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Dewi's Indonesian Adventure by Captain Squall

Dewi's Indonesian Adventure

Part I

Dewi drove home late that evening after a dinner with several of her best girlfriends. They had spent the last part of the evening at a popular disco in downtown Jakarta. She was to be engaged the next week to an affluent property developer and her friends wanted to give her a very special, 'going away' present. And when they told her what they wanted to arrange, Dewi was excited and eager to get her pre-engagement gift.

Dewi certainly wasn't a woman who would regard herself as 'easy', but at age 24 she had had several discrete lovers, including an unmarried senior diplomat at the foreign embassy where she worked. She was a confident, liberated, attractive young Indonesian woman, and was amused by the comments of one of the other diplomat's wives, that she thought Dewi was 'drop-dead' gorgeous. And as Dewi undressed in the bathroom of her parent's home in the upmarket suburb of Menteng, she observed her body in the mirror. She pondered - yes, maybe my breasts are a little too big (the label on her discarded brassiere read "38 inches, D-cup"), and my buttocks chubby, but hey - some guys like it that way, and so do I, she thought, smiling to herself. She luxuriated under the shower, lathering her body, especially her oversized thick bush of black pubic hair, which she refused to trim or have 'bikini waxed'. Secretly she got a buzz when both men AND women tried not to be too obvious when they stared at her crotch, as they admired her in a swimming costume.

But it was her 'special present' that she was really looking forward to. She had listened carefully to her friends' description of the gift, almost hearing her own heart beat in excitement. They wanted to arrange a weekend for her in the cool hills outside the city, some two hours drive away. But the weekend wasn't going to be one where she was all alone - her friends had suggested three or four guys attend to her every needs, and they meant EVERY need. The guys were to be under strict instructions to do exactly as she said, however "unusual" or seemingly bizarre.

Ida, one of Dewi's closet friends, had scouted her university campus for some appropriate young guys, who had the required "qualifications". It had taken over a month to investigate, interview and organise. The guys were to be paid well, at least US$100 each for the weekend's work, and they had to sign a confidentiality agreement for total secrecy and discretion. Each of the guys, said Ida, was supposed to have unique qualities which Dewi was to discover before too long...

Dewi climbed between the crisp sheet of her bed that night both excited and apprehensive, and as she turned out the light, she thought of the upcoming weekend. Her fiance thought she was 'going away with the girls' for the weekend, so he was taken care of. Dewi did love him .... well, as much as she would admit to loving any guy, and he wasn't without his own charms or attractiveness.

The more she thought about the weekend, the more aroused she became, and spreading her legs she slipped her hand down over her naked body and felt her own wetness, before gently rubbing her pubic area. She knew her loud moaning would be drowned under the noise of the bedroom air conditioner. She unconsciously counted at least six shattering orgasms that night before she finally slipped off to a deep sleep....

*** *** ***

The air conditioned limo slipped easily through the evening traffic as it made its way southwards up the freeway to Bogor, where the President's summer palace was located. She tried to relax as she sipped a mineral water from the limo's icebox, as the car climbed gradually into the cooler air of the hills region. Her driver was a pretty middle aged lady called Jasmin and she and Dewi and had chatted occasionally throughout the journey. Dewi had eventually closed the sliding glass window separating her from the Jasmin's compartment, as she wanted to gather her thoughts for the weekend that lay ahead.

Finally, the car passed the Cibodas Botanical Gardens, and turned on to a side road near the Palm Garden Hotel, and drove for several minutes through a tea plantation. Behind Dewi's car the lights of Jakarta twinkled in the humid, polluted air. The car slowed, and stopped at a large security gate, which the driver opened with a remote control, before driving up to the front of the large imposing residence.

Dewi got out and shivered slightly in the cool mountain air. She walked independently into the entrance, while Jasmin fetched her bags. As Dewi entered, she was met by a servant who ushered her into a large lounge. There sitting relaxed were Dewi's young men, and they sprang to their feet as she entered.

"Please! Sit down and relax," said Dewi, in a deliberately friendly tone. "This is supposed to be a weekend of relaxation and enjoyment...." But she and they it was also going to involve a fair amount of recreation...

Dewi introduced herself and the guys in turn introduced themselves, some using their 'adopted' Western given names. There was Bob, tall and slim, Musa, also somewhat lanky but quite stocky, and Adil, a quiet but impressive character.

