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Cum Night Out by Cathy Thompson

Cum Night Out

(This story is copyrighted for Cathy Thompson and is only for publication on the white shadow web site and for the personal use of its readers. It may be edited by White Shadow for grammar and spelling)

Being a sex slave means never getting to say no, unless you use your safe word. It can mean doing the most debased sexual acts my Master can think up. But at least my Master always gives me sporting chance by making everything into a wager. I win; I get something I want. Lose and I end up doing the most degrading things imaginable. Losing a bet on the cum is probably the worst way for me to lose a wager with my boyfriend. It's absolutely humiliating.

But this time it was more of a trade than a wager. I agreed to a Cum night out and he agreed to have dinner with my folks and also to behave himself. Although he gets along fairly well with my father, at least as well as my father has gotten along with any guy I have dated, he and my mother hate each other with a passion that knows no bounds. I even think that the main reason my father seems to somewhat like my boyfriend is that he gets so much entertainment from seeing my mother in total torment and agony in the presence of my boyfriend. Be that as it may, to cool the war and get my boyfriend to have one dinner with my folks while promising to actually be polite to my mother, no matter what provocations she my try, I agreed to one of his favorite ways to have fun with me sexually --- A Cum night out.

The actual night out was last Saturday, but the preparations for the night began in earnest on the day before. Right out of bed he orders me to get on the floor. Knowing from his tone and demeanor what he is planning on, I turn and open the blinds to our bedroom window and bright morning sun comes streaming in. Sauntering back over towards him I sit and in front of him at the foot of the bed. I drop the spaghetti straps of my short black satin nightie off my shoulders and let the garment slide down my body to the floor. Standing at naked before him in I let him gaze upon my nude flesh basking in the warm sunlight. Like a condemned prisoner about to get their head chopped off, I first drop to one knee and then the other till I am kneeling down at his feet. I sat down on my haunches so my legs were folded underneath me and straightforward. With a little struggle I opened my legs as wide as I could, so now I sat in front of him with my legs bent back under me, but with my crotch opened wide. My hands rested palms flat, on the upper curve of my ass, causing me to jut my breast out.

He looks down upon my body, ignoring me and just seeing the meat of my body that is ready for his use. Shamed at myself I cast my eyes downward from his gaze and stare stoically at his knees. Suddenly I fight the urge to giggle (since that would mean a swift and hard spanking), as it occurs to me that he actually has hair on his knees, not just his leg, but his knees.

Noticing that I had lost the proper attitude and mood of a good sex slave, he reached down and pulled my chin upward, forcing me to look up into his face as he studied my flesh with his eyes. Having to look up at him, knowing the view that gave him down at my breast and between my legs, renewed some of the sense of shame and humiliation I had felt before at being exposed to his inspection.

He reached down scooped up my ponytail tightly in his fist. Pulling backwards he yanked my head upward. As I parted my lips to let out a small cry from the pain to the roots of my hair, he plunged his hardened shaft into my mouth. Pulling up on my ponytail he jerked my head forward till I felt his cockhead poking past my tonsils and my lips touched the base of his penis. Fighting the urge to choke, I bounced my head back and slid my tongue along his hard meat, feeling the surging veins of his dick with the tip of my tongue.

Once my mouth reached the bulbous head of his prick, I puckered my lips around it and sucked hard like a kid with a tootsie roll pop, and then used my tongue to trace up the crack of his piss hole.

Slowly he began to move his hips back and forth, fucking my mouth with a slow deliberate movement in and out of my wet mouth, giving me plenty of time to contemplate the fact that my face was being screwed. I reached my hands up and glided the flats of my palms up the back of his thighs as I made my mouth descend down his cock shaft, till my hands cupped his hard ass muscles and my mouth was firmly around the base of his cock, his pubic hair tickling my nose. Then in reverse I slid my hands back down over his hard ass, down his hairy thighs, as I pulled my mouth upward, keeping a firm air pressure on his cock as I blew him hard. Four more times I matched his hips in an opposite wave, assisting him in fucking my mouth, before he began to buck at a faster rate.

Grabbing my hair more forcefully he pulled at my ponytail urging me to match his increase pace. I now pushed on the back of his haunches with my hands, forcing him to plunge into my mouth deeper than before, each stroke fighting not to gag on his big cock.

His pace kept increasing till he was fucking my mouth so hard and furious that his hips were like slaps to my face and I had to turn my head slightly to keep his hips from banging my nose too hard.

"Don't swallow," he shouted and seconds later I felt the heat rise up his cock and cock veins bulge against my tongue. Then the burst of warm oozing cum filled my mouth. Using his grip on my ponytail he pushed my mouth down all the way down his shaft and held his cock deep inside my mouth. He kept his pumping up for quite awhile after he spent his cum with just a low ahwwing emanating from deep in his throat, While I held his cock in my mouth a fought not to let any of his salty white cum dribble out from my lips as saliva combined with his load to fill my mouth to the brim.

Finally he release his grip on my ponytail and I slowly slid my mouth off his shaft carefully, so as not to drip any of his precious cum from my lips and earn myself a over the knee spanking for wasting a precious resource. For my Cum night out, he would need every drop available.

With my mouth full of cum and spit, I got up off the floor and walked into the kitchen. Taking a drinking glass from the cabinet, I pursed my lips out and let the cum flow slowly out of my mouth into the glass. Once my mouth was empty, I took the glass, covered its top with plastic wrap and placed the glass in the refrigerator next to the milk. My mouth salty, I took some of the milk and wash the residue down my throat.

Letting him do me in the mouth is okay and I love the hard feel of him on my tongue and up against my cheek, but it does leave a girl feeling a little empty when nothing is done down between my legs. But, he likes to make me wait. He knows the longer I wait the more I will beg later and all the more likely I will promise all sorts of demeaning sex acts if he will just fuck me.

The rest of the day I waited, hoping to find the time and space to do a little battery time of my own, to make up for the lack of his physical presence inside my cunt. But it was not to be. My boyfriend kept me busy most of the rest of the day, finding various ways to have me show off my body in public ways and thus turn him on more for the night to come.

