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Dream Girls by Proud Asian

Dream Girls

I remember the first time I had a sexual experience. I had been going out with this American Chinese girl for some time and we really liked each other. She was really beautiful with long silky black hair as only our Asian women have, and her body was the best I had seen on any Asian. There were the round globes of her ass and a proper hip to shoulder ratio, a wasp waist joining the pelvic girdle to the upper torso, and her breasts... well. I have always felt that our women have been short-changed in the boob department but she was one of those Asians who have something to put behind a bra.

We went back to her apartment, which she was sharing with a fellow American who had also come to my country to study. Karyn was your dream blonde girl. She had golden yellow hair, was 5' 7" to Sulin's 5' 2". And her boobs... God those boobs! I swear by our Asian women but for boobs, I gotta admit, the Caucasian wins bras- down here. When I had first looked at Karyn, she was wearing those one piece, tight fitting, sweater-material like (I don't know the name of the material) short dresses. Seeing those round perfect globes straining against the soft material, it was all I could do not to reach my hands and cop a feel then and there. I'll admit right here that the average Caucasian has big, perfectly round boobs with that curvy underhang that only few Asian women are lucky to be blessed with.

But when we went back that night and greeted Karyn in the hallway, it was Sulin that I was thinking about and everything else was mentally out of sight. We made our way to Sulin's bedroom where I first went to the toilet to empty my bladder. I hate to have an erection with a full bladder and even worse, to ejaculate with it because after an orgasm I want to be able to lie down relaxed without the worry of pissing.

Sulin was dressed in a traditional cheongsam, which accentuated her curves all the more. Just holding her close and feeling a warm body pressed against mine for the first time was enough to give me an erection. Since 14 I had never worn briefs, choosing to wear running shorts instead because I found that when I had an erection, it was easier to adjust my cock without attracting attention. Now, as I held Sulin, concentrating on feeling her softness against me, while she deftly removed my track pants, I could feel my cock tenting the front of my shorts. The blood was filling it up but because Sulin had her body pressed to mine it was unable to stand straight up. It was uncomfortable but Sulin backed away for an instant, let it spring up, then closed again.

I had just summoned up enough courage to reach for her breasts when she squatted and slipped my running shorts down. My freed cock sprang up immediately, bobbing and twitching inches from her face. She leaned her face and rubbed against it. I thought I would spend immediately. While I hastily removed my jacket and then T-shirt, she grabbed my ass with both hands and steadying me thus, forked her tongue out and flicked against my glans with the tip. She then held it with one hand, craned her neck, and sucked my bag of balls into her mouth.

My legs felt weak and I grabbed her hair to steady myself. She released my scrotum, then, biting my glans gently, she wetly my cock into her mouth. As she did so she leant slightly forward, and the silky feel of her hair enhanced the sensation all the more. I grabbed her tiny head to keep it pressed against my loins. Inside, she swirled her tongue around my shaft, then bobbed her head up and down, and then swirled her tongue again. She kept repeating this and when she looked up at me with those almond eyes, my cock framed by her sweet lips and that beautiful face, I couldn't hold it. My cum erupted down her throat. She swallowed every drop while looking up at me and smiling as best as she could. This was more than I could stand and I fell backwards into her bed.

I lay there contented and looked at her. But she had not kept her clothes on without a reason. Now, as I looked, she smiled at me, then slowly, began to strip for me. Right before my eyes, she peeled her cheongsam down slowly, so that I was literally watching cloth and skin separate. When she reached the bottom of her breasts, it caught a little and as she pulled, her boobs sprang out in escape and jiggled a little. That, plus the first time seeing a pair of live nipples, caused my cock to stand at attention once again. She left the cheongsam hanging off her waist and walked over, then lay on top of me.

The feeling was exciting. I had always fantasised at night with my bolster, so I was unprepared for the warmth of skin to skin contact. And feeling her hard nipples against my chest, and her breasts around them, this was a whole new feeling altogether. I ran my hands all over her back, pushing her cheongsam just a little further down each time I stroked. I had her in my arms, then rolled over so that I was on top. At last, I grabbed her Asian boobs and kneaded them for the very first time. I began kissing them and sucking on the nipples, while I heard her breathing get louder and more uninhibited. One thing I have since learned is that interestingly enough, our women tend to have longer erect nipples then their white sisters. Sulin's stood out about 1". I continued to knead her breasts as I kissed down her body. Her cheongsam was by now down to her knees, with our co-ordinate efforts, and my lips reached the top of her pubic triangle. Then I was sucking on her pubic hairs, then my nose was buried in it, and my mouth was at her vulva.

