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Dennis with an "E"

Dennis with an "E"

Her name was Denise, but when I first met her she was quite the tomboy, and something about calling her Dennis sort of struck me, so I called her Dennis with an E. If this story were to have a beginning I suppose that it would have been around that time that I first met her, but then there is really no beginning and I doubt that it will ever end. I got used to seeing her hanging around the shop now and again as I worked at various things over the years, like some new furniture, all sorts of electronics projects, not to mention vehicle or house maintenance. It was during this time that we seemed to grow close to one another, me closer to her than a neighbor that she could talk to, and her closer to me than perhaps even my own daughters which were around her age. Maybe it was because I always had a few minutes to listen, or maybe it was because I took the time to show her how to do something or make something. Perhaps it was just knowing that there was someone who cared about her, perhaps all of these. As she grew up, I didn't notice much difference until one day she came over to the shop in a white t-shirt and not the usual sweat-shirt she almost always wore. She must have been about twelve or thirteen then. She had titties and I could see the delicate nipples pushing at the thin cotton material. I swallowed hard as I stood there for some time with my mouth open. Then I noticed her skin tight jeans that left little to the imagination. It was then that she noticed I was just standing there with my mouth open, looking at her as if I were undressing her. It wasn't until later that I told her I had undressed her carefully with my eyes several times in that few minutes. She asked me if I liked how she looked. Without hesitation or any second thoughts, I said yes. I told her the truth, that I thought she was really beautiful, and that was the truth. The need to desperately change the subject took me into the recreation room and the coffee pot where I poured myself a cup. I put the usual cream and sugar into it, then turned around to see Denise standing there. Normally I would not be at a loss for words, yet as I stood there I could think of nothing to say that seemed adequate. I remember feeling something I hadn't felt in a long time, desire, pure lustful desire. Looking back on it now, I can say that we were both curious, her about sex and love making, and me about making love to this sweet young thing. My coffee somehow found it's way to the coffee table without being spilled, yet this was in itself quite a feat, since I could feel my insides churn. At four foot ten she would easily take your breath away. She weighed ninety pounds with each pound placed in the right spot to make her seem very much a woman. I was trying to collect my thoughts as my mind raced. While I was trying to figure out what could happen, she raised the t-shirt over her head, letting it fall to the floor. I noticed how the thin stretch bra let me see her tiny nipples. I went to her in sort of a daze, as though I were watching two other persons, yet it was my hands that circled each of the small titties. In the middle of her bra was a single pink flower. Reaching up behind herself, she undid the bra, letting me push the straps off her slender shoulders. Slowly the bra fell away, exposing the small untouched mounds. They were not much more than protrusions on her chest, yet the sight of them sent a chill down my spine. Placing my palms gently over them, I felt the warm softness of her youth trying to explode. They were very soft, delicate but firm. Her nipples were surrounded by a light tan areola which couldn't have been the size of a quarter. I slid my hands under them, carefully cradling them between my thumb and fingers such that I could tease each tiny mound of flesh. As I sucked those tiny nipples, they got hard between my lips. Hearing her unzip her jeans, I stepped back to watch her lower them to the floor, tossing them in a heap. The panties she was almost wearing were white cotton, worn thin with age, so that they actually covered her pussy without hiding it from view. My heart was pounding as it pumped blood to my cock like it hadn't done in some time. In contrast to the hair on her head which was quite full, falling to the small of her back, the hair on her pussy was sparse, almost like a fuzz. The lips of her pussy were smooth with just a touch of fuzz near the top which ran farther up to join a small patch that would soon sprout thick and full. I quickly shed my clothes and we lay down on the soft shag rug. My lips began to wander over her whole body from head to foot and then back again. After traversing her body several times, I slowed when I got to her feet again. As she watched, I kissed the inside of her legs up to where they met, then began licking her narrow slit. Her juices started oozing out almost immediately as my tongue pushed slowly between the lips to be the first tongue she had ever had inside her pussy. It was like something that I had never tasted before, not bitter or tart tasting, but pleasant, almost sweet. I licked and prodded the narrow slit and probed the hole between them, slowly letting the juices ooze into my mouth. She was not content to simply lay there letting me lick her pussy, she took hold of my cock, squeezed it, then held it strongly in both hands to stroke it. I could feel my cock getting harder all the time. I knew it wouldn't be long until I would shoot my cum all over her small beautiful body. As I licked her pussy, I could feel my excitement rising, so I pushed and probed and licked faster and faster to see if I could make her cum in my mouth as I shot my cum on her. Then I felt her body sort of shudder and her legs stiffened just before her juices came rushing out. I grabbed