First he took me out for some breakfast. He had me wear my pair of denim cutoffs and a white cotton bustier with underwire bra cups. The shorts were a special pair I had made just for occasions when he might be in the mood for some light exhibitionism. They were made from a pair of some very tight fitting denim jeans with no back pockets, for that second skin look over my ass.

I had cut the jeans into shorts and neatly folded over some of the material and sewn them into a hemline just at the bottom of my ass check. My boyfriend took one look and ordered me to cut them higher and I did another three fingers width and they showed a lot of ass cheek when I put them on. Still he ordered them shorter and I another three fingers width off the bottom and rehemmed them taking another quarter inch of material up from the bottom. When I put them on, clearly half of my ass cheeks were exposed in the shorts. They fitted so tight that if I so much as just leaned forward the shorts would ride up my crotch and so everything.

My top was a tight fitting corset style strapless bustier, with underwire bra cups. With no straps the only thing holding into place was its tight fitness around my waist and the underwire boning in its sides and around the bra cups. The bra cups cover very little of my breast, just enough in front from keeping my nipples from hanging out, but only if I constantly take hold of the bra cups with my fingers and pull up on the whole garment every few minutes. When I walked the jiggling and undulating of my breast acted to push down on the bra cups and the garment itself, thus almost always risking ending up totally topless with each stride I take. On my feet I wore wedge sandals that were designed to act like high heels and elongate my legs and make me walk slower than I could if I were wearing flats.

I looked like the cheapest little whore on any American downtown street, yet that is what my boyfriend had me wear for our morning breakfast as he had me walk ahead of him into the roadside Coco's near the freeway.

We walked in and instantly twenty middle-aged men lift their heads up from their plates of eggs and sausage and look at me. The women with them look at them then snap their heads around to see what grabbed their man's attention. They see me in my tight fitting shorts and strapless bustier standing at the entryway waiting for my man to finish talking with the waitress. The women glare at me, then at their men.

The waitress looks at me with disdain and then turns to lead us to our seat. Following the waitress I walk into the restaurant, as I pass each man, I know he is getting an excellent view of my ass sticking out the bottom of my ultra shorts. My face flushes hot from the shame of appearing so suggestive in front of so many strangers. Twice I have to reach down and pull my bustier up as it keeps sliding down my torso with every step. I sit down and through out breakfast I nibble at my food, as it seems the men make excuses to walk by our table and look down my top.

After breakfast, I get up and just as I walk up near the exit. My boyfriend expects a show and remains seated to see what I do. I drop a lipstick case to the floor. With my knees straight I bend over at the waist. I feel my shorts ride up my ass in the back and I stretch my legs to flex the buns of my ass. Slowly I reach down and forward, keeping my ass high in the air. Everybody in the restaurant gets a good extra long look at my derriere and I know my boyfriend will be stirred to act.

While still bent over my boyfriend gets up and walks up behind me and playfully gives my ass a hard swat. My breast pop out of my top and I stand up straight turning to face the rest of the restaurant flashing my tits as I pull my top back into place. Shamefully I know deep down that the men in the restaurant will use my image later that night as fodder for their own masturbation fantasies or be thinking of me while fucking their own wives and girlfriends, using them as just holes while pretending to be doing me.

Once outside I climb into the car with my boyfriend. As he drives out of the parking lot, I lean over and undo his zipper. His cock is already fully erect from the show I put on in the restaurant. I slip my mouth down on him and lick his shaft inside my mouth. As I pump my head on his cock, I feel him reach over with one had and fondles my ass while driving with the other. Knowing his tendencies, I lift my head up and take a quick look out the passenger side door.

Sure enough, My boyfriend had let a pickup truck pull right up along side of our vehicle. A man with a scraggy beard was looking right in and saw me on my knees with my head in my boyfriends lap and my ass high in the air and pointed towards the window. I turned my attention back to my boyfriend's cock as he let this stranger watch as we drove along. My boyfriend's hand play with my exposed ass hanging out of my shorts. The window was down and I could hear the driver shout crude things at me, making suggestions that we pull over so I could do him too.

Suddenly my mouth fills with hot salty cum and I suck it all up and hold it in my cheeks. I zip my boyfriend back up and sit upright in the seat. We come to a stop at a light and the pickup truck is still next to us. My boyfriend reaches over and pulls my top down so the driver of the truck can see my breast. With a elbow to my ribs, I turn towards the driver, lift myself up off the seat to show him my tits and I open my mouth to show the stranger how I still hold my boyfriend's salty cum in my mouth. The driver goes wild and although I can't see him, I can tell he is jacking himself off, so I roll my tongue around with my mouth open stirring the cum in my mouth and letting just a little dribble down my chin.

With a quick turn my boyfriend loses the truck. Once home I march into the kitchen and take the glass from before out of the refrigerator. I let the warm cum drip from my mouth into the glass. The glass is now full. I put the cover back over and return the glass back next to the milk.

Over the course of the day, I sucked him off at least four more times. Filling a second drinking glass of his cum. By Saturday morning I had sucked him off and filled a third glass. All the time my boyfriend was having fun getting turned on by taking me out to public places like restaurants, movies or jut walking me through a park in clothes and outfits no respectful girl would even wear. Like having me go to the movies dressed in a bright red neoprene mini skirt with the zipper up the front half undone and black lace bra with a shear nylon shirt. After the movies making me wear a wear a white bikini and walking me into an adult bookstore at midnight to rent a dirty movie and letting all the perverts look me over real good. Between each stop he would get hot again and I would milk him with my mouth for his cum.

But, for all the time I spent turning my boyfriend on with very public displays of my body and sucking him off in my mouth, I received no relief from the building sexual tension inside me. I tried many things to entice him to do me. Promises of even more outrageous sexual acts than the one to come, or just trying to get him interested in anything but oral sex, but he resisted everything that had every worked before. I was going crazy and practically begging him on my knees. He seemed to relish the idea of seeing me so antsy with sexual tension, knowing that every time he made me expose myself would just add to that feeling. He even seemed to know that I might seek battery time as a substitute for him. He thwarted all of my efforts to sneak away and hide, not even leaving alone in the bathroom.

Finally Saturday night arrived and it was time to pay my due.

