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Double Trouble by Wilder Green

Double Trouble

This story is copyrighted and may not be posted anywhere without my express permission.

"What do you mean, one room with two double beds?" Peter demanded.

The receptionist looked worried. "I'm sorry. There's been some confusion. It was supposed to be two double rooms?"

"That's right. That's what I said when I booked the rooms," Peter answered. "Well, give us two double rooms, like I asked." His tall, strong, athletic body was tense with anger.

The receptionist looked more worried. "I can't," she said. "We don't have any spare rooms. Everything is booked up."

Peter argued with the receptionist about the booking, with the rest of us supporting him. This went on until the receptionist looked at their record of the booking and obviously saw that the hotel had made the mistake, not Peter. Her attitude changed from one of indignation to guilty helplessness.

"Oh no," she said. " I don't know what to do."

There were four of us in our group. We had decided to spend a weekend together at the beach, Peter and me, and our good friends, Mark and Carol. Now all our arrangements were being thrown into confusion. I was so looking forward to the weekend, making love with Peter all night every night, relaxing on the beach during the day.

"What about some of the other hotels?" asked Carol.

"I think everything will be booked up, but I'll try," said the receptionist.

The four us stood around grumbling about fate and hotel booking clerks to one another, while we waited for the receptionist to talk to other hotels.

A few minutes later, she called us over. "I'm sorry. There just isn't anything in town tonight. I can get you two double rooms tomorrow. Oh, I'm so sorry."

"What about to tonight?" I asked, my anger and frustration very clear in my voice.

"There are no rooms anywhere," the receptionist repeated. "All I can offer is the family room. To try and make up for our mistake, we can offer you the room at the normal ordinary double room rate and offer you a complementary meal at our restaurant."

We all looked at one another.

"What do you think, Jenny? Peter asked me.

"Not much choice really," I said. "And their restaurant has a very good reputation."

"All right," said Peter.

So we took our things to the room. It was nice, roomy, airy with two large double beds side by side against one wall, only about three feet apart. It had a good big ensuite with a large shower, which would make getting changed and everything easier, I thought. But that wouldn't make for missing the fucking from Peter that I had been looking forward to all day.

We cleaned up and then went to the restaurant. The food was truly excellent, as was the service and the champagne and wine. By the time we had finished, we had all got over our grumpiness and were talking and laughing happily together. We had even forgotten to complain about the booking error.

Bedtime and we all managed to get into our respective beds with reasonable modesty. I was wearing my panties and a floppy t-shirt. I was lying on the side of the bed nearest to Mark and Carol, while Peter was snuggled up on my other side. We lay there talking while we watched TV.

Peter stroked my side under the blankets. Suddenly I was incredibly horny, my juices flowing. Damn, damn, damn, why couldn't we have our own room. I so wanted to fuck him, feel his beautiful dick sliding in and out of me.

I lifted my knees to tent the bedding so that Mark and Carol would not see the telltale movements through the blanket and put my hand on Peter's dick. It was already hard and hot. I squeezed it gently through his underpants, then reached inside to hold its hot, hard, throbbing nakedness.

Peter reached across and stroked my pussy through my panties. I was hard put to repress a moan of pleasure. Together we slipped my panties and his underpants off, trying not to make any movements that would tell Mark and Carol what we were doing.

I tried to keep up the conversation with Carol. We had been talking about one of the actresses on TV, but it was becoming increasingly difficult to concentrate.

Again I rejoiced at the feel of Peter's naked dick in my hand and squeezed and stroked it, paying particular attention to the sensitive ridge around his knob. I wanted to suck it. Peter responded by parting the lips of my cunt with his fingers and rubbing his finger tips up and down my cunt, from the opening of my vagina to my clitoris and back. Oh, Jesus, it was so good. Then he slipped a finger inside me and I couldn't resist a little gasp of pleasure as it slid in.

I rolled onto my side to face Carol and Mark. Peter nestled up behind me, his raging dick pressing between the cheeks of my ass. His hand remained stroking my hot, wet cunt. Oh, but it felt so good, stoking the fires that had been burning in me all day. Carol, too, was lying on her side, facing me. But she didn't seem to be taking any notice of what we were doing, so I knew we were getting away with it.

