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Danni's Confusion by G-boy

Danni's Confusion

Although it was only five thirty when she left Cindy Potter's house, Danni climbed the stairs and locked herself in the bathroom. She sat on the edge of the tub and adjusted the water temperature. She was glad that her mother was busy cooking and hadn't noticed the tears streaming down Danni's face.

She felt so confused so disconnected. She'd always secretly lusted after Cindy Potter, the prettiest girl at Asbury High School, with her thick blonde hair; heart shaped face and pouting lips. She'd admired Cindy's five foot five inch frame, with her thirty-six C breasts, twenty eight-inch waist and thirty four-inch hips. Cindy was all woman, whereas the five foot one inch Danni only possessed thirty two inch A-cups, capped with large nipples, thirty inch waist and thirty two inch hips. With her short blonde hair, from the back, most people assumed Danni was a boy.

"I'm not a fucking lezzie! I'm not!" Danni muttered to herself.

Then why had she always loved Cindy? Why had she always longed to kiss Cindy's full pouting lips, touch her breasts? Why had she agreed to play that stupid 'Truth or Dare' game when that hateful little bitch, Belinda Carter, suggested it? She decided she really hated Belinda, Lindy as Cindy had christened her, with all of her heart. Even if her nipples still tingled from the bitch's small mouth, she still hated her. It had been Lindy that had made some of her deepest fantasies come true, but her anger seethed over. So confused and angry was she that she stepped into the spray of the shower without removing her panties. She would have giggled but instead burst into racking sobs. Lindy was ruining everything. She leaned her head against the cool tiles and sobbed as if her heart would break.

"So, um, you want to come over to my house?" Lindy asked Cindy.

Cindy looked at Adam's back and nodded. An evening at home with cave boy didn't sound like much fun. He had been surly and insulting ever since he walked in ten minutes ago. Lindy picked up the telephone and called her mother, Paula Carter, who was only too happy to have Cindy come over for supper. Yes, Cindy could spend the night. Cindy shoved a change of clothing into a bag and the two girls piled into Lindy's Jeep and roared off. Adam picked up the telephone and called Paul Robertson. Paul was over in ten minutes and the two boys embraced in a loving kiss. Within moments, Adam was plunging his eight-inch erection in and out of Paul's tight rectum, right on the kitchen table.

Paula was delighted to see Cindy Potter again. She warmly greeted the tall girl in a loving embrace. She still remembered Cindy's kindness from five years earlier, and when her husband Jake had announced that he was tired of working for others, she suggested moving back to her hometown. Secretly she and Belinda prayed that the Potters still lived there. When Belinda had come home and announced that Cindy was in four of her classes, Paula took it as a sign from God that her only daughter's eternity of loneliness was finally coming to an end. And it really seemed as though it was.

Five years ago, the tall blonde had invited the entire seventh grade to her twelfth birthday party. Paula knew all about Cindy Potter from her daughter's endless prattle about the pretty girl. When Belinda breathlessly gushed that she'd been invited, Paula prayed it wasn't just a cruel joke. The short fat pimple faced girl with the frizzy hair and thick glasses had carefully picked out a party outfit and Paula held her breath as she drove to the Potter house. To her delight, a pretty blonde came outside and greeted them. She almost cried as she watched Cindy take Belinda's hand and walk with her to the backyard. Belinda had barely been able to sleep that night, telling and retelling the day's events.

At the end of the school year, when Jake announced that Patsworth was moving them to Arizona, both Paula and Belinda had been crushed. But, Belinda had stepped out of the car into the dry Arizona heat and come to a decision. Strict diet and exercise helped the girl shed over eighty pounds. Makeup and hairstyle tips from her beautiful mother melted the pimples and frizzy hair away. Contact lenses helped the girl throw away the thick glasses. Even Jake had to look twice at the former blob that had sat at his dining table and stuffed her loneliness. Rather than open the social doors, however, her new beauty shut the door even more firmly shut. Girls hated the beauty that threatened them and she intimidated boys. She stood only four feet ten inches tall, but had a body most women would die to achieve. Thirty eight-D cup breasts, capped with large dark nipples. Twenty-inch waist that flared out into thirty-seven inch hips. Her dark cascades of hair crowned a pale round face. The most striking feature for any that looked above the impressive chest were the large dark pools that peered out at the world in fear and need. Night after night the beautiful girl sat at her small desk and studied and dreamed of that one day when she hadn't been the ugly kid, but had been Cindy Potter's friend. She'd held her breath as her parents discussed moving back home. When she'd been accepted into Asbury High School, she had a feeling that it would finally be different; Asbury only accepted the brightest students. And it was different. She stepped into first period History and almost fainted when she saw Cindy Potter sitting there. Mommy listened as Belinda talked a mile a minute about Cindy and the new school. The elation had been short lived, as Belinda couldn't get past her own fear and feelings of rejection.

