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Eden's Garden by

Eden's Garden

There I was, 22, out of work again and feeling a real need for new scenery, so I moved. The first few weeks were terrible, going from club to club, auditioning for managers who couldn't care less who I was much less what I could do. It was at the end of one of those longer than usual days that I just gave up. I knew this audition wasn't going to go anywhere, but I got up on the stage anyway.

The manager was at a table back from the stage. My music started and I started moving to it. My feet hurt. I was down to my bra and g-string when I noticed the manager starting to write something down. He wasn't even paying attention to me! That was it. I pulled out the stops. I danced to the very edge of the stage, slipping off my bra. I grabbed my tits by my nipple rings and tugged at them. That caught his attention!

I love it when men look at me and I know what they're thinking and he was thinking about fucking me. I got right to the edge of the stage, kneeled down, leaned over and licked my right tit and then my left tit. He licked his lips. I smiled at him and then did the splits. I had his full attention now. I slid my g-string down my hips. His eyes were locked on my shaved cunt. I knew he was getting hard.

I loved the way I felt. I was down on my knees at the very edge of the stage, then sliding back with my legs spread wide and turning over, looking back at him from between my legs. He was smiling. I was feeling more and more powerful and excited. The stage was a little more than two feet high, so I stepped right up to the edge and then stepped down to the floor. I was going to get this job.

He sat up in his chair as I moved toward him. I didn't miss a beat. The music seemed louder off the stage. I got between his legs and leaned against his chest, letting my nipples brush against his lips. I wanted to see how far he'd go. It only took a minute to find out. He opened his mouth and I let my nipple pop right in. He started to suck as I straddled and ground against his leg.

I was about as turned on as I could get from dancing. He reached his arms around me and slowly started to stroke my ass cheeks. I took my nipple from between his lips and gave him the other to suck. That's when I felt his hand on my pussy. I let him push a finger up inside me. I was incredibly wet. Another finger followed. I started fucking his fingers, riding up and down on them.

I was almost ready to cum when he pulled his hand away. I looked down and watched him unzip his fly and take out his cock. His hard-on poked out at me. I took hold of it and guided it right into my wet snatch. He groaned as I slid down the full length of his prick. I held him in my cunt for a minute, then he grabbed my hips and I started fucking him.

I couldn't believe how hard he was. He grabbed my ass cheeks and slammed up into me. It felt so good. This day hadn't been a waste after all. He licked at my tits as they bounced in front of his face, his tongue swirling over and between them. I loved the way his meat slid right up into my pussy, filling me all the way up. I came hard all of a sudden, but he didn't stop. I didn't mind at all.

He leaned back and told me to get up, turn around and take his cock up my ass. When he said it, it sounded too good to pass up. I turned around, leaned over, reached between my legs and guided his hard prick into my asshole. It was a tight fit, but he was well-lubed by my pussy juice. First the head made it in, then slowly the whole shaft. He had filled my pussy, so he was packing my asshole.

He grabbed my ass cheeks and held them tight around his cock. He pulled me completely onto his dick and grabbed my tits, telling me to fuck him. He didn't have to say it again. I bounced up and down on his fuckpole while he held my tits by their nipple rings. The pain was delicious. I started fingering my clit, running my fingers along his cock as it moved in and out of my ass.

He started breathing harder, moaning, his whole body thrusting at me harder and harder. I leaned forward and let his cock slide almost all the way out of me, then I rocked back down, taking him up my butt all the way to his balls. Holding him in my ass, I reached down and began to stroke his cum-filled nuts. It only took a minute and he started shooting. I could feel the hot streams of jizz filling up my butt. I took every drop.

When I got up, he slowly pulled himself together, zipped himself and smiled at me. I got my g-string and bra off the stage. He told me to get the rest of my clothes, so he could take me out to dinner before I started work. I knew I'd get the job. All it took was a little know-how.

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