I dressed in a very slinky cobalt blue mini dress. Every detail of the dress is designed to grab attention the second you walk into a room. Its a bare shoulder halter dress with a plunging neckline, that scoops down in a wide curving arch to just above wear the upward slope of my breast begins from the nipple, leaving a great expanse of my chest bare to view. Just a few strands of spaghetti straps tie two sides of the bodice over my breast, The tight material causing them to bulge up like I was wearing a push up bra. The low scooped neckline also gives a view from the right angles to the inside and under curves of my breast.

The body clinging sleeve of material is made of a nylon/lycra and with the bright rich shimmery blue color the dress glistens under even the most modest of lighting. It goes down to just two bare inches from my pussy. I am only aloud to trim my bush for this evening out, not shave it completely. The material is stretched like tight as a drum across my hips and legs that my pubic patch is noticeable underneath the material. I cannot wear panties or pantyhose under the dress because they would show through the dress and besides my boyfriend wants me completely bare expect for the dress. On my feet is a pair of my best vamp shoes. They are six-inch heels that force me to walk at a very slow and deliberate pace.

Taking the glasses from the refrigerator he leads me out to the car. Climbing into the car I had to pull my dress up to my waist so I could sit down. My naked ass stuck to the car seat and as he drove my boyfriend reached over petted my snatch. We drove to a small bar that we had been to twice before, but had not yet done anything much out of the ordinary. It is really a dive, not anything like some of the better nightclubs we normally go two. Made mostly of large cinder blocks, it stood alone along a lonely stretch of highway on the outskirts of town. In the darken window covered by thick drapes is a neon beer sign in red and blue lights, with a third of its area burned out.

My boyfriend parked his compact pickup truck nest to a very large pickup truck with two tires on the back axial parked in the far end of the small parking lot the bar had. He climbed out of the car and comes around to my side and opens the door. Taking a quick look around I see the coast is clear and stand up with my skirt still up around my waist and my pussy naked in the night air. He just stands there expectantly and I finally reach behind the seat for the towel.

Folding the towel over twice I lay it down on the asphalt surface between the two trucks and kneel down still with my skirt up around my waist. One down in a kneeling position I reach behind my neck and undo the buttons to the halter-top of my dress and pull it down, so my whole dress in bunched around my knees.

In the parking lot, I reach out and undo my boyfriend's zipper and take his flaccid cock into my mouth, constantly looking to see if anybody else is coming by. As he cock gets hard, he pulls out of my sucking mouth with a pop and reaches inside the truck on the floorboards and takes out one of three glasses filled with his cum from the days before. I open my mouth wide and tilt my neck back as he holds the glass above me.

Slowly he pours the cum down. The first drizzle touches my nose and soon a large glob falls into my mouth. The cum is still mostly cool from the refrigerator but warms quickly inside my mouth. More comes pouring down and out over the sides of my mouth and down my cheeks and chin. As I feel the goo sliding down my neck, he moves the glass slightly and pours some into my eyes and onto my forehead, making sure my whole face is covered in his cum. As I warm the cum inside my mouth I push it out with my tongue so it will flow down my neck and over my body.

I am not allowed to touch the cum with my hands, and I open my eyes to the stinging sensation of his cum in my eyes, But through the blur of white, I see him reach for the second glass. I try to look around to see if anybody else is watching and suddenly I feel the cool sensation of his icky goo dripping on my collarbone and then sliding down between my tits.

"Lean back," he commanded in a low growl of an order. I put my hands behind me on the pavement, small rocks dig into my palms, and I lean back, jutting my tits out to the clear night sky. He moves the flow of cum from the glass so it dribbles right over my nipples and over my tits like hot fudge on scoops of ice cream.

He takes the third glass and pours more of his collected cum down on my chin and making sure it slides down my throat and out in a delta pattern over my chest. Finally I feel the flow of cum stop. I look up at him, and feel my eyelids trying to stick shut. I lean back up so I am sitting on my haunches and reach out with my hands for his cock.

I stick my tongue out and lick just the tip of his cock, being careful not to smear any of the cum that covers my upper body on him and licking up any that I put on him by putting my cum full mouth up to his cock head. With one hand I reach up under his slacks and tickle his balls with the tips of my fingers. He grabs a knot of my long hair into his grip and holds my head back to ensure he does not get any cum on his duds, but still has my tongue working on his cock.

I hear him breathing more rapidly and I feel him pull my head back by my hair with even greater force. I stop working my tongue on his cock and just sit there with my mouth open, my tongue stuck fully out and my put my hands behind my back.

His first full burst hits on my upper lip and then he spurts again, up my nose as he comes to orgasm jacking him self off into my face. In several surges he ejects his fresh cum all over my lips and chin and more drips down onto my chest. Finally he relaxes and just kinds of shakes his cock in my direction and I lean forward and clean his cockhead with the tip of my tongue.

My boyfriend steps back as I stand up, his cum dripping from my forehead to my belly button. I pull my dress back up over my torso and feel the clammy feeling as the Nylon/Lycra material conforms to my body and squeezes the cum flat against my skin. I reach my hands up and redo the buttons to my halter, feeling the fabric hug my breast and the slippery feeling of his cum between my flesh and the material of my dress acting as a lubricant and making the dress slippery over my skin.

I get up off my knees and once more I look around to see if anybody was watching. Its rare that we don't get at least one or two people coming or going from a place when we are doing something we shouldn't in a parking lot, but this time, there was no pause to see how someone would react when they saw us. Not one person left, nor one person arrived at the bar during the time, my boyfriend was applying his cum to my body.

As I moved to pick up the towel that protected my knees from the tiny rocks on the pavement, I could feel the cum swish around under my garment. Also, I could feel the drips on my bare skin change direction, as I would lean this way or that way. Once I had myself together I closed the car door and waited for a cue from my boyfriend.

My boyfriend extends his hand, palm up and out towards the bar at the end of the parking lot. I step forward out from behind the two trucks and into the aisle of the parking lot. On my narrow heels I walk carefully towards the bar making sure I didn't step into a pothole and trip on the poorly maintained asphalt surface. Several times I have to smooth my tight fitting dress down as it slid over the cum on my body. Looking over my shoulder I see my boyfriend following behind me, watching me walk closer and closer to the bar. With my head turned towards him, I feel some cum drip down from my chin to my bare shoulder. With each step towards the bar's front door, I can feel my heart rate beating faster and nervous sweat start to combine with the cum on my body. The fabric of my dress, made of a shiny nylon/lycra fabric is not absorbent and my dress slides over my skin as the combined cum and sweat acts like lubrication between my body and the water repellent like material of my dress. I feel utterly ashamed at letting myself be put in such a situation and humanly debasing methods of our sexual practices.

