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Dan's Surprise by Mulberry Girl

Dan's Surprise

Gena was very excited as she looked through her closet for just the right thing to wear. There it was, the black dress that Dan had bought her for her birthday. She wanted to look perfect tonight. She wanted Dan to think she looked beautiful.

Funny how things just fall in your lap, this day had started like any other. Slightly boring, typically uneventful. That is until Bo came to mow the yard. Bo was one of Dan's oldest and best friends, and Dan usually paid him ahead of time to take care of the yardwork, but this time Bo knocked on the door and when Gena answered Bo told her that Dan didn't have any cash on him and said to get the money from her.

Gena was really embarrassed, because she didn't have cash either, and to add to her embarrassment, Bo had caught her still in her little pink nightie. Great, she felt like a half naked deadbeat. Thankfully Bo's appreciative gaze up and down Gena's body made her feel sexy as hell and she felt that familiar tingle shoot thru her pussy and her nipples stiffened up noticeably underneath the clingy fabric of her nightgown.

Gena's cheeks turned bright red when she noticed Bo staring at her rigid nipples. She told Bo to go into the kitchen to get something to drink. She went upstairs to put on some clothes and look in Dan's bureau for some money for Bo.

After pulling on some cutoff shorts that her ass peeked out from under and a white t-shirt, Gena went over to Dan's dresser. He usually kept some emergency cash underneath his shirts. As Gena moved the shirts aside, she found a stack of papers. She picked them up and looked at the top piece. It seemed to be a story that had been printed out on copy paper. As Gena read the story her pulse quickened. The story was very erotic and Gena felt her pussy getting wet.

The story was about a woman cheating on her boyfriend and how it turned him on when she confessed it too him and how he had wanted all the details. As Gena shuffled thru all the stories, she realized they all seemed to revolve around the same subject matter. Some were about women getting caught cheating, some were about men forcing their wives to fuck other guys as they looked on.

Gena's mind was reeling with this newfound discovery. Could it be that Dan wanted to see her with other men? Could he have this fantasy that he was afraid to tell his wife?

As Gena was pondering this Bo came up the stairs to see what the hold up was. He sat down next to Gena on the bed and asked her what was wrong. She handed him the stories and told him where she had found them. As Bo read over the stories he chuckled. "Dan seems to be getting a little freaky these days, don't you think?"

Gena looked at him and asked him if that kind of thing would turn him on. He said he wasn't sure if he would like to watch, but he would love to be the guy doing the fucking.

Just then Gena got an idea. She asked Bo if he would be willing to do it with her and Dan. She would love to surprise her husband, but she didn't trust just anyone.

Bo thought about this for about two seconds and said, "Hell yeah I will do it." Gena was so happy. She jumped up and hugged Bo and told him that Dan would be home about 7 and for him to come about 8 because dinner would be over and Dan would not expect anything.

Bo agreed and went on to finish his day's work Gena was so excited she could hardly think straight. She hoped so much that Dan would like his surprise.

Gena got busy getting ready. She finished up the housework and jumped in the shower. She watched her hair and her body, and she remembered that Dan had been after her to shave her pussy for him. She had never done it and he was so anxious to feel her bare cunt up against him. She chuckled evilly as she wondered what he would think when he saw that she had shaved it for his best friend. She finished up in the shower and got out to fix her hair. Dinner would be simple so she didn't have to worry about anything but making herself pretty for her husband.

Like clockwork Dan pulled up right at 7. He raised his eyebrows as he walked into the kitchen and saw his wife standing there all fixed up. He asked her where she was going tonight, and she walked over to him and threw her arms around him and kissed him passionately and said, "Can't a women look good just to please her man?" Then she kissed him again.

Not wanting to waste anytime, Gena started to get dinner on the table. They talked as they ate their meal, and Gena smiled secretly to herself, knowing Dan had no idea what was about to happen.

As Gena cleared the dinner dishes, there was a familiar knock at the back door. Dan answered the door and was surprised to see his buddy Bo standing there. "Hey man, what's up?" Dan said. Bo said that Gena didn't have any cash on her earlier and he just came to get the yard money. Dan apologized for the oversight and said he would go upstairs to get the money.

As Dan went up the stairs, Gena winked at Bo and said " I am gonna go up and get him ready, give me five minutes then come up the stairs." Bo grinned and said he would be ready.

Gena walked into the bedroom and saw Dan getting the money out of the bureau drawer. She walked up behind him and put her arms around his waist and kissed Dan's neck. He groaned softly and said it looked like his wife was feeling especially frisky tonight. He thought maybe they ought to go to bed a little earlier than usual tonight.