Peter guided his throbbing dick into my waiting cunt. I gasped with pleasure, closing my mouth firmly to stop myself from crying out loud. Ever so gently, Peter started moving his dick in and out of my receptive cunt. It felt so good. I think the awareness of Mark and Carol so close and fucking like this under their noses turned me on even more. I was rubbing my clitoris as Peter slowly, gently, trying not make any obvious movements, thrust in and out. I could feel every inch of his dick as it massaged my hot inner walls, stretching me, filling me in the most delightful way.

I opened my eyes, to see Carol staring at me. Suddenly I realised that they were doing the same as us. Yes, there was definitely a small, slow regular movement from the blanket as Mark's hips moved. There was no doubt, he was fucking her in exactly the same way as Peter was fucking me. Then, when I looked closely, I could see Carol's left upper shoulder moving rhythmically. Exactly the same way that mine was as I rubbed my own engorged clitoris.

Even as I recognised the situation, I could see awareness dawning in Carol's eyes. Together we smiled at each other, thrilling in mutual understanding. Our smiles became laughter of pure pleasure.

"What's up," both the men asked, speaking almost exactly together.

"Look," I said to Peter, nodding my head at the other bed.

"Oh, Jesus," was his response and he pushed his dick harder into me.

All pretence was now thrown aside. I pulled my t-shirt off and watched Carol do the same, her beautiful breasts exposed to my eyes. Despite our deep and long friendship with Mark and Carol, we had always been restrained around one another. The most I had ever seen of Mark's tall, slim, strong and athletic body he was almost identical in build to Peter - was clad in a pair of shorts for swimming. I had seen Carol naked, but only brief glimpses on occasions when we had to change in the same room. It was a body worth looking at, though, I thought. Tall, slim, well muscled, with high firm breasts. Her long blonde hair and pretty face made her one of the most attractive women I had ever seen. I was proud of my own body and looks black hair in contrast to her, and a taut body. I was proud of my breasts, too. Firm, high and with nipples that became hugely erect when aroused. But I always envied her height.

Peter was thrusting into me harder, no longer trying to hide his movements. It was what my body had craved for and I responded, pushing my backside against him to meet his strokes. His dick felt so good as it slid in and out of my hot, wet cunt. The moans that I had previously muffled leaked out of my mouth. Peter's arm was around me, rubbing my clitoris in the way I loved so much. His other arm reached around and was pinching and pulling at my nipple.

On the other bed I could see the movements as Mark thrust in and out of Carol and she responded to his thrusts. She, too, was moaning softly with pleasure. Their top sheet had slid down slightly and I could see her breasts with his fingers working on her nipple. It was erect and it was huge. My first reaction was that I wanted to kiss it.

Carol and I kept watching one another, fascinated, enjoying what we were watching and feeling. I was so turned on and my juices were flowing very hard.

Deliberately, I pulled the sheet down so that Carol could see my breasts and Peter's fingers that were massaging them so deliciously. The feeling from my nipple seemed to transmit itself direct to my cunt and, impossibly, I seemed to become hotter and even more aroused.

Carol looked at me, smiling and licking her lips, and pushed the sheet covering her further down. Now I could see her firm, flat stomach with Mark's arm reaching across to disappear under the sheet. It was moving strongly, firmly rubbing over her clitoris in exactly the same way that Peter was rubbing me as his dick pushed in and out from behind.

I was aware of Peter watching Mark and Carol as well, his head raised up to look over my shoulder.

"That's just so sexy," he breathed.

"I want to see more," Carol said, her voice low and hoarse with sex. "Let me see. Please."

"Oh, yes, please," asked Mark from behind her.

Peter answered for us by taking the sheet and throwing it back to leave us totally exposed to their eyes. He never missed a beat in the rhythm of his fucking.

Mark responded by doing the same and Carol opened her legs so that we could see clearly.

Her light coloured pubic hair was trimmed neatly into a little triangle above her cunt, while her cunt lips had been totally shaved. Almost like mine, although my hair was black and my triangle was a little larger than hers, making mine much more pronounced against my body. I always kept my pussy lips shaved I found I was much more sensitive without the hair. Peter also said he liked my hair trimmed like that he too liked the feel of my shaved pussy lips, while, in his words, the triangle of pubic hair above my cunt accentuated and pointed like an arrow to the centre of my sexuality.

