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Driving the Waitress Home by Alex

Driving the Waitress Home

It was getting close to closing time at work. I had finally found the job I had been looking for. I could go to school in the morning and work in the afternoon all the way up to close, which was at midnight. This wasn't like an office job; it was hard work. The position paid five dollars an hour, delivering pizzas, and the side work that came along with it. This place was busy and sometimes I wouldn't find the time to do my side work which was making a couple of boxes, stocking the fridge, etc... Anyway, this place didn't only have "to go" orders, there were, on many occasions, "to stay" orders as well. There were waitresses and busboys for this. One of the waitresses was Amy. She wasn't bad-looking, but she wasn't a knock-out either. She had blond-reddish hair, a medium chubby body, and slender legs. Her ass was big, but not too big. Her breasts were normal size and just the way I liked them to be. She had just broken up with her boyfriend so I guess my situation kind of got itself in place that way.

The time was nearing 12AM, and everyone was starting to clean up. I was making a couple of boxes in a room nearby, when I heard that someone was behind me. It was her. She came up to me and asked if I wouldn't mind giving her a ride home because her car was in for service. I, being the nice guy and all, said that I would and with that she smiled, hugged me, and left for her side work as well.

The boss closed all the neons outside, locked the doors, and off we were. She didn't live to far from me, about five minutes driving distance. That particular night she was wearing tight black jeans, a shirt that ended at her waist, and a whole lot of perfume. On the way, she told me how much she hated her boss and all the other employees, and that I was the only one she liked. I thanked her and said the same, just to make her night. As I was driving, she started nibbling on my earlobe. I felt uneasy, even though my dick was getting hard, and kind of told her to stop. She did for a moment, then started kissing my neck. It felt really good. I told her she was pretty good with her mouth, to joke, and with that she unbuttoned my pants, and started sucking on my dick. That nearly blew me away and I pulled over. We happened to be on somewhat of a deserted highway that was mostly farmland with no street lights, which was good. I told her that she just made a mistake and that she was going to get fucked if she liked it or not. She smiled. I told her that she was going to do it right. We jumped in the back seat of the car and she continued sucking on my dick. As she did this, I slid her jeans off and saw she was wearing thongs. I grabbed hold of them and pulled them up so they were riding into her ass. She moaned and started massaging her pussy along the thread.

I sat on my seat and took her head off my dick. I literally ripped her thongs off and picked her up and put her down on my cock. She moaned as it disappeared into her. She took of my shirt and felt my chest. I told her to even things up and with that, she pulled off her shirt, slid off her bra, and shoved her tits right into my face. I totally lost control and pulled deeper into my face by pressing on her back. My tongue came out and found her nipples. She moaned in heat now, like a wild animal, riding my cock up and down, with her hands on my shoulders, tits in my face, and sweating ass. Finally we both screamed out and she collapsed right on my chest and started kissing my chest. I had cum right into her pussy, unprotected by a condom, and had felt my juice press its way out of my dick and into her stomach. We were done. After a while, about five or ten minutes, she got off my limp dick and started to dress herself. I, following her cue, did the same. I put the car in drive and took her home. As she left, I grabbed her arm and pulled her back in. I slid my tongue in her mouth and played with her tits a little. I told her that I didn't want her driving to work anymore; I was going to drive her. She smiled, nodded, and with that, she left.

Now I'm waiting to see what will happen tomorrow night, when I take her home...

To be continued...

Story by Alex (

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