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Delaney's Sleepover by Layshea J.

Delaney's Sleepover

Delaney was busying herself in her room as she prepared for the sleepover she had planned for her 16th birthday. She felt very nervous: after all, she wanted everyone to have a good time. Also, in a moment of what she now thought may have been insanity, she had invited a girl she knew named Kara to the party. Kara was a girl her boyfriend, Ray, used to like before he went out with her: they had gone out on a couple dates before Kara had told him that she just wanted to be friends. Delaney always got jealous when she thought about it, so in an effort to feel better about the situation, she was making friends with Kara. Still, she couldn't help but feel a hot flash of raving jealousy whenever she thought of Kara and Ray sitting in a dark theatre together, or when she considered the idea of Ray jacking off thinking about fucking Kara.

However, Delaney had also invited her two best friends, Ellen and Chantelle, over as well. They always had fun together, so she knew the evening would go okay, and maybe, she would even feel better about the whole Kara thing by the end of the party. "Kara isn't that bad, anyways..." she thought hopefully as she looked at herself in the mirror. For some reason, she felt like it was very important to look good tonight. Her long, dirty blonde hair was shiny and straight, her brown eyes were shining, and she had put on her favourite blue "baby tee"... it ended just under her tits, which she knew were bigger than Kara's... Ray loved to play with them and suck on the pink nipples. Her white shorts showed off the light tan she was working on... she sort of thought it was a shame Ray wasn't seeing how she looked tonight.

The doorbell rang and Delaney ran to answer the door. Her parents had left town for the evening so the girls had the house all to themselves. Delaney was amazed they had even trusted them!

It was Ellen and Chantelle. Ellen was a tall (5'7), slender girl with light blonde hair that reached her back. Her eyes were a brilliant green and she had a sprinkling of freckles across the bridge of her nose. Tonight, she was wearing a tight white tee-shirt that hugged her small breasts and exposed half of her flat midriff, and a pair of tight, very worn jeans. Chantelle was petite, although an inch taller than Delaney (who was 5'2). Her hair was a deep brown colour, nearly black, and her skin was deeply tanned from lying outside in the sun all the time. Chantelle was very voluptuous for 15: she wore a 36C bra, although she actually rarely WORE a bra. It drove the boys crazy to see her walk down the hall in her tight little shirts, nipples hard against the thin material, tits bouncing with each step. Tonight was no different: she was proud of her body. She wore a short skirt, which reached the middle of her slender thighs, and a low cut green tank top.

The girls walked to Delaney's room, and they started laying their sleeping bags down, chattering excitedly. The doorbell rang again and Delaney took a deep breath as she walked to answer it. She swung the door open, and there stood Kara. Kara was nearly 5'4, with dark brown hair cut in a short, shaggy little style that could only be described as cute. Her big brown eyes peered out from under her bangs and she smiled shyly. She was wearing a short black skirt with a slit up the side and a white tank top. Delaney was right: her tits were bigger than Kara's, which barely made a hint a cleavage beneath the white tank top.

"Come on in!" Delaney said brightly, thinking, "To hell with the past... I'm going to be totally wonderful to Kara!"

Kara followed her inside, and soon, the girls were all set up and watching videos. They giggled and talked and ate snacks, and soon, it was nearly midnight. They all decided to change into their pajamas. They rummaged around in their bags and Delaney watched out of the corner of her eye as Kara peeled off her tank top. She was wearing a white bra, and when she peeled off her skirt, Delaney saw her white panties, which tied up at the side. Boldly, she said, "Kara, I love your panties! Where'd you get those?"

Kara looked down, and blushed slightly, "Oh, I don't really know..."

Delaney couldn't help but stare at Kara... she wondered what Ray would think if he knew she was seeing Kara nearly naked. Kara's hips were slender, her ass very small and tight. Her legs were lightly tanned, and slim but curvy. Delaney could see some curly pubic hair peeking out from the sides of Kara's panties. Ray liked for Delaney to keep her pussy hairless. Kara turned towards the wall and unhooked her bra. Delaney snapped out of it and got into her own pajamas: a short blue nightie with a pair of blue panties to match. The nightie was sort of a baby doll, so it was cut high on her legs and low in the back. Chantelle was only wearing a pair of blue bikini panties and a white cotton t-shirt, through which her dark nipples were plainly visible. Ellen was wearing a white gauzy nightie that reached her mid-leg and tied up at the shoulders. She had her long hair tied up in a high ponytail.