Mark's fingers rubbed over Carol's cunt, and the hidden pink, pearly bits showed deliciously between his fingers, all glistening with her moisture. I could see the root of Mark's shaft as it pushed in and out and the way the engorged lips of Carol's cunt moved with his dick, almost as if they were trying to suck onto it.

I opened my legs in a similar way to give them a view of what Peter was doing to me. My whole body thrilled at the exhibition that I was putting on. I had never felt an urge to exhibit myself before, except to Peter, but that was different. Besides I wasn't just putting on a show, I was watching one at the same time.

Peter suddenly swung me round, his strong arms holding me firmly by the waist so that he was now sitting on the edge of the bed with me on his knee, facing Mark and Carol, still with his dick deep inside my cunt. This brought us much closer to Carol and Mark and left me open for their inspection. After a moment, Carol and Mark copied our movements. I could now see wonderfully clearly as Mark's dick pumped slowly in and of Carol's cunt. She used her fingers to spread her cunt lips to give us a better view. I could see it so well and her cunt was so pretty, pink and gleaming with her fluids. Mark's hard shaft also glistened with her juices, adding to the overall beauty of the scene.

"So pretty," I said.

After watching for a moment, I pulled myself from the bed to kneel on the thickly carpeted floor on my hands and knees so that I could see more closely. Peter followed me, his dick still thrusting firmly in and out of my cunt, his balls slapping against me with every stroke. Now I was looking at Carol and Mark from less than a foot away. Peter kept fucking me from behind, but was also watching closely over my shoulder. He was very turned on: I could tell from the hardness of his dick, the slightly uneven tempo of his fucking and the grunts and moans he was making.

The sight in front of my eyes was absolutely delicious. Mark's dick was embedded deep inside Carol's cunt, moving slowly and powerfully in and out. The veins on the side of his dick stood out against the surface and the edges of Carol's cunt rolled slightly in and out as his flesh massaged hers. His balls hung down in their sack below the point where the two of them were so intimately joined. Just above his dick where the lips of her folds met, I could clearly see Carol's clitoris, pink, erect, engorged. Suddenly I wanted to touch it: to touch as I knew I could touch it - as I would touch my own - to send shock waves of pleasure spreading through her body.

I reached up with one tentative finger, and with Carol watching my every movement, slowly, gently, brought my finger tip to her protuberant clitoris. As I touched it, stroking softly, she bucked harder, gasping aloud and gyrated her hips. I stroked more firmly and her movements became even more agitated. Then she was moaning loudly, almost shouting, writhing frantically in Mark's lap as I pressed harder, rubbing. I moved my lips to her cunt, licking first her clitoris, then the whole of her cunt and the base of Mark's dick as it thrust in and out. They tasted wonderful. Then I moved back to her clitoris, sucking it into my mouth, licking it. Her reactions quickly grew stronger, her moans louder. Then her whole body stiffened, and I knew that she was coming. Her orgasm went on and on as I licked at her, softer now, until her body relaxed.

"That was just so hot," Peter whispered as he kept fucking me. "Our turn now." And with that he pulled me back up onto his lap as he sat on the edge of the bed again so that my cunt was displayed as before. I opened my pussy lips as wide as I could with fingers as Carol knelt on the floor in front of me.

Softly, she reached to touch my clitoris. It was electrifying. She knew exactly what to do. My body took over, delightful tingling sensations ran through me, my hips thrust and bucked and swung wildly. Then she leaned forward and sucked on my clitoris, tongued over my the whole of cunt and the base of Peter's dick. Her long hair swung forward and caressed my inner thighs and the outer lips of my cunt. I was so turned on that each movement seemed to burn like some sort of delicious fire. The total sensation was like nothing I had ever felt before. My whole being seemed to contract into the wonderful sensations radiating from my excited cunt. The tensions built, deliciously, and before I knew it, I was on the verge of orgasm. Peter's dick was thrusting in and out, and I seemed to be able to feel every ridge and part of it as it rubbed so wonderfully over the walls of my cunt. Carol's tongue was licking over my clitoris and then she started sucking it in and out of her lips. The sensations in my body mounted to bursting point and I came, exploding all over Peter's dick and Carol's wonderful, wonderful tongue.

