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Down by the Lake by

Down by the Lake

It was a hot summer day in sleepy Georgia. Adonnica was feeling the summer blues. She and her friend where to young to stay out late and not old enough to really party. They where bored. They use to get their kicks by going online and chatting, but even that was getting old. So one day Adonnica was told by her best friend that she and her brother where going out to the local lake to have some fun and go swimming. Adonnica jumped at the chance to get out and do something, if nothing more to work on her tan.

After she informed her parents what she was doing, she sprang out the door and into her friend's truck and they were off. During the long drive to the lake Adonnica kept thinking about her best friend's brother, Michael. He was a college guy, 20 something and tall. He didn't play football, but he looked like he easily could. Adonnica thought long and hard about the time her friend had lead her that fateful day outside Michael's bedroom door.

They where only 15 at the time and Michael was 19. Her friend had convinced her to come over one Saturday night for a "treat." She was hesitant, but her curiosity got the better of her. As the stood outside his door, they listened closely. Inside his room they could her a smacking sound of sorts and a soft groan. As Adonnica listened her face began to blush. He was jerking off! She almost screamed, but was silenced by her friend's hand. After an entirety of listening, her friend very quietly opened the door. Adonnica almost ran in horror, but the moisture between her legs urged her on. As the door opened ever so slightly, the sight greeted her of Michael pumping his cock. She turned too her friend and mouthed to her "O-h, M-Y G-O-D!"

Her friend then shut the door and they went back to her room. All that night the only thing she could think about was Michael cock. It made her pussy so moist she had to finger herself to sleep just to relax.

Now her she was, on trip with Michael and her best friend to go out some remote lake. She was almost trembling with anticipation.

When they arrived at the lake, Adonnica climbed out of the truck with her bag and headed toward the campsite. Because the heat was so bad that summer, most of the lake was empty which meant there would be no one around for miles.

As Adonnica unpacked her stuff, she climbed into a nearby tent, which she thought was to be hers and her friends. She stepped inside and pulled from her a bag a very skimpy yellow bikini; it was so skimpy in fact she had to hide it from her parents in fear they would throw it away. She smiled as she stepped out of her cut off Jean shorts and began sliding on the cool material of the bikini. The thought of Michael seeing her in her outfit and the feeling of the cold lake water over her body, it was more than she could take.

She peeked out the tent flap and once she felt safe, she closed the flap and took of her T-shirt. It was too hot to wear a bra; so she looked down at her B cup sized breast and began touching them. True, she wished her breast where bigger but for right now they where extra sensitive to her virgin touch which made her act at hand all the more easier to complete.

She cupped her breasts and pulled gently on her nipples. She moaned softly and then brought her fingers to her mouth where she lick and moistened them to her liking, before returning them to her erect nipples. She dance circles with fingers around her soft mounds, until the feeling of a cunt quivering reminded her of where she needed to go next. She lay down on the floor of the tent and spread her legs. Just as she was inserting her fingers the tent opened pouring the light of a setting sun. She shaded her eyes to see who it was, but something inside her already knew.

"Uh, wow."

It was Michael, clad only in his trunks, which were now forming a tent.

"I am sorry I didn't realize... I was just going to ask if you where..." he stammered.

"It's okay," Adonnica said trying to cover her breasts. "It's not like you have never seen a girl masturbating before."

After a long pause he said, "Actual, it is."

His words hit her with the force of a semi.

"What? You never..."

"Nope, to be honest I have never even had sex."

Adonnica clasped to her knees with her mouth open, almost as if she was trying to thank god and give Michael head at the same time.

"I... I had no idea," she said in a soft voice.

"It's true. I just work all the time and I never have time to go out and have fun."

She looked at Michael and the fading bulge in his trunks when a very evil idea entered her mind.

"Well, maybe I can't help you with your virginity but maybe I can help with something else?" she said while eyeing his crouch.

"Huh?" he said while following her eyes to his semi erect dick.

Before he could say anything to disapprove, Adonnica had her hands on his bulge and began sucking his cock through the material of his trunks. He looked down, stunned at what was happening but powerless to try and stop it.

She had never suck on a guy before, but from what she had seen on the Internet it was pretty easy. She placed her mouth over his cock and began moving her tongue around the tip. Michael was so engrossed he only grunted and moaned. She grew tired of the taste of wet trunks and wanted to taste his firm member. She pull his trunks down and smiled as she was now granted full access to his cock.

She took her hand and began pumping his cock up and down slowly, looking into his eyes to gauge her effectiveness. So far so good, so she took the next step and began licking the tip in time with her strokes. Now his eyes closed and reopened. She smiled and took his cock in her mouth drawing her lips around his cock to form a tight seal. Now his eyes remained close, and his moaning louder. She bobbed her head up and down, and sucking so hard that when his dick came out of her mouth it made a "pop" noise. It was too much for Michael he grabbed the back of Adonnica's head and rammed his cock as far down her throat as he could. She almost screamed in surprise but instead gurgled on his load of cum.

After he was down, he released his hold on her head fell to the ground.

"That was the best I have ever had!" Michael said in panting breaths.

"What? I thought you said you..." Adonnica began but stopped as her best friend walked in.

"Well, she doesn't count."

Hope you enjoyed, as always feed back welcome

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