Despite their outer show of confidence, the three guys were all somewhat nervous, but nonetheless they certainly showed an appreciation of Dewi's charms, trying not to stare at her obvious attributes, stretching her sweater and even attracting a glance from Jasmin, the driver, who had joined them.

It was Jasmin who surprised Dewi by announcing the arrangements for the weekend. Each guy was issued with a uniquely numbered pager, which was to be activated when Dewi summoned them to her quarters. The only thing was Dewi wouldn't know who would be coming until the person entered the room.

The rambling resort house was huge with at least half-a-dozen separate units. Of course Dewi was in the Grand Suite and after saying her thanks departed the lounge and moved to her suite, where Jasmin helped her unpack.

"Jasmin", said Dewi with a laugh, "has Ida told you everything about this weekend?!"

"Ya - she certainly has! And aren't you the lucky one, Miss Dewi!" said Jasmin. "And as you may have guessed, I'm more than a long-term friend of Ida. Can't you remember...?"

Dewi racked her brain and then it came back. One night as they shared a drink after work, Ida had confided in Dewi she had made friends with a bisexual lady at her office, and on several occasions they had spent the night together.

"So your presence here isn't coincidental, Jasmin?!" said Dewi and she looked at the slim, attractive lady in her suit. This could be a VERY interesting weekend thought Dewi, a pang in her loins reminding her of her male "escorts" in the adjacent suites.

Jasmin helped Dewi unpack her clothes before she excused herself, and as she left the room she smiled and waved HER pager in the air. "It's nomor satu, sweetheart..."

I'm sure you're 'number one' thought Dewi with a wicked grin. Dewi poured herself a bourbon and coke from the minibar and opening the patio doors took in the view. In the darkening twilight, she surveyed the private swimming pool, with total privacy given by the high walls, except for the open view to the dim lights of the capital in the distance. The land fell away sharply from her resort, so no-one could see into her suite. She sipped on her drink, before stripping naked and diving into the pool. She luxuriated in the heated water, noticing the vapour rising into the cool evening air. After swimming for some minutes she climbed out she towelled herself vigorously, her breasts shaking and wobbling, and she said to herself, "Now lets get some real action going...."

Dewi sat on the enormous bed and looked down at her paging control. It had four individual numbered buttons - and she knew that all she had to do was press one and she would have a sexual partner within the minute. She also knew now that Jasmin was 'number one'. She turned down the lights and moved to the bed.

Eeny, meeny, miney mo she said with a grin, and pressed number two, and then lay back naked on the huge bed. To amuse herself, she counted as she waited for her first visitor.

She had barely reached thirty, when there was a soft knock on the door. Dewi pressed a remote release, unlocking it, and wearing a batik sarong in walked Bob, the tall slim guy. Dewi patted the bed and said, "Let's go, lover boy..."

Bob dropped the sarong and climbed onto the bed, and Dewi knew immediately that this was to be quite a challenge. For Bob was hung like a stallion, his semi-erect cock already nine inches in length. Gently embracing him Dewi eased him onto his back, their hands exploring and running over each other's bodies. Bob was obviously a breast man and he cupped Dewi's glorious orbs in his hands, feeling their weight and firmness, his thumbs rotating over her erect nipples.

Dewi was already wet in her anticipation and she hovered over her captured man, her breasts swaying and occasionally brushing Bob's chest. Dewi closed her eyes and positioned herself over Bob and reaching between her thighs, clasped his cock. She gasped softly as she felt its size, strength and power. With a low moan she eased her moist labia over his rod and she parted her lips with its large, spongy tip. Ever so slowly she lowered her body onto his, deliberately and willingly impaling herself on this man's magnificent dick. Inch by glorious inch filled her passage, and it didn't stop until she felt her own bushy mound merge with his. She guessed, very accurately as it transpired, that she had close to ten inches of cock in her - and she loved it. She remained motionless, save for the gripping and relaxing of her cunt muscles, as her tissues got hot and distended, stretching to accommodate the huge intruder.

