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Vijay Martinez's Stories

Daydream by Vijay Martinez


Kit was bored that Friday afternoon. It was almost one-thirty and as far as he knew no one else was bothering to come to class. The building, if not indeed the whole campus, he wondered, was no doubt deserted.

He tried to sit back comfortably in what was fast becoming a small desk. There was no sound at all but of his breathing until at length he pulled out a sheet of paper, just a regular page without writings or markings on it. He stamped it firm and flat on the tabletop and wrote in large, bold letters "Attendance," then the date, his name and serial number. Very casually he wrote the name of a fellow classmate, Karra and his serial number. Odd, he thought as he looked over what he had done, Kit had no idea he knew Karra's serial number. Then he thought about his bold, green eyes, his soft, brown face. His strong, built shoulders.

Too late, too late. In came a worried-looking Karra, who apologized at once for his tardiness. The attendance sheet was no longer in sight and Kit, aware of his fellow student's unusual emotional disposition, reassured and comforted him in a friendly way that it was all right. Karra sat up right next to him, huge, his muscles all over were very trim and well defined, his clothes were loose but just tight enough around some parts to set Kit's mind wandering. The hands, the arms and it struck him that it would be heaven on earth to be wrapped around in them, to be pressed lovingly by them upon those massive pectorals. Kit wanted to run his hands through out all that perfection but the eyes, he fell in love with the eyes from the start.

He had to look away before it was too obvious.

Prof. Reece entered and without haste the lecture began as it had ended some three days before. Astronomy and Astrophysics, for some reason it sounded better last semester when it was no more than a course listed in a catalog. Many in the class thought the problem was with Reece. Karra, on the other hand, disagreed, he preferred the professor's blunt abstractions. Kit thought he knew better.

He wanted to get closer to Karra but dared not. In his heart he felt so trivial by comparison, no more than a disheartened admirer, an onlooker before his Mona Lisa. How could he try to touch the untouchable, reach the unreachable? Even then, though they were physically no less than inches apart their separation was insurmountable.

"He'd never have a thing to do with me," he whispered softly though he knew not to do such a thing but Kit had lost track of what was happening. Until Karra turned and they were face to face. For the first time really Kit stared right into those green eyes, he let his own speak volumes. Suddenly the professor's voice heightened in some nuance. Kit and Karra then both turned away each afraid Prof. Reece had caught them in the moment but no, the lecture continued unhampered.

Kit was at once amazed and nervous that his friend was not doing what he thought and feared he would be doing. Karra neither shifted his seat nor spoke a threatening word but instead his breathing deepened, his heaving chest made louder the effect.

Kit's mind continued to wander, of course he looked attentive, scribbled notes and spoke up every now and then. All the while Reece was lecturing to a whole audience of a couple of juniors. In his notebook, to distract his thoughts, Kit drew a mushroom cloud, an almost perfect image right from memories of old movies he had seen as kid. At once the sky brightened in a sharp orange and the air turned oven hot. The professor's brooding voice ended mid-sentence and was forever silenced.

"Get down!" Karra shouted. Kit did what he was told. On the cool floor he followed his friend's direction and crawled out the room. Meanwhile everything was on fire, everything, even the erasers, were in an aura of flames. He and Karra were curiously unhurt. In the hall Karra carefully and diligently checked his fellow student to make sure he was indeed well. They gently stole another moment of eye contact only that time it was Karra's eyes that did all the talking. All the lights were out, the building shook, they crawled down the stairwell into the basement.

"Are you all right, Karra?"

"I'll survive."

"What do we do now?"

"There's a passage behind the elevator shaft. It leads to a fallout shelter that's next to the train depot."

"Let's go do it. We won't last long in this place."

So they proceeded through the dark with Karra in the lead, he could see in the dark exceptionally well. There was a small problem. The elevator had plummeted and totally obstructed the tunnel entrance, that and it was on fire, too. Karra charged in unhampered and beat out a path through the downed elevator. There was something of a scream or yell and suddenly the strong man returned to his worried friend. Some of his shirt was on fire but he pounded at his arms and chest and the flames smoldered away.

"The smoke is dense. Keep your mouth and eyes shut. Don't breath until I say you can. Take a deep breath now." With that Kit was grabbed and lifted like small child or an animal by Karra who then ran right into the shattered remains of the elevator car, past a littered pile of counterweights until he reached the cool and damp emergency tunnel.

