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Dragonball Z: A Friendly Visit by Lord Rez

Dragonball Z: A Friendly Visit

Edited by Lyn-chan

" must be hard Chichi," spoke the ever perky (in more ways then one) Bulma.

"What do you mean by that?" responded Chichi who was currently washing and drying dishes.

"You know..." Bulma stood and walked the window, the one that had a great view of the mountains, the same mountains in which Goku, Piccolo, and Gohan were training for their battle with the andriods. "Being alone for such long periods of time..." she turned. "How do you do not 'crack-up' all the way out here in the countryside?"

Chichi smiled to herself and shook her head.

"I knew the job was dangerous when I took it!" she giggled. "I know I can never stop Goku-san from doing what he loves to do."

Bulma smiled and nodded, "It seems he's making quite the fighter out of Gohan-san."

"That's something I will never approve of...making my little boy a...a...a common thug like that...what's his name? Vegeta!"

Bulma's face lost its smile "Hey...Vegeta's not that bad, I mean he may be all rough and tough on the outside...but he's a big pushover on the inside."

Chichi turned away from the sink and leaned back again it, looking at Bulma. "Honestly...I hope you're not falling for that monster."

"He's not a monster..." Bulma shot back.

"Then explain his actions the day he arrived on earth...blowing up that city...and nearly killing my little Gohan!" Chichi shifted her slitted housedress slipping to a side showing off one sleek smooth leg.

Bulma's eyes gazed at the leg for a moment then looked back at her "Well.....that was Vegeta's chrome-domed partner...Napa, Vegeta had nothing to do with it."

Chichi let out a 'hmph' just before noticing Bulma's glance. "What were you looking at?"

Bulma blinked and quickly responded, "Nothing..."

Chichi quirked a brow and looked down at her exposed leg. "I can't blame you...I shouldn't have worn pants like I usually do...but it was too warm."

"No no no...don't say" Bulma felt a little odd saying this but oh-well. "You have great legs Chichi, I wish I had legs like that."

Chichi smiled and tugged up her dress, now showing off her whole bottom half, from her sock covered feet, all the way to her pink cotton panties, admiring her own legs. "You really think so Bulma?" Chichi blushed. "I guess it's from having to keep up with Gohan and Goku all the time."

"I must admit..." Bulma gazed at Chichi's panties, gulping softly and becoming nervous at feeling herself become slightly moist between her legs. "You're in great shape."

Chichi smiled and blushed at these complements. "Having practiced martial arts for so long helps a lot too." Bulma's nipples were becoming slightly taut and began to show through her Capsule Corp T-shirt. Chichi glanced up and blinked seeing them. Bulma looked down and noticed also. Gasping, she threw her arms over her chest, her face red as a beet.

"I'm.... I'm sorry Chichi...I really must control myself!" Chichi was shocked at first, her dress was still lifted and she too was becoming damp and Bulma could tell. "Chichi..." She pointed, the black haired woman looked down and blushed deeper than Bulma had, quickly lowering her dress.

"I'm...sorry as well must understand...Its been nearly 3 years since me and Goku have..."

She looked down, blushing. Bulma smiled softly and went over to her. "I do understand...not having sex in 3 years is rather hard." Her hand went to Chichi's shoulder and stayed there. Her nipples harder then before as the dampness between her legs was now noticeable through her Red jeans. "Don't you do anything to relieve that kind of stress Chichi?"

"I...I try masturbating at night...but it wrong to do that, I do it for Goku.... and it feels great but..." She gazed at the turquoise eyes that were gazing at her, she only stared back ""

"Shhhh..." Bulma moved closer and closer until her warm soft lips met Chichi's. They both began to kiss, Chichi was unaware of herself as Bulma's wet, warm tongue slid into her mouth. She suckled on it and pushed her tongue against it lightly. Bulma's hand slid aside the slitted housedress that adorned Chichi and pulled down her panties slowly. Chichi did nothing to stop this for she was too caught in the moment. She kissed back even deeper when she felt two warm fingers slide across her wet pussy lips.

