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Dumb Fuck

This is a story about a Dumb woman.

I was 19 at the time, and working on a Golf Course doing this and that, kind of a clean up boy! I did all the jobs no-one else wanted to do. One of which was being at the beck and call of Lisa, the wife of the Boss. She was about 42, with shoulder length hair, not what you would call a beauty but she did have a nice smile and pretty eyes which didn't make her a total loss. On the slender side, with nice breasts, she usually wore baggy ass pants which aren't the most sexy apparel on a woman.

Now Lisa worked at the front desk, taking green fees, tee times, greeting golfers, and helping with the canteen. Anyone coming in contact with her wasn't long in feeling something wasn't quite right. She had a very confusing way about her. She could leave you feeling like a dummy just because you made a change to a purchase. As ordering a sandwich after she had totalled the tax to the original purchase. Paying off a membership fee with money, if you had already made a part payment before, could easily leave you thrown for a loop! Handling money and figuring in her head weren't two of her best skills. Calculators seemed to give her a hard time and really only added to the confusion! So when all was said and done, you were either left shaking your head in disbelief or counting your change wondering if she had over charged you.

Sometimes it seemed she handled things in the most confusing and unbelievable ways possible, on purpose.

So it was my job to see she didn't drive everyone else nuts with her ways, just me!

I was her Gopher. David Go for this, David Go for that.

"David would you get me a case of pop."

"David would you take out the trash."

On and on all day, she nearly drove me crazy at times with her little tasks. I did have other duties. Like cleaning the rental equipment, emptying ashtrays, sweeping the floor. Important stuff!

Yet no sooner would I start a job than I would hear her calling my name. Hearing your name called fifty times a day, kind of got on my nerves after a while, even if it was my job. She didn't have two clues as far as I could tell. I sometimes even wondered what it would be like to Fuck something that Dumb.

In August the Golf Course made the cover of Golf Magazine, and Jim (our boss) made the announcement he was giving a party for the employees. It took a week to arrange but after closing on Saturday at 9:00, we prepared to Party! Jim started things by making a short opening speech, thanking us for all our hard work and declaring an open bar. So with lots of food and music by 10:00 everyone was feeling no pain and having a good time. It didn't bother me as I staggered around that I hadn't seen Lisa. I saw too much of her anyway! About 10:15 I almost dropped my drink when I saw her walk into the room in a low cut blouse and mini skirt. Wow, for a moment she stunned me all dressed up. She was one damn good looking woman. Gone were the baggy pants and work day blouse, she was dressed to kill! I couldn't help but turn and follow her with my eyes as she walked by. The way she walked, the firm tight ass, gave me one thought.

"Boy, that would be one hell of a fuck!" I said.

Instantly realizing I had said it out loud! Quickly I looked around but no one appeared to have heard what I said. Badly shaken over the fright I had gave myself, I downed the last of my drink and headed for the bar.

11:30 found me sitting on the floor with Susan, a 17 year old canteen worker. Things were looking good. She had a nice glow to her eyes and I was trying to get her to go for a drive, when Jim found me.

"David, I need your help."

I got to my feet as best I could.

"Yes Boss, what can I do for you?"

Putting his arm around me, he directed me off to one side.

"David I need a big favor."

"Sure Boss, name it."

Now Jim was feeling no pain either as he liked to drink.

"Lisa's drunk David. She's staggering all over the place making a nuisance of herself. She's on medication and shouldn't be drinking, but that's Lisa. I would like you to get her out of here before she hurts herself."

"You want me to take her to the hospital?"

"NO, she has done this before. The last time she drank with this medicine, it made her a little wild but nothing harmful."

Jim laughed, then said.

"Funny part, in the morning she had a big head but couldn't remember a damn thing. Nothing, not even where she was."

He gave another laugh.

"She had a big head and couldn't even remember drinking!"

As he laughed again, I saw his eyes glance toward his well built secretary in the corner, who was looking very vulnerable in her present alcoholic state.