Just as I get about five feet from the front door, a man come out of the bar. There is a small floodlight that shines down from the roof and I am caught just within its circle of light. The man casually looks in my direction as he walks by me and nods. Suddenly he slows down to half his former pace and I see him as he scans me up and down, looking at my body in the very short bright cobalt blue dress that shimmers under the light. His look is hungry as he openly stares at my body, just like so many men do when I wear this dress. But, there is no look of shock, amusement, or wonderment at the cum that covers me from forehead to my navel. I can only assume he had not noticed, but I wondered how?

The man looks up from my body as he notices my boyfriend standing a foot behind me. He gives him a nod of his head. He then takes a second look at me as he passes by my side. He comes to a halt and stands there. I see his eyes narrow as if squinting into the sun or trying to read extremely tiny print. Then his mouth drops open in complete amazement.

He stands there examining me over once again, but this time his look is one that I would have anticipated in the first place. His jaw open, his eyes now wide and his whole stance is frozen.

"Nice isn't she!" my boyfriend says gleefully to the man, and I felt his hand on my ass, lifting the back of my tight skirt just enough to show the man the bottom portion of my backside. My boyfriend spoke just enough to tell the guy that I was his, yet with a tone spoke permission to allowed the man to look at me in the manner he did. I stood silent feeling my skirt tugged up and my boyfriend showing the man my ass.

With two quick pats on my rump, I get the signal that the show behind me is over. I move once more towards the door reaching for the handle. I glance over my shoulder to see that the man, who was originally leaving, now stood behind by boyfriend as if he was just waiting in line to get back inside the bar. Whatever plans he must have had, or where ever he had to go, must not be as important looking at me.

I reached out and opened the door to the bar and stepped inside.

At first everything went dark as my eyes adjusted to the dim light, for an instant I thought I might stubble into a table walking into the place blind. Then I began to notice islands of light that stood out from the darker recesses of the bar.

Toward the back of the bar, under some bright fluorescent lights were three pool tables, all with games in progress. Men were standing about waiting their turns to shoot or even play a round. To my left was a small wood tiled floor area with some mood lighting along its side, designed mostly for dancing, but no couples were on the floor dancing. Next to the dance floor was a jukebox with its own internal bright light that lit up some of the are just in front. One girl in tight jeans was standing in front studying the selections, with guys walking past checking out her ass in her skin hugging jeans.

Then to my right was the long bar. Stools bolted into the floor every foot or so. One bright light shone down from over the rack of booze bottles along the wall behind the bartender. Another one rained downed from over the bartenders work areas just behind the bar, but casting just a dim shaded light into the area where the patrons sit along the bar. Just half of the stools of the bar were filled.

Throughout the rest of the bar, each table had its own small candle bowl made of a heavy red tinted glass, casting barely enough light to see a drink on the table in front of you. I could not really tell how many to the tables were occupied, but I would guess about half.

As my eyes grew more accustomed to the dark, I noticed several of the bar patrons, sitting along the bar stools, turned looking directly at me as if I had just entered on a stage as the main act. After letting them see me from a distance for a time, my boyfriend nudge me in the small of my back, and I began to walk towards them.

I felt so dirty and shameless, as I felt my body move under the tight fitting dress and its bottom hem raising up high on my thighs with each stride I took. I knew that soon they would spot the cum that covered all of my face and mostly exposed cleavage. Feeling the cum moving and sliding under my dress made me feel so sordid and nasty. Deep inside me I need to be punished. Bent over and spanked and then taken hard in a fit of animalistic lust.

Looks in the men's eyes went from just plain sexual hunger in their eyes as I came close by them, to ones of utter amazement to total shock or stunned. Just enough light came from the bar area to cast some illumination on me. Feeling like little more than a sexual toy I hung my head down in humiliation as they looked at my cum covered face and breast. Just to add to the show, I purposely ran my tongue slowly across my upper lip to lap up some of the drying cum on my face. My face flushed a deep red as the area between my legs cried for attention with each stranger's stare.

With his hand on the small of my back, my boyfriend walked by my side, guiding me with his hand towards the far end of the bar and closer to the area where some men were playing pool. The bartender noticed the strange attention I was getting from everybody along the bar and he leaned way over the bar too look at me closely. He then straightened up and followed us along the bar till we reached the end, his jaw just slightly agape. I took a seat on one of three barstools that were at a right angle to the rest.

Each of the oaken framed bar stools stood on a pedestal that was fixed into the floor. Each had back support, arm rest and swiveled a full circle so you could easily face the bar or the nearby pool players.

Turning the barstool so it faced away from the bar. I reached behind me to place both my hands at the end of the wooden armrest, causing my breast to jut out. I could feel the Lycra material stretched even tighter than normal over my bosom, making my tits also bulge upward, as trying to find freedom from the constraining material out of scooped plunging neckline.

There was a three of four inch difference between the arm rest where I placed my hands and the platform of the seat which now was pushing at the bottom of the small of my back and forcing me to bend somewhat backwards as well. This made the front of my tight skirt ride up and exposed my pantiless pussy to the pool players nearby.

A group of six to seven men stopped their game, turned and just watched as I bent myself backwards on the stool with my tits bulging out and upwards and my skirt ridding high to give me no coverage and my bush exposed to their gaze. Slowly I lifted myself up onto the stool and sat down after being the floorshow for several long minutes. From the distance of the pool players and the dim lighting I was not sure if they could see the cum covering my upper body.

Turning in the stool to face the bar, I came face to face with the bartender. Not able to look anybody directly in the eyes with my upper body gooey with cum, I just looked down into the bar tops shiny polished surface at a water ring left by a glass.

"What will it be?" the Bartender asked in a suspicious voice, directing his standard question more towards my boyfriend, who stood by my stool rather than sit down right away.

