt was exposed to his view and he bent and licked her swollen labia.

Lisa was in a delirious state of desire and Josh's lips and tongue worked her sensitive clit. Renee faced Josh and squatted over Lisa's face. She lowered her face onto Lisa's and cried out when Lisa's tongue began to work at her clit. Josh straightened up and drove his cock into Lisa's wet hot cunt. He still had a hold of her ankles and he bent her legs up and back even further as he fucked her with long, deep strokes.

Renee was now on her knees, getting eaten out by Lisa. She leaned forward and kissed Josh. Their tongues met and danced as he continued to pound Lisa's hole. Lisa's tongue was working on Renee's clit, licking and sucking on the hood covering it. Renee moved her pelvis back and forth against Lisa's face as she started to come. "Ahhhhhh yes!" she screamed. Her pussy quivered and coated Lisa's face with juice.

Renee rolled off Lisa and bent down and began to lick her friend's clit as Josh's cock continued to ravish Lisa's pussy. Lisa squirmed and moaned as she felt her own orgasm approaching.

"Ahhh ahhh ahhhhh!" she cried as she came. Renee licked Lisa's cunt and slurped up the come pouring out of the wet hole.

Josh pulled out and stood back, stroking his cock

"Both of you, kneel next to each other," he panted. Lisa, although drained from the force of her orgasm, obeyed and knelt next to Renee on the bed. Josh got behind Renee and began to fuck her. He slapped her ass then pulled out and stuck it in Lisa. He gave her a few strokes and reached down to play with her hanging tits. Lisa turned her head and her and Renee exchanged wet, sloppy kisses. They smelled each other's pussies on their breaths and they kissed frantically.

Josh pulled back out of Lisa and thrust again into Renee's moist cunt. "Bitch you're so good," he told her as he drove into her. "Your cunt is so fucking hot!"

"Fuck me Josh," she urged him. "Fuck me harder, give it to me!" She started to fuck him back and continued to kiss Lisa. With a groan Josh pulled out of Renee and stepped back.

"Both of you, turn around and take my jizz," he said, his voice tight with passion. The two women eagerly turned around and knelt in front of him. They opened their mouths, ready and willing to take his hot cum in their faces. He stroked his cock faster then with a hoarse groan he started to come. His jizz shot into their open mouths and into their hair. Thick, creamy goo shot into their eyes and splattered on their chests. Both girls licked his cock and sucked the rest of his come out of the tip then turned to each other and kissed. Lisa licked the come off Renee's face then offered it to Renee, who sucked it off Lisa's tongue.

Josh collapsed onto the bed, an arm covering his face. He panted heavily. The girls kneeled on either side of him and continued to clean off his cock. Then, when they were all done, they laid down on either side of him. Josh put an arm each one and they fell into an exhausted sleep.


Hours later Lisa let herself into her house. She made her way to her bedroom and went straight to the adjoining bathroom. She stripped off her clothes and started the shower. Although she had showered with Renee at the gym, she was covered with cum. Her body tingled and ached pleasantly. She got into the shower and stood under the hot spray for a few minutes then scrubbed herself clean with vanilla-scented body wash.

After drying off she wrapped a large towel around her body then turned off the bathroom light. She then made her way through the darkened room to the night stand next to the bed. She turned on the Tiffany lamp and the room was a washed in a soft glow. She was about to turn down the comforter when she saw the single red rose lying on the pillow with a sheet of her own scented stationary underneath it.

Anxiety gripped her stomach. She picked up the rose and smelled its delicate scent. Sitting down on the bed she picked up the stationary and read the note.

Dear Lisa,

I know what you did tonight. Josh couldn't wait to tell everyone about the two gorgeous women he fucked. It pissed me off to know that you let him fuck you. Expect a visit from me sometime soon. And Lisa- please remember that I love you and that you belong to me.


Lisa's breath caught in her throat. Michael. That was his name! He must have been at the club at some point tonight! She looked wildly around the room. Was he still in the house? The shrill ring of the telephone startled her and she jumped. She let it ring a few times before she answered it. "Hello?" she said hesitantly.


"Hello?" she said again, only louder this time.

"Did you get the rose?" asked a deep male voice.

Lisa shuddered when she recognized his voice. "Yes I did, thank you," she replied, her voice shaking. "H-how did you get in?" she asked.

"The same way I did the first time," he said, amused. "You do remember our first encounter, don't you Lisa?"

Like she could ever forget! "Yes I remember."

"Good. Remember what I said in the note. Expect a visit from me." The there was a click and he had hung up.

Lisa dropped the phone in the receiver and crawled under the quilts. She closed her eyes and thought about Michael behind her fucking her with long, smooth strokes. She shuddered and rolled over. She sighed and tried to relax. All she could think about was when and where he would show up again. Would it be tonight?


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