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Day at the Beach by

Day at the Beach

This is another story of Ambyr and her friend enjoying a day at the beach. Please enjoy and it is copyrighted but feel free to print for your reading pleasure. Thank you for reading.


The ground burned their sexy feet as they stepped out of Jen's car. They got their towels and things from the trunk and made their way to the sand, the sand was a beautiful golden expanse of shining yellow heat. It was sensually warm as their toes sank into it; they walked closer to the wide deep blue ocean and laid their towels down. Oh, Ambyr thought as she looked at Jen's incredibly sexy body in her tight royal blue bikini, mmmm, the way it hugged her hips and sexy ass and her nipples poking through her top. She hoped she looked just as sexy in her matching bikini. Ambyr felt a little rush of juice wet her crotch as she thought of her sexy girl friend and what they did earlier this morning. Jen lay down on her towel on her stomach and pulled the little bow holding her top on, Ambyr lay down and just looked at her friend's body in the warm sun. The way the top of her bottom rose a little where her back ended and her hips started and the tiny soft peach fuzz running underneath to her so sexy ass. Ambyr rubbed coconut butter oil on Jen's back, loving the way her skin felt and savoring the smell of the oil, when she was done she rubbed the oil all over her belly, chest and legs. Her skin was golden in the heat of the sun, she lay back and reveled in the warmth soaking into her skin and scooted a little closer to Jen their bodies touched with an electric tingle. After an hour or so they both turned over and Jen rubbed oil on Ambyr's back running her hand under her bottom a little to caress her tiny ass. Ambyr moaned a little feeling her friend's hand rubbing her and loved it, Jen undid Ambyr's top and laid down again, the coconut oil was strong in the warm air as the two totally sexy girls sunned their lovely bodies at the beach. Guys were walking by and drooling, looking at the two sexy girls, and the girls knew exactly what those guys wished they could do. They both laughed at the thought of taking one guy home and letting him watch when they played together in bed and thought how fun it would be to torture him.

Another hour passed as they lay there rubbing their bodies against each other occasionally, when they decided to go in the water and cool off. As they walked, hips swaying sexily, giving looks of encouragement to the guys they passed. The got to the water and stepped in, it was tingly cold but not bad as they walked deeper into the rushing surf. They got out about chest deep and dived under to wet their long hair, and laughed and held each other in their arms rubbing their chests together tightly as the waves rode around them. They rubbed their tits together feeling their hard nipples brushing each other's skin through the tops, Jen felt so good in her arms, Ambyr thought and leaned forward and kissed her mouth lovingly. Jen responded quickly and swirled her tongue inside Ambyr's hot mouth, their tongues playing circles around each other's, hands running over each other's body and holding them tightly in the cool water.

They broke their kiss with a little reluctance and looked into each other eyes thinking about what was going to happen when they got home. Jen squeezed Ambyr's tight little ass and pushed her hips against her grinding them against her hot little mound, Ambyr leaned forward and kissed her again as she felt an orgasm starting. Ambyr's warm creamy cum flowed out and was swept away by the water, she held Jen tightly as their kiss deepened and moaned in her mouth. Jen put Ambyr's hand to her bottom and slid it inside Ambyr smiled and rubbed her little bush and slid deeper to her wet lips, rubbing her clit and her juicy hole. Rubbing faster Jen pressed her body harder against Ambyr and kissed her neck, biting and licking her oil covered skin, Ambyr felt a rush of hot cum flow over her hand and rubbed slower pushing a finger inside Jen's tight hole. She quickly withdrew her hand and sucked Jen's cum off her fingers loving the sweet taste, mmmm, she hugged her tighter and they kissed once more then went back to the shore.

They walked across the beach their bikinis drying in the sun once more conforming tightly to their hard sexy bodies, nipples still pressing through the satiny material, their bottoms tight against their ripe little asses. They walked to the bar and sat at a table in the sand and ordered some margaritas, while drinking the icy drinks in the hot sun they sat closer together and both their hands caressed each others thighs. Sliding up and down their oily salt-tanged skin and slipping inside to gently brush their satiny crotches, both were getting hotter even though they were drinking the icy drinks.