"Drambuie for me and a Margarita for the lady," my boyfriend answered back and rubbed his hand up and down my back above the area of the back rest.

"We're not some city nightclub, we don't have no Drambuie," the bartender snapped back.

"Double Chevas then," my boyfriend shot back.

"No Chevas either, We have Cutty if you like," the Bartender answered in a little less hostile manner.

"Okay" My boyfriend agreed and the bartender walked half way down his area to get our drinks.

Briefly I looked up from the bar and glanced around. Almost as fast I cast my eyes down again as the five nearest bar stools to us were filled with guys looking at my cum covered face and one more stool in the middle occupied by a girl of the same age as I.

Looking up once more, I looked at the girl who stared back in disbelief. Our eyes meet for several long seconds and I could not handle her gazing at me anymore and my eyes refocused at the bar top.

The bar tender placed my boyfriend's drink down before him and followed closely with my Margarita.

"BOY?? --Haven't you had enough salt for one night?" the girl shouted at me in a catty manner. She burst out laughing and so did the guys near her. Their jovial noise attracted some attention from the rest of the bar and a few more wandered nearer to see what had brought about such lighthearted entertainment to those who laughed.

My boyfriend reached over and petted me between the legs, severing also to remind me that I sat there without panties on, as he took a sip from his glass.

The crowd grew quiet as if waiting a response from me, but I just put my drink straw to my mouth and sucked down some of the cool liqueur. I felt so dirty sitting there with all the drying cum on my face and chest, but I knew it was Turing on my boyfriend to have me seen so blatantly this way. After the first sip, I humiliated myself further, by playing with the margarita's straws with my tongue in a very suggestive manner for the nearby crowd to watch.

"GOD what a slut," the girl exclaimed loudly, drawing attention from almost everybody in the bar. It seemed that the whole bar had grown silent, even the clacking sound of pool balls hitting each other had stopped. Only some sad, slow song played on the jukebox, but it was not loud enough to wash away the sound of silence that filled the room.

It dawned on me that the girl may have, in a manner, called me out the way two guys with too much testosterone would do to get a fight going. I had only been in fights a couple times before and was not that good at them. Even those I not sure you could call them a fight the way men would punch at each other. They were some confrontations that involved slapping at each other, maybe some scratching, and some hair pulling. Mostly I just tried to rip the other girls clothes off enough to where she would get embarrassed at her level of exposure, back off and then leave me alone so she could get out of view as soon as possible.

But this girl looked like she knew how to fight not just pull some hair. She was a blond, at least my height, but in her tight jeans and fitted blouse she had just enough of a hard edge that told me she was not a stranger to throwing a punch. Besides fighting was not what we came there for, at least my boyfriend had never shown any inclination to being turned on by females fighting before? I hoped that she would grow tired of my non-response and just mind her own business.

Looking up at the girl once more, she met my gaze with a hard look back. Everybody near me was silent, looking at me with an expectancy that something was going to happen. With my boyfriend's fingers dancing lightly in my pubic hair, I reciprocated her hard stare. I was determined not to get into a fight with her, but I knew that to try and appease her would just lead to more of her catty attitude towards me.

"I am whatever he wants me to be," I retorted sharply, nodding my head sideways to indicate my boyfriend. I lean forward, taking a long draw on my margarita, then ran my tongue slowly up the straw as I withdrew my mouth. "IF he wants a SLLLUUUT, than that's what I am," I cooed in my most sultry voice, rolling the word slut in a long drawn out fashion to give it extra emphasis.

The girl just stared back at me; her look had changed from a hard fighting stare, to one of total confusion, bordering on dismay. I could see in her wrinkled forehead that she fought herself for something to say. The men with her now silent, looked at my boyfriend in awed reverent respect.

"Jesus, what a slut," the girl popped out suddenly breaking the silence between all of us at that end of the bar. But her tone was almost a question and she looked from man to man to see if she had regained any momentum that she had lost. Her words fell flat, as the men seemed to ignore her this time. Not one guffaw, or even chuckle. They knew as the girl knew that they all wanted me. That and given the chance they could ravage me, while she would be disregarded like litter on the freeway.

"HEEEEEK," I burst out involuntarily, breaking the going awkward silence between all of us at the bar, as I felt my boyfriend's fingers pushed inside me suddenly.

"And a very good slut she is," my boyfriend said in a jovial manner. "She obeys orders well and is a nice piece of eye candy."

"You mean she does whatever you want and no bitching?" One of the men said in jest, with just a slight tinge of challenging my boyfriend's veracity at the same time.

"Yes, that's exactly what I mean," he shot back happily.

"You mean, that if you ordered her to show us all her pussy -- right here -- right now -- she would do it," he asked more hesitantly

"That's the least -- after all, she already sits here with my cum all over her face and chest -- by comparison -- showing her pussy is rather mundane," my boyfriend replied dryly

"WOW," the man replied under his breath while looking directly at the dried up cum residue that covered my face and the exposed cleavage of my chest. The rest of the men almost seem slightly nod their heads in agreement, their mouths slightly agape.

"She is just another Asian whore," the girl piped up once more in a shrill voice. "They come over here and become nothing put whores -- then, because they are rejected by their own men, they go after white guys."

"Hey honey," I said, using a smooth calming voice, cutting her off before she could continue her speech on Asian women. "I don't know about you, but I was born here and my father is a Marine -- How about you? -- for all I know you immigrated from Canada after being rejected by some logger, you now hang out in a honky-tonk playing pool for beer money and taking on truckers for spending money!"

The men all started laughing at her, "Yep that sounds like lisa, all right," one big man said and patted her ass.

Lisa turned and glared at the big man. "I never done no truckers for money and your just sour because I can take you at pool." She snapped furiously "And keep your hands off my ass, before I have you arrested for sexual assault."

"WOOOOO--I'm scared," the big man added and took swig of his beer. "I let you win at pool little missy and buy you beer, just so I can watch you bend over the pool table in your tight jeans!" he added laughing.

"Now that is enough of this cat fight--at this rate this is going to last all night and that's not what we came for," my boyfriend scolded me between laughing and patted me between the legs.