I collapsed lying on my back on the bed, half on top of Peter, half beside him, still throbbing from the intensity of my orgasm, with his wonderful dick still buried in my cunt. Now I wanted to suck him, one of my favourite things. I loved the taste of his dick, the feeling as it moved in and out of my mouth, the way it would twitch as he got more and more excited.

I turned over and gently kissed the tip of his dick, marvelling as I had many times before at the taste of my own juices which covered it. I licked it and then took the tip into my mouth, slowly licking further and further down the shaft as I gradually took it in as deep as I could. Almost immediately his hips started to buck as he fucked at my mouth, his swollen knob feeling absolutely delicious as it moved back and forth.

Carol and Mark, I could see, were doing the same, right beside us on the bed. I watched her sucking Mark's dick, while she watched me. We soon started moving together, sucking our men to the same rhythm.

"Swap?" Carol asked me, taking her mouth from Mark's dick, but still holding it firmly in her hand. "I would like to taste Peter's dick, too."

I didn't need to think before I nodded. I could clearly see that Mark, like Peter, had a beautiful dick: symmetrical, perfectly proportioned, large but too large. Yes, I wanted to suck him too. And fuck him, I realised with surprise.

So we moved around and I took Mark's dick in my hand and kissed it before taking it into my mouth, swirling my tongue around the knob and paying special attention to the sensitive ridge surrounding it. I could taste the blend of Carol's pussy juices, her saliva and the maleness of Mark. It was gorgeous. I kept sucking while Mark bucked his hips in response.

We had been doing this for a minute or so, when I heard Carol say, "Your turn now."

I didn't understand what she meant at first.

Then she said, "Come on Mark, you got to watch Jenny and me suck each other when we were fucking. Help me suck on Peter's dick. I know that you'd like to."

"You too," I said to Peter.

Peter's face appeared beside me where I was still sucking on Mark's dick and I relinquished it to turn and kiss him. Our tongues entangled for a moment and then I broke the kiss to move my tongue back to Mark's waiting dick.

Tentatively, Peter moved closer, and then with his tongue tip licked at Mark's hard shaft. Together we licked our tongues up and down the length of it, thrilling in Marks' evident enjoyment of our efforts. Then, as he grew more confident, Peter began to explore boldly with his mouth. I moved down the shaft to kiss the base while Peter took Mark's knob in his mouth. After a minute or so he accustomed himself to its feel and taste and slowly took more and more in his mouth. Mark was responding strongly, fucking back at Peter's mouth. I could tell from Peter's movements that he was also receiving attention that he was very much enjoying.

I moved back to watch and enjoy the display as Peter took more and more initiative. The two men were now into a strong sixty-nine, working hard on each other, their lips and mouths working, sucking, while their hips moved as they fucked each others' mouths, their arms each holding the others' bodies close. They were really getting into it and the sight had a devastatingly strong effect on me. It was one of the sexiest things I had ever seen. They were both playing with each others' balls, brushing softly with their finger tips as they sucked. I watched, enthralled, as their hands wandered further to rub each others' arses.

Carol moved close to me, her fingers gently touching my breasts, teasing my nipples. I kissed her, my lips parting automatically. I had never kissed a woman before and it was wonderful, different from kissing a man softer and warmer but every bit as nice. And the novelty added an extra thrill.

She responded, kissing me passionately, her tongue touching mine as we explored the insides of each other's mouths. Then she broke the kiss to turn her attention to my nipples, sucking them in and out of her mouth. Oh. God, but she knew exactly how to do it. I responded by doing the same to her, thrilling as her already erect nipples became even more engorged under my tongue, no doubt sending electrifying messages of pleasure direct to her cunt, exactly the same as had happened to me.

Beside us the two men kept sucking on one another, the sight adding to my pleasure. Their movements now were strong, deliberate. I hardly knew what to do. I wanted to keep making love to Carol; I wanted to fuck Peter and Mark; I wanted to keep watching them; all at the same time.