"Just take her home and drop her on the sofa. I would myself, but I can't just leave the party being the host."

Again I saw his eyes glance over toward his Secretary.

"No problem Boss, I can handle that."

"I knew I could count on you."

We found Lisa on the front patio with a half bottle of Morgan's Spiked cherry, singing at the top of her lungs to the night sky.

"Lisa." Jim said as he walked up to her.

She turned with a whirl, and nearly fell over a plastic table but Jim caught her.

"Oh, Jim. Where have you been?" all excited.

"Easy Lisa, I hear you are drunk."

"No I'm not." She said, sticking out her chest and giving him a naughty little smile. She didn't seem that drunk, but my eyes were on her tits anyway, so who was I to say.

"Look I don't want to argue. David is going to drive you home."

"NOoooooo, YOU drive me home Jimmy baby!"

"I can't leave. Now go with David."

"No, I am not going." She moved up close to Jim and said very softly.

"But Jimmy honey, You take bad little Lisa home and little Lisa will make it worth your while."

Jim smiled.

"Down Lisa, You are drunk and in no condition to make promises you can't keep. David's going to drive you home."

"But I want you to take me home, I would be nice, please Jimmy."

"No, I am staying. Now go with David."

"NO, I am NOT GOING!" her voice rising.

Jim gave me a little smile, then turned to Lisa and whispered something in her ear. She turned white and took a step back.

"You won't dare!"

"Don't push me Lisa. I don't like it when you are like this."

"You dirty bastard!"

"Go with David, Lisa. Please!"

She gave Jim a Look that could kill, then throwing one of the patio tables out of her way, headed for the parking lot.

We both watched her stomp away.

"As you can see she gets a little hostile on that medication. It's hard to say what she might do. Best she goes home and sleeps it off. Besides, she won't remember anything in the morning anyway."

He then handed me a full pint of Rum.

"Here, take this for the drive. You're really doing me a big favor David, I won't forget."

Heading for the parking lot I found my 1980 mustang, but no Lisa.

"Mrs Turner, where are you?"

"You don't think I am going home in that!" I heard a voice say.

Turning around I saw Lisa leaning up against Jim's Red Corvette, pointing at my car.

"I'm sorry but this is what I am driving." A little hurt by her better than you attitude.

"Here" She said, throwing me a set of keys.

"The bastard wants me out of the way, so let him supply the wheels."

"No I can't, not his corvette. He would kill me." The Vette was a 1997 special edition, his pride and joy.

She walked over to me real slow, her movement reminding me of the smooth, graceful moves of a cat.

She moved up close and whispered, "How would you like me to tear my blouse and start screaming Rape!"

I just looked at her, amazed at how stupid that was. No one would believe I had attacked her. She was over twice my age, old enough to be my mother. Why would anyone believe I would try to rape her? But a voice inside my head said, "Careful"

Then I remembered only last week saying to Frank, a Student with us for the summer, how I'd like to drive a cock into the dumb thing. I had been mad when I said it, She had blamed me for an order fuck up, when it has been her mistake.

Suddenly I wasn't that sure of the outcome if she did scream.

"Jim would not like you causing a commotion." I said trying to recover.

She reached out slowly and touched my arm with a finger nail, cutting the skin!

"Ouch!" I remarked grabbing my left arm.

"Baby skin." She said, with a little growl.

"What did you do that for?"

She turned and started walking toward the vette.

"Just to show you I don't scare easily."

"You backed down from Jim inside!" Instantly regretting saying it.

She stopped and slowly turned around. Her body took on the precise, deadly moves of a much larger cat. . . a Panther!

"Come play with me!" She said, running her tongue over the tips of first one half inch nail, then the next, like she was testing their sharpness. Her eyes on me, she started to move, circling me, forcing me to turn with her. I out weighted her by 60 lbs, but she was making me nervous.