Chantelle and Ellen were sitting on Ellen's sleeping bag. Chantelle had started giving Ellen a massage, because she had complained that her neck was sore. Delaney had always sort of wondered about the two girls... they had been friends long before Delany had came to their high school. They were very physically affectionate with each other, and they were that way with Delaney too, now that they were all close. Chantelle had her tanned legs wrapped around Ellen from behind, her tits pressing into Ellen's back... Ellen's eyes were slightly closed, in ecstasy as Chantelle kneaded her sore muscles.

Chantelle looked up and said, "So, Delaney... are you and Ray fucking yet, or what?"

Delaney blushed, and out of the corner of her eye, she saw Kara sort of look startled. Chantelle was always blunt.

"Well... yeeeeeaaaaaah..." she said coyly. She was eager to show off to Kara.

"Is he any good?" Ellen squealed. "What's it like?"

Delaney knew that Ellen was a virgin and that Chantelle had almost lost her virginity once.

Delany stretched out on her sleeping bag luxuriously, "It's wonderful..."

Chantelle whooped and said, "Congratulations! Our little ex-virgin is having great sex! Are you a virgin, Kara?"

Kara smiled and nodded, "Yeah... I haven't even kissed a guy."

Delaney smiled, "Kara, I had never kissed a guy until Ray. You'll find the right guy"

Kara smiled back at her.

The girls (Chantelle and Ellen) encouraged Delaney to dish... she told them about how Ray liked her to stick his cock down her throat and how he'd put her legs around his neck and fuck her until they were both exhausted.

"What's it like swallowing his cum?" Ellen wanted to know.

"It's great," Delaney replied, enjoying the look on Kara's face. "It's all salty and slippery. He says he's so lucky to have a girl who loves to suck cock!"

It grew quiet and then Chantelle said, softly, "Does he, you know, eat YOU out?"

Delaney laughed and moaned, "Oh does he ever... he gets between my legs and sucks on my clit until I feel like I'm being dipped in warm water and then I start to have an orgasm. He loves it when I tighten my thighs around his head... he says it turns him on. After, he's always so horny, he wants to fuck... so he crawls up to me and I kiss him so I can taste my pussy juices... his face is always covered with them... and then he slides his cock in... it's really big girls!... and starts to fuck me... I think he really likes it when I start to lick his lips so I can taste the juices!"

Chantelle nodded. "Guys like that whole pseudo-lesbian thing!"

Ellen giggled. "You'd know about that, wouldn't you, Chantelle?"

Chantelle aimed a mock-glare her way, "And what about you, Ellen?"

It grew silent. Kara, who had been sitting there, eyes wide, her hands buried in the lap of her little pink sleeveless nightgown, looked very nervous.

"Ummm... what are you two talking about?" Delaney asked.

Ellen giggled again, "Oh, let's just say that Chantelle and I have been Each other's guides in the world of carnal pleasures!"

Delaney was quiet for a second and said, "I KNEW IT!" and started to laugh. "I always suspected that the two of you were doing something!"

Chantelle said seriously, "We considered asking you to join, Laney... but we figured that Ray was satisfying you, which it sounds like he is...!"

Kara cleared her throat, "What do you two, um, do?".

They all looked over at Kara, who was flushed in the cheeks.

"Why do you ask, Kara?" Delaney said, grinning.

"I don't know... I've never done anything with ANYONE!"

The girls laughed and Kara joined in, cautiously at first, and then started laughing harder.

"Well, why don't we give her... and Laney... a little demo, huh, Ellen?" Chantelle smirked.

Ellen's eyes nearly popped out of her head, "WHAT?"

Chantelle wrapped her legs around Ellen even more tightly and kissed her bare neck, "C'mon..." she murmured.

