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A Day at the Races by Sally

A Day at the Races

Author's Note: This story is the property of the author and was written EXCLUSIVELY for White Shadow's excellent story site. It can be downloaded for personal reading pleasure or sending to a friend, but if you wish to re-post them at your own site, please contact the author at '' for permission. This story contains strong adult themes and you should read no further if you find erotica offensive.

This story is dedicated to Dierdre and her wicked ways...

A Day at the Races

Ruth was feeling a bit guilty that she was enjoying herself so much. After all, she'd left poor Mark at home to look after the kids at the weekend while here she was, having fun at the races! Mark had insisted that she went though. He said a day away from them would do her good and, besides, he looked forward to having them all to himself so he could spoil them without her looking over his shoulder.

It was Mandy who'd dragged her off to the races for the day; otherwise Ruth would have had no interest whatsoever. Apparently Mandy knew one of the owners of the horses and had got them good seats and passes to get in and out of the stables. Ruth was apprehensive at first; unlike Mandy she wasn't at all 'horsy' but found herself enjoying the day nonetheless.

Mandy was a colleague with whom Ruth got on very well. It was quite surprising really, Mandy was ten years younger, single and an out and out lesbian, whereas Ruth herself was straight and had been married for ten years and had two children. Mandy was the first openly gay woman Ruth had ever known and at first she was a little apprehensive around her. Mandy had soon put her at ease however and now they could chat about almost anything. Mandy seemed happy to hear about Ruth's family and Ruth was fascinated by tales of the lesbian singles scene and the 'meat market' bars she hung out in. Although Mandy's stories were always told in an amusing way, she sensed a certain unhappiness about her single status. Ruth felt sorry for Mandy in a way. Life was so much easier being straight....

Ruth couldn't understand why Mandy hadn't found a long-term partner. She was amusing, witty and ravishingly beautiful. She was dark-skinned; although British her parents were originally from a Pacific Island somewhere. She had black hair that she wore long and although she was on the large side, she was beautifully proportioned, with large breasts.

Although they often had lunch together, Ruth had never been out anywhere with Mandy before and when she had suggested 'A Day at the Races' Ruth had been a bit apprehensive, but had gradually come round to the idea.

Now, sitting in the warm sunshine of a summer afternoon she felt great. She had not realised how excited she would be about the betting and found herself screaming for her horse to win. Mandy smiled over indulgently at Ruth whose eyes were glued on the horses, her mouth open with excitement.

In-between races they had been getting topped up with chilled Chardonnay from the bar. Now, as they weaved their way through the stands, glasses in hand, Mandy stopped and asked Ruth to take a photo of her.

Ruth took Mandy's camera and posed her against the stands. There were a few people milling around behind them. When Ruth said, "Ready?" Mandy suddenly pulled down the tight black top she was wearing, exposing her breasts. Ruth clicked the shutter and laughed. Mandy grinned back and pulled up her top.

"You'll get arrested for flashing!" Ruth exclaimed.

"Lucky me! I wouldn't mind a night in the cells with some young WPCs!"

Ruth laughed again. Being with Mandy made her feel young again.

"Now your turn," said Mandy, taking the camera from Ruth.

"I'll only break your camera," said Ruth, who never really liked having her photo taken, but posed anyway.

Mandy got the camera ready and then waited. After a few seconds, Ruth, bemused, said, "C'mon, get this over with!"

"I'm waiting," replied Mandy.

Ruth looked around puzzled, "Waiting for what?"

"I'm waiting for you to flash me!" grinned Mandy.

"Oh no! No way - I'm a respectable woman remember!" replied Ruth.

"C'mon," said Mandy, "I did it!"

Ruth looked around and felt a little awkward. There were far too many people around for her to be as bold as Mandy had, but she did not want Mandy to think she was a prude. Being with Mandy made her feel young and rebellious again; not flashing would remind her of what she really was.

"Alright, alright, but not here - someone will see!" she finally said.