At that Gena gave a little giggle and took Dan's hand. "I have a little surprise for you honey" she said with a sweet smile on her face. Dan looked very confused as she led him over to the desk chair and sat him down. Once he was seated she told him to close his eyes. Dan giggled and said "But what about Bo, he is downstairs waiting." "You let me worry about Bo, OK"

So Dan closed his eyes and before he knew it he felt his wife tying his wrists to the chair. His eyes flew open and he said "Gena, what the hell are you doing?" Gena looked hurt and said "Don't you trust me Baby?" Dan stammered a minute and said, "Well of course I do honey, but this isn't like you." Gena's blue eyes sparkled as she told Dan that it was time for them to try something new. Dan was nervous as hell, not knowing what was going on, but as Gena was kneeling to tie his ankles to the legs of the chair, she could already see the bulge in Dan's pants.

As Gena stood up, Bo walked into the room. Dan was a little embarrassed as he tried to explain that his wife had just kind of freaked out a little but that she would get the money off the dresser and he could leave.

Bo grinned at his buddy and walked up behind Gena. He said "Oh, it's OK bud. I am sure Gena will give me what I came for." A look of confusion crossed Dan's eyes as he looked at his wife and his best friend standing there facing him. All of a sudden Bo tilted Gena's head to the side and started kissing her neck, while his hands found her breasts underneath the smooth silky material of her dress. Dan felt his temper flare immediately. "What the hell are you doing man?" Gena opened her eyes and looked right at her husband as Bo's hand slipped underneath her dress and found the crotch of her panties.

Gena smiled naughtily at her husband and said "He is going to teach you how to really fuck me." And she threw her head back and groaned loudly as Bo's fingers steadily massaged her clit. Dan was getting mad and protesting that he didn't like this one bit, but he couldn't ignore his raging cock as he watched his best friend's fingers work in and out of his wife's dripping wet pussy. He could see that her panties were wet as hell.

Before he knew it Bo was pulling Gena's dress over her head. Her sweet tits bounced up and down like they were so happy to be released from their silky prison. Gena walked over to her husband and leaned over close to his face, swinging her big heavy breasts right in his face. She reached her hand down and felt his stiff cock. She smiled at him sweetly and kissed his nose and asked if he would like for her to take his cock out of his pants. He was embarrassed to confess it, but his wife already felt how turned on he was. So he nodded yes to her, and she unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and his thick cock popped right out and smacked him in the belly. He thought for sure she would kneel down and take it in her mouth, but instead she giggled and slapped it around a little then stood back up.

During this time, Bo had gotten out of his clothes and was standing behind Gena sporting a huge hard-on. Dan couldn't believe his eyes when he saw how big buddy's cock was.

Gena saw the look on Dan's face and turned to see what he was staring at.

"MMMMMM," Gena said as she turned to Bo and got on her knees. She looked back at her husband seductively then took Bo's massive cock in her mouth. Bo groaned and threw his head back as Gena started licking and sucking up and down the shaft of his dick. Dan was mesmerized by the sight of his wife working this big cock. He noticed his own cock had precum pouring out and down the shaft of his own dick and wished he could touch it.

Gena looked up at Bo and told him how wonderful his cock tasted. Bo had a mischievous look in his eye and said, "Why don't we let Dan taste it for himself, so he can see how good it is." Gena giggled gleefully and stood up and took Bo's cock in her hand and led him over to her visibly horrified husband. He didn't know what to do. Gena took Bo's cock and put it up to Dan's lips. "Come on baby, taste it. It tastes so good" Dan's heart was pumping so hard and he realized that he really did want to taste his best friend's cock and opened his mouth and let Bo slide his cock deep into Dan's mouth. The sensation turned Dan on so much he thought he was going to cum right there. Bo's cock was dripping precum into Dan's mouth and Dan enjoyed the salty taste.

"Uh uhhhh, that's enough for you." Gena said, and she pulled Bo away from her husbands eager mouth.

Gena put her hand on the crotch of her panties and started rubbing them all over her pussy. "OOH, baby I am so wet, do you want to taste my pussy Dan?" Dan groaned and said he would love to taste his wife's sweet pussy, so Gena pulled her sticky wet panties off, walked over to her husband and stuffed them into his mouth. Now Dan was restrained and couldn't speak either. Then Gena went and sat on the edge of the bed and ordered Bo to get on his knees and lick her pussy. Bo happily got down on his knees and spread Gena's legs.

