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Cum To My Window by Mulberry Girl

Cum To My Window

There he was again. She knew he would come. He always did. Forever faithful, the one person in the world she knew without a shadow of a doubt that she could depend on and she didn't even know his name. She wondered if he knew that she knew he watched her through her window every night. She wondered if he came because of the things she did to her body, the performances she put on for him every night. Or could he want more? Did he feel like an outcast too, disconnected from the world like she was. Was this his only human contact, much like it was hers?

She stood up in front of her full length mirror and stretched slowly, sensuously. She watched his hungry eyes watching her. He couldn't have been any older than 19, and she knew what pleasure that young hard body could bring to her. She also knew that there were many things she had learned in her 30 years that she could teach him, if only she had the nerve to invite him in.

She was fully nude now, standing with her back to the mirror, her bare ass making a lovely reflection. She seductively slid her finger into her mouth and let it trail down to her small pink nipples. Her wet warm saliva rubbing shiny circles around them. They stood up at her touch and she felt her pussy get wet from the electrical impulses that shot through her body.

She slid her hands down the front of her soft tummy and stopped briefly to get tangled in the blonde curls at the top of her pussy. She lingered there a minute longer to get a look at his face. She could tell by the dreamy look in his eyes that he was already playing with his cock. She wanted his fingers to be on their way to her pussy. She wanted him to be the one to make her cum tonight.

She felt brave tonight. This game had been going on for months and months. She had been pleasuring herself just for him. Now it was her turn. She stared directly in his eyes through the pane of glass then turned and boldly walked over to the window. He froze there, whether out of fear or shock she wasn't sure, and for a moment she was afraid he would run.

She gave him a big smile and raised up the window. "Hi" she said. He mumbled something in return, she wasn't sure what it was. "I have noticed you at my window for a long time, watching me." " Do you like what you see?" His cheeks turned three shades of red at the realization that he had been busted a long time ago. He couldn't meet her eyes and he said " I'm so sorry, I won't do it anymore." " Oh no ," she said. " I love having you watch me. Will you come inside so we can talk? Please?" His eyes stayed focused straight on the ground, and he said something to the affect that he probably shouldn't do that. " Please come inside, I really want to talk to you. I am not mad about you peeping in my window. Just come in for a little while. If I make you uncomfortable then you can go." He looked up at her face and knew that she was telling the truth and apprehensively nodded his head. She told him to meet her at the front door.

When she got there, she was wearing a short pink nitee, very sheer. She might as well have put nothing on at all, you could see right through it. The sight of this woman that he had been watching and mentally making love to for so many months standing right in front of him, half naked was enough to make his young cock stick straight up and hit his belly. He could smell her, the shampoo in her hair, the vague aroma of the perfume she had worn earlier in the day, mixed with the essence of her that made the smell uniquely her own. He inhaled deeply, he wanted to remember that smell always.

She took his hand and led him into the dimly lit living room. He knew all of the rooms of her house by memory, he had peered into every window she had. He had watched her doing almost every daily activity imaginable, and now he was a part of the play that he imagined every night as he jerked his stiff dick and squirted his cum all over his chest. That was a nightly ritual for him. Dreaming of her and him, in this house, fucking on every piece of furniture imaginable.

She made small talk for a bit but couldn't get many words out of him. That was ok, she didn't want words. She wanted to feel him touch her. He looked so scared and uncomfortable sitting here on her sofa. Now he tried hard not to look at her body through her diaphanous gown. She thought this was sweet considering he had seen her body more than any other person in the world.

She reached up and took his face in her hand, she turned him so that he had no choice but to look at her. " I am going to kiss you now. I have wanted to do this for a very long time, but I was scared. I am scared now, just like you are, but I am going to kiss you nonetheless." she whispered to him. He didn't pull away as her lips met his and she was pleasantly surprised. What started out soft and slow and sweet took a harder turn as she parted her lips and slipped her tongue into his mouth. He let out a little groan and opened up to accept her tongue. If felt so soft and wet and sent shivers down to his now raging cock. He could feel her nipples stiffly rubbing his chest through his shirt and instinctively reached up to play with them. He had never touched a woman's breasts before and the combination of her sucking his tongue into her mouth and the soft roundness of her tits made him feel like he was about to pass out. All of a sudden she pulled her mouth away and when he looked into her eyes he saw a devilish sparkle in them. She slid off the couch and onto her knees, never once taking her eyes off of his. She reached up to the waist of his pants and slowly unbuckled his belt, licking her lips all the while. "Do you know what I am going to do to you?" she asked him. His cock was so hard it was about to rip through his jeans. He thought he knew what she was going to do, but was afraid it was a dream and if he said it out loud he would break the spell, so he sat there silently and watched her unsnap his jeans, unzip his zipper and reach in to pull out his virgin cock that had never before felt the touch of a woman.