She let out a quiet moan in her throat and Bulma broke the kiss, her fingers still rubbing Chichi's hot wet pussy. "Enjoying yourself?" commented the blue haired woman. The crotch of her jeans now soaked in her own pussy juices.

Chichi glanced down and took notice, she smiled, "Oh dear...we have to take care of that...come on." Chichi moved away from those rubbing fingers and took Bulma's hand, guiding her towards her and Goku's bedroom. Bulma smiled and nodded as she was tugged into the room, Chichi closing the door behind them. She turned speaking, "God Bulma...I'm so hot..."

"Well bout we get these clothes off so we" Chichi didn't even let Bulma finish, she already yanked off the purple housedress revealing that she wore no bra, her cherry colored nipples already hard. "...Nice nippys." Bulma spoke with a grin as she pulled off her shirt, she too wore no bra, her rose-pink nipples already hard from the experience in the kitchen.

Bulma reached down and unbuttoned her jeans, sliding them down her curved hips until they hit the floor. Not a moment after, Chichi pounced Bulma back onto the bed, pressing her lips to Bulma's in a deep, passionate kiss. Bulma kissed her back, her hands roaming over Chichi's body, as Chichi's hands were doing to her. She moaned softly and quickly flipped Chichi on her back, her lips attaching themselves to the other woman's left nipple, suckling softly. Chichi arched her back and moaned out as Bulma switched nipples licking across one large breast, down into the valley of her breasts then up across her other breast. "God that feels sooooo good Bulma..."

"Really now...?" spoke Bulma between licks and suckles, "its about to get better..."

Chichi panted in a husky voice, "Please make it feel better feels like my pussy's on fire.."

Bulma slid herself between Chichi's legs, her mouth still working on Chichi's hard nipples. "Well...all right," she giggled and slowly began to kiss down Chichi's body. First kissing just below her breasts, then trailing down to lightly kiss, lick, and suckle upon Chichi's tummy flesh.

"Heehee...ohhh...Bulma!" The other woman giggled and moaned, "I'm...ticklish!" She giggled and squirmed about, Bulma only grinned and continued her licking and suckling, adding more wood to the fire between Chichi's legs. "Bulmmmmaaaa...." moaned/whined Chichi as her pussy became hotter. "Hurrrrry...please..." Bulma laughed as she slid effortlessly and quickly down Chichi's writhing body, now eye level with Chichi's beautiful pussy that was crowned with the cropped triangle of short, soft, black hair. "One....two....three!" whispered Bulma as her tongue darted from her mouth and licked up Chichi's pussy lips, tasting the hot, flowing juices.

"Ohhhhhhh!!!" moaned out Chichi as she felt the tip of Bulma's hot tongue, " nice" Bulma Quietly said. "Goku is one lucky guy Chichi..." Instantly her tongue pierced Chichi's pussy, exploring the depth and heat of it.

"OHH!! Bulma!!" Chichi cried out as she began to squirm around more. Bulma slowly slid the tongue out and pushed it back in, harder and deeper then before, her tongue finding a hard little lump inside Chichi's pussy. "Must be her G-spot..." thought Bulma as she grined wickedly and pressed the tip of her tongue hard against nub, she heard Chichi moan loudly in pleasure. "I knew it!" she continued her licking and rubbing of the little numb, her fingers slowly moving up to massage and rub Chichi's hardened clit.

This was driving Chichi wild. "B....B...Bulma...oohhh god...I'm....I'm gonna it harder!" Chichi's back arched, her body seemed to be glowing as she felt her climax building quickly. "B....B....Bulllllmmmmaaaaa!" cried out Chichi, her hands locked under her knees, her legs being pulled in the air as her orgasm ripped through her like one Goku's Kamehamehas'. Her pussy squirting its hot, sticky, yet sweet juices all over Bulma's face, who was enjoying the perverse shower.

"Oooo...Chichi! you squirted!" Bulma giggled and jammed two fingers into Chichi's hot pussy to prolong her climax...and making her scream out louder then before. 5 long minutes passed before Chichi's orgasm subsided, her moans and screams of pleasure died down into soft coos and purrs. Slowly, Bulma crawled up Chichi and wrapped her arms about her, they're legs intertwined and again they began to kiss. Chichi was much more brave in this kiss, her hands found one of Bulma's breasts. She began to massage and squeeze the tender flesh. Their hot, pink tongues danced in a duel of passion as they grinded against each other instinctly.