Delaney felt heat in her pussy watching her two best friends. She had always felt sort of fascinated by the idea of two girls having sex... she had wondered, now that she was with a guy sexually, if it was different to be with another girl. She knew that Ray probably wouldn't mind watching her with another girl, and she had sometimes had fantasies about having another girl join them in bed...

Ellen sort of grinned and she gave in, "Okay, fine... Kara, Delaney... sit on Laney's bed... watch and learn!"

Kara and Delaney looked at each other and both climbed onto Delaney's bed... Kara stretched her legs out in front of her and Delaney watched, suddenly feeling like someone had kicked her in the stomach. Kara's legs were gorgeous, she realized. Her nightie was quite short and bared quite a bit of leg. She longed to reach out and touch the smooth thighs but instead turned her attention to Chantelle and Ellen. She felt a funny little nervous feeling. She knew that this was totally new territory and it was sort of scary, even scarier than having sex with Ray!

Ellen and Chantelle stood in the middle of the floor. They wrapped their arms around each other, and started to kiss passionately. Their mouths completely melded together, and it was clear that they had definitely done this before. Ellen's hands were busy squeezing Chantelle's rounded ass, and tugging at her bikini panties. Chantelle was pushing Ellen's nightie up further and further up her long legs until Kara and Delaney could see Ellen's tight, naked little ass... Chantelle's finger traced up and down her ass crack and Ellen moaned, pulling away to lift Chantelle's bikini top up. Delany gasped slightly. Chantelle's tits were beautiful; she had never seen them naked before. They were big and heavy, yet still perky. The nipples were dark and dime shaped and very hard right now. Ellen bent her head down to lick and kiss them, and Chantelle moaned while she kneaded Ellen's ass even more. They broke apart, and Chantelle untied Ellen's shoulder ties... and the nightie fell... she was completely nude beneath it. Her tits were, of course, not as large... a little larger than apples.. the nipples were dainty and reddish pink... standing erect, of course... her waist was slim and her stomach was flat... and her bush was light brown and curly. Chantelle fell to her knees, her tits bouncing, and began to kiss Ellen's stomach.

Delaney's head was throbbing with excitement. Her pussy was totally soaking and she could smell her own arousal mingled with the scent of Chantelle and Ellen's passion. And out of the corner of her eye, she saw Kara with her pink nightie hiked up to expose a pink, wet, glistening pussy surrounded by curly, damp hairs. Kara's fingers were rubbing her clit... and Delaney got even more excited... she wanted to eat that pussy of Kara's... the pussy Ray never got a chance to see or touch... she wanted to see how Ellen and Chantelle did what they were doing, though...

They were lying down now, or Ellen was... Chantelle was kneeling between her legs, tits hanging down, and rubbing Ellen's long thighs. Ellen was arching her back and begging Chantelle to eat her cunt, but Chantelle was going to tease her as much as possible. She stopped to look up at Kara and Delany, and grinned at what Kara was doing.

"C'mon, Kara... join us... " she said, smiling, as Ellen lay there, pussy exposed and wet.

Kara shook her head nervously.

"C'mon..." Delaney said, pushing Kara. "DO it!"

The girl climbed down from the bed, and Chantelle said, "Now, stand over Ellen... and take off your nightie. Ellen likes that..."

Ellen moaned in agreement.

Kara lifted her nightie off... and Delaney gasped. "Oh, yeaaaaaah", she groaned, not able to help it any longer. She had ripped off her blue panties and was now lying on her bed, legs spread and finger buried into her cunt. Kara's breasts were larger than Ellen's... a beautiful size... her nipples were a tender, sexy pink. Her ass was so tight and so small, her legs perfectly shaped. And her pussy lips... so tasty looking. She stood over Ellen and began masturbating right away. Chantelle bent her head down and parted Ellen's pussy lips... and began to run her tongue alongside Ellen's swollen clit.

"PLEEEEEEEEEASE!" Ellen shrieked.

