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Emily's Wish by Del Edwards

Emily's Wish

Copyright 1999 Del Edwards (a nom de plume)

Emily had showered after her morning jog and was working at her computer wearing a bathrobe. She had a late morning appointment and several in the afternoon she had said. She rose and moved out of sight through the bedroom door.

Two weeks ago the situation had been very similar. He had lay back on the bed propped up with a couple of pillows and was pleasuring himself while she dressed. "I don't have time," she had said. "I'll just make my first appointment." He just moaned at her and continued to stroke his swollen cock. She literally took him by surprise when she sat on the edge of the bed beside his hip, pulled his right hand away, stroked his slippery cock with her right hand in just the perfect way and caused him a screaming orgasm in less than thirty seconds. "I don't want you having that much fun unless I'm here with you," she said matter of factly. Two minutes later she had washed her hands and was gone.

He was lingering over the last swallow of coffee when she got up. He waited several minutes and then followed her. She was already into her satin and lace bustier and was fastening one of the garters to her stocking top. He got out of his yard work clothes and propped himself up on the bed with a couple of pillows. When she dressed like that he knew it was to intrigue him. It was a signal that fine sensuous things were to come. He lubricated his hand and cock and began stroking himself. His first groan of pleasure got her attention and she glanced at him from her vanity where she was finishing her hair.

"I'm just going to make my first appointment," she said as she stood. "I hope you're not making that stiffy for me," she added.

"No, I just thought I'd tease you a little by teasing it up. You know, give you something to think about while you're out and about... aaahhh," he told her. He was quite erect by the time she finished dressing. She stood at the foot of the bed with a small smile on her face. "Slip your panties off and let me fill you with my love," he whispered to her.

She shook her head and wagged her index finger at him. "Don't you dare come. I want that with a glass of wine when I get home before dinner." She pulled her skirt up, hooked her thumbs into the elastic straps of her bikini panties and slid them down her gorgeous legs, letting her skirt fall back into place. Slowly and gracefully she bent down and picked up her panties, extended her arm and dropped them between his feet as he lay on the bed stroking his swollen cock. "Something for you to think about while I am out and about," she smiled.

"Tease," he groaned at her.

"You started it," she retorted.

"You were dressing for it when I walked in here," he responded.

"True, I was going to surprise you when I got home," she said.

"I do love you woman," he moaned at her.

"I wish I could hear that from you when your dick isn't hard," she said. Her brown eyes were sparkling and there was an open-mouth grin on her face.

"You will, sooooon," he moaned to her as she disappeared out the door.

Many times that day the image of her going about her business pantyless intruded on his mind. His concentration was shattered over and over again. Finally he put down his book and began to address the swirling storm of emotion that was twisting inside him. He acknowledged that he was afraid that some virile stranger would happen by Emily, sense by smell and intuition that she was bare and take her for himself. The thought that some evil, twisted madman could somehow detect her vulnerability, lift her skirt and thrust himself into her caused him agony and made him breathless. Was he afraid for her or was he afraid he might lose her? Both, he decided. He wondered if he would want to go on with his life if Sweet Emily was not with him. A shudder swirled through his body. He got up and walked around the quiet house for several minutes while the terrible tension ebbed from him.

It was close to five when he heard her pull into the carport. He put down his book and padded to the kitchen in his bare feet. He was pouring her a glass of wine when she came through the door. She put her purse on the table, sat down and crossed her legs. "Every day I am afraid you won't come back to me. Every day you are the most important and beautiful thing in my life," he said to her, his throat thick with emotion. When he handed her the wineglass she took it delicately by the stem and sipped it. He pulled on the sash of the robe he was wearing and let it fall open revealing he was wearing nothing under it. "Sometimes I love you so much I feel like I'm going to come apart," he said to her. "And please notice that my dick isn't hard," he added.

She tipped her glass and took another sip of wine. As she moved the glass away from her lips tears spilled down her cheeks and she whispered, "Thank you." Her eyes clicked onto him as he poured some olive oil into a saucer and placed it on the table within her reach.

"Pleasure yourself and please me," he said to her.

"Okay," she replied as she brushed the tears from her cheeks. Then she stood for a moment, unfastened her skirt and let it drop to the floor. She was smiling as she unbuttoned her blouse and shrugged out of it. After she settled back into the chair she turned to her left and lifted her leg, placing her calf and foot on the table. Three fingers of her right hand dipped into the saucer and then moved to her crotch. Her hand went back for a second portion of oil and then began to slowly and gently massage her vulva. Soon she was murmuring as though she was experiencing a delicious food of some sort. Her legs were spread wide and her fingers moved a little higher to find and caress her firming clitoris. "Oh,oooh, Oooooooha," she announced.

"You are a beautiful and alluring woman. You excite me," he told her. He watched the tension build in her body as she pleasured herself upward toward orgasm. She was a delightful vision of feminine passion well appointed in her satin and lace bustier and stockings held in place by the straining garters. Less than a minute later she screeched and called out to god as orgasm seized and stilled her. Then she lay back weakly in the chair with a small smile on her lips.

She took a few minutes to finish her wine. Then she slowly leaned toward him, reached across the table, touched the back of his hand and said, "Come with me this time."

He nodded and told her, "After you come, you come onto me and I come in you, right?"

"That's a lot of comin'," she giggled. He smiled and dipped his fingers into the oil in the saucer between them.

Ten minutes later he had to stop stroking himself momentarily to keep from coming. Emily had her second orgasm and was moving upward toward a third. He dipped his fingers into the oil and stroked just the shrinking head of his cock. He heard himself utter a mournful groan. He was very close to orgasm even though the head wasn't fully swollen and the eye was closed. He paid strict attention to his own level of excitement. It was important to both of them that they be physically united because that was symbolic of their spiritual union at the moment when they were most alive and joyous.

His cries of pleasure, he liked to believe, pushed Emily over the edge to her third orgasm.

"Aaaahhha!, Oowww, Ehhh, Oh God!," she yelled. Then she was on her feet, straddle walking past his knees. As she settled onto him there was that delicious warmth that he always found in her. "I capture you with my love," she moaned. Then she began rocking her hips and chanting, "Love,love,love" He felt the slipperiness of the satin bustier against his chest and saw that the front garters attached to her stockings were limp as she plunged down onto his swollen, aching stiffness again and again. Then the lightning strike came. He roared in her face as pure ecstasy swept through him and he blasted his juice into her.

She hugged him until he limply slid out of her. Then she leaned back and put her hands on his shoulders. She had a pleased and contented glow about her. He smiled and said, "What goes between us is beyond what words can describe, but let me try. You know, for a middle-aged Unitarian minister, you're a fantastic fuck!" Her brown eyes sparkled and a silent laugh opened her mouth. "And that's only one of many reasons why I love you," he told her. More tears spilled out of her eyes. Then he felt his own eyes rim with tears and he cried with her in pure joy.

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