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East Meets West in a Delightful Foursome... by Captain Squall

East Meets West in a Delightful Foursome...

My partner turned to me, leaned over and said with a mischievous smile, "I think this is as good an opportunity that I'll ever get for that fantasy time we spoke about...." We had talked extensively about this before, when she said that one day she would like to have the undivided attention of two sympathetic and sensual men - and perhaps have the bonus of making love with a woman, if the opportunity arose. It was a very frank admission for my wife who was usually sexually conservative. But our children were grown up and had left home and we were "rediscovering" each other again.

Well, here we were, with two very close friends at their home one warm summer's evening, having just finished dinner and we were relaxing in the lounge. Our hosts exchanged knowing smiles as they heard Jenny's suggestion.

Jenny took a deep breath, gave my hand a squeeze, then said, "Isn't it the Nike advert that says, "Just Do It"? I guess this is my moment of truth! So perhaps I'll go on up first?" And before any of us had a chance to say anything, she got up, and with a inviting smile to all of us, walked slowly up the stairs to the main bedroom. "Well!" I replied, after a minute or so when I had recovered. "We had better not keep the lady waiting too long!" "Akira", I said to my Japanese host, "after you, my friend." Akira stood and he smiled as well and left the room, trying not to appear as if he was in a hurry - the bulge in his trousers revealing his true feelings. I remained behind and spoke with his very attractive partner, Kuki, whom was looking quite amused by this behaviour. "Don't worry", she laughed, tossing back her waist-length black hair, "I don't want to shock you but we've actually had a foursome before - so we think we know how to enjoy ourselves. Jenny - and you - will be in good hands." Her almond eyes, visible above the rim of her champagne glass, gazed sensually across the room to me.

Upstairs, Jenny had just undressed and was only wearing her brief knickers and feeling more than a little apprehensive, leaning on one elbow on the bed when Akira entered the room. He leaned over the bed, and kissed her softly on the lips. "Well, here we are...I know this is something of a "first" for you, but please relax and I'll look after you" he said. "Mmmm....I hope so" murmured Jenny, reaching over and cautiously touching the bulge in his trousers. "This is the first time for me but......I think I wouldn't want to wait any more", she said. She watched as he undressed, stripping down to his boxer shorts, which were now in a state of elevation. In the dim light he then stepped out of his shorts and for the first time, Jenny saw him and all his manhood. His penis was majestic by any standards, long and thick, perhaps seven to eight inches long, with a larger than expected glans at its tip. His balls were pendulous and Jenny tentatively reached out and cupped them in her hands. The first touch of a man's genitalia other than her husband was suddenly very arousing and she felt a surge of pleasure and almost felt the warmth and wetness between her legs. She was breathing deeply and she knew her heart was beating much faster than usual. Akira's balls felt soft and velvety as she weighed them in her hands and then she took his shaft in one hand while cupping his balls in the other. Her hand could barely fit around it but she could feel its latent power and warmth, and its firmness and rigidity surprised her. After a moment's hesitation she moved forward and took the tip of his penis in her mouth, flicking the underside of his glans with her tongue. There was a taste that was neutral but not unpleasant and Jenny started to feel a sexual urge and tingling sensation, knowing that she was giving this man a sensation he would never forget. Akira gasped and clasped her hair in his hands and pulled her gently towards him. She smelt the warm muskiness of his cologne and this combined with the aromatic candle in the room brought her a strong sexual urge in her loins. She slid her mouth from his now almost rock-hard penis and whispered with a sense of urgency, "Please, please .... I need to feel that inside me - now." She lay back on the bed, allowing Akira to gently remove her knickers - and he noticed that there was already a damp patch in the crutch....

Meanwhile downstairs I said, "It's time we joined the fun", and I took Kuki by the hand and we, too, climbed the stairs and entered the bedroom. In the soft glow of the aromatic candles, we could see that Jenny was now on her hands and knees on the bed and Akira was kneeling behind her, holding his thick, hard penis in his hand. This was the first time I had seen my wife naked with another man, and the erotic sight made my cock even harder - it was the turn-on I had anticipated. Akira, with one hand on Jenny's soft buttocks, guided his generous cock gently into the entrance of her vulva, rotating it slowly , and letting the bulbous head and generous shaft become moistened by Jenny's copious juices. She looked across at us and smiled a little embarrassed but she said hoarsely "Come over and watch us - knowing that you're both here will hopefully make it even more enjoyable....oh...ahhh" - her voice trailed off as she felt Akira's manhood entering her.