her panties to soak up all the juices I could not catch with my mouth. Her body seemed to shudder a bit and she would gush some more. Then it happened, I shot my cum all over her just as she shuddered again, but this time she seemed to start gushing and didn't stop until she went a bit limp. I lay beside her and held her close to me for a while, looking at the smile on her face. As we lay there, she rubbed my cock against her pussy. Feeling the head of my cock slid up and down between the lips of her pussy and feeling the soft inner pussy rubbing against the tip of it made me spurt a couple more times. She tried to catch it in her pussy but missed the hole. She whispered that she wanted me to do that inside her. Knowing she was a virgin, I was more than a bit afraid that the size of my cock would hurt her too much. She was not about to let the opportunity pass so easily. I let her convince me to roll over on my back to let her see if she could get my cock in her. She straddled my chest and raised herself up, then holding my cock, she worked it back and forth between the lips of her pussy until it was right at the entrance of that tiny hole. There was plenty of lubricant, since she had rubbed my cum into her, so she started pushing down onto my cock. She kept pushing harder. It was almost like my cock was pushing against something solid, but then bit by bit I could feel her pussy stretch as she pushed harder against it. I could feel the tiny hole getting larger as the head of my cock tried to push it's way in. Then I felt her pussy try to close back over my cock as the tip passed the outer lips of her vagina and pushed all the way into the tight hole. She kept pushing slowly until I felt the back of her cunt against the head of my cock. She was having a hard time because I could see in her face that it hurt, and I could feel the muscles of her little vagina tighten. I was going to ask her to rest a bit and let her pussy adjust to my cock a little, when she gave a hard push and my cock broke through that thin layer of skin that meant the difference between virginity and womanhood. She let out a small cry and I could see her eyes glazing over with tears, but she rammed herself down onto my cock as far as she could. Only a little more than half my cock was inside her and she was in pain, so I lifted my legs a bit and took some of the pressure off her. I held her up there balanced on my cock for some time, while the warm sticky blood that declared her no longer a virgin began to ooze out of her pussy. I wanted her to stop, but she would not go this far without having me fuck her. I conceded and gently lay her on her back without letting my cock slip out of her. Slowly, I started to stroke. At first she grimaced in pain, but then as her pussy stretched a bit, she relaxed beneath me. I watched my cock slipping in and out of her body. It was wildly exciting to see my cock going in and out and feel the almost hairless pussy tight around it. As she relaxed more, I kept trying to go a bit faster. A few times I rammed my cock against the back of her pussy, but I kept using short strokes, and in no time, I could feel my balls tightening as I got ready to shoot my cum inside this young girl. No longer a virgin, she was laying there, feeling me as I felt her. I felt a spurt of cum shoot into her and I felt her body react to the warm fluid entering her. Then, I really started cumming in her pussy, and it felt like I would never be able to stop. I pressed my cock deep into her as far as it would go. Knowing that I was shooting so deep into this sweet young thing only seemed to excite me more and I shot more and more cum into her. I stopped stroking and just lay there, shooting cum into her as each new wave of feelings came over me. When I was through, I just held my cock inside her because it felt so good. It began to shrink, so I eased it out, rolling over to lay at her side. As my cock dragged across her smooth thighs, it left a trail of cum stained pink with her virgin blood. We both lay there thinking our own personal thoughts, her cuddled in my arms like a fragile little doll. A woman and yet a child, a loving child full of life and wonder. We both heard the car door slam outside, and quickly scrambled into our clothes. She put her jeans and t-shirt on, slipped into her shoes, smiled and ran out the back door. I quickly surveyed the rec room, grabbed her panties and bra, and headed for the shop, arriving there with just enough time to stick her underwear in a safe place before the door opened and my wife was saying, "Hi, Honey, did ya miss me?" I fucked Denise a lot after that, sometimes twice a week, for about the next five years until she graduated and went away to college. We fucked and sucked each other in nearly every way imaginable. When it seemed like things were slowing down a bit, we would try something new and more exciting. By the time she was fifteen, she must have liked sucking my cock almost as much as she loved having it stuck in her pussy, because she always began by sucking me off and swallowing the cum. It was no surprise that one day she sat me in a chair and began sucking me, then pushed it all the way down her throat in one swift motion. It was hard to imagine that she had my eight inch cock in her mouth, but there she was with her lips pressed tight against my body and my cock all the way down her throat. The night before she left for college, we checked into a motel with her parents thinking that she was over to one of her friends as usual, and my wife thinking I was out on some emergency call on business. No one ever knew about Denise and I, but neither of us would ever forget. To this day, some twenty years later, I can still remember how warm and wonderful it felt to be laying there with my "Dennis with an E".

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