She then started to slowly lift and lower her body, and a long low groan emanated from her lips as she felt the flood of pleasure course through her entire body. Dewi then moved her body upwards, squatting low like a woman urinating, her genitals still meshed with Bob's. She placed her hands flat on his chest, and started to jerk her hips up and down. She glanced down her body and saw the thick, glistening cock repeatedly emerge then disappear with her movements, her labia wrapped around the splendid shaft as she lifted, before tucking in as she sank again. Bob was now grunting and she thought she was making him come too fast, but she couldn't care less - this was HER weekend.

Bob was obviously highly aroused by this shafting goddess, and he took in the view as he felt a surge in his loins. His lover was gently lifting and falling on his rod, her eyes closed, as she was transported into another world of carnal pleasure. It was obvious she was focussing her efforts on the physical union, as Bob felt her grip and release him. He was also surprised to see her labia separate, to reveal her erect and engorged clitoris, occasionally rubbing against his cock.

It was all too much for Bob and with a grunt her cried out, "I'm coming, I'm coming, yes, yes, I'm coming..." and with a lunge he pushed upwards, filling Dewi's passage completely, as his warm seed shot out of his cock in great wads, splashing against her cervix and flooding her womb and vagina. Dewi opened her eyes as she felt the warm gush of fluid inside her, and with a short cry she orgasmed, her body convulsing and shuddering, her breasts shaking and wobbling, as she pushed hard down onto Bob's pulsating and gushing rod.

They continued to moan and thrust, as the slowly came down from their sexual plateau, sweat streaking both their bodies, despite the cool evening air. But Dewi wasn't finished just yet, and slowly and deliberately she lifted her body off of Bob, and as she did so, great gobs of his seed flowed from her red, inflamed labia and splashed onto his body.

With a sigh she collapsed onto the bed. "That'll be all...for now, anyway, Bob" she said with a grin. "I'll call you again if ... no, when I want you, OK?"

Bob nodded with a smile, and wiping his body with a towel, donned his batik sarong and left the room.

Dewi lay back as she regained her breath. Her body was warm and glowing, still in a state of sexual arousal. She reached down and started to rotate her fingers over her mons veneris, moaning as she felt her lust return. She managed to have another three orgasms before she lay back again, her breasts heaving with the exertion.

I'd better pace myself, she thought with a grin, otherwise I'll fuck myself out before the weekend is over. Feeling relaxed and elated she walked naked onto the patio and dived into the pool. The water caressed and soothed her and languidly she swam, enjoying the sensuous feel of the water against her naked body.

After a few moments she climbed out and lazily towelled herself dry. She splashed some aromatic bath powder onto her body, and returned to the large bed. Hmmm.... she thought, time for something different, and she pressed three, not one, of her pager buttons.

Within the minute Jasmin, her "driver," and Musa entered the room, followed closely by Adil. As they entered the softly lit room, Dewi whispered "OK, undress, all of you, please" and she patted the bed, inviting them to join her.

The two guys were obviously expecting to be called upon to perform, as they were already getting hard, their superb cocks pointing proudly at Dewi, who secretly thanked her friend Ida for pre-selecting such well-hung specimens of manhood.

The three visitors to Dewi's room climbed tentatively onto the bed, awaiting their instructions. "Jasmin and Adil, I want you to show Adil and me how expert you are ... and I'm sure we'll join you before too long, OK"

Jasmin smiled and turned to Adil, both keen to get into action without delay. They immediately started embracing and caressing each other, while next to them on the large bed, Dewi caressed Musa's smooth, brown, well muscled body, occasionally allowing herself to stroke his now rock hard cock.

It soon became clear what Jasmin's preference was as she positioned herself on her hands and knees, while Adil moved behind her honey coloured thighs. Jasmin, while not quite in Dewi's class also had shapely breasts, while Adil's cock looked unusually thick to Dewi, as she stared fascinated at her performers. She had never, ever been so close to two people who were fucking and she was again getting very aroused. And as Adil slowly sank his thick shaft into Jasmin's cunt, it was not just Jasmin but also Dewi who moaned in pleasure.

Adil threw back his head and started to ram and ram his thick cock into a now loudly moaning Jasmin. "Its so thick, so gloriously thick..."she was heard to mutter in a low voice, as she felt Adil's member separate her velvet passage, as it reamed and reamed her glorious pussy.