The bartender put down another drink in front of him. "I don't want no trouble in here. Your girlfriend was entertaining in a freak show kind of way, but it looks like its starting to cause a ruckus, so maybe you and your girl here should move on," the bartender said and then added, "This round is free"

"NAW, don't let Lisa run them out -- she is the one causing problems," the big man quickly responded. My boyfriend suddenly became very serious and sat upright on his stool. " I assure you trouble is the last thing we are trying to cause and you will see none from us," he said earnestly to the bartender. Several other men nearby spoke up, one added "Lisa is the one that started to make remarks, these two were just sittin' here drinking their drinks and letting us stare at his girl."

"OKAY, OKAY," the bartender said putting his palms in the air in surrender. "LISA, if your going to cause trouble then you better be leaving."

"That Asian slut is the one that came in here like some street whore with cum all over her--and your telling me that I am causing trouble?" the girl named Lisa snapped.

"You're the only one that seems to be complaining and name calling!" the Bartender snapped in a tone that suggest he was starting to consider her stupid for not knowing when to shut up and leave well enough alone and in my mind I was starting agree.

"The only reason why that white guy is with her anyway is because he is a loser that can't attract a real American girl, so he goes for the easier pickens of an Asian whore," Lisa snapped in an ever-increasing whining tone.

The men near us just turned and glared at her. Our arguments had been getting loud and the ever-increasing hostile tone had attracted more attention from around the bar. All during our exchange more and more of the bars patrons had filtered over near us to watch the commotion-taking place. A few left the bar for a quieter place. But, about fifteen men and seven other women looked on, most just keeping silent and watching. But, a few would let out a laugh at a certain line. None seemed to be taking sides.

Most of the women, looking at how I was dressed, and it being generally announced that I was covered in cum and seeing that it was not just a joke, clearly understood that I was performing some kinky exhibitionist sex act for my boyfriend. They saw the way the men looked me over and how openly my body was displayed for them all. I got the feeling that most wanted to side with Lisa, just because I had overstepped the bounds of the unwritten boundaries of sisterhood. Which when one crosses that line for a man, it makes it all that more likely that men would start to expect all their women to do the same for them.

That's why most of us end up in fashion cycles. When one girl starts to wear her skirts shorter for the attention of men, it in a way forces other women to do the same in order to compete, so hem lines go up to a new level of mutually agreed standard. When the hemline goes up to high, many women revolt and drop their hemlines back down and ostracize other women that do not follow suit. Usually nothing is ever said directly, but girls that buck the trend tend to get a rougher time from other girls, like not being invited to parties, or having rumors spread about campus.

Even though most I sensed wanted to side with Lisa, her use of racial slurs made them to uncomfortable to openly side with her, but they did not like the attention I was drawing away from them from every guy in the joint.

Hearing her remark, My boyfriend just smiled widely, slouched down in his stool and picked his drink up from the bar. He took the shot glass and poured its full contents into his mouth and then made a show of swishing it around inside his mouth, bulging his cheeks out and then swallowing. Everybody was watching in silence, expecting some reaction from him but seeing none.

He motioned the bartender for another drink and took a shot off that one. Then he held the glass in his hands and looked directly at Lisa. The crowd seemed to back away from her.

"Well If your the poster girl for American Women, then Asian women better run and hide, because there just won't be enough of them to handle all of the American men running from the likes of you----fortunately for Asian women, your not the poster girl of American Women's best qualities," he said in a calm even tone and then just smiled at her with a big grin. Even the women in the crowd broke out laughing at poor Lisa. I almost felt sorry for her.

"Not that Oriental women are not any less American than a blue eyed blond, or girl who is as black as midnight, or a coca brown of a Latino---they all have their sweet places," my boyfriend added as stroke me between my open legs, thus managing to return everybody's attention back to my body.

Lisa looked steamed, but was speechless. The bar was her hangout and we were invaders of her realm. She was defeated to a point.

As the laughter died away and the men moved forward in a way that automatically pushed Lisa to the back and made her stand on tip toe to see over their shoulders. Several of the other women, who had been attracted over towards the commotion, now returned to their seats. I could tell from some of their mutterings that they did not approve a bit of what I was doing and over heard one to suggest to another that she hoped I would leave soon. As she said this I noticed her eyes fix on one of the guys that stood near checking me out with the others.

"Let's play some pool" My Boyfriend stated and bolted off his barstool. He turned my stool to face out from the bar and the men watch as I slide down off the seat, making my skin tight skirt ride up my body to where the hem was well above my pussy.

My boyfriend just stood by as I took the first few steps towards the pool tables and fell in behind me and most of the guys at the bar fell in behind him. My skirt was ridding so high that it was practically around my hips. My ass and pussy totally bare in the bar. I pulled my skirt down back over my ass, but left it high enough to show off a good portion of the bottom curve of my haunches.

I could feel all the men's eyes on me as I took my slow stroll across the bar to the pool tables. As I got near the tables the men playing pool suddenly stopped. As I first entered the pool area, under the fluorescent lights, they seemed to back away and then move apart like the Red Sea. They just watched me, and I could tell most of them had there eyes fixed at the bottom of my skirt that stretched tightly across my hips, waiting and hopping for a peak at my pussy.

"Can I play?" I asked coyly. Even though there was a game in progress on the table, the man in front of me motioned to the table with his hand. "Be my guest," he stuttered and handed me his pool cue.

There was a sudden rush behind me as the men acted like children playing musical chairs all trying to grab the few chairs available. With just five chairs in the pool area, several men scampered to grab unoccupied chairs from the nearest bar tables and bring them into the pool playing area.

I stood chalking my pool cue as I directly looked into my boyfriend's eyes. He sat bemused, like a king waiting for his jester to put on a show for his court, with men on both sides of him looking from him to me for things to begin. Satisfied that all things were as they should he gave me a nod for me to start the entertainment proceedings, to deliver on the promise I made to sexually grovel for him in front of a bunch of strange men.

Slowly I leaned forward resting my hips on the outer edge of the pool table. A shudder ran through my whole body as I felt the hemline of my skirt ride up in back, revealing more of my ass to the strangers behind me. With every nerve of my being quaking from tension, I leaned even further over the table, reaching my left arm out across the table to hold the pool cue.