In the end Carol and I watched them while we kissed and stroked one another. They rapidly built to a crescendo, grunting, thrusting and then both coming almost at the same time. To my surprise both took the others sperm in their mouth, obviously loving it. Even though Peter had tasted his own sperm often enough, from either my mouth or my cunt, I hadn't expected him to unhesitatingly take Mark's straight into his mouth. The other thing I noticed was how quickly they had come Peter usually had much greater restraint. Mark must have given a really excellent blow job, I thought.

When they had finished, Carol moved her head down along my body, her tongue tracing a line across my flat stomach. I responded in kind. Then her pussy was in front of me, her legs wide apart, the lips of her cunt engorged with her passion and open like a flower. I stroked it lightly and then pushed two fingers deep inside her. I was rewarded by her gasp of pleasure and the feel of her fingers inside my cunt, stroking, probing. Then her tongue found my clitoris and I found myself in a haze of pure pleasure as my whole body lit up.

She knew perfectly what to do, gentle in the places where I liked it gentle, harder and insistent at exactly the right places and times. I licked and sucked her clitoris in return, trying to tongue her in the same wonderful that she was tonguing me: licking, sucking, pushing my tongue into her cunt beside my fingers. She was bucking now against my face. But I wanted more.

"I want... I want... everything," I said, my voice muffled by Carol's cunt. "Peter, get over here and fuck me while Carol licks me. I want your dick in me." Surely the men would be hard again by now.

"Yes, get here," Carol said. "Mark, Peter."

I felt a hot, hard dick pressing against my backside and then I felt Carol take hold of it and start to guide towards my waiting cunt. I was aware that it was Mark, but I didn't care. Peter lay behind Carol, his dick between her legs. I took the tip, kissing it lovingly and then guided it towards Carol's wet, wet cunt. Gently I inserted the tip and watched as Peter slowly pushed in and his whole shaft slid out of sight. Watching his knob disappear inside her cunt was particularly thrilling. Then the men were completely inside us and started fucking.

I licked at Carol and Peter's junction, the base of his shaft as he slid in and out, and her clitoris, while Carol did the same to me. We quickly fell into a wonderful rhythm. As Mark pushed into me, I would respond to his movement, which pushed Carol's face harder against my cunt. These movements exactly reflected and complemented Peter's thrusting and my sucking. I could almost immediately feel the familiar tension building. The feeling from my cunt, with Mark's dick pumping in and out, with Carol's lips and tongue on my clitoris, was exquisite, so good as to be almost more than I could bear. My arousal was increased by the sight of Peter's strong hard dick pumping in and out of Carol's pretty cunt right in front of my eyes and by the taste and texture of her cunt and his dick on my mouth.

The pleasure levels rapidly built to an almost unendurable level. The I saw the signs that Peter was about to come, the unmistakable change in his rhythm. Knowing that I was about to see his hot sperm spurting into Carol's cunt was enough to set me off. The waves of release flashed through me, incredibly intense and satisfying.

I shouted with ecstasy. "I'm coming, I'm coming, Oh my God."

"Yes" gasped Peter. "Yes."

I could actually see his dick pulsing as the waves of sperm jetted up it to spurt out deep into Carol. Then I could see the sperm, mixed with Carol's juices, coating his dick as it shook and shivered on each stroke. Even as my orgasm continued to pulsate through my body, I reached out my tongue to taste the delightful familiar taste of his sperm mixed with the extra spice of Carol's juices.

Moments after Peter, Carol started coming. I could clearly see the pulsations running through her and I could feel her body convulsing with the intensity of her orgasm. Then Mark was coming and I could feel the hot wet slipperiness as his sperm jetted into me.

After we had recovered a little, we sat on the bed, holding one another, sipping champagne, talking, telling each other how we had felt. We agreed that we had just had one of the most intense orgasms of our lives.

"You licked me just so well. I thought Peter was good at it, but oh my God," I told Carol, leaning over to kiss her softly.

"Well, you see, I've got a cunt too," she replied, laughing delightedly. "And the fact that you've got a cunt too showed. You know what feels good and you licked me so well."