I decided I sooner not play!

"You win Mrs Turner. Get in the vette."

As I followed her to the vette, I couldn't help but watch her ass. She sure did have what I liked.

As I got close to her again, my sense of survival kicked in and I said.

"This is not my fault, Mrs Turner. I am only doing what I was told."

"Relax, I have bigger fish to fry!" She said, picking up her bottle of spiked cherry off the hood of the vette.

She looked at the bottle for a moment, then made to throw it.

"Please Mrs Turner, don't." holding out my hand as I did.

After all, the parking lot was my responsibility to clean!

She looked at me as if she was seeing me for the first time.

After a moment she handed the bottle to me.

Taking it, I was surprised to find it still had some in it.

Lowering myself into the vette, I put the bottle in the cup holder for safe keeping.

Reaching the seat reminded me there was a Pint of Rum in my back pocket. I pulled it out and Lisa snapped it away from me.

"Hey that's mine!" as I tried to grab it back.

She twisted away.

"What's this?" Giving a delighted squeal as she saw it was booze.

"Give me that back!" I commanded. "Mine now honey, DRIVE!" Keeping the bottle well away from me.

I gave her a dirty look and she struck her tongue out at me.

"DRIVE." She commanded again.

I told myself, "What a fucking night, lost my chance with Susan, lost my Rum."

I shook my head as I thought, "And just so I don't get bore, I am sitting next to a man eater. Lucky I guess!"

As I started the vette, Lisa opened the pint and took a big drink. She started gasping for air and swearing as best she could. Shaking her head she said.

"This is horrible."

I looked at the stupid bitch.

"You mix it Mrs Turner. Coke works."

"Get some!"

"Mrs Turner, Jim said."

"Shut up, Jim's a dirty Bastard and I don't want to hear his name again."

She then took another drink!

"Ughhhh, Damn that burns. Men and their fucking drinks. Find me some coke."

"I can go back in and get you some."

"Oh no you don't. You'll tell Jim I am not being good. Find a store."

When I did nothing she said.

"Look, this evening didn't work out the way I wanted, so before I really get pissed, find a store!"

"It's almost midnight, Mrs Turner."

"Mrs Turner! You call me Lisa at work, call me Lisa now. Also, just to remind you, I am your boss, not Jim. I can make your life miserable if I want."

I didn't answer, but she did have a point!

I slowly drove out of the parking lot, in search of a coke machine!"

She took another drink of Rum.

"Damn that stuff burns!"

"Give me the Rum, Mrs Turner, you aren't..."

"Fuck you. Fuck him too. That low life bastard. He said he would fire me if I didn't go home. Fire me. Damn bastard."

If Lisa had been brighter she would have realized that was an empty threat. She owned half of everything being his wife.

She took another drink.

About 10 minutes later she said.

"Where are you going?"

I looked over at her in amazement.

"You told me to find a store."

"Forget it, I got the hang of this stuff now."

She took another drink and made a face but didn't whine about the taste. "OK, Mrs Turner"

"Lisa, Lisa, Lisa, I don't want to hear Turner again!"

"Yes Lisa."

"There, You're learning," Giving me a stupid grin.

"I'd like to fuck some brains into you." I thought to myself.

It took 20 minutes to get her home. By that time she wasn't saying much. I stopped the car and went around to open her door.

"Lisa, you're home."

She just sat there, holding the bottle of rum.

"Lisa, you have to get out."

When she didn't move I took hold of her and helped her out of the car. Suddenly she threw her arms around me, kissing me and making purring sounds.

I wrestled free, but not before I had felt how solid and firm everything was and got hit in the head with the rum bottle. No wonder Jim wanted her out of there, she was getting hard to handle. I grabbed her around the waist and half carried, half dragged her to the front door.

"Lisa, where is the house key."

She straightened up a little and said.

"Search me." Rising her hands over her head.

For a second I almost took her up on it. That little wrestling bout had warmed me up.