"And how's your mom doing?" Paula asked. "Such a sweet woman."

"She's fine, in fact the bank just promoted her to vice-president of Accounts Receivable," Cindy said, nervous by all the fawning attention.

"We're having meatloaf tonight, that all right?" Paula said.

"Can we have carrots with it?" Belinda asked. "We really like carrots." Paula figured it was some sort of private joke, the way the two girls giggled and ran out of the room.

"I can't believe you said that, Lindy!" Cindy whooped.

The night before, in the privacy of Cindy's room, they'd used carrots to bring each other to orgasm several times, then ate the slick vegetables. They ran down the stairs and Cindy stopped short in amazement.

When Jake bought the house, he'd intended to turn the basement into a game room slash office. But Belinda had been entranced with living in a house with a basement and asked if it could be hers. With his two sons in the military, Jake had to learn how to be a Daddy to a little girl, so he gladly gave up his dreams of a pool table. Because he was a private contractor in an area that had only a few contractors, the local hardware stores, plumbing suppliers and lumberyards all vied for his business. He'd painted the main room, a twenty by twenty four-foot room in soft pink and laid mecr carpet on the floor. A huge bed, crowded by stuffed animals took up the center of the room. A couch and loveseat sat in one corner, which faced a large entertainment center and her ever-present small desk. Along the wall that held the stairs, Jake had installed a twenty-foot by fifteen-foot bathroom. The wall under the stairs wall mirrored completely, which slid aside to reveal a huge closet. The other wall had a long vanity and a small commode. The cast iron bathtub in the center of the room was deep enough that when Belinda sat in it, only the top of her dark head was visible. On the corner of the vanity mirror sat a small silk flower. Cindy ran her fingertips over the flower. She and her mother had stayed up the night before the party, making silk flowers for the girls and silk bumblebees for the boys that would be coming to her party.

"I kept mine, too," she said quietly.

"I've loved you ever since that party," Lindy whispered. "Actually, before that, but.."

"God, Lindy! I invited everybody!" Cindy protested and sat on the edge of the tub.

"But, you held my hand the whole day! You never let me go!" Lindy pointed out.

"I had to! Adam and his stupid friends said they were going to beat you up!" Cindy wailed.

"And you loved me enough to protect me," Lindy declared.

"It wasn't love, Lindy! Pity isn't love!" Cindy protested.

"When it's all you've got, it's love!" Lindy yelled.

She looked at the tears that pooled in Cindy's eyes as Cindy remembered a fat little girl that was so repulsive that everyone hated her. She'd almost not invited her, but saw the need in the fat girl's eyes and relented. Thank God the Carters moved shortly afterward.

"It's not pity anymore, is it?" Lindy scarcely dared to whisper.

"No, it's not," Cindy smiled. "I really love you."

"I really love you too," Lindy whispered and the two kissed.

She was so short that when Cindy sat on the edge of the tub, their faces were at the same level. The kiss intensified and their hands caressed each other's bodies. They almost didn't hear Paula yell down that dinner was ready. Flushed with excitement, they ran upstairs. Jake Carter was a large man, gruff in appearance, but he surprised Cindy by hugging the only friend Belinda had ever had.

Danni heard her mother yell that dinner was ready, but she ignored her until she heard the obligatory threats of going to bed without eating. When she sat down, a surly countenance firmly in place, she realized she was famished. She shoveled the spaghetti in, then ran back upstairs to her room. She toyed with the idea of calling Cindy; her good cry and sitting and thinking about the whole ordeal had made her come to the conclusion that, no matter how much she hated Lindy, she couldn't be without Cindy's friendship. She picked up the telephone and dialed the familiar number. A breathless Adam answered the phone.