With my body practically hanging by my hips off the pool table, I made a point of opening my legs as wide as I could and the tight fabric of my skirt snapped up over my hips like a rubber band. There was no longer any pretense of what my intention was. I was for show and all of my blossoming wet pussy was displayed blatantly for all behind me to openly ogle.

I looked out across the bar to see if my actions were drawing much concern from the other bar patrons. Everybody seemed to know what was happening in our corner of the bar, but there seemed a forced manner of purposely ignoring the goings on. Lisa just stood leaning against the nearby wall, shaking her head from side to side.

For several long minutes I just stayed in position, as if reaching for a difficult shoot, with my arms cocked with the pool cue aimed. With my skirt up around my hips in back and in my mind I could see all the faces of the men as they gawked at my cunt and thought their lewd thoughts about what they would do to my body if given the chance.

Finally I took my first shot. I was not playing against anybody, just looking for a reason to bend over the table. My shot missed the cup and I stood up slowly, keeping my hips tight against the table, to prevent me from showing too much to those not seated behind me. Then reaching behind me I pulled my skirt down just enough so I could turn around without showing my bare backside to the rest of the bar.

Turning to face the men, I left the front of my skirt up high enough to show my bush. I looked each man in their eyes, as I faced towards their chairs and planted my ass on the edge of the pool table, leaning up against the pool table. I took the pool cue and slide it between my legs with it big end on the floor and its tip just below my mouth. With the little cube of blue chalk, I ground the tip as I moved the middle of the polished stick up inside my pussy lips and slid it along my wet trench.

Reaching out with his own cue stick, my boyfriend pushed the one I was holding aside. I stood there facing the men with my skirt up showing my cunt as my boyfriend aimed the blue tip of the cue at the top of my slit. I shuddered as he moved it down into my trench and I opened my legs some more.

"MAN WHAT A SLUT," one middle aged man exclaimed as he gave an approving nod to my boyfriend.

My pussy has been ignored too long; I was willing to do anything for a fuck at the moment, even if it meant fucking a cue stick in front of all these strangers in the middle of a bar. Involuntarily my hip thrust forward to met the cue stick as it traveled along my wet slit.

Lewdly the men gawked as they watched me hump the tip of the cue stick; my boyfriend was poking between my legs. Finally I managed to position the tip at the opening of my cunt and I thrust my hips forward and impaled myself onto the stick. My body was racked with a rush of energy as I built up for an orgasm and then my boyfriend quickly pulled the stick away.

Crestfallen I openly glared at my boyfriend for denying me some release, knowing that my insubordination would be paid for later. A bemused smirk crossed his lips as he reveled in the knowledge of the torture he was creating inside me.

He then used the pool stick to move aside my dress to reveal my breast. First one side then the other. He then poked the cue stick hard into my tit, poking it right at my nipple and pressing hard with a twist. I felt degraded and the look from the strangers told me that at the moment I was not a person but so much flesh for their amusement. Their lustful stares at my debasement made me flush hot with excitement at the naughtiness of my actions.

Once more I turned around to shoot at a ball. I cocked one leg back and one leg as far forward as I could and then drop one side of my hip then the other. Bending over the table my ass is once again displayed for the men behind me. First one then two then three I feel the tips of cue sticks at the opening of my cunt. Playing up and down my slit. I gasped as one cue stick was poked into my ass cheek. Knowing what my boyfriend expected I stood up straight and soon I felt the tip of the cue stick positioned at my anus. I could not help but let out a little yelp as whoever wielded the stick poked it hard up my rectum.

For several long minutes I stood there facing the rest of the bar as the men took turns sticking their cue sticks up my ass, each one talking delight in the little noises I tried to suppress from each assault on my sphincter. The men laughed, made crude jokes about my body to each other and other nasty comments about me and what they would do with me if given the chance.

Feeling the degradation that my boyfriend insisted on, I turned to look at Lisa as the men poked repeatedly at my ass with the pool sticks. She just looked back and me and shook her head in disgust and then roller her eyes towards the ceiling. "Unfucking believable," I heard her whisper to herself.

Finally the sticks were removed from my ass and played once more along my slit. I bent back down over the table and took a stance as if ready to shoot the ball. I sensed someone coming up behind me and I kinda looked over my shoulder to see my boyfriend lean on the edge of the pool table right next to me. With the men watching behind me, I knew he was going to go all out to show how playable I was as his personal sex toy.

With my skirt ridding high and my hips bent over the table, I felt his hand open on the outer curve of my upturned ass. Slowly he slide his hand down my backside and then I jumped as I felt the tips of his fingers start to tickle at my pubic hair peeking out from between my legs. I open my legs up wide and he traced his finger down my slit.

I stayed bent over the table while my boyfriend slid his hand all up and down the inside of my thighs and ass. Taking one more meaningless shot at the cue ball, I watched as the it propelled around the table randomly. My face went flush when suddenly I felt another warm hand slide over the other side of my ass. I turned, looking over my shoulder, as I stayed bent over the table.

Behind me, my boyfriend sat on the edge of the pool table on one side of my ass and some stranger sat on the edge of the table on the other side of my ass. Both men sat with their backs to me, facing the audience of men sitting in the chairs behind me. I was sandwiched between them with my skirt up around my waist and my legs planted wide apart. My cunt brazenly displayed for all the men behind me to openly view.

Hearing the murmurs behind me, I starred straight ahead as I felt fingers push inside my wet cunt walls. My cheeks grew hot from the humiliation as I sensed one man leave the table to be replaced by another and a new set of fingers begin to play with the flowery opening of my pussy.

For the eternity I could not measure I stayed bent over the edge of the pool table, unable to even pretend to play pool as one man after another was invited by my boyfriend to come up to the pool table and stick his fingers into my most intimate places. I gulped to swallow the pain as one man pushed his dry fingers into my already sore anus. Laughter erupted as I wiggled my ass from the assault.

But it was not just the physical assault to my dignity from behind that mortified me to my very sole, but it was obvious to the others in the bar that my body was openly being shared among the crowd of men like just some toy for their amusement. I could not keep up the pretense of playing pool. All I could do was to remain in place under the bright fluorescent lights and face the rest of the bar patrons as the men behind me talked in low tones, negotiating who's turn it was to play with my twat and moving about as they changed places among themselves to take advanced of my open legs.