Chantelle continued to tease and Kara continue to masturbate furiously. Suddenly, Ellen reached up and grabbed Kara's legs, forcing her to sit on her face! Kara shrieked in surprise but soon her face relaxed and it was clear that she was experiencing something she had never quite experience. Ellen's tongue and mouth and lips were eager and they were going to work on Kara's tender pussy. Delaney couldn't stand it any longer... she tore off her nightgown... her pussy aching... and watched as Chantelle slid a finger into Ellen's tight pussy... Ellen let out a long groan that was muffled by Kara's cunt.

Kara was riding Ellen's mouth furiously. Pussy juices were running down Ellen's face... and her hands were locked onto Kara's slender hips, forcing her to go faster and harder... Chantelle lowered her face and finally took poor Ellen's clit in between her lips. That caused Ellen to scream with pleasure and Kara went faster, moaning louder and louder... Delaney crawled off the bed, hoisted Chantelle's ass into the air, got behind her, and buried her face into her musky pussy from behind. Chantelle moaned with surprise, but kept eating Ellen.

Delaney was surprised at how much she loved the taste of another girl's pussy. It was tangy and sweet at the same time, like hers, but of course it was slightly different too... the lips of Chantelle's pussy were so slippery and tender... the clit was so hard... she loved it!

As the girls enjoyed themselves, Ray, Delaney's boyfriend, was sneaking over to Delaney's. He figured all the girls would be asleep by now (it was 2:00 a.m.) and he could tap on the window with Delany and his secret little knock... and wake her up. In his opinion, she'd need some cock. And he sure knew that he needed her pussy.

He crept into the backyard, and walked onto the balcony, which was directly under Delaney's window. He peered into the room... Delaney's bedside light was on... and what he saw almost made him explode in his pants at that very moment. He'd been horny before, but now...!

His sexy little girlfriend was on her knees behind that friend of hers, Chantelle... with her face buried in her pussy! She was totally naked, those tits bouncing with her movements... her little ass in the air, the one that he had fucked more than once. He couldn't believe his eyes! Chantelle's face was buried in Ellen's cunt, and on Ellen's face... was Kara? The little prude he had dated those couple times until she told him she didn't want much to do with him? Her tits were big like Delaney's, but they were still very nice. He still couldn't get over Delaney, though... it was like a fantasy come true! Ray unzipped his pants, pulled out his rock hard cock, and began masturbating as he watched.

Meanwhile, Delaney was thoroughly enjoying eating Chantelle, but her own pussy was tingling more than she could bear, and she wanted it taken care of! Besides, everyone else had cum!

She yanked away, and said, voice trembling, "PLEEEEASE! I want to cum, too!"

Chantelle managed to pull herself away from Ellen's pussy and said..."I think Kara should do it... She hasn't gotten to eat anyone out yet!".

Kara, who was lost in a world of pleasure, heard that and stopped fucking Ellen's face. "Yeah! I want to eat Delaney's pussy!"

She climbed off Ellen, and grabbed Delaney's hand. Delaney couldn't believe her luck! They began to kiss passionately, and Kara could taste Chantelle on Delaney's lips.

"Mmmmm!" Kara moaned, as she sucked on Delaney's lips.

Delaney quivered and said, "Please! I need to cum!"

Kara smiled and played with Delaney's tits, leaning down to suck on them.

"Will you suck my nipples?" she asked... and Delaney didn't hesitate to take Kara's little tits into her hands and circle her nipples with her warm, wet tongue. She was so horny that she almost came simply by the feel of Kara's hard little bits.

But she wanted to cum with a tongue buried up her cunt, so she said, "Eat me, please, Kara... please!"

Kara pushed her down on the floor, and spread her legs. "Your pussy is so pink!" Kara gasped, as she gently started masturbating Delaney. It felt SO good... Kara knew exactly what to do. Delaney's hips started to buck, but she bravely held her orgasm back. Kara bent forward, and licked Delaney's cunt all the way up. It felt so good, Delaney almost cried.