"That's as may be," said Peter. "But it wasn't just you. Mark sucked my dick better than it's ever been sucked, and I thought that it wasn't possible to better than you."

"Well, you see, I've got a cock too. I know what feels good," Mark laughed, parroting Carol's words. "Yes, and Peter on my cock was out of this world too," he continued.

"This has always been one of fantasies, but in real life it was better than I could ever have imagined," Carol added. "I've always wanted to see two men together."

The men were already getting hard again, their dicks growing. Peter absent-mindedly stroked his as it reached it full size. It was a sight that always got my juices flowing, although God knows, at the moment I didn't need any extra stimulus.

Carol spoke again. "Mark knows, but I've never told you. I have experimented a little with other women in the past.. Mark has always wanted to see me with another woman and I've always wanted to be with a man and a woman at the same time. But we never did anything about it. Now I wish we had tried sooner."

"I've got another fantasy that I would like to try," I said.

"What? asked Peter. "Anything you want, darling." He kissed me hard.

"My fantasy has always been to be with two men at once. Their hands all over my body. Their two dicks." I answered.

In answer, both Mark and Peter moved over to me and Peter began to kiss me hotly on the mouth.

"May I?" Mark asked Carol.

"As long as I get my turn soon," she told him.

With that, Mark lowered his head to my left nipple, kissing and sucking it to its full size. Peter joined him to treat my other nipple the same way. Two hands moved down my body, between my legs. Mark rubbed my clitoris, while Peter started finger fucking me. Delicious. I was moaning again and my hips responded almost as if they had a life of their own. Mark's hand moved again and I realised that he had put a finger into my cunt with Peter. The two fingers moving in and out were absolutely fabulous.

I reached for their dicks and held one in each hand, squeezing, rubbing and pulled them towards my face. The two men got to their knees and moved towards my head, obeying my unspoken request. I held their dicks touching together and rubbed them softly against one another. I tried to get them both into my mouth, but they were too big. I licked them both and then sucked one and then the other, never letting go with my hands. Two beautiful, big dicks in my hands. My pleasure was so intense.

I rolled over, still alternately kissing and sucking the two dicks that I was rubbing together. "Fuck me. Please. Fuck me," I said as I raised myself to my hands and knees.

Peter moved round behind me and I felt Carol guiding his raging dick into my cunt. As he pushed into my urgent cunt, I started sucking Mark's dick in earnest. It was glorious, a fantasy fulfilled: a dick in my cunt and dick in my mouth; both men grunting and thrusting; the taste and feel of Mark's dick in my mouth, the feel of Peter fucking me, his dick pumping firmly in and out, each stroke a wonderful new experience, reinforcing the sensations from the stroke before.

Carol sat beside us watching, her face alight with passion and enjoyment. She reached under me to pull and pinch at one of my nipples. I could see that with her other hand she was alternately rubbing her clitoris and finger fucking herself. I became even hotter.

"Harder, harder," I gasped.

Peter lengthened his stroke, pushing harder and harder into me. I was in heaven.

Then he leaned forward to whisper in my ear. "Would like to be double fucked?"

It was part of my fantasy, as Peter well knew. I loved his dick in my cunt and I loved it in my arse. Now I had a chance to have dicks in both holes at the same time.

"Oh yes, oh yes," I whispered. "Please."

Mark lay on his back and I straddled him, impaling myself on his dick. Peter knelt behind me and I leant forward to open myself up to him. Carol put some lubricant on my arse and fingered it so that it relaxed, open and ready and then, gently, slowly, inserted Peter's dick into my arse. He pushed in gently, almost as if he was feeling his way. With Mark's dick already in my cunt, I felt incredibly stretched and it hurt a little at first, but the sheer intensity of sexual feeling quickly overcame it. I felt so full and the extra pressure intensified how well I could feel everything. I could feel the full length of both their dicks with stunning clarity. As I became accustomed to the sensation, the two men began thrusting, one in, the other moving out at the same time. I became an animal, just living for pure pleasure, grunting and thrusting back at the two dicks as they thrust slowly in and out. I was so filled, so fulfilled.