Slowly Chichi pulled from the kiss, blushing a deep crimson as she looked into Bulma's sparkling turquoise eyes. "Bulma...I wanna taste you know...I wanna taste you tasted me..."

Bulma blushed softly and nodded, "I have no problem with that..." Chichi purred and slowly rolled Bulma over, lying atop her, their breasts pressed together. Chichi gave her lover a soft kiss on the lips before slowly licking down, down to her neck, between the valley of her breasts, across the soft, warm, flesh of her tummy, then her final destination, Bulma's lovely hairless pussy. The lips were swelled and coated with juices, her clit was the size of marble and she was slightly open, making the view even more grand to behold. "Wow Bulma...its...beautiful..."

Bulma giggled softly, "Thanks...I like to keep it shaved...makes me feel fresh." Chichi only nodded and grined softly as she suddenly leaned forward and speared Bulma's pussy with her tongue, causing the woman to arch off the bed and moan out in pleasure. She slowly withdrew her tongue and did it once again making her moan out again, slowly her tongue made soft cat-laps inside her pussy and pulled out again.

" tastes...great!" Chichi licked her lips and focused on Bulma's clit, rubbing it and pinching it lightly, enjoying the moans, purrs, and coos Bulma was producing. She slowly slid in a finger in and wiggled it about.

"C...Chichi...feel...that hard lump pussy?"

"Yeah..." Chichi looked up at Bulma.

"Press on it...rub it...please...rub and play with my clit too..." Chichi smiled and began to do so, her other hand reaching up to rub and pinch Bulma's clit as she requested. "Uhhhh...yeah that..."

Bulma was grinding her hips, her juices pouring from her pussy and Chichi was happily licking and suckling them up. This made Bulma moan louder and louder each time. Chichi leans down and began to lick and cat lap at Bulma's soft pussy lips, relishing they're sweetness and heat.

"K....K...Keep going sweetie...ooooohhh....God...I'm...I'm gonna cum soon..."

Chichi heard and grinned, pushing two fingers into the woman's pussy and began to rub and massage the hard lump as hard as possible, making her scream out, her free hand began to tug and lightly twist her clit, making juice pour from her like water. Chichi lapped up gratefully and slowly slid in a third finger.


"What was that?" Chichi responded with a grin, pushing in the third finger abruptly.

This sent Bulma flying over the edge, she screamed out as a huge orgasm slammed through her, making wave after huge wave of delicious pleasure slap her again and again. Chichi continued her hard rubbing and pinching and tugging until Bulma slowly quieted and could only coo and moan helplessly. She smiled to herself and crawled up Bulma, the two kissed as if they have had been lovers for years. their arms wrapped about each other and their legs tangled together. They gazed into each other's eyes and slowly broke the kiss.

"We've gotta do this again Bulma..." Chichi whispered softly.

"Of course...and we can try new things..." Chichi could only nod as she rested her head on Bulma's shoulder and kissed her cheek softly. Bulma reached down and pulled the covers over herself and Chichi, holding her closer. "We can do this...anytime you like Chichi..." Bulma softly said, But Chichi was out like a light, Bulma giggled and kissed her lovers cheek "I...think....I'll...join...." and Bulma was asleep also.

Slowly the door to the cottage opened, in walked Piccolo, Gohan, and Goku.. "Chichi!" called out Goku

"Mom! We're back!" Echoed Gohan.

"What's to eat?" Piccolo responded lightly in his gruff voice.

"Hmmm...she must be out shopping..." Goku said as he walked into the kitchen, opening the 'fridge. After removing half its contents he closed it and laid the food on the table, catching a glimpse of pink, he blinked. "What's that?" he walks over slowly and lifted them. They were Chichi's panties...still warm and wet. Goku could only blink as he saw the Capsule Corp duffel bag setting next to the back door....

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