There Kit was put down and told to crawl on his hands and knees until he reached the end of the tunnel. Karra assured him he would be right behind and for the entire ten minute ordeal he continued to talk. At first it seemed, comically, as if he was continuing Reece's lecture but then he changed by asking Kit how he was doing.

"Kit, if you're tired up there-"

"No, no, I can go on for hours I think."

"It shouldn't be that far."

"Well at least there's no smoke."

"No. Or fire."

"How are you doing back there? This tunnel's pretty cramped even for me."

"I can manage though it's a bit of a squeeze."

"What do you think did it?"

"I think it was the lab. They'd been having problems all month with the collider."

There was light up ahead, they both noticed it. They were worried it might be another blast but no, it was only clear day light. Outside the tunnel they found rubble, all that what was left of the train depot. It did not take long for the two to find the bomb shelter. It was empty and damp, but oddly comfortable. They settled in nicely, Kit was especially relieved when he found some sheets of paper and a working mechanical pencil, the kind he loved.

"So what happens from here?" Kit asked, still eye balling his new-found treasures.

"We have to wait."

Kit wrote the "night" on one of the papers.

"We have to wait the night out. Do you have any family around here?"

"No. But I have an apartment up north. I take, or now I suppose used to take the train down here every day."

"We'll check it out as soon as we can."

"All right."

With that Kit stuffed the papers and pencil into a shirt pocket. He began to explore the shelter he would have to spend at least the night in. Meanwhile Karra sat attentively at the door like a gargoyle at watch. The shelter had no windows, understandably and only few cans of food and a small electric range.

"There might be a generator in here."

"No. No lights. No lights." He seemed overtly worried and Kit wondered if he was afraid of something. He quietly approached and sat beside him. Since they escaped Algernon Hall they had been pretending nothing had happened between them. Until Kit began:

"You know I love you. I've loved you since I met you."


"If you don't like it, if you don't feel the same, please tell me."

"Kit, you're my friend. You're so kind to me. Was that it?"

"No. No, it was more than that. I thought we had connected-"

"If you'd had those feelings all along, you should have told me."

"I was afraid."

Here Karra took hold of Kit's hand. "You don't have to be afraid. I do love you, Kit, I do, but I do show it differently." "I don't care what the world might think. Can I kiss you?"

Without waiting for a response Kit arose to be at eye level with his friend and kissed him once on the lips. Just like that he kissed each lip gingerly and he was surprised when he finished that Karra then kissed him in return. First exactly the same way Kit had done then he went back and kissed him with the tongue. That second kiss lasted and lasted and it did not seem it would ever end. When at last their lips parted they were panting, their breathing raced. Kit ended up right where he wanted to be, his head rested upon Karra's shoulder, wrapped in his loving arms. Karra shifted and put his back against the wall. Then he motioned Kit over to him and sat him between his straddled legs.

"You'll be safe. Safe enough with me."

Kit held his friend's hand in his. Karra put his arms around Kit in a semi-embrace. Kit felt so very safe up so close to Karra.

"You will have to eat."

"Once, tomorrow."

"It's nearly sunset."

"I won't rest until I'm absolutely tired."

"Yes, but it gets very cold."

They separated but continued to stay quiet and they passed each other often, the two seemed restless enough, even Karra was a little anxious. As they passed it became their habit to brush against each other, even when there was no reason to do so they went out of their way to rub their bodies together. Kit was tall, Karra was a good foot and two inches taller but their tenders were at about the same height and they rubbed them, or their butts or some other combination. Karra made sure the sexual nature of their play was loud and clear when he thrust his hips into Kit's buttocks. Kit answered by thrusting into Karra's unquestionably tented crotch and caressing his friend's butt checks. They both enjoyed it to the point of giggling.

"What's so funny?" Kit asked.

"I'm not sure."

"Come on. You were smiling there, weren't you?"


"Maybe all right." They stared into each other's eyes before Kit reached out to hug him.

"What is that for?"

"For? You saved my life you silly," he said with a sly smile.

"Are you tired yet?"

They were still in embrace when Kit felt something he liked.


Now he joined in. Their hearts beat faster, their breathing got heavier. Kit felt an incredible pressure where a few moments before there was only some slight stirring. Slowly he moved away. Kit and Karra were on the verge of breaking through their shorts.

"Would you keep me warm?"

The smile was definite. "Yes."