Dewi beckoned to Musa and she adopted the same position as Jasmin, and moved so she was facing Jasmin. Dewi leaned forward and kissed Jasmin, and their tongues met, as they opened their mouths wide. Dewi moved her knees apart and Musa moved up to her buttocks. Holding his cock with one hand he rotated the knob against Dewi's wet vulva, lubricating it with Dewi's generous juices. Dewi whimpered softly and reaching under her body with one hand, clasped Musa's cock and pulled it into her open wound. Such was her moistness that Musa slipped deeply into her with ease, but Dewi felt this was something special. Musa was not only well hung, but he, too, had a shaft thickness that forced Dewi's labia and vaginal passage apart. As she felt the cock seemingly 'fill' her body, Dewi felt literally "stuffed". Surely there could be no cock thicker or longer than Musa's she thought, and she felt his soft knob bump gently against her cervix deep within her.

Now there were two copulating 'bookends', the women facing each other, kissing and tonguing each other, while their partners were serving them 'doggie style', getting maximum penetration, and all four obviously enjoying it, judging from their gasps and groans.

Each participant could look up and see the other couple, vigorously and enthusiastically fucking each other, and this visual stimulation lifted them to a new sexual high, their arousal total and complete. The guys were rock hard, fully erect with their cocks thick and strong, while the two women were wide open, generating more than enough juices by the sound of the squishing noises, their vaginal cavities crammed with hot, shafting cocks. It was a sight of pure lust, carnality and lasciviousness.

Both Musa and Adil wanted to prolong their pleasure and the pleasure of their partners and with considerable skill they 'held back', not wanting come too soon. When they felt their orgasms approaching they would slow their rhythm, and withdraw most of their shaft, so that just an inch or two was penetrating their partner. This continued for some thirty minutes, by which time both Jasmin's and Dewi's pussies were hot and sopping wet, and they were almost at their sexual peak.

It was Jasmin who came first, and with a loud scream she pushed back onto Adil's cock, who immediately resumed his deep and long thrusts. This in turn brought on his own orgasm and he felt his cock shudder and stiffen. With a cry he pushed hard into Jasmin, and she felt his seed splash against her interior. They were now two thrusting, shaking , moaning and shuddering bodies, solely intent on getting the maximum sexual pleasure for themselves and their partner.

As much as Dewi tried she could hold back no longer, and she too came, long and loud, her cunt crammed with Musa's magnificent rod. To his delight she came four or five times before he felt a surge from deep in his loins. As though flung from a slingshot, large thick wads of his seed jetted into his willing partner's cunt. He gripped his partner's buttocks tightly with his hands, pulling her to meet his own rough thrusting, as he discharged his copious load of white, womb wetting foam. Under him, Dewi was sometimes moaning in delight, and occasionally growling like an animal, fucking for the sheer pleasure of it. He felt her cunt grip his cock tightly, milking it of every last drop of his abundant seed.

As they slowed their actions, Jasmin leaned forward and kissed Dewi again, darting her tongue deep into the latter's mouth, and she responded in kind.

Tearing her mouth away, she managed to gasp, "Off you go guys, I'll call you later..." and as the two men withdrew, both ladies felt sperm flow out of their full, overflowing pussies and down their sticky thighs in white, creamy streaks. Adil and Musa, reluctantly but obediently climbed off the bed and left the room.

Meanwhile Jasmin had gently pushed Dewi onto her back, and was kissing her mouth, neck and breasts. Dewi opened her legs wide and Jasmin slid down, taking Dewi's vulva in her mouth. Jasmin felt the taste of Musa's sperm and Dewi's juices flood her own mouth, and she swallowed hungrily. Jasmin's face was now smeared with love juices and lifting herself up she kissed Dewi, and she too tasted herself, as well as Musa's seed.

Dewi lifted her body and moved down the bed, so that she was facing the opposite end of the bed to Jasmin. Laying on her back, she then opened her legs and linked with Jasmin, closing in the 'scissor position', their pussies now connecting and "kissing", like any other lips. Taking their weight on their elbows the two woman started grinding and pushing their vulvas together. The sounds of their union and the physical sensations were electric, as they shoved and thrust away at each other's cunt.

Such was the total focus of their actions that it didn't take long for them to lose control and they were soon wildly pushing and grinding away, their sensitive labia squishing and smacking against each other, and both women cried out in unison, the bodies on fire and racked with pleasure. They were streaked with sweat from their exertions and Dewi swivelled around and again kissed Jasmin long and passionately. They then lay in each other arms and closing their eyes they drifted off to sleep...