A couple of hot guys were sitting across from them watching them intensely noticing where their hands were, Jen laughed and smiled at them knowing they were going to be sitting for awhile until their hard cocks went down. She leaned forward and grabbed the back of Ambyr's head, kissing her lustily. The guys were stunned and wishing they could be with them, so they got up and came over to their table. Ambyr noticed their shorts were uncomfortably tight with their cocks hard within. They introduced themselves as James, and Lane, Jen told them to sit down and they happily agreed. They all talked for awhile drinking a few more margaritas getting a nice buzz on, then decided to go back to Jen's house. The guys followed them in their car and drove to her house; Ambyr and Jen were thinking naughty thoughts the whole way, their satiny bottoms getting wetter by the second.

When they got home they all went inside to Jen's bedroom with her huge bed with satin sheets, James and Lane stripped down and sat on the couch in her bedroom while Jen told Ambyr to take off her panty. She did and Jen took off hers and put Ambyr's on so she could have Ambyr's juicy wetness on hers, Ambyr put on Jen's, rubbing her wet panty against her pussy mixing the juice, mmmm, how she loved having Jen's juice on her. Then Jen put on some grinding music and got on the bed scissoring her legs with Ambyr's, their bikini covered pussies touching. They both started grinding together getting the panties dripping wet from the humping, grinding slowly and in rhythm with the music. Heads back hair touching the bed the moaned and ground their soaking pussies together harder and faster while James and Lane were just dying and stroking their throbbing cocks.

Ambyr was lucky they found two guys because she knew Jen would wrestle her for the one's cock and she would most likely win, she was small and sexy but very strong. Ambyr loved being held down by her when she rode her face or just made out with her. After about twenty minutes of steady grinding and humping they started to cum, the creamy hot cum squirting out from their tight pussies, spraying each others crotches, oh yes it felt so good feeling each other squirt cum against the others pussy. Then they rose off the bed and walked to the guys their inner thighs running with juice, they both put a leg on the couch and told the guys to lick it clean, they did so gladly licking sucking the juice up till it was gone. Smelling their hot pussies and kissing right next to their crotches sucking juice from their panty covered holes, Ambyr and Jen moaning delight and holding their heads tighter to their humping hips. The guys pulled their panties to the side and licked their hot juicy lips deeply making delicious slurping sounds and gulping their sweet juice.

Soon another orgasm rushed both girls and they flowed their hot cum into the guy's mouths at the same time, bodies shaking and pumping against the guy's faces. Then Jen and Ambyr got on their knees in between both guys legs and wrapped their little hands around the guys thick throbbing cocks. They both had lovely cocks, long and thick with a fat head that would feel so good deep inside rubbing the bottom of their pussies. They both started sucking and licking their cocks, Ambyr sucking James's balls in her mouth while Jen sucked Lanes down her throat, gulping and milking. Ambyr started to deep throat James also almost gagging on how big his cock was but she was good so it bent right down her throat to the hilt. Both guys were moaning and holding the girls heads, fingers wrapped in their long blond hair, loving the look of two hot girls sucking cock together. The room was filled with thirsty slurping and sucking noise as the cocks got sloppy with saliva, both girls quickly gulping and sucking hungrily wanting their thick cum. The guys were getting close and their hands held Jen and Ambyr's heads tighter, the girls sucked and milked them faster, stroking the base and rubbing their balls.

They started to come at the same time, Ambyr wanted to swallow it but she knew what Jen wanted to do, when both got their mouths full of hot yummy cum they kissed each other and spit their mouthfuls back and forth. While the guys watched and gasped never seeing that before, dribbles of cum leaked out and dripped down their chins, then they each kept a mouthful of still warm cum and swallowed it down loving the feel of it coating their throats. Jen and Ambyr both stripped their sexy royal blue bikinis off each other and got on the bed beckoning the guys to get on. Ambyr told them to lay down to be ridden first and they did, side by side, both girls climbed over them and rubbed their thick cocks between their lips a while before putting it to their tight little holes. They both pushed the heads in at the same time and forcefully humped down on them, crying out and feeling their tight pussies stretch wide from the huge cocks within. Then, when both cocks were fully wet with juice, they started to ride together in time, then alternating stokes, laughing and moaning with pleasure, saying how good it felt and grinding totally hard on them feeling the head rub hard against the bottom of their shallow pussies. Bending inside, their hot juice soaking the guys hips and pubic hair, the juicy squelch of sex almost got louder than the music as they both rode faster and harder, screaming out the other's names, "James!", "Oh Lane!"

