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Ecstasy on New Year's Eve by Always_luscious

Ecstasy on New Year's Eve

Special thanks to The Purvv for fleshing me out of his email friends and encouraging me to write this story. The author especially appreciates his help in editing and enhancing it.

I met my boyfriend Matthew at a mutual friend's Y2K New Year's Eve party. He and I hit it off so much so that I spent the rest of the next day in bed with him.

I guess that you could call me a troubled teenager because by then I was constantly fighting with my mother and not doing well in school. I can't say that I was the class slut but by the time I was 17 I had done my share of guys. I happened to be one of those girls that enjoyed sex immensely and during that ensuing year my pleasures and needs became even greater as Matthew used my in every way possible and I loved every bit of it. He was a great teacher, fucker and lover. By the end of June, when school had finished I had already made up my mind to quit and I moved out of my house and in with my boyfriend.

I guess that it was around Halloween that he first mentioned his fantasy of a threesome and by Thanksgiving he was really into the idea mentally. At first I wouldn't even hear of it but by the time that Christmas rolled around I probably was hotter about the fantasy that he was. At least once a day he would verbalize his dream while he was filling one or another of my holes.

Exactly a year to the date that I met him, I again went to another New Year's Eve party, only this time I went with Matthew. Around 10 PM he introduced my to one of his friends from work, a young black dude about 20 years of age and built like a body builder. His name was Chris. A little while later while dancing with my boyfriend he whispered in my ear that Chris had a reputation of having the biggest cock in the office where they worked. I don't know why but those words seemed to excite my somewhat.

I'm not sure how I got into the shape I ended up in, but I think my boyfriend might have spiked my drink with Ecstasy. By the time that the New Year rolled around I was pretty well on my way to mental oblivion. About all that I remember of Chris from midnight until two hours later at the apartment, was that when he moved in to kiss my for the New Year, I felt his crotch at mine and feeling his lump I instinctively pushed myself harder into him. The only other thing that I remembered of him was that he left the party with my boyfriend and I.

I actually must have fallen asleep on the way and the two of them managed to lay my on the couch. It was there that I regained my consciousness in whatever state that I was in. I was pretty drunk by the time that Matthew and Chris joined my there.

My boyfriend started kissing me and his hands roved over my blouse over my tits, squeezing them gently and pinching lightly on the nipples the way that he knows I like. I groaned softly as his mouth attacked mine at the same time that he was feeling my up. Even though I knew that Chris was watching us I made no effort to stop what was happening. I was beginning to feel a strange excitement.

One thing led to another and soon Matthew's hands were inside my clothes and he was sliding his body over between my legs. Suddenly, I looked up and saw the black muscled man alongside and then Chris was leaning over to kiss my, and that seemed kind of weird because I had just remembered Matthew's mouth on mine.

I must have blacked out for a bit because the next thing that I knew I was lying there naked on my back on top of Matthew and I could feel his cock pushing up into my ass and I realized he was about to ass fuck me, the way that we both like.

Then I opened my eyes and to my surprise I saw Chris standing there naked between my spread legs with his huge black cock pointing right at me. I was almost going to scream with the shock of it, but his prick was already shiny with the precum dripping from it and he was leaning toward my crotch. The excitement began to mount within me and I felt my heartbeat quicken when I realized that I was about to have two cocks inside me for the first time in my life. Matthew's cock shoved up my asshole, forcing my hips to jut out just as Chris sank his massive cock into my open cunt. I was both shocked and in complete awe at what was happening. Both cocks were fucking into me!

At first their movements were kind of jagged and I felt mostly pain but within a couple of minutes they each got their rhythm together and they began in unison. At first one cock would fuck into me while the other one was fucking out and I could hear myself moaning from the wild pleasures that I was starting to feel.

Then Matthew said, "Let's give it to her both at once, man."

They shifted gears and suddenly they were both shoving their throbbing cocks into me at the same time and I felt spread open wider than ever before. I kept moaning, almost incoherently, throughout this wonderful thing. I felt like screaming. I couldn't even tell which cock was fucking inside my ass and which cock was fucking my cunt or whether they were both fucking me in the same hole. I just felt completely filled and stuffed when they stroked in, spread wide open and totally empty when they pulled out.

Their strokes kept getting longer and longer until both guys were humping their hips like pistons and I could hear them both panting along with my own moans. All three of us were in sexual heaven. I could hear the slapping sounds they made against my hips every time they shoved into me, and the squishy sounds my cunt and asshole made every time they pulled out. I didn't know how much more of this I could take, but I did know that I'd crossed over onto a new level of sexual pleasure. I still couldn't believe I actually had two cocks inside me at once, but I knew would never be the same after this.