With Jasmin still in her arms, Dewi awoke just before dawn, her legs intertwined with those of her partner. Kissing Jasmin on the lips she climbed off the bed and walked outside onto the verandah. Greeting the new day, she stood there naked - sexually satiated and proud, her body still showing evidence of last night's bouts of lovemaking, with dried semen on her thighs, pubic hair and other parts of her body.

As she swam, she looked up and saw a smiling Jasmin emerge from the bedroom, also naked. She slipped into the pool and swam over to Dewi. They gently put their arms around each other's neck and kissed, expertly and with feeling.

"For a driver, you're quite a lover!" laughed Dewi softly, fondling Jasmin's body under the water.

Jasmin smiled in reply, before climbing out of the pool to arrange some breakfast. In minutes, another young houseboy - no more than sixteen years of age, emerged with a tray of fresh fruit, jugs of steaming coffee and some croissants. Some houseboy, thought Dewi as she smiled up at the elegant youth, who also happened to be naked. His body was slim and supple, like that of a dancer she thought, which is precisely what he was, Dewi learned later. She also discovered that this golden youth was also Jasmin's virgin brother.

Jasmin walked over, leaned down and whispered to Dewi. "Come and meet Anwar, my younger brother. As a special surprise you can have him after breakfast".

Dewi looked up questioningly, and Jasmin said quickly, "I've asked him and he agrees with this arrangement ... he saw you arrive last night and asked me to introduce you to him". Still stark naked, Dewi walked over to the table and smiled at Anwar, extending her hand, which he took and shook gently. Looking into his eyes Dewi said deliberately, "I'm looking forward to meeting you very soon, my young friend..."

Anwar tried not to stare at Dewi's wet body, especially her heaving breasts. He then blushed beautifully and excused himself, but not before Dewi noticed a bulge in the front of his sarong.

Dewi tried not to hurry through her breakfast, but it was less than thirty minutes later that she left the poolside and walked into the bedroom. Jasmin also left the breakfast table and with a message from Dewi to Anwar went to fetch the young man.

Dewi was reclining naked on the bed when Anwar entered. Wanting to make him feel comfortable as soon as possible she beckoned to hi to join her, and he approached her tentatively. As he stood next to the bed, Dewi reached up and loosened his sarong, letting it fall to the floor. She drew a short breath and she took in the view. before her was a young, slim honey coloured Adonis, in a very obvious state of excitement.

"This is my first time..." he stammered, nervously, as Dewi urged him to climb on the bed.

"I know, sweetheart, let me guide and help you..." Dewi whispered, trying not to sound too eager. She gently pushed him onto his back and she hovered over him, like a cat with her prey trapped in the arms and legs. The tips of her breasts brushed his hairless chest, and she felt his penis twitch against her stomach. She kissed him softly on the forehead, lips and chest, before sliding down to meet the man. His shaft was smooth and hard, and with two hands she grasped it, lowering her mouth onto the tip. She heard Anwar gasp as she closed her mouth around the top three inches of his magnificent cock, before she started moving her mouth up and down, while sucking gently, and flicking her tongue against the underside of his glans.

She could feel Anwar lifting his hips gently, and his hands started to fondle her soft orbs, feeling the nipples hard and erect. His eyes were closed and he was moaning softly, whispering "Oh yes, oh yes, Dewi, yes, yes...please don't stop..."

Dewi had no intention of stopping and she was also extremely feeling horny, as she continued to administer to the young virgin in her mouth. She stroked his flat, muscled stomach while gently fondling his large scrotum. In her mouth she could taste his precum, kind of sweet and salty at the same time.

Even allowing for his inexperience, Anwar managed to prolong the delicious sensations being delivered to him by virtue of Dewi's expert sucking and stroking.

Sensing his time was coming Dewi slowed her actions and, sure enough, Anwar was softly whispering "I'm coming, yes, I'm, now, now....." and with a slight jerk of his hips he flooded the eager mouth of his partner.

Dewi felt the warm gush fill her mouth completely and she swallowed again and again, as the bursts of his seed shot against the back of her mouth. God, he was still coming, she said to herself in wonderment, and she swallowed again. His cock was pulsing in her mouth, though now dark and ruby coloured, as it discharged the last of his impressive load.