"Now Lisa, I can't do that." Remembering she was my boss.

"Pussy!" and she snapped her teeth at me.

I held her up against the door as I tried to think.

Suddenly rum started pouring down on me.

"You bitch!" I screamed as I jumped back.

She slowly slipped down the door clutching the now near empty Rum bottle.

"Pussy all wet." Giving a little growl.

By the time she got to the bottom of the door, her skirt was hiked up, knees bend and one could see under the front light her nylon tops and skimpy white panties. She looked so inviting it was cruel. I felt myself getting hard and swore in dismay. I had to do something and quick! I looked away and then remembered the car keys. There must be a key to the house on the key ring.

I took a quick look at Lisa, avoiding the provocative view between her legs, then ran for the car.

There were about six keys on the key ring, so I figured my problem was solved. One would be for the door to the house.

When I got back to Lisa, she was laying on her side and the rest of the rum had run out of the bottle on to the step.

"What a waste" I thought.

Finding the right Key, I opened the door.

"OK Lisa, in you go."

She didn't react at all, just slumped as I tried to lift her. To my surprise she was out like a light.

With no way around it I lifted her up in my arms. The smell of her perfume was the first thing that fanned the fire. She smelled damn good. Matter of fact, looking her over as I carried her into the house, the nice soft warmth of her body heating my blood, damn if I wasn't getting ideas! Turning on the living room lights, with an elbow, I carried her over and laid her down on the sofa. As I straightened I noticed that two of her buttons on her blouse were undone. The smooth round top of one breast held my eyes for a second, catching me by surprise. As I was just about to turn away She moaned and lifted a knee, spreading her legs as she did.

I froze. The move had hiked her skirt up to the waist, leaving the crotch of her panties fully exposed. I could see her dark pussy hair showing through her panties. "This was too much" I told myself. I glanced at her face. She seemed to be resting peacefully, her breathing relaxed, steady.

I remembered what Jim said happened the last time she drank on this medication. She couldn't remember anything after.

"I suppose that would also affect her reaction to the alcohol." I told myself.

I smiled, looking down at her spread legs. Her pussy covered in the flimsy panty material, seemed to beg me to pet it.

It would be so easy. All I had to do was reach down. My cock swelled at the thought of stroking her pussy. Even if she was awake, I told myself, it would take her brain 10 minutes to figure out what was going on.

I almost laughed, remembering what a dummy she was.

But just to be on the safe side, I gave her a shake to be sure.

She gave no response as I expected, and I reached down between her legs. I was trembling as I let one finger touch the crotch of her panties. Once contact was made I didn't move, expecting her to scream or yell. A few seconds more and I realized I was holding my breath.

"Relax" I told myself.

I then tried to reason with myself, to will myself to look away. This was crazy! I could get in a lot of trouble. At the very least I would lose my job. But I couldn't take my eyes off her panties. Her pussy looked so inviting, so defenseless, damn, I would hate myself forever if I did nothing. I had to at least give it a little feel. I made an agree with myself. I'll give her pussy a good rub and get the hell out of there.

"Deal" I said.

Adding with a smile, "And a little finger fuck."

Lightly I touched her panties with a finger. Holding my breath as I waited for her reaction. After a few seconds I started breathing again and gently moving my finger back and forth.

The feel of her coarse pussy hair under the panties made me almost cum. Reaching a little lower, my finger forced the panty material into her hot slit. I stopped, holding my breath, half expecting her to scream. After a few seconds and no reaction I started caressing her with nice even strokes.

Sweat ran down my forehead as a voice inside my head said, "Quit while you are ahead."

But the feel of her pussy hair and the delightful warmth of her pussy, made that impossible. It was like jumping off a cliff. Once you jumped, the law of nature took over. No stopping!

I started massaging her slit with two fingers, pushing her panties into her pussy. A dozen strokes had her panties soaked with her pussy juice and me ready to explode! My cock inside my tight pants was hurting like hell. It wanted out!