They were side by side walking to the closest thing in the place to resemble a bed. Their arousals were without question noticeable. Kit began to take off his shirt, his sneakers and shorts until he was down to his underwear. Karra also stripped to underwear on the verge of being busted right through by his throbbing manhood.

Kit rolled his hands through and around Karra's pecs and nipples. He kissed and licked them, especially, all the while listening to a quickening heart beat.

They sat at the edge of the mattress side by side with their legs widely straddled. Kit's left leg and Karra's right leg were intertwined. Suddenly and entirely without prompt Kit placed his hand right over his friend's bulge and pet it slightly before his hands came to rest cupped around soft scrotal skin. Karra reacted by further hardening.

Kit pulled out his own erection and before he knew what was happening Karra had the whole organ in his hands, fondling it with this fingers. He was gentle and gave enough pressure in his grip to heighten Kit's pleasure. Then Karra exposed himself. Kit was surprised to find that his friend's attention thirsty manhood was a modest ten inches or so. It was not as long as he had guessed it would be but it was all he needed because it was Karra's and he loved him without condition.

"You are so gorgeous, Karra."

Kit returned the favors given him. They were both uncircumcised and Kit really enjoyed fondling the soft and dark brown foreskin. He felt Karra's organ up from the base to the head and back to the base, squeezing a little here and there. He studied every part of Karra's penis to commit the whole form and texture to memory. He one upped his friend by kissing and licking the entire shaft. He did not put the head into his mouth but came so close. Karra did not mind the tease at all, he enjoyed every thing Kit did to him. When it was his turn Karra returned the favor, including not sucking.

Kit got Karra to lie on the bed, he straddled his friend's enormously powerful legs and then knelt right over and above Karra's now twelve inch erection.

"You're growing bigger."

"Yes. When it's as large as it ever gets that's when I climax."

"You know it's just as beautiful as I thought it would be. Did you like how it felt when I kissed it? Like this?" Kit kissed the very tip of Karra's exposed penis head.

"It feels so incredible."

"I'll give you more, so much more."

Kit gave Karra's testicles its mandatory attention. He rolled the soft skin around his fingers and kissed and licked every part of that pouch until it hardened and pressed up against the body. The rest of the time was left for the penis. Kit watched and felt as it throbbed in his probing hands. He distinctly noticed how it did expand with the more affection he gave it. First with his fingers he ran down from the head to the base Then he rubbed all around the neck between the head and the body, the skin there he felt was very rough and it really drove Karra wild. Kit put pressure onto one spot along the neck right under the opening of the urethra. Karra's manhood throbbed heavily with pleasure.

"Kiss it. I love how you make it feel when you do that. All over, all over, I'm so close, Kit-"

Kit put the whole head into his mouth and there began to suck for a long time until Karra began to heave and thrust his hips uncontrollably. He kissed then rubbed the whole organ until Karra ejaculated. Kit was amazed, so amazed and aroused that he himself climaxed at the same moment. Karra's long, hard, hot erect penis was a volcano of semen. White globs shot into the air, one, two, three and after the fourth burst Karra's penis was totally flaccid. Kit kissed the limp organ then petted Karra's genitals some more.

"You already orgasmed." Karra was disappointed. "You were so good to me. You think you have enough for more?"

With that it was Karra's turn to return the favor. He too studied Kits penis's every detail. Karra made all sorts of loving comments. "You're skin's so soft." "I'm glad you love when I do this." "Would you like to rub your penis on my nipples?"

"I'd love to, Karra."

Kit got up and did so. Karra noticed some liquid oozing out of Kit's penis and licked it up then began to suck expertly. In no time at all Kit ejaculated in Karra's mouth. His friend swallowed it all.

"Kit, Kit-" Karra's voice rang, echoing from the distance. Suddenly the world born anew. Kit was back in the classroom, alone with Karra. The Reece had left. "You day dreamed through the whole lecture, again, didn't you?" Kit was still disoriented, dizzy, nothing made sense.

"How much of it was a dream?" he asked aloud.

Karra kissed him on the lips.

"I don't know."

"Oh Karra!"

Kit got up right then and hugged his friend. He looked down at his crotch that suddenly felt strange. He was wet.

"That's OK, Kit," Karra's shorts were also covered in semen. "I was touching myself while no one was looking. You want to finish this up to my room?"

"Karra, I thought you'd never ask."

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