Instinctively, I sucked and licked and did everything I could to move my mouth against those folds of flesh. Somewhere along the line it occurred to me to stick my tongue into her vagina. It was surprisingly hot! Sulin's breathing grew ragged and loud, until she was whimpering and then, as she rubbed her clitoris frantically, groaning. It was a total turn-on to hear this sweet Asian girl squirming and moaning in reckless and shameless abandon. Suddenly, as I continued my oral efforts, she cried out: "Ugggghhhh! God! I'm coming! I'm coming! I'm CUUUUMMMMIIIIIINNNNNGGGGGGGGGGG!" and at the same time I felt a squirt of liquid shoot me in the face, which I avoided swallowing because at the time I thought that she had pissed.

Her movements gradually subsided. But I was curious as to what it was she had been rubbing, and studied it closely for the first time. I began to stroke it. She whispered. "No, not yet. Not... ugh!" I slowly picked up the pace, alternately using my tongue with my fingers. She began breathing hard again. I decided then to copulate. As her own fingers took over with more precise movements, I slowly held my cock and placed it against her wet sex.

My cock is only 6", which is typical for an Asian. Now, I know that that's nothing compared to the average 8" American cock. But at that moment, compared to her small slit, I was wondering if it would ever get in. As I touched my glans to her vulva, I saw the vulva open up slightly. I pushed in a bit. It was damned hot! I never expected this, used thus far only to my dry hands while wanking. That feeling can't be described. It was like I was pushing into something soft and hot, yet alive, something private that belonged to this beautiful girl who would not even give me a glance the first time we met in class.

I pushed my cock in, her flesh yielded, only to kinda close itself around my glans again. The same thing happened each time I pushed a little further in. All the while my cock was caught in this spongy and hot mass of living flesh as I pushed until finally, I had it buried all the way to the hilt. It felt wonderful. Sulin's vagina muscles massaged my cock as I just lay there. I knew I couldn't take much more of this so I started to push in and out. It was awkward at first, but I soon learned, with Sulin's help as she hooked her strong legs around my waist and pulled each time I pushed. Soon, I had her writhing and arching her up against me, her breasts flowing back and forth towards me. Her moans were starting again, and as I continued to pump. I saw the bed room door open.

Karyn stood there in that one piece dress I had first seen her in. Sulin saw her too as she arched in her passion and her head almost bent over. But as I stopped momentarily, she didn't and she spat out "Keep fucking me! Fuck your cock in! Pump your juice in MEEEE!" and I felt my excitement rise all the more, hearing her issue expletives and knowing that Karyn was watching. As I humped desperately and Sulin kept crying out, Karyn turned slightly and I saw those wonderful boobs profiled so near me, with the nipples sticking out against the material. . As I humped away looking at those bombs. Sulin cried, "Aha aha aha ah I'm cumming ah CUMMING ahhh ahhha ih ih ih ih ARRRRGGHHHUURRRGHHHH!"

I shot my load, spraying the insides of her vagina with my sperm. I could feel spurt after spurt of my come jet out into this tiny girl, her delicate features distorted in unbridled passion and lust, while she lay there wriggling and impaled on my tool.

I collapsed satiated on top of Sulin, panting hard. I felt myself being rolled over gently so that I lay next to Sulin, facing up. I closed my eyes with a smile on my face, peaceful. Suddenly, I felt a great weight on me. It was Karyn, She was kissing me and had her body pressed against me. I started to wake up real fast. I slid my hands over her back, tracing out her wasp waist, and marvelling at the way in order to flared out to those luscious globes of her ass., and then kneading them gently, still not believing that this was really happening.

The next thing I knew, Karyn had pulled me up so that I was sitting on the edge of her bed, my face about level with the bottom of those melons. I couldn't wait. I encircled her body, pulling her forcefully towards me and as she came forward, I buried my face in her cleavage. For a while I just pulled her close, rubbing and turning my head left and right in that valley. For her part, she pushed the twin globes against my head on both sides, so that for a while I was in my world, my auditory senses muffled by those mounds of flesh.

Then my hands were on them, kneading them, playing with them, pulling on them. I could not believe how soft they really were. When I had looked at breasts before, I had assumed that they had some hardness to stay that way, but I was wrong. I pushed my head into them again. At the same time, my hands found the neckline of that dress, and I slowly pulled downwards. I was fascinated as more and more of her bare flesh was exposed to me, until, like with Sulin, the dress clung on just above the nipple line. Karyn massaged her boobs, and then, gripping my wrists, helped pull down the dress past the nipple line. I was mesmerised as I watched those two white fleshy bombs burst free and jiggle.