Lisa was breathing faster and faster with every stroke.

After about three minutes of this, I was beyond hope. I had jumped off that cliff and I didn't care, I wasn't even thinking any more.

I just wanted MORE!

I slipped my finger under the elastic of her wet panties and started playing with her bare pussy. I teased her, enjoying the lovely hot, stickiness of her wet pussy. I stroked her with the two fingers, running first one, then the other of her pussy lips between them. Her breathing was now very quick, I glanced at her face, but the only change was she was now breathing through her mouth and very flushed in the face. The nipples of her tits were visible under her blouse now and I reached up to slip my left hand on to the half exposed breast that had started all this in the first place.

She had a nice feeling bra, soft with no wires or padding. It didn't feel like she needed one, her tits were firm. The nipple was doing a good job sticking up again the bra. It was easily felt through the material. But it didn't take long before I was under the bra feeling the bare tit! Caressing the nipple with my fingers.

By this time I totally out of my mind with desire, I had two fingers in her pussy, finger fucking her with Gusto! But the working of her G- Spot with one slightly bent finger made her moan and wildly move and lift her hips, much to my enjoyment. I gave her G- Spot a good workout! This was unbelievable! She was Out Cold and horny as hell!

"I can do anything." I told myself. That medication with the booze, is a real knock out punch!

I withdrew my hand from under her panties. It was all wet and sticky, smelling of pussy, I took a sniff.

To my delight, she had the nicest pussy scent. A nice smell to it, not like some pussies that take your breath away with their odour or the flat tasteless kind that are boring to eat. She had one delicious smelling muff!

"Anything I wanted" I thought.

Well, I wanted to see that beautiful pussy, that's what I wanted!

I glanced at my watch, lots of time. I had only been gone from the party 60 minutes. Jim most likely didn't even know I had taken his vette. He was still most likely still trying to get into his secretary's panties!

Unafraid now, I took hold of her panties and pulled them off. They were soaked and I smelled them. What a mouth watering scent, Pussy Heaven. Tossing the panties aside, I spreading her legs as far as they would go and got between her legs. Taking my two hands I pulled her pussy lips apart and looked at the nice pink opening of her delicious hole. I couldn't help myself, I slipped my tongue in. I felt her jerk and I stopped, holding myself still. With my eyes I looked up searching her face. Half expecting her to be looking down at me.

Nothing, only the heavy breathing of her aroused state.

"A subconscious reaction" I told myself.

My tongue slipped into her slit again and she seemed to tremble but I wasn't positive. This time I licked her juicy slit from top to bottom, tasting her. She had a nice tang, bite to it. I lapped it up making it flow even more. I wanted every drop as my tongue dove into her pussy, scooping up the delicious pussy juice. Her body subconsciously rose to my hungary lips as I sucked the honey out of her beautiful snatch. I attempted to swallow every drop but I felt it going down my chin, up my nose. I was in pussy heaven!

I heard her moan and licked and sucked her harder. Finally I had to have her. Up I leaped fighting to get my pants down.

The next instant they were down and my 6 1/2 inch cock seemed to jerk with each heart beat as I positioned its head against Lisa's pussy lips. It fat circumcised head swelled even more at the touch of her hot wet lips and I said out load.

"This will jolt your brain Lisa."

And I drove it into her with one push, landing on top of her in the act. She gave a loud groan as I crushed her with my weight.

Without giving her a chance to recover I rammed my cock home again and again, making her gasp almost every time. It almost seemed like she was rising to meet me at I banged her. My balls on fire as her pussy stroked my cock, making me think I had gone to pussy heaven. I had almost cum in my pants before I put it into her, now I was almost out of my mind trying to hold back. This was great, she had a real tight pussy and I was banging the hell out of it. She was starting to jump, move with every thrust as I felt my cock swell and I shot my load into her. She gasped as I filled her with hot cum. Then a second and finally a third load made the cum drip out of her pussy. After a few seconds I kind of rolled off her, but I wasn't sure. I hadn't realized I had, but I had landed on the floor.