Kara was very good at eating pussy... she thoroughly licked Delaney's pussy lips, gently sucking the fleshy area right above the clit and then touching her clit with the tip of her tongue so gently and yet so passionately, Delaney almost passed out. She slid a long, slim finger up Delaney's cunt, and gently began to fuck her with her finger. Delaney moved her hips in fucking motions and finally, Kara engulfed all of Delaney's pussy with her warm, wet, eager mouth... Delaney felt a burning hot sensation spreading through her body and then it exploded. She saw stars! Her thighs tightened around Kara's head, squeezing as tight as she could, her cunt squeezing Kara's finger like it was Ray's cock...

Ray was watching all of this... his cock was almost exploding. All he knew was, he had to get in on this. He knocked on the window, loudly, when he saw that Delaney had finished cumming...

All four girls looked up, shocked. Delaney's face, which was totally pleasure-filled, turned to fear and shock when she saw it was Ray in the window. "OH NO!" she said, terrified.

Ray saw the look of fear, and shook his head. He pointed towards the door... and Delaney stood up, and ran, naked, to it. When she got there, and opened it, he came in, cock hanging out... she saw it, and gasped. "I was watching you..." he said, and kissed her full on the lips. "Can I join in?".

Delaney's fear dissolved, and pure horniness took over. "Be my guest!" She kissed his cock, and watched happily as it jumped... and he followed her to her room.

When he walked in, he saw three naked, sexy young girls... all incredibly horny and still ready for a lot more pleasure. And now, they had a cock to experience. Delaney said, "Here's Ray... he wants to join in..."

Chantelle said, "I hope he can handle it!"

He grinned. That's all he could.

The girls got to work, undressing him, and then they laid him on Delaney's bed. Chantelle and Ellen lay on either side of him and began to play with his cock... He wrapped his arms around them and watched as Kara and Delaney made out in front of him... his cock was so hard... and Chantelle's hand was squeezing it just right... Ellen's tongue was in his ear, making him feel even hotter, and one of her knees was very gently stimulating his balls. Chantelle and Ellen bent towards each other and started kissing and he moaned.

Delaney said, "I'll show you girls how to suck cock!" and he almost died with happiness. Delaney got on her knees on the bed, and slid his swollen cock in her mouth. She started to slide it down her throat slowly, and as she did, Kara was rubbing her tits and sliding her finger in Delaney's pussy... her throat was contracting around his cock... and Ellen and Chantelle and Kara all watched... she took her mouth away, and told them to try. Ray lay there, in ecstasy, as each girl took a turn sliding his cock into their warm mouths and sucking it in their own way. He had no idea how he managed not to cum...

When they were through with experiencing his big fat cock in their mouths, Delaney climbed on top of him, and slid it into her warm, very wet pussy... and said, "This is how we fuck! "

She started cumming right away... she was so horny and before he knew what was happening, Chantelle was on his face, fucking it with her very warm, musky pussy... he felt the other two girls sitting on his stomach, and he felt their warm cunts on him, making his stomach all gooey and wet. Chantelle moved so he could see Kara facing Delaney, kissing her and reaching around to rub his balls. Ellen sat down on his face, then, and her pussy was even sweeter than Chantelle's.

Delaney suddenly got off his cock and grabbed Kara... she said, "FUCK HIM! "

It was obvious she was wild with arousal and when Kara sat down on his cock, Delaney began kissing him, saying, "Here she is! Fuck her!"

He fucked her slowly and said, "I want to fuck you... wanna cum in you..."

Out of the corner of his eye he could see Chantelle and Ellen going at it again... but Kara kept on... he felt his cock swell...he knew he couldn't stop... he felt himself explode in her! Delaney moaned with Kara and his hips bucked up into Kara...

When Kara removed herself from his spent cock, Delaney buried her face in Kara's pussy and ate all his cum... Chantelle and Ellen helped out, all three of them eating from Kara... after Kara was completely dry, Chantelle and Ellen curled up together, hair sticky with various fluids, and slid into a deep sleep. Kara and Delaney curled up beside Ray, one on each side, and they, too, fell into a deep slumber. Just before Delaney gave in to her exhaustion, she thought, "I hope my parents don't catch us like this!" But she was too tired and too happy to care.

And Ray's last thought was, "I hope she has more sleepovers!"

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