Dewi continued to administer to him, but much more gently, knowing the ultra sensitivity of his cock at this post-orgasmic phase.

Finally she let his now semi-erect cock slip from her mouth and with a smile she crouched back and sat on his thighs, and swallowed once more. Sperm was dribbling down her pretty chin and she wiped it off with the back of her hand.

"Thank you, thank you..." said Anwar, but Dewi pressed her fingers to his sensuous mouth. "Ssshhhhh..., that's OK.....

Dewi lay down next to his firm, young body and caressed him sensitively. For a young man she thought he had a lot of hidden sensuality and strength and she was looking forward to the second stage of her education of young Anwar....

Part II

It was late morning when Dewi decided to call upon the services of Anwar again and this time she used the service phone to summon him. Needless to say he took little time in knocking on her door, and she greeted him naked. It all seemed a little much for the young fellow as the front of his sarong immediately looked rather distended, a fact not unnoticed by the amused Dewi.

She ushered him to her bed, which she patted and said softly, "Come on up here and join me - I'd like you to watch this", and without further ado she started the video.

The two of them reclined on the bed and stared at the huge TV/video unit. Dewi had cued up a couple making love and it was an 'instructional video' for lovemaking positions.

As they watched, Dewi glanced down and saw that Anwar's cock was now standing proud and erect, and he was stroking it gently.

"OK" said Dewi, "this is the 'reverse cowgirl' position" and the screen showed the girl sitting astride her partner's hips, impaled on his cock, facing his feet, rocking backwards and forwards. "And this is doggie style", she added, fast-forwarding the VCR, with the screen showing a well-hung guy ramming his cock into the pussy of his kneeling partner. She again fast-forwarded the video player.

"But this is where we'll start my young virgin friend, "she said sweetly, as the screen showed a lady on her back her ankles on her partner's shoulders, his arms outstretched, as his buttocks thrust his huge pole in and out of his partner's cunt.

By now Dewi was wet and hot for action, as was Anwar, with clear precum seeping from the eye of his knob.

Dewi switched off the TV unit and lay on her back, Anwar taking up his position right on cue. Reaching down she grasped his rod and guided it into her pussy, the thick engorged labia parting for the welcome intruder. Such was her wetness and his hardness that he slid deep into her instantly, a loud groan coming from deep within Dewi's throat. Anwar started pumping vigorously, much to Dewi's delight but she forced herself a little reluctantly to whisper and coo in his ear, "Easy, easy...take it slowly, my love, slowly...." and obediently Anwar adopted a long, low thrusting motion, which also delighted Dewi, as she was able to concentrate on the sensations of her virgin lover's cock, rubbing along her velvety wet passage, stimulating her hard love bed, pink and erect as it peeped out from its fleshy sheath.

For a virgin he was bringing Dewi to an early rapture and she knew it was because she was his first lover to be penetrated vaginally. They continued on for some minutes before Anwar surprised Dewi and said shyly, "Miss Dewi, on your hands and knees, please?" and Dewi complied willingly.

She leant forward, her shoulders now on the bed, her cheek on the cool fresh sheets, with the result that her cunt was open and inviting to Anwar, positioning himself behind her. Without delay he sand into her beautiful cunt, the position enabling him to penetrate deeper than ever before, and his balls swung against her vulva with his thrusting.

"Aaaaaaaahhhhhh...........oh, yes! Oh, yes! Oh, yes!" cried Dewi loudly. "Give it to me, give it to me! Harder.... harder! Yes! Yes! Yes! Deeper! deeper! deeper!" and the young Anwar complied, with gusto.

With a cry Dewi had her first orgasm, all her muscles tight and hard, before she uttered a loud moan and relaxed her cunt muscles, allowing him to slip and slide into her, deeper than ever. Again and again she orgasmed, and the she felt the shuddering and surge from Anwar. His cock inside her seemed to grow even thicker as his seed shot from his rod, jetting into her with huge bursts of sperm. He too cried out, unable to control his enthusiasm.

The virgin youth's first real sexual encounter was obviously a delicious success, and almost weeping with gratitude both individuals collapsed on to the bed, their bodies heaving and sweating from their exertions.

Dewi turned after some moments and kissed him gently in appreciation. "For a first timer, you were nomor satu...' she whispered. Hey, thought Anwar with a huge grin, "number one" - that's a nice start!