It wasn't until then that Dan noticed that his wife had no hair on her pussy. It was so sweet and bare. It looked just like a little girl's pussy. He thought his cock was going to burst at the very sight of it. Oh God how he wanted to touch that pussy. He watched enviously as Bo buried his face in his wife's hot wet snatch. His cock got so hard it hurt and Gena stared into her husband's eyes and told him how good his friend was eating her pussy. Gena squealed and moaned and told Dan every movement Bo made on her clit. She leaned back on her elbows and tilted her pelvis so Bo could fuck her with his tongue and Gena wrapped her legs around his shoulders and rode his face. Pushing and grinding her cunt all over his face. Dan was about to go crazy from desperation and jealousy as he watched his wife make love to his best friend's tongue.

Gena moaned loudly and arched her back, and Dan knew she was about to have a massive orgasm. "Oh God, Baby yes!!" "Eat my pussy Baby, oh you do that so good." Gena's hips thrust so hard her ass was coming up off of the bed and she grabbed the back of Bo's head and pushed his face deep into her dripping cunt as wave after wave of pleasure ripped thru her body. Dan thought he was going to pass out from desire. He wanted his wife so badly at that moment. He wanted her to be pressing her cunt up against his mouth. He wanted to feel her juices gushing down his throat.

Gena lay back on the bed, trembling from her climax. Bo stood up, his cock raging. "Now I have a little surprise for both of you" he said.

Just then, the bedroom door opened and Bo's brother walked in. A look of surprise came over Gena's face as she realized what was about to happen. "If you're gonna fulfill fantasies, you might as well go all the way." With that he climbed up on Gena and put the head of his cock right at the opening of her hot wet twat.

Bo's brother, now naked walked over to Dan and grabbed him by the back of the head and pushed his mouth down to his cock. "You wont mind getting my brother good and worked up so he can fuck the shit out of your wife do you?" Bo asked. Bo's brother pulled the wet panties out of Dan's mouth and slid his cock down his throat while Bo pushed his dick into Gena's tight wet pussy. Gena gasped as Bo thrust the length of his huge cock deep into her. He was fucking her so hard she felt like she was ripping in two, but it felt soooo good. She was screaming and moaning as she bucked her hips up to get all of Bo's cock and Dan couldn't keep his eyes off of her even though Bo's brother was steadily fucking his mouth.

Bo's brother pulled his cock out of Dan's throat and went over to his brother. "I want her ass" he said to her brother. Dan was in awe as he watched Bo flip over in his back, putting Gena on top of him, with her ass in the air. Bo's cock never left the sweet wet folds of his wife's pussy, and Dan almost died when Bo's brother got behind Gena and started to push his cock into Gena's tight virgin asshole. Gena gasped and started to protest, but then seemed to like the feeling of the head of that cock opening up that asshole for the first time. Dan felt dizzy when he watched his wife push back on that hard cock, actually wanting it inside of her. And he could see the head strain before it popped into her ass. Gena squealed with a mix of pleasure and pain as Bo's brother buried the length of his dick inside her ass.

Now both guys were steadily fucking Gena, and she was making noises that Dan had never heard her make before. She was squealing and telling Dan how good it felt having both her pussy and her ass filled with cock. How she wished Dan could fill her up like that. Dan's cock was throbbing painfully as he watched his wife getting fucked, almost brutally by his two friends.

They both started fucking more urgently and Dan knew they were going to shoot their hot loads all up inside of his wife. He knew that their cum would be oozing out of his wife for the rest of the night.

They rammed Gena's hot wet holes for all they were worth. Shoving every inches of there cocks deep inside of her. Both guys came violently, shooting their jiz deep inside Gena's belly and ass. They collapsed from exhaustion, lying all tangled up in each other and they enjoyed the feeling of their cocks going soft inside those hot wet holes, so warm and sticky with their juices.

Just then Bo got an evil look on his face and went to Dan. Dan's cock was so hard that if looked purple and like it was about to burst. Bo untied Dan's hands and feet and led him over to the bed. He pushed Dan down on his knees in front of his wife. "Eat my cum out of your wife's pussy." Bo told him as he pushed Dan's head down to Gena's bare pink cunt.

Dan happily obliged and greedily ate up all the warm white cum that was pouring out of his wife's sweet pussy. As he was doing this he felt a hot mouth engulf his cock. Then he felt a warm wet tongue spreading his ass cheeks. He looked down and saw his best friend greedily sucking his cock and he knew that his brother was hungrily eating his ass.

After he cleaned all of his buddy's cum out of his wife sweet pussy, he pushed her legs up to her chest so her ass came up off the bed and dove his tongue deep into her asshole to get all of Bo's brothers creamy spunk out of her. Dan happily cleaned the juices out of his wife.

Bo and his brother were still steadily working on Dan's cock and his asshole and he felt that familiar tingle in his balls. Before he knew it he was shooting his load down Bo's throat and Bo was swallowing up every drop as his brother fucked Dan's asshole with his tongue.

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