I looked at Lisa, her breathing deep, labored from her subconscious reaction to my fucking.

Suddenly I wanted to be out of there. I got to my feet, pulling up my pants as I did and froze.

"Damn." I said out loud, for there was no way I could leave her like that. Her pussy was all covered in pussy juice and dripping of sperm. What a mess. Even Lisa, would figure out she had been miss used, medication or not.

I found the bathroom and got a wet face cloth and a towel. Racing back, I washed her pussy off. Finally, with her towelled and looking some what more normal, I picked up her panties. They were covered in pussy juice. Off I ran looking for her bedroom, to find her panty drawer. Finally I was back and slipped on the new pair. Straightening out her cloths, I made her comfortable and got out of there!

Once in the Vette, I laid rubber getting out of the driveway!

Then that voice started again.

"Hope she was on the pill" which almost put me off the road.

"Holy fuck, if she becomes pregnant." I said, not wanting to think of what would happen then.

"I need a drink" I saw the bottle of spiked cherry, Lisa had left earlier.

I picked it up and took a big drink.

"UGH, what is this shit?" looking at the bottle.

It tasted like water!

* * * * * *

Monday I arrived for work, aged by 10 years. I had spend all of Sunday looking out my window for the police.

As I pulled in to work everything looked normal. No police, no body with a gun.

In side I greeted Susan cautiously.

"Hi, how's everything."

She gave me a smile.

"Hi, Great for a Monday, why?"

"Oh, just wondering what stories are going around about the party."

"Not much of anything, where did you go?"

"Jim had a job for me, didn't come back after doing it."

"Too bad, I wanted to take you up on that drive." Giving me a smile as she said it.

I gave her a small smile, wishing she had agreed before Jim had found me.

"Where is Lisa?" "Oh, she'll be in at noon, say how did her fishing go?"


"She said she was fishing for a big fish"

"I don't understand."

"Well, I suppose I can tell now, the party is over."

"Tell what?"

"Well a week ago I went into the back room, and found Lisa, mixing that cherry drink she likes with water."


"Yeah, leave it to Lisa." Susan said laughing.

"She said, she wanted to look like she was drinking at the party, so she could catch a big fish. She asked me not to tell what she was doing. So I didn't."

Suddenly I didn't feel good and it much have shown.

"You alright?" Susan said.

I gave her a half hearted smile.

"What plan?" not that it mattered.

"She didn't say." Glancing over her shoulder to see if anyone was near, adding.

"Knowing Lisa it wouldn't be too bright a one!"

For the rest of the morning I put on a show of doing my job, but I couldn't understand why the police hadn't come for me. The only reason I could think of, was the Rum she had drank in the car. I couldn't remember how much she had drank but maybe it had been enough to do what Jim said. All I could do was pray.

By noon I was almost a nervous wreck as from the rental shed, I saw Lisa in her big boat Buick pull in.

I was still in the shed, a hour later making a show of cleaning things, when I saw Susan heading my way.

"Oh, there you are. Lisa's looking for you."

My heart missed a beat.


She looked at me kind of strange.

"I don't know, maybe she has something she wants done. That is your job David!"

Here I was nearly having a stroke with stress and she was being a little smart ass.

"No really, what kind of mood is she in?"

"I don't know what kind of mood, but she looks sharp."


"Boy you aren't with it today are you." Taking a good look at me.

"I didn't sleep real good last night."

"Well you better get inside before Lisa wants your ass!" she turned and left.

I entered the club house 5 minutes later.

"Well, well, if it isn't David!" Lisa said, seeing me.

"How nice of you to show." Giving me a dark look.