But Dewi wasn't finished just yet. Reaching over she pressed one of the buttons and after about thirty seconds in walked Adil, who had served Jasmin so efficiently last night.

Dewi beckoned to him and he joined the couple on the bed. She whispered some instructions and they then swung into action.

Dewi asked Anwar to lay on his back and she hovered over his rod, facing his feet. She slid over his cock and impaled herself on him, covering his shaft in her generous lubricant. She moved up and down for a few minutes before lifting herself off Anwar and reaching down behind her to hold his cock, Quite deliberately she aimed it at her anus, and ever so gently she eased herself down onto him. Again, the abundance of lubricant enable her to slide onto him effortlessly, and Dewi was whimpering with pleasure.

Anwar felt her tight, warm passage close around his cock, as she leaned backwards. Adil knew what to do and he squatted between Dewi thighs, guiding his own hardness into her pussy. Dewi leaned back, taking her weight on her arms.

Dewi was now penetrated front and rear, and the three of them started a gentle rocking and thrusting motion. Dewi's eyes were closed, her mouth wide open, revealing her bared teeth, like an animal on heat.

She felt stuffed with cock and was enjoying every microsecond of it. Both Anwar and Adil could feel each other's hardness through the thin membrane separating Dewi's front and rear passages. Dewi relaxed her body deliberately, and she felt both guys slip deeper into her, making her cry out again in delight.

They rocked and pushed, caressed and kissed, fondled and stroked, as their sexual threesome approached its climax. Dewi came first, her cunt and anal passages gripping and clamping the two fortunate cocks, and as she did, she released some of her own ejaculate for the first time in ages, and it flowed from her pussy down over her perineum, helping to lubricate Anwar's thrusting.

Some strange noises came from Dewi's mouth. "Oh god, oh god....aaahhhhh......mmmmmmmm...', as she heaved and bucked, still savouring the two cocks cramming her front and rear holes.

It couldn't have been choreographed better and both Anwar and Adil felt themselves losing control and in a show of unity they both discharged their weapons, shooting burst after burst of creamy sperm into Dewi's pulsating cavities.

Dewi fell back onto Anwar's chest, feeling his hands fondling her breasts as they lolled to the side of her body. Adil moved up her body and continued to slowly thrust his still rock-hard cock in Dewi's flooded pussy.

She whimpered as she flickered from one minor orgasm to another, her total focus being on her cunt and anus, still occupied by Anwar and Adil.

They then rested, Dewi being the ingredient in the human sandwich, and eventually separated. Dewi knew she was full of sperm, front and rear, and it started to trickle and seep out of her, tickling her thighs and buttocks. Dewi turned and kissed her partners, thanking them before she asked them to let her rest for a while. Both guys stood, rather shakily, leaving the room with their heads still reeling from their amazing sexual activities with this remarkable, seemingly insatiable female.

It was now noon on Saturday, and she had barely been in the Puncak resort for twenty-four hours. Already she had enjoyed more concentrated sexual activity than she had for many, many months.

Before she left the hills on Sunday evening to return to her home in Jakarta, Dewi was to initiate several more encounters with her companions. She particularly enjoyed sharing a strap-on dildo with Jasmin, as they took turns to make love to each other, revelling in the role of 'the penetrator' as well as the penetrated.

Before she departed on Sunday evening she walked to the concealed video camera, cleverly set up in the 'entertainment unit' against the wall, facing the large bed. With a satisfied grin she removed the last of the long playing VHS-C cassettes from the camera, and pencilled "Jasmin and Dewi, Sunday PM" on the title strip. She placed it in the box along with all the others, that she had recorded since her arrival two nights earlier.

These will keep me entertained in the years ahead, she said to herself with a smile. And she knew she would also enjoy playing them back to Ida, her best friend who had organised the weekend....

Epilogue: Dewi returned to the steamy atmosphere of Jakarta and her fiance-to-be. She also didn't delay in meeting up with Ida at her apartment the next day. Such was Ida's reaction to viewing even the first cassette, that within seconds of the tape finishing, she walked over and taking Dewi's hand, led her to her own bedroom....

**** ****

Hope you enjoyed this 6,000 word Asian adventure. These are part fact, part fiction, and are based on the author's long term 'love affair' with and experiences in Asia, and especially its lovely ladies...

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