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It's about time, Holly thought. She had watched Richard for some time now, ever since high school. She liked the way he would look at her, his eyes seemingly blank but with such intense concentration that it felt as if a beam of heat shot right through her. Her body seemed to glow with warmth every time he came into the classroom, her mind wandering on what wild things he would do to her.

One time, during a slumber party, she let her girlfriends know how she felt about him. She dreamed of feeling his hands on her, caressing and exploring her body in the most degrading way, quite the opposite of her upbringing. She was taught to be the personification of a lady, not to desire a man in such a way. Her girlfriends, being from the same upper crust of society, only echoed the teachings her parents gave her years ago. Her nosey father was listening at the door when Holly confided in her friends, calling her out to have a little talk. Holly was forbidden to have anything to do with Richard.

Now Richard was not exactly the dream son-in-law. He had a certain take charge attitude that upset fathers. He spoke his mind, both good and bad, and controlled conversations at a whim. He was dark, brooding, mysterious... the rebel outsider. He was never seen with any group, always traveling alone on his black and chrome Harley. What especially seemed to drive Holly wild were his leather jackets, the smell intensely intoxicating and the touch sinfully delicious. Watching him arrive at school, straddling that hog, roaring past the football field and parking right at the side door only made this forbidden boy all the more seductive.

It's about time, she repeated to herself, finally catching her breath at what just happened. The boy walked up to her after classes and asked her to the movies. In her mind, she was doing back flips while her mouth stuttered yes. The ride home had her happily smiling wide, the girls commuting with her wondering as to why the elated joy.

"Well, what happened? Why are you so happy?" her friend Kathleen asked. She seemed always to want to get into the thick of other people's lives.

"Oh, nothing much... just Richard..." Holly muttered nearly under her breath. She was still so surprised that it finally happened, a date with the town bad-boy, that she didn't know how to repeat it.

"What! What happened? Come on, you can tell me. I won't tell anyone, I promise," Kathleen urged.

"Well... he asked me out for Saturday night," Holly smiled brightly. "I'm going to go to the movies with him."

"Oh my..." Kathleen looked like she was genuinely worried. "He's so dangerous... are you sure you'll be safe?"

"I hope..." she said, adding an emphatic not under her breath. She wanted to experience all the forbidden pleasures to be had with him.

As the days rolled by, her anticipation grew to a fevered pitch. She would see Richard in everything she glanced at. She could feel herself coming toward an edge; an abyss that she never knew was there. She wanted to explore that abyss and knew that Richard would be the one to take her there. Standing in her room, looking at the clothes she might wear, she saw her father walk in through the mirror.

He had a very serious look on his face, one that does not seem at all temporary. He seemed to know more than he should, a very bad thing. From his sullen demeanor and frowning brow, this was not going to be good.

"Holly, do you have anything to tell me?" her father said, looking very much like the day was not easy for him.

"Umm, no dad," Holly said, still smiling a bit from the conversation in the car earlier that week. In her daze, she barely noticed her father taking a seat on her bed. She quickly placed her pink dress down and sat next to him. "Something wrong daddy?"

"Well," he shifted on the bed, making Holly fall into his arms. "It seems your little friends don't think so. I got a call from Kathleen's mother asking why I would let my daughter go out with that bastard, Richard. Do you know why she would think that?"

Cursing the traitorous Kathleen, she stumbled in saying, "Richard asked me out and I said yes." Then, sunning up her strength, she continued, "He may be a bad-boy, but he is not a bastard. If you just took the time... you just don't understand him."

"I don't need to understand him to know that he is not good for you or anyone else. He is a dangerous influence, you don't need that; his kind are nothing but trouble."

"And what kind are they, dad," Holly cried out, breaking free of her fathers smothering hug. "The handsome, brave, intelligent, and sensitive? The intriguing social revolutionaries? Those who want to enjoy life?"

"Honey, it's those biker people; they just aren't like us. Full of subversive ideas, clad in that cowhide, and you don't want to know what they do at night."

"Maybe I do."

"No you don't. You're not going to do that. You are still my daughter and as long as you live here, you will not see that animal."

"But dad, I'm in college... Then maybe I just won't be your daughter anymore!"

Shocked silence, then the old man said, with his lips pressed tightly together, "Then get the hell out of my house." The room became very silent and an echo of Harley motor roars as slow as the smile rose on Holly's face.

"Fine, I'll just go with Richard." And with that, she burst out of the room, down the stairs, nearly knocking down the front door racing toward Richard who sat on his bike waiting. She collapsed in his arms and he just kissed her forehead, taking her up in his arms and away they went. Where they would go was not a concern of hers. All she cared about is the man whose arms are wrapped around her now.

The full moon came out behind some clouds as the Harley sped them away over the black expanse before them. Holly could feel a strong arms press her closer to Richard, a hand spreading its fingers over her back. She just closed her eyes and kissed his neck, feeling him move his hand in small circles. At no time did she notice that they were riding to the hills just outside town.

Richard stopped the bike on the overlook, the entire town mirroring the stars in the small valley. Holly opened her eyes and saw the romantic view and felt a tear fall down her cheek, soon kissed by Richard. He cupped her chin, stroking her neck with his thumb, turning her so his lips trailed light kisses. She collapsed onto him, closing her eyes and welcoming his velvet touch. She could feel his other hand smoothing her clothes against her back, inching lower.

Her lips pressed against his in a succulent kiss, tongues reaching out mirroring the two. She felt his hands caress her side, cascading around her waist, sending electric shocks through her. Feeling his powerful body under hers, she moaned at the pleasure pulsating in her. His caresses and embraces, so rough yet tender, made her more aware if herself, more conscious of her lust for him. The hands that held her so delightfully close pressed into her shoulders, guiding her lips along his exposed chest. Though lost in a warm world of sensual feeling, her mouth spread thankful kisses along his sharp curves.

Her extended tongue lapped at his stomach. His hands lifted from her shoulder, moving one to softly stroke the back of her head; she starting to unfasten his pants. Slowly, she pulled the zipper down, watching his sex come into view. She gasped as the flaccid member, feeling a strong urge to kiss it.

She leaned forward, opening her mouth, welcoming him inside. Sucking in her cheeks, she felt it grow, her tongue tasting its many ridges. It seemed like it had a mind of its own, plunging further into her throat. She just relaxed, opening herself to him, moving her head in time with his gasps. Moving her head back off of him, her tongue around the thick shaft, unable to get enough of that exotic taste, she watched and admired the fullness of his member.

She stood up, knowing what he wanted before he had to say, and turned to press her back against him. his arms enveloped her, grinding his sex against her eager bottom. Cleaving the bountiful mounds, she felt his member pressing lightly against her anus. To her amazement, her body accepted him, slowly swallowing his member in her own snug embrace. Impaled, the rigid yet soft member stroked in and out of her like a bow across a violin.

His arms hooked under Holly's legs, lifting her up and spreading her wide. She surrendered her body then, to Richard and to the ecstasy of his touch. The pain, all pain, dissolved as the world became more blurred, all colors melting together into a single white light. Richard's thrusting sex forcing deeper into her tightness drew this light into Holly, sending it down to her ver core. She opened her mouth and screamed, hearing no noise; time seeming to slow down to the point where this velvet feeling lasts forever. All of a sudden, everything came in sharp focus. Richard lovingly kissing her neck, her pelvis pressed hard against him, her nipples delightfully twisted in his grasp. Through all this she was feeling a joy she did not think possible. In this frenzy, she whispered the words; "I love you."

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