The taste of Paul's come was still in his mouth and he'd wanted to savor it as he stroked his lover's flaccid cock, hoping to coax another erection. The telephone had interrupted them. He mustered up as nasty a response as he could to the little bitch friend of Cindy's and hung up rudely. Paul's mouth closed around his throbbing cock and he groaned. He knew he wouldn't last long; he was so excited.

"I want it up my ass," Paul wheezed.

Danni felt more tears come to her eyes. Cindy was at that little sawed off bitch's house. What should she do? Swallow her dislike of Lindy and call over there? Or, sit in her room in abject misery? She heard her parents' door close and knew that they were calling it a night, even though it was only seven o'clock. They'd make love, of course, then fall asleep. It repulsed her slightly; her parents were in their forties, for God's sake! Yet, they insisted on making love every Saturday night. She looked up the telephone number, but of course it wasn't in the telephone book yet. Information gave her the number and she sat and debated on whether or not to call. She wanted to be with Cindy, but was it worth seeing Cindy with her new best friend, Lindy?

"So, what you want to do?" Cindy asked.

"Um, Daddy just got us this Cable hook-up for our computers. It's really fast, want to surf the net?" Lindy suggested.

"Sure! I been begging Mom to get that, but she says since Adam only uses it to look at the fuck sites, it's not worth it," Cindy said.

They went to a few chat rooms, drooled over the latest movie stars, and just played around with the search engines. Then Cindy clicked on the 'Favorites' menu. Before Lindy could stop her, she'd clicked on the 'Watersports' link.

"I didn't know you liked Watersports!" she exclaimed. "My mom's efiance, Mr. Sam has a cabin out at Baylor Lake! We can go water skiing and swimming, or.." She stopped her excited prattle and looked, open mouthed. Lindy's pale face was even paler as she sat next to Cindy. The screen images were not of water skiing or snorkeling. The selections were simple. You could go to pictures, stories, or merchandise. She clicked on pictures and the selection was broader-Women peeing on women, women peeing on men, men peeing on women or men peeing on men.

The only tab that had been visited was the first: Women peeing on women. She clicked on it and several thumbnails popped up. She clicked on one after another and studied them. Finally she looked at a pale Lindy, who avoided her eyes.

"You like this stuff?" she whispered.

"I, um, I only been there a few times, you know, so I, um, saved it as a joke," Lindy lied.

"Lindy, you're lying! It's on your favorites list, for God's sake!" Cindy laughed.

She clicked on the story tab and read a few short ones. When she clicked on 'My Lover's Drink,' Lindy sighed.

"That's a beautiful story," she whispered in her soft voice. "This girl finds out that this other girl is real into this, and she is too, and they become lovers."

"You're into this?" Cindy asked again.

Lindy wouldn't respond, so Cindy nipped her ear lovingly. Lindy giggled and wiped her ear.

"Giving or receiving?" Cindy whispered and bit the ear again.

Lindy's large eyes got even larger and she looked at Cindy carefully to see if Cindy was joking. It had disgusted her the first time she'd seen this; just like Cindy had, she'd assumed it was water skiing or snorkeling. A second and third visit had sparked a fantasy within Belinda. All those snobby girls in her class would be forced to kneel between her legs, would be forced to drink as she released her pain on them. Then she'd read some of the stories. Most of them were not about exacting revenge, but sharing something so private, so intimate.

"Giving," she whispered.

"Like this?" Cindy asked and pointed to a picture of a woman squirting her urine onto another woman's breasts. "Or, this?" and pointed to a woman drinking the golden liquid from a hairy pussy.

"That one," Lindy whispered.

"Still got that vodka?" Cindy giggled. "I mean, if we're going to do this, you're going to have to get me drunk, that's for sure."

"I'll be right back," Lindy said and ran up the stairs.

Mommy and Daddy were in the living room, watching some documentary. Mommy called out, but Lindy assured her she could handle it fine. She grabbed the unopened fifth of vodka and two cans of cola and ran back downstairs. Cindy was already zipping through another set of pictures on another Water sports site when Lindy poured them both a stiff drink. Cindy shuddered as the alcohol coursed through her. She smiled and took another deep gulp. One picture seemed to captivate her, of two girls in a bathtub. She took another healthy sip and stood up.