My moans grew louder and louder and Matthew said, "See, Man, I told you she was hot. See how tight her cunt is? Now get ready...I'm almost there...I'm gonna go when I do!"

Suddenly he shoved in deep up my asshole and held his prick all the way in and then I felt his scalding hot sperm burst into my tender rectum.

"NNNNNNNNGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!" My voice started one long unbroken moan because the sperm was shooting inside me again...and then again... and his cock kept shooting up my asshole. I felt like I was being transported to heaven.

Matthew's strokes were moving faster and faster as my hips bucked up at him and my own orgasm was suddenly upon me, while Matthew was gasping and shooting out the last of his sperm. Suddenly Chris pulled his monster shaft right out of my pulsating cunt and I let out a wail of displeasure. I felt terrible because my cunt was suddenly so empty, until I then saw him leaning over me and his huge prick started spurting hot cum all over me.

The first spurt hit my crotch and trailed up from my bush to my navel. Another one covered my belly and the third one hit my left breast and drooled into the front of my neck. The next spurt hit my right nipple and I was still moaning when the fifth burst hit my chin and shot upon my face, leaving a trail across my cheek and eye and into my hair while, at the same time, dripping one small gob into my open mouth.

I loved it all, hot and thick and slippery, and my hips ground away at Matthew's cock, which was still in my ass as I went into my second orgasm.

By the time my spasm wore off I became aware that they had flipped me onto the floor on my hands and knees. The cum was running down my thighs from my well-fucked asshole as Matthew spread my legs wide and propped my smooth, well-shaped ass up high. Chris's cum was dripping off my chin and both my nipples as he moved around in front of my face. I was covered in cum and I'd already came twice, but they weren't finished with me yet.

I felt Matthew's hands pulling back on my hips and opening my crotch wide, the way he always did when he fucked me doggie style. A second after I felt the familiar blunt head of his prick probing my sopping cunt-lips. I held my breath, waiting for him to thrust his cock shaft deep down into by now well-soaked pussy.

"Okay, Babe," I heard Matthew say. "Now's your chance to show Chris here just what a special girl you are. Show him your best blow job while I keep you cummin' back here, right?" With those last words, Matthew's hips jerked forward and my aching cunt was pried wide open by his cock as it slid way up inside me. He held it deep inside for what seemed like a pleasured eternity. I felt it jumping inside me as he said, "Open your eyes, babe."

I did and there, only inches away, was Chris's cock, not completely hard yet but it was already longer and thicker than any cock I had ever sucked before. It throbbed toward my mouth, growing thicker and stiffer, the hole at the end of his swollen head dripping the last bit of his cum. I could see that the whole head and the length of his shaft glistened wetly and I knew his cock was covered with the juices my cunt had gushed while he had been fucking me.

Matthew's cock started moving slowly in me. "Yeah, Babe, that's right, first you gotta suck off all that fuck-juice you left on him. Lucky for you there's still a lot of it left for me here in your squishy little cunt." He shoved into me hard. "C'mon, Man, feed her that slimy dick of yours. Make her taste herself on you and lick you clean. Then I want you to fuck her throat until she gags."

I was already gasping from Matthew's long, slow thrusts up into my cunt, and Chris simply grabbed my head and slid his cock into my open mouth.

Once again I had two cocks inside my at once! Only this time instead of a cock in back and a cock in front, I was taking one cock in one end and another in my other end. I felt skewered by cocks, and my moaning grew more frantic as the feeling grew that they were turning me into one big fuck-hole and I might melt into one monstrous orgasm that would never end.

I was feeling pretty exhausted and I was sweating heavily now and covered with cum and moaning up a storm but I knew the two cocks weren't going to stop moving inside me and that knowledge made me the happiest girl on earth at that moment because I didn't want them to stop. Maybe I was just born to fuck. Maybe my perfect life was to be somebody's sex slave. Maybe my holes needed to be filled with cocks. Right now my holes were getting filled pretty good, and it was driving my crazy.

Chris's cock tasted like cunt... Mine! Hungrily, I tightened my lips, urgently wanting to pull all my fuck-juice off his huge beautiful brown shaft. It pooled on my tongue and I tasted it for three or four cock strokes before I swallowed.

I can't explain it but I actually liked tasting myself on his cock and as Matthew continued pounding my from behind I licked out with my tongue to get the cunt-juice that had dripped down onto Chris's balls. I sucked his balls for a minute or so, moaning to Matthew's deep strokes in my cunt, until Chris lifted my face back up to his cock-head and shoved my mouth back down his shaft.