"Sorry, was cleaning the rental equipment." I said, as I noted her appearance. She was in mini, high heels, and V neck, looking like she had at the party, damn good.

"Well that can wait, I need a prescription filled." Handing me a piece of paper and some money.

"Corner Drug, on High St."

On the drive into town, I felt like I had been given a new lease on life. Lisa hadn't shown any sign of knowing what I had done, so if she didn't get pregnant, I was safe. If! I looked at the writing on the paper, but it was just a request for a refill of a prescription and as I didn't recognize the name, it didn't tell me anything. I wondered if this was the stuff that Jim said she was taking that knocked her out.

Curiosity, what a wonderful thing! When I was paying for the prescription, I casually asked the female clerk what the stuff was.

She glanced at it, showing no interest and remarked, "Birth Control pills."

I was singing and on top of the world as I drove back. I wasn't going to Jail: Lisa wasn't going to become pregnant. Hell I felt like I had won a million dollars. I even started planning how I was going to get in Susan pants.

When I got back I gave Lisa a smirk as I handed her the prescription.

"What's the smirk for David?" looking a little annoyed.

"Sorry Lisa, I didn't realize I was." Lying.

"Well don't do it any more, I hate it when people smirk at me."

"Yes Lisa."

The rest of the day went real good for me. Jim turned up in a good mood with a new office chair for this secretary. I had a date with Susan for Friday night and now that I had fucked Lisa, I kind of saw her in a different light. After all, she wasn't a bad fuck. Never know, I might get another chance to lay her someday!

On Wednesday I came in at 10:00 having worked late the day before and was surprised to find Susan waiting for me, as I drove in.

"What's up" I said smiling.

"Boy has the shit hit the fan!"

My smile was gone in an instant.

"What has happened?"

"Jim fired his secretary, and boy is he in a bad mood!"

"What did she do?"

"Don't know, but she left crying about 20 minutes ago."

Just about then Lisa drove in driving a New Red Mustang convertible!

"Holy shit, where did she get that?" I said.

When she got out, there was a real nice display of nylon tops and bare upper leg.

"Hello Susan. . . David." Giving us a smile.

"Gee, Lisa where did you get the great car!" I said.

"Like it?"

"Sure do!"

Oh I figured I had driven that old Buick for long enough, so I bought this yesterday. Got it this morning, It's what they call a GT."

"Wow Lisa, I never thought you would go for something like that."

She looked at me for a second, then said.

"You would be surprised what old Lisa would go for." Giving me a wink.

After she was gone Susan said, "What is going on?"

"I don't know, but that's not the same Lisa we had last week."

So by Friday at 5:00, I was ready to get out of there. Jim was different, real moody, and Lisa seemed to have a lot of say now in running things. A rumor had it, that Jim didn't get home until dawn the night of the party and Dumb Lisa had talked to a Lawyer about her rights under the marriage act.

But that was Jim's problem, I had a date with Susan tonight, so I was flying when I went out the door, heading for home.


"Fuck!" I mumbled as I heard Lisa call my name.

"Yes Lisa."

As I walked back to her, she sure did look good. Amazing what a change of attire and a little make up does. She was down right, Eating material!

"David, this is for you." Handing me a package.

"Wait until you get home to open it Please."

"What is it?" trying to feel what was inside.

"A Surprise, see you Monday David." Giving me a smile.

She vanished back inside the Club House.

"What the fuck is going on with her!" I said to myself.

I got in my car and headed home.

About a mile down the road, I pulled off, and picked up the package. Opening it, out fell a pair of white panties with two tags attached to it.

One tag said "Front" the other "Back."

"What is this?" I said out loud.

I looked inside the package and saw a folded piece of paper.

Opening it I read.

That was some Jolt.


You put the panties on backward!

The End.

The story is about a real woman who works on her husband's (hers also) Golf Course. I do not work there but I play golf.

She is as I said, not too bright, a terrible dresser and I think she would be a great fuck. The rest is fantasy.


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