"Come on, before I chicken out," she said, and walked toward the bathroom.

Lindy helped Cindy pull her tee shirt and tight jeans off, and lovingly suckled a nipple as Cindy eased her panties down. She relinquished the nipple as Cindy pulled her own tee shirt off. She wiggled out of her jeans and watched as the nude Cindy lay down in the large bathtub.

"You don't have to do this," she whispered.

"I know that," Cindy groaned.

She was surprised at how excited she was. Through half closed eyes she watched as Lindy hovered her pussy above her wide-open mouth. She could see the equal measure of excitement, could smell Lindy's arousal as the girl lowered her lovely cunt closer and closer. Just as she thought she could reach out her tongue and swipe a lick of the puffy lips, Lindy held herself steady.

"Ready?" she tremulously, asked.

"Go," Cindy groaned and reached between her own legs.

The first hot spurt surprised her, and she closed her mouth. Lindy stopped, but not before an errant spray splashed onto Cindy's pert nose. Cindy made a face, but swallowed the acrid drink and opened her mouth wider.

"No, Cindy, you don't have to," Lindy said, her voice shaking.

"Come on, Lindy!" Cindy gasped as an orgasm rippled through her.

The second spurt came and she eagerly gulped. Lindy relaxed and a steady stream followed. When it slowed to just a few driblets, Cindy leaned her head up and eagerly licked the smooth slit clean. Lindy could barely stifle a shriek of pleasure as she shuddered to a rapid, powerful orgasm. Cindy kept licking until Lindy collapsed on top of her. With a giggle, Cindy pulled the gasping girl down until they were face to face. She hungrily jammed her tongue into Lindy's mouth, but Lindy pulled away, a look of utter disgust on her face.

"Cindy! Go brush your teeth," she ordered.

"You little bitch!" Cindy laughed. "How dare you tell me go brush my teeth? It's your piss, for crying out loud!"

"Still!" Lindy protested as Cindy began to kiss her again.

They grappled and groped until their pussies mashed firmly against each other's. They brought each other to orgasm by vigorously thrusting their mounds together. Lindy gasped and rested on top of Cindy.

"I love you so much, Cindy. Always have," she murmured and closed her eyes, safe in her lover's embrace.

"I love you too, Lindy," Cindy whispered.

Danni fixed herself stiff vodka and cola. She knew if her mother caught her drinking, she'd be in serious trouble, but her parents were busy with each other right now. She gulped half the drink down and picked up the telephone for about the hundredth time. Finally, she dialed the telephone number. A gruff voice answered and she asked to speak to Cindy.

"Cindy! Telephone!" Mr. Carter's voice boomed down the stairs.

"Be right there," Cindy called out as she struggled out of the large tub.

"Cindy? I love you," Danni sobbed when the sweet, breathless voice finally came to the phone.

Paula was absolutely delighted. One friend, especially Cindy Potter, was a great thing for her daughter, but two! The girls scrambled out of the house to go pick up this Danni Michaels. Belinda, no, Lindy, assured them that Danni was indeed a girl, not some boy that they would try to sneak into her bedroom. The small girl seemed nervous as Paula and Jake welcomed their daughter's new friend heartily. After polite conversation with the Carters, the three girls trooped down to Lindy's bedroom. Jake called down for them to keep it down to a minor roar as he and Paula were going to bed. Danni was duly impressed with the large, feminine bedroom, and loved the large bathroom.

"My God, look at the size of that tub!" she exclaimed.

"It fits four people," Lindy said. "At least that's what the guy that put it in said." She looked at the girl. She was still confused about whether she loved Cindy more than she despised Lindy, or if she just felt really threatened by this small beauty. She didn't have time to wonder, though, as the two girls took her hands and led her back to the main room. They sat on the large couch and turned on the television set.

"You've got to see this," Lindy whispered. "I stole this from Jacob before he went into the Marines." The title flashed, "Ass Attack," and the three girls giggled at that. Danni sat between the two and felt the first warmth of the entire day wash over her. They sipped their vodka and cola and watched as a buxom blonde took a large black cock into her ass and purred.

"Oh, yes, that's it, baby, that's just what I needed," she cooed as he plundered her ass.

"Oh, I am so sure," Danni huffed. "I mean, how could you like it up the butt? That's got to hurt!"