The fact that the four of us were now in the one bedroom seemed to give extra vitality and urgency to Akira's penis, which seemed to have grown and now looked almost as thick as a lady's arm, pointing outward majestically from his body, making contact with my wife's cunt. Jenny moved her knees apart on the bed and then leaned forward to rest on her elbows, which had the effect of raising her hips and opening up her wet swollen lips, an invitation too good for Akira to resist. Taking his weight on his hands he slowly but firmly he leaned forward, sliding almost the whole length of his penis into the wet folds of her vagina. By using little forward and backward movements the whole length of his hrad shaft was well lubricated and it slid into her without any resistance . I watched fascinatted as first the bulbous tip disappeared in her vaginal folds, then the shaft until his balls were touching her vulva. Now his black bush of pubic hair was enmeshed with hers - giving the whole scene a measure of surrealism. As he slid in and out, deeper and deeper inside her, Jenny gasped at the capacity she now knew she had, as she felt the warmth and gentle pulsing of Akira's cock, as he flexed inside her, and his balls bumped the swollen and engorged rolls of her vulva. Any doubts she had about accommodating him were lost in the flood of sensual pleasure she had in her lower body. He chuckled with satisfaction and leaned forward and kissed her neck while caressing her back. He reached under her and fondled a breast, which appeared to have become bigger with the sensuality of the moment. Jenny could feel how her labia and entire vaginal opening had gently stretched, surprisingly easily, to take in his penis and he was now full-length inside her - and she felt its warmth and flexing in her vaginal walls.

Jenny was now starting to rock backwards and forwards, almost involuntarily, eager to feel the sensation of this new, masculine feel deep inside her moist cunt, stretched to new limits by this wondrous thing. Akira was also starting to feel the alternate clamping and releasing of Jenny's vaginal muscles and she grasped his cock to increase the sensations. She thought to herself, if this is what it's like to accommodate someone like Akira then I have denied myself too long...but now I am going to enjoy this to the hilt, smiling to herself at her unintended pun.

Kuki and I had now undressed and climbed onto the bed. Kuki lay down under Jenny and started to caress and softly suck on her erect and sensitive nipples. This made Jenny gasp in pleasure, now knowing that two of her best friends were singularly devoted to her getting the maximum pleasure of this fantasy she had decided to act out. Jenny could see Kuki's nakedness, her small but well shaped breasts and her slim body, with its larger than usual (for a Japanese) bushy, mound of pubic hair. This was also an arousing sight knowing that she would later that night kiss that beautiful mound and reach inside with her tongue. That thought made Jenny feel a surge in her loins and actually experienced the wetness of her full vulva and along her inner thighs.

Kuki then reached down next to the bed and grasped her strap-on double-ended dildo, and she skillfully eased one end into her own wet folds and then secured it around her waist. "I've always wanted to make love to you, my sweet" she whispered into Jenny's ear. A little reluctantly Akira slowly withdrew his glistening cock and moved to the side of the bed while Jenny moved over to lay on her back with her knees clasped to her chest, revealing her inviting mound still wet with anticipation and distorted due to taking in Akira's thick cock.

Separating Jenny's legs, Kuki leaned forward and slowly guided the thick shaft of the lubricated dildo into her wetness. Jenny gasped with pleasure and reached up and clasped her hands on Kuki's round buttocks, pulling her deeper inside with a rhythmic, rocking motion. The combined effect of Kuki's slow pumping and Jenny's clasping of her buttocks brought them quickly to several intense orgasms. Jenny by now had wrapped her legs around Kuki's back, clamping her firmly. She wanted to keep this fantastic thing inside her as long as possible. Kuki leaned forward and plunged her tongue deep into Jenny's mouth, who responded in kind. The sight of these two sensual ladies lost in their lust, kissing intently and bringing paroxysms of desire to each other made both Akira and myself doubly hard. Jenny then quickly reversed the position, being the dominant lover as she hovered over Kuki, then started to pump repeatedly, the sensation of her end of the dildo making her passage wetter and wetter, and giving her longer and more intense orgasms - more intense than she had ever experienced before.