She gazed thoughtfully at his cock for a moment and he held his breath. She looked up at him once more and dipped her head down. His breath caught in his throat as he felt her soft wet warm mouth slid over the throbbing head of his cock. A moan escaped his lips and he fell back onto the couch. Her tongue circled the tip and lingered in the tiny pisshole, trying to get out as much of his sweet precum as she could. He tried to watch her, wanted to engrave it in his memory but he found his eyes wanting to close, so lost in the pleasure this woman was giving his cock. She slid her mouth all the way down his shaft and he felt his cock hit the back of her throat. He arched his back in pleasure, his dick had never felt so big and hard as it did right now. She started sucking hard on the length of him, bobbing her head up and down. Coming all the way up to circle the tip and then back down until it was all inside of her throat. She trailed her tongue down to lick his balls, it felt so good it took his breath. She pulled his testes into her mouth and softly sucked on them, sliding her tongue around his sac. This felt so good he thought he could cum just from getting his balls serviced. She buried his cock back in her throat again and resumed licking and sucking the hell out of it. He was writhing and moaning and knew that he would shoot his load very soon. She briefly took her mouth off of his pulsing rod and said " When you cum, I don't want you to hold back. I want to taste every last squirt of your hot jizz, I want to feel it burn down my throat." and she proceeded to fuck his cock with her mouth. He felt his balls tighten up and his breathing was getting more rapid. she must have sensed his impending eruption because she sucked in as hard as she could and slid his cock in and out of her throat furiously. He grabbed two handfuls of her long blonde hair and slammed her head down hard on his cock. She could already taste gobs of his precum, all salty on her tongue. This made her want to taste him more and she wound her tongue around his cock as he fucked her face harder and harder.

She felt him tense up completely and he let out a moan and then wave after wave of his cum spurted into her throat. His cock was throbbing against her tongue and she had so much cum in her mouth a little dribbled out onto her chin, but she happily swallowed up all of his seed and nabbed the escaping spunk with her finger and licked it off.

He lay there half reclined on the couch, in awe of what this woman had just done to him. She got up and lay down next to him, she traced his face with her finger and reached down and took his hand. " Now it is my turn," she said, and she placed his fingers right inside of the top of her sweet pussy. "Do you want to taste me?" she asked him. " Oh God yes," He said. She pushed his fingers into her pussy then pulled them out and slid them into his mouth. He licked and sucked her sweet honey off his fingers and went after more on his own. She thought he looked like a bear cub, scooping nectar out and licking his fingers clean, then hungrily going after more. She lay all the way back and spread her legs wide and asked him if he wanted to slide his tongue in and eat to his hearts content. He looked up at her lustily and without a word dove his tongue into her cunt and started scooping out mouthfuls of her luscious juice. He licked and sucked her pussyhole for a while and she took his face in her hands and guided it up to her clit. She asked him if he wanted to make her cum, and he again nodded enthusiastically. She took his finger and put it on her hard sensitive nub. "That's where you lick if you want to feel me cum all over your face" she said. He rubbed her clit with his finger for a minute before he stuck his tongue on it for the first time. She let out a gasp and then he felt her body relax a bit as he worked his tongue over her, amazed at how it bounced up and down on his tongue. He spread her lips with his hands and drew her clit into his mouth. He sucked it in and out like it was a little tiny cock and he was giving it a blow job. He felt so nasty but it felt so good too.

She was lashing her head back and forth and started rocking her hips against his face. He was flicking her love button with his tongue again and her hips were thrusting up and down. She was smearing his face all over with her gushing cum and it felt so warm and sticky all over his face. His tongue kept pace with her hips, rhythmically working that clit up and down, back and forth. Her moans were getting breathy and deeper now. He had seen her come by her own hand so many times before, but this was by far the most passionate he had ever seen her.

She pulled his face up and said " I want you to put your cock in me, I want to cum on your cock." He needed no further invitation, he stood and spread her legs wide and she clasped them around his waist and pulled him toward her waiting snatch. His hands were trembling with excitement, he had never fucked a woman before. He took his raging hard-on in his hand and pushed the tip right into the opening of that tight pink hole. She hadn't been fucked in a couple of years and thought for a minute that maybe her cherry had grown back. He pushed a little harder and the head of his cock popped into her steaming hot cunt. He couldn't believe how the heat and the wet enveloped the fat head of his cock and sucked him into her. He was so excited he began thrusting hard and fast right from the start. She wanted him to fuck her hard, her hips were bucking him like she was trying to ride a bull and the feeling of his raging dick as it slammed into her ovaries was driving her wild. She felt like he was splitting her in two with each thrust and knew that within a few more her pussy would clamp down on his cock and her orgasm would milk even more of his hot white seed from the depths of his balls. They felt so good slapping her ass as he rammed his cock up inside her belly.

With a high pitched squeal, she screamed to him " Oh God baby I am gonna cum, keep fucking me hard, OHBABY, OHBABY, OHBABY!!!!!" As her pussy clasped and unclasped around her cock, gripping it tight and letting it go as her climax overcame her.

Seeing and feeling this luscious women cum all over his cock was all it took to push him over the edge and he felt his cock spew the contents of his nuts inside that already hot wet hole. He felt like he shot a truckload of cum in that cunt and he drove his jism deeper and deeper inside of her with every thrust. He looked down at his cock sinking deep inside of her pussy, his cum oozing out around the base and running down the cheeks of her ass.

He collapsed on top of her, his cock still buried deep inside of her. He felt it slowly deflate inside that beautiful pussy and he thought about how this was so much better than his dreams.

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