Instantly my hands were on them, feeling their heat and their naked softness. I began sucking on first one, then the other. Her nipples became hard and erect. I sucked on them as if begging for milk. I must have been doing that for three minutes when her ragged breathing suddenly turned to groans. She was actually coming! Not intensely, but I was amazed that she would come just by breast play. She shuddered after two minor orgasms.

She climbed onto the bed so that she was straddling me on either side of my hips with her thighs. She then pushed me back so that I lay down on the bed looking up at her. My already hardening cock reached its full erect size again. When she hitched up her short skirtline revealing her blonde hair and wet pussy, I swear it felt like it was 6 1/2". I couldn't believe it. She gripped my penis, force it gently away from my body so that it was pointed straight up, and then put her cunt lips to the glans. Then with a sigh, she lowered herself down on it I gave an involuntary moan .

She clenched her cunt muscles on and off, giving me a cock massage, and then, slowly, she rose up on her knees, then down, and began humping at me, slowly, then increasing the tempo.

A number of things ran through my mind First, I had always fantasised about being straddled by a woman with breasts of sufficient size to wobble and bounce as I looked up at her. Now, this was just what was happening. As she rode my pole up and down, her breasts flowed so fluidly that I could see the ripples of her quivering flesh. Her bouncing boobs were a glorious sight to behold.

Second, because I had read a lot of racist crap in the past about some white asshole writing that Asians are only good for their tight vaginas compared to white women, I could only imagine that my small Asian prick would never fuck a Caucasian effectively. I found out that this was not so. While relaxed, Karyn was not as tight as Sulin was, when she clenched her cunt walls, it felt like a vice.

Thirdly, I was surprised that I had not erupted yet, and I figured that it was because my cock had been rather numbed and desensitised by having come twice in less than fifteen minutes with Sulin just a few moments ago.

So I could have stared at Karyn forever and be satisfied with not cumming. But as Karyn's moans grew louder, and more guttural, I felt that familiar sensation starting in my loins. Karyn was also rubbing her clit furiously and her crescendo ended in a loud, sexy display of vocal passion. She was louder, deeper and more guttural than Sulin. "AAARRGHHH! Ughh! Ueerkk! Herkkk! I'm CUMMING! Oh yes! Yes! Fuck me with your tiny CHINESE COCK. Urrrggghhheeerrkkk! Argggghh! Aha! Urrkk! I'm FUCKIN' CAAARRRMMMIIIIIIIINNGGGGHHH!". And at that moment, I felt her juice squirt out in a powerful spray from between the seal of my cock and her cunt ring. It spurted almost like an ejaculation. She collapsed on me.

Karyn was heavier than I was. Probably 145lbs compared to my 140. So as she fell on me, I couldn't thrust anymore and I forced myself not to ejaculate. It was a miracle how I managed it, what with Karyn's spasming cunt gripping my cock. I quickly pulled out as best as I could under Karyn's weight, since I didn't want to waste an ejaculation. It was a two-minute struggle but finally I willed my cock to lose interest for the moment. With an effort, I rolled her off. She was now lying partly on top of Sulin.

In a make believe story she would have started making love to Sulin but this was real life, and she and Sulin were exhausted. I shifted so that I was at the head of the bed. I looked at her and Sulin, then leant over and fondled Karyn's breasts with one hand and Sulin's with another. I slowly felt another hard on rising.

I felt a wet glove close around my scrotum. It was Karyn. She sucked at my bag as if by instinct and my prick got the hardest it ever had. I thought it was going to explode. Karyn guided me silently with her hands and I turned so that I was straddling her waist. Without a word, she massaged her boobs and I held my cock and slapped it down on them, causing them to ripple. Sulin forced herself up and positioned herself so that her face was pressed into Karyn's cunt, then started to lick and suck. She also masturbated at the same time.

After this went on for a while, and we could all feel ourselves coming, Karyn mashed her boobs together forming a tunnel, and instinctively I began to push my cock in. The feel of those soft melons squashed around my prick, the hotness of real flesh, the lubrication by our mixed sex juices and the sweat on her bombs, and the sound of both their moans getting louder, was more than I could take. I hadn't pumped my cock in and out more than ten times before my cum erupted like a geyser and sprayed her boobs , neck and face. I surprised myself, because while I had always come silently, this last orgasm was so intense that I gave an involuntary groan. This, combined with the stimulation of her boobs, caused her to come as well, with Sulin a few seconds behind. I kept on thrusting, taking over with my hands so that I could share some of the fountain with Sulin, managing to get the last few spurts onto her elfin face and raven hair. The last thing I saw as I keeled over face first into the bed was Karyn rubbing my sperm all over her boobs and belly, just like in a porno film.


Copyright 1999 Proud Asian

No part to be copied or reproduced without my permission. Comments (not flames) can be sent to

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