Akira then whispered something in Jenny's ear and she nodded. He the gently eased himself over onto his back, as Kuki moved away from her and removed the now glistening dildo. "I'm ready for the real thing, but this time in the other entrance" said Jenny with a soft moan. Jenny then crouched over Akira, facing his feet, then straddled him and with the moistness of his cock, relaxed her muscles completely and eased herself down onto him, but this time she guided his cock slowly into her anus, onto which she had applied some lubricating jelly. She then lay back, while her body adjusted to the new intrusion, revealing his cock disappearing into the warmness of her, but now revealing above an inviting pussy, wet and waiting for me. I then carefully lowered myself onto her, and my now hard cock easily slipped inside her distended passage. She hissed loudly through her teeth in pleasure at the double sensation of a man underneath, with his cock deep in her anus, and now with me on top of her, with my full length inside. She had dreamed and fantasized about this very position for some time - taking two men in both of her holes - more easily than she thought and certainly with more intense sensations of sexual pleasure. She felt fully stuffed with cock, with new pleasurable sensations now coursing through her shaking body.

Jenny had by now lost all pretence of control and she started to jerk involuntarily, just lost in the waves of pleasure and lust as they rolled over her. She was also moaning incoherently, occasionally gasping and crying out in her lust. She closed her eyes and focussed on her feelings of fullness in her front and rear passages. She now felt the two cocks rubbing each other through the thin membrane between her front and rear passages and her muscles started to twitch inside. She felt full of warm flesh - a sensation she had long yearned for and one-day knew she would feel...

Suddenly her body shook uncontrollably, and she cried out, releasing a burst of vaginal juices as the first of several intense and long-lasting orgasms flicked her into and out of almost semi-consciousness. Beneath her, Akira grunted again, and with a deep moan, discharged several warm generous bursts of semen into her - and Jenny felt sure she felt its warmth inside...and it started to trickle down the inside of her hot thighs.

At this stage I could no longer restrain myself and I too cried out, and discharged an unusually long burst of warm cum inside Jenny's now dripping cunt. Five, six, then seven bursts of semen were discharged, shooting deep inside Jenny. The experience of another man inside Jenny seemed to heighten the sexual peaks and this drained me of most of my fluid. The join of two cocks, a wet vagina and a now wet anus was now flowing with warm, sweet semen. We all continued to rock backwards and forwards for some moments. Suddenly, Jenny started to slowly heave again as another the waves of pleasure of another orgasm approached. She was still at her peak or arousal and needed little stimulation to bring on several more shattering orgasms.

Our cocks had now got hard again with this sudden and unexpected bonus and the mutual pumping of the three of us started again, and there we were - three people, heaving and bucking, as the entire focus was now where the three of us were joined. Kuki by now was even wetter as she watched with envy - but she knew her turn would come later. She eagerly moved to position herself over her partner's face, and lowered her wet cunt slowly onto Akira's mouth - his tongue then flicked out and hungrily pushed deep inside her, caressing her labia and lightly flicking her erect clitoris. This made Kuki cry out, again with gasps of pleasure. Jenny was the first to come again, and she cried out, her mouth was open, her eyes were glazed as she alternately clamped and released the two cocks. This had the double effect of bringing on my own and Akira's orgasm as we shot our loads again, deep inside. Kuki was also bucking on Akira's face as she came several times quickly in succession, releasing her own generous supply of juices onto his face.

We then seemed to all sigh simultaneously - and we all laughed a little self-consciously together. The four of us then lay there, catching our breath - Jenny, lying on her side was now sandwiched between Akira and Kuki - and they both stroked her gently, kissing and cuddling her with satisfaction. Jenny lay back in a state of relaxation and satisfaction she had not experienced for some time...

That turned out to be the longest, most pleasurable night of our lives and we must have tried every combination we could...and we never felt self-conscious or guilty....and despite Jenny's initial concerns, she never felt shy or apprehensive about what we had all shared. Our own love-life took on a renewed vitality as we reflected on that on night of pleasure....

Our relationship with Akira and Kuki was cemented that evening. We occasionally re-enacted that wonderful night and on more than one occasion we exchanged our partners for the night. Our relationships with our own partners were actually enhanced and we realised we loved our partners even more - a new level of maturity and understanding entering our lives....

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