His cock was longer and thicker than any cock I'd ever sucked before and I started to gag as he pulled my head further and his prick-head probed past the back of my mouth and slid into my throat passage. Slowly he fed me just a bit of swollen hot dick meat. Then a half-inch was into my gagging gullet, then an inch, and then two inches! I hardly paid attention to Matthew's deep fucking as I struggled to relax my throat muscles around Chris's huge shaft.

"Yeah, Chris," said Matthew. "Make her deep throat it. Shell gag a little when you do it, but she'll get over that. Right, Babe? Then you can really ream her throat out good. She's got a great mouth for sucking cock, doesn't she? And she actually loves sucking more than anything, don't you, Babe? You can hardly wait for his balls to explode, can you?"

Now I had Chris's cock and balls all cleaned off and his cock-head was wedged tight in my throat and I knew there'd be no more juice to lick or drink until I sucked more out of him. I knew Matthew was watching me over my shoulder as he fucked harder and harder into my sopping pussy. He'd never watched me before, and the whole scene added to the excitement that had been building for the last half hour of double fucking.

My whole body was rocking back and forth between their sliding cocks, and now I started to get a little passionately hysterical, sucking eagerly on Chris's throat-filling cock and letting out an animal-wild roaring moan through my muffled lips every time Matthew's cock shoved home and I felt both of my holes stuffed full at once.

They were both fucking their cocks harder and faster now, driving them deep inside my holes as my moaning came faster and faster and higher and higher with every double stroke from their cocks until finally I was wailing one unbroken high-pitched sound that was more like a fierce whimper than a moan. I could just barely hear Matthew's voice egging me on.

"Suck him, Babe...That's it... yeah, get it all. That's right, moan for it, Babe. Beg him for it... yeah, you know you want it... you know you want more... yeah, you can do it... you can make him give it up... you can get his cum again... yeah, that's right." Then he spoke to Chris again, "Hey, man, her pussy's starting to clutch me the way it always does before she cums. She loves you in her throat, man! It's making her cum! Let's really finish her off here."

With that Matthew grabbed my hips harder and pulled them violently back on his cock until I could hear his balls slapping against my churning upturned ass. At the same time, Chris pulled my face even closer to his prick, and I felt my lips hit the end of his shaft. My nose buried in his pubic hairs, his balls slapped my chin, his cock head pushed another inch into my throat and I couldn't stop humping back at Matthew and sucking frantically on Chris's cock. Then suddenly I knew he was starting to cum again and I could tell before it even got going that this was gonna be the mother of all cums and it was gonna take my head right off.

I started screaming muffled screams in my fully stuffed mouth and then Matthew's cock jerked big time and I could feel his sperm bursting into my cunt hole. My screams got more frantic as my own cum built and the vibrations from my screaming shot down Chris's cock into his balls and his cum load started erupting up out of his balls. I felt his cock jump in my mouth and my tongue instinctively pressed up against the tube along the underside of his shaft to feel his hot fuck-juice rushing up inside the tube toward the huge swollen prick-head that was throbbing deep in my throat.

I would have collapsed right there on the floor as my orgasm hit and my whole body started shaking, but they held me tight at my hips and my head. Finally, Chris dug his fingers into my hair and gave one last great thrust as the first monster spurt of his sperm burst out the hole in his cock and flooded my throat and my gullet started gulping desperately to get it all. I'd never sucked such thick cum out of a guy's cock before, and now the second spurt was already shooting into my mouth and then a third...and I drank it all down with huge frantic gulps.

I swallowed most of it down but by the fourth spurt I started screaming again 'cause I knew I couldn't swallow it all and I could feel the extra thick hot cum spilling out of my lips and smearing my cheeks and chin and my umpteenth orgasm ripped through every nerve in my body and my two cock-filled fuck holes took over my body and I screamed wildly. The sound was a truly off the wall scream of a girl who'd been transformed into one big cumming mouth-hole cunt-hole mouth.

"Yeah, man, that's it, give it to her... give her all of it... drown her with it... She's always hungry for more, so give my what she wants... She's getting all she take this time, yeah!"

Matthew was right. My mind went numb as I just sucked and swallowed and gulped, gulped and swallowed, sucked and gulped, over an over and over for what seemed like forever and Chris must have sent seven or eight huge wads down my throat. My lips and chin were coated with gooey dripping cum, thick strings dripping down as he slowly pulled his still thick cock-shaft all the way up from my throat, past my spermy lips, and out of my mouth. Then, when he held his cock to my lips again I had just enough energy left to lick him clean and swallow the last drippy spurt of his jism. I smiled contentedly as I felt it sliding down into my belly before I collapsed on the floor in a spermy, sweating heap of satisfied cunt-flesh.

Hopefully, my year will be as great as this first night.

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