Before the guys could cum they slipped off with a sucking pop and got doggie style right next to each other feeling the guys get behind them and grabbing their sexy hips, pushing the fat heads to their sopping holes. Back inside their cocks went instantly ball deep from the wetness, the juicy fucking sounds started once more, god how the girls loved hearing their pussies suck hard cock. They then kissed each other moaning loud in each others mouth and staring into each others eyes while the guys held their hips so tight and fucked them faster and harder. Slapping their asses like the bad girls they were until their cheeks were red, spreading their cheeks open to watch the girls pussy lips stretched around their cocks and slide in and out. James's put his thumb inside Ambyr's tight little ass hole, pushing it in all the way while Ambyr screamed and squeezed her tight little ass around his thumb. Lane did the same to Jen and fucked her harder making her screams echo through her house. Both girls were moaning and crying out from the rough, fast fucking they were receiving, their pussies sloppy with their hot cum dripping down their thighs.

James slid his cock out with a pop and told Ambyr to get on her back, she did gladly, and he pushed her legs up to her ears and told her to hold them. He then pushed his huge cock back to her hole it slid right in from all the cum, he then started fucking even harder ignoring her cries. Ambyr truly loved getting fucked like this and she had come multiple times already, plus she loved seeing Jen right next to her getting it doggie style. James said he was getting close to coming and so was Lane. So both guys slid out of the girls tight clenching pussies and each girl then switched guys and sucked their pulsing cocks deep in their hot mouths. The girls were tasting each others juice on their cocks as they sucked and milked them hard, the guys grabbed their heads and came hard, filling their mouths with thick creamy cum over and over. Ambyr and Jen swallowed every mouthful they got loving it so much, when the guys were through coming the girls licked their cocks clean and sucked their balls clean of their pussy juice.

James and Lane had to leave so they walked them to the door telling them to come back again sometime; they assured them they would. Then Jen grabbed Ambyr and pulled her back to the bed pulling out her thick long double dong. It was 14 inches long and 2 1/2 inches thick; Ambyr loved riding it with sexy Jen more than anything, Jen slid it deep into Ambyr while she moaned delight and then slid her juicy hole onto the other end. They both started humping their pussies closer to each other's, swallowing the thick dong inside them; their pussies touched with the dong firmly buried inside them. Now they started grinding their hips together feeling the huge dong inside as their clits bumped against each other's, pumping their sexy hips faster sliding on the dong moaning loudly. Ambyr said she was going to come, so Jen quickly pulled the dong out of her and sucked her hot hole, waiting for the cum to fill her mouth. Ambyr screamed and shook as the orgasm took her and she squirted thickly into Jen's waiting mouth, filling it with her cum as Jen gulped hungrily. She swallowed the last drop and licked her pussy clean then climbed on top of Ambyr's cute little face. Rubbing her pussy all over her face and then settling firmly on her mouth, she humped her hips sensually as Ambyr licked and tongued deep in her tight hole. Jen grabbed Ambyr's long hair and pulled it hard while she rubbed her little bush against her nose, she felt her cum start flowing and threw her head back and rode her mouth harder. Ambyr's muffled moaning sounded so delicious to Jen as she started coming; it flooded out and Ambyr swallowed and sucked her hole hard. Ambyr loved this so much the feel of Jen's body humping so hard on her face and Jen just forgetting about her as she came, humping roughly till Ambyr had swallowed it all. Jen stopped coming and slid off Ambyr's wet face licking the juice from it, she then cuddled Ambyr tightly and they fell into exhausted sleep their sexy royal blue bikinis tangled together on floor.


Comments are very welcome, feel free to send to Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it, more to come soon.

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