Mandy looked at her in mock consideration.

"OK, I'll let you off the hook - down to the stables and you better not wimp out!"

The stables were quiet but hot. They were shady but retained the heat of the day. Once inside Mandy turned to Ruth and said, "C'mon then."

But now there was no disguising the edge to her voice. Ruth had noticed that edge before; it was the sound of a man's voice when he could not disguise he wanted to have sex with you. Ruth was suddenly acutely aware of where she was and what she was doing; she was about to expose her breasts to a self-confessed lesbian.

"Maybe this isn't such a great idea, hey Mandy?" she said, trying to keep her tone even.

Mandy managed a grin, "Wimping out are we?"

"No, not at all, but you don't really want to see my tits do you?"

"Yes," said Mandy her grin faltering, "Yes, actually. I do."

Ruth considered this for a moment. Mandy's honesty caught her by surprise. She was suddenly confronted with the idea that Mandy considered her sexually attractive. In all her dealings with Mandy she had never even considered this a remote possibility. The idea that she was attractive to another woman gave Ruth a real jolt. She hardly considered herself attractive to other men after ten years of marriage and children. Ruth became aware of her own body, her own breasts that Mandy was asking to see.

Ruth felt a sudden coyness now that Mandy saw her as something sexual. She sensed that their old relationship had been suddenly turned upside down. Maybe it was the Chardonnay and the heat but she found it hard to think rationally about any of this. Mandy stood expectantly, camera in hand and now it was totally up to her what to do next. She was torn between disappointing Mandy and leading her on falsely.

Ruth turned her back to Mandy and undid the buttons on her blouse, slowly and carefully, fingers trembling. The very fact that what she was doing was turning Mandy on was turning her on too. By the time she unhooked her bra and let her breasts fall free she could feel how wet she was becoming.

She turned back to Mandy, hands on hips, breasts thrust forward slightly and said, "Well?"

She was delighted to see how Mandy's eyes widened with pleasure. Her breasts weren't big but she was pleased with them, especially as she had breast-fed both her children. Mandy put the camera to her eye and snapped a pic.

"I'll treasure that one," she said.

Now Ruth faltered, she wasn't sure what to do next. She began to feel stupid that she had exposed herself to Mandy like this.

Mandy stepped forwards however, her eyes searching Ruth's. As she walked forwards she once again pulled down her own top to expose her breasts too. Ruth couldn't speak. Mandy stood directly in front of her and then, putting her hands on Ruth's shoulders, drew her closer. Ruth felt their nipples touch each others breasts and shivered; her nipples were painfully hard. Mandy moved her face closer to Ruth's. Her lips parted slightly and then she spoke. "Do you want this Ruth?" she asked.

"I... I'm not sure," replied Ruth.

She could feel Mandy's sweet breath on her face, her deep brown eyes searching her face.

"God, you're beautiful," Mandy said.

Ruth felt overwhelmed by Mandy's words and more importantly, the longing with which she said them.

"Do... do you want me?" she asked.

"From the moment I saw you," replied Mandy.

"But, you knew I was straight; you knew I was married," said Ruth.

"I know," said Mandy. "But every lesbian dreams of turning a straight chick, and I wanted you."

"I don't even know what to..." she began, but Mandy hushed her mouth with her own.

Ruth closed her eyes and felt Mandy's full lips on her own; she did not resist....

Nor did she resist later as Mandy gently pulled her to the straw, cast off the rest of her garments and proceeded to make love to her with a passion she had not experienced since before she was married. It did not matter that this lover had no cock, she had equally expert fingers and the passion to please her. Ruth felt like a Princess being ministered to by a loving subject. She was hardly given the opportunity to give back the pleasure she was receiving. As her fingers clutched tightly at the straw while Mandy lay between her legs she heard the gentle sounds of horses moving in the stables. She opened her legs wider to let her new lover please her as she wished... for as long as she wished....


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