"Oh," gasped Mark, talking to Peter. "I can feel your dick rubbing against mine from her arse. I can even feel the ridge around your knob as it slides past mine. And it's so tight. It's glorious."

"Me, too," said Peter, gasping and groaning as he spoke. "Oh, Jenny, fucking your arse is just so good. I always love fucking it, but this is even better. It is so tight, squeezing hard on my dick, and I can clearly feel Mark's dick moving. It's just unbelievable."

I was beyond words. The intensity of feeling was beyond anything I had ever felt before. I could feel my next orgasm building, the delicious tension growing. I was tingling over my whole body, but all the sensations seemed to concentrate themselves so incredibly in my cunt and arse.

"I'm coming," I screamed and then, as the full force of my release hit, lapsed into incoherent moans.

Vaguely, I became aware of Carol saying: "My turn now."

I was so spent that I was only dimly aware of the men withdrawing from me to go for a quick wash and then returning to kiss, stroke and lick Carol. Like me, she tried to suck on both their dicks at the same time, but also like me, was unable to accommodate them both at once. By now, my strength was returning and I was taking a very strong interest in what they were doing. My fingers strayed to my cunt to massage and knead at my clitoris while the other three experimented with several positions. They finished up with Carol lying on back with her arse on the very edge of the low bed so that Peter could kneel between her legs and fuck her, while she took the whole of Mark's dick into her mouth.

"Now," she asked. "Double fuck me. Just like you double fucked Jenny."

Peter lay on his back. and she straddled him, taking his cock into her cunt. She leant forward, exposing her arse, and I softly rubbed it over her pretty puckered arse hole, probing with my finger tip, opening it up and getting it ready for Mark's dick. I took the opportunity to stroke and squeeze Peter's dick as it moved slowly in and out of her cunt. Mark was kneeling behind her, his dick rock hard, waiting impatiently. When I judged she was ready, I rubbed more lubricant onto his dick and then gently engaged the tip with her arse. Fascinated I watched as he slowly moved back and forth, and pushed his dick in a little further with every stroke until it was completely buried inside her.

Both men started to pump in alternating rhythm, one pushing in while the other pulled out. Almost immediately, Carol began to gasp and moan with pleasure, her hips gyrating as much as they could, pinned as she was by the two dicks buried in her.

"So good," she moaned. "So good. How come I waited so long to try this?"

Then she just seemed to explode, writhing, gasping, moaning, as her orgasm overwhelmed her. I knew just how she felt, totally filled, totally fucked, totally wonderful.

I still wanted more and within moments I was lying on my back, with Peter buried up his balls inside me, fucking slowly and powerfully, thrusting the full length of his dick in and out.

I could feel other hands touching me, stroking Peter's balls where they hung between my legs. Then I became aware that Carol was rubbing his arse.

"Oh, God yes," he moaned. "Push your finger into me. I always love that. Oh yes."

I could tell from the way he moved that she had done as he asked.

Then, through the waves of pleasure that were washing through me, I could see Mark moving up behind Peter and somehow I knew that Carol was guiding his dick into Peter's arse.

Peter lay still as Mark pushed in, getting used to the sensation. I could feel the added weight of Mark pushing Peter's dick further into me. Then Mark began to fuck slowly, each thrust driving Peter's dick deep into my cunt. It felt as if Mark's dick went right through Peter and into me as if the two men were both fucking my cunt at the same time. Peter was moaning, gasping, twitching, loving the pleasure signals that his arse and dick were feeling.

I was sinking again into an oblivion in which nothing existed except pleasure. All I could feel was each stroke of Peter's dick the imaginary combined dick, each stroke building on the sensations that had gone before, the feelings getting more intense as I moved towards orgasm.

The rhythm sped up and Mark too was gasping. "I'm going to come," he whispered.

"Me too," added Peter in a gasp.

I felt the rhythm change again as Mark's dick shuddered in release and then Peter was coming, jetting into my cunt. Again I had the unbelievable feeling as if both men were coming in my cunt at the same time. The thought, combined with feeling of Peter's hard dick and jetting sperm, sent me off again and I came in a long gasping, groaning, writhing orgasm.

It wasn't until next morning that Peter had the thought, "How do we get the family room again tonight after all the fuss we made yesterday?"

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