"Not really," Lindy said in her small voice.

"Oh, Lindy! How would you know?" Cindy giggled. "You're just as much a virgin as the rest of us!" In answer, Lindy got up and dug around in a night stand drawer until she found what she was looking for. She held up a seven-inch plastic phallus that was at least two inches around and blushed furiously "You, you take that? Up your butt?" Danni gasped.

Lindy nodded and blushed even deeper.

"This I got to see," Cindy giggled.

The drinks must be stronger than she thought. It seemed like everything was turning her on so much lately. She'd never considered herself a lesbian or Belinda Carter as anything more than just an old acquaintance from years past that popped up in her life again. But the last twenty-four hours had changed her forever. Lindy was much more than just an old friend, and while she still considered herself attracted to men, she was more than satisfied with Lindy and Danni. She took another gulp of the drink and watched as Lindy nervously peeled off her tight jeans. The television set was flickering the images of the same buxom blonde, now taking two cocks up her ass at the same time.

Lindy lovingly licked up and down the shaft and giggled as the other two giggled. Placing the phallus on the floor, she squatted and easily inserted it into her rectum. Cindy and Danni watched as the impaled anus twitched and squeezed against the plastic penis as Lindy bounced on it. With a grunt, she came hard and lay gasping on her back; the pink toy still firmly imbedded between her rippling buttocks. Cindy crawled on her knees toward the gasping figure and traced her fingers along the plump thighs. Danni felt herself slithering to the floor and joining Cindy in the soft, teasing caresses of Lindy's prostrate form. She didn't know if she was doing it to please Lindy of simply because Cindy was doing it. When Danni grazed Lindy's throbbing clitoris, Cindy grabbed the base of the phallus.

"Oh, God, no, please!" Lindy moaned, but surrendered to the two girls.

Her next orgasm would have produced a shriek sure to summon the Carters out of their beds, had Danni's mouth not been over hers, sucking kisses from her small mouth.

Danni was so confused. Did she like this girl or was she just caught up in the moment of passion? Her own buttocks twitched and her rectum throbbed with the thought of shoving that massive hunk of plastic up it, with Cindy's hand driving it in deep. With Lindy's sweet little mouth sucking on her nipples, small fingers tracing and touching her aching clitoris. She looked into the dark eyes that looked up at her.

"I'm glad you're my friend," the soft voice whispered.

"Me too," Danni decided and kissed her again.

The bed was large enough for all three girls to roll around on, wrestling and kissing and giggling until they fell asleep from exhaustion. Paula called down the stairs that breakfast was ready, and three red eyed girls sat and munched the French toast and bacon and laughed and talked. True to her claims, the bathtub easily fit all three girls, with room to spare. Danni was embarrassed but pleased when Miss Paula hugged her good-bye and told her she was welcome to come over at any time. Cindy was already used to the Carters' habit of hugging and easily and happily hugged both Mr. Carter and Miss Paula in leaving. She had the empty fifth of vodka concealed in her overnight bag, and Lindy stopped at the local grocery store so she could hurl the bottle into the Dumpster.

"No wonder you're so sweet," she said to Lindy. "I mean, all that hugging and stuff." Danni sat silently. She tried to remember the last time her mom hugged her. She nervously gave Lindy and Cindy a hug good-bye and walked into her home. Mrs. Michaels was surprised by the hug her only daughter gave her, but happily returned it.

"You think she likes me?" Lindy asked as they drove off.

"I can't see how she couldn't," Cindy said. "I do."

"Almost as much as I like you?" Lindy asked.

"More, much much more!" Cindy laughed. "Want to go swimming?"

"Got any other water sports in mind?" Lindy teased.

"Oh, no!" Cindy laughed. "I'm going to start calling you squirt!"

"Your sister's back," Paul murmured as Adam sucked his testicles into his mouth.

"So?" Adam mumbled around the hairy sac. "The door's locked, right?"

"Suppose she hears us?" Paul asked.

"Let's go and take a shower," Adam suggested.

In the hot spray, they assumed Cindy and Lindy wouldn't be able to hear their loud grunts and exclamations. Lindy and Cindy giggled as they listened to the moans and groans coming from the bathroom. Finally they tired of their clandestine eavesdropping and struggled into their bathing suits.

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