As I lay over the table, several women left the bar in disgust at what was happening and several more men came over to check out the action and take their turns dipping their fingers in my cunt.

Then all nerves in my body screamed for me to run, as I notice Lisa saunter over to join the men behind me. I tired to turn but saw my boyfriend signal for me to remain in place. I gripped the pool cue in my hands so hard that my knuckles turned white.

"I didn't know you were a lesbo," I heard one of the men chuckle as Lisa took a position on one side of my ass.

"I'm not a Lesso," I heard Lisa calmly state to her accuser. Her ass landed on with a thumb on the end of the table "You guys just think that I am some sort of stick in the mud, compared to this Asian Slut you all are so enamored with. I decided to show you all that I can go along with the fun," She added with a smirk.

Suddenly I felt sharp fingers nails scrap over my upturned ass. It is hard to express the feeling of a women's fingernail being scratched across sensitive skin of my backside, but it both hurt and tickled at the same time. From reflex I could not resist the urge to wiggle and wiggle I did, under Lisa's torments of my ass. She made a big show of dragging her long fingernails over and over my bare ass, first up, then down, then across both cheeks and then half way down my inner thighs and then finishing by dragging one nail ever so lightly across my wet cunt lip.

"It's like she has ants inside that hole of hers," Lisa stated with a giggle " Boy, WHORE, you sure have all these guys behind you all hot and bothered--most can barely keep from playing with themselves." And the men behind me laughed at her joke at my expense.

Suddenly I bolted upright, knocking both my boyfriend and Lisa off the edge of the table. Quickly I pulled my skirt down into place and stood as stiff as a soldier at attention. I heard the start of a complaint from my boyfriend and the groans from the men behind me as the show abruptly came to an end. "BITCH" Lisa called out as she almost tumbled to the floor. But the noise quickly subsided as they notice the reason for my quick relapse of modesty.

I spotted them just as they stepped through the door, hopefully before they had the chance to look over in our direction, but I was not sure. My boyfriend saw them just as they step up to the bar and called the bartender over. They talked with the bartender for a moment, but I could not hear a word. Several times the bartender pointed over in our direction and I saw him nod his head up and down in the affirmative and a back and forth in the negative, along with many hand jesters and more than one shrug of his shoulders.

My boyfriend took a handkerchief out of his pocket and slyly spit into it and handed over to me under the edge of the pool table. I added as much of my own spit as I could and turned to face the wall. I used it to wipe as much of the dried up cum residue from my face and chest as I could and then spit some more.

Many of the men behind men wandered away, some pretending to go to the bathroom and others wandered out into the bar area. I noticed at least three managed to make it all the way to the door and slipped out as the two police officers still conversed with the bartender.

Finally the conversation with the bartender was over and the two officers walked over towards us as we just stood by the table. Only a handful of the men bothered to stay near, but picked up pool cues and tried their best to look innocent.

The cops made their way towards us past the bar tables. One was tall, lanky and much older than the other was. He looked almost to old to be a cop, maybe forty to fifty years old. The other looked to be closer to my age and noticeably deferred to the other one in giving up the lead to the older one.

"Can we see some ID?" the older one asked in a bored monotone voice as he planted himself directly in front of me. The younger one stood to one side and his eyes instantly scanned my body, starting at my feet and slowly moving his gaze up my body. It was as if he was drinking in every inch of my frame. He eyed me extra long as his inspection fixed at the bottom hem of my skirt that came just a bare two inches below my pussy. As he looked so intently, I wondered if my skirt was pulled down far enough to even cover myself completely, but fought the reflex to reach down to tug into place.

Nervously I look to my boyfriend and both cops eyed him suspiciously as he fished his wallet from his back pocket, then both looked back at me. In the outfit I was wearing and with the intent of wantonly exposing myself, I did not carry a purse. Fortunately my boyfriend had not forgotten to take my Driver's license and put it into his wallet.

The older officer took my ID from my boyfriend, glanced at it and then held his hand out towards my boyfriend without a word. Once more my boyfriend fished for his wallet and took his own ID out of his wallet and handed it to the older cop. He looked at both, holding them side by side.

"You two live together?" he asked.

"Yes," we both answered in unison.

"This still your correct address?" he asked.

"Yes," my boyfriend, said and then I echoed a second later.

"Will you men stand over there," The officer said to the rest of the guys that still stood nearby "But don't leave" he added just as they all started to move to the far end of the pool table area.

"I take it, Miss, that you are not wearing any undergarments under your clothes" He asked, but it seemed more like a statement of fact. Of course in the skin tight Nylon/Lycra one piece halter style mini skirt made to have that wet/metallic look and fit like it was painted on, it would be obvious to anybody that I wore nothing but the dress. Any bra, would show straps in the low formed back and bare shoulders and panty lines would show through the way the bottom of the skirt fitted like the skin of a drum across my hips and over my ass.

"Yes" I replied meekly and turned my head slightly away in embarrassment. I was dumbfounded at how little emotion he showed, while my heart was pounding at a jet like pace. The younger officer smiled lewdly and returned his gaze at the tops of my thighs.

"We had reports that a woman, matching your description, was taking her clothes off in this bar and performing sex acts with the men! --Are you a prostitute ma'am?" he asked sternly.

"No-no," I stammered, thinking that maybe for the first time in all of our activities we might actually get arrested. We had been question by the cops a few times before about my manner of attire and being in a certain place at the time. Like having a cop drive up into a gas station when I am wearing just a corset and heels while pumping gas, but then it was on Halloween and they were always more forgiving on Halloween. This was the first time they ever asked for ID.

The older officer looked up at me sternly. "Several people have come out of this bar tonight saying that someone matching your description, even down to the clothing, was exposing herself in a indecent manner!" He stated as if reading a script, he then looked over towards some of men at the far side of the pool area and called motioned for one to come over.

"Did you see this young lady raise her skirt up and expose herself in front of you or anybody else in this bar?" the officer asked as he pulled the barrel chested man over to one side.

"No, officer, I didn't--I mean naturally I looked a little at her in that short skirt and all and I wish she had shown more, but if she did I must of missed it, but I doubt it if you know what I mean!" the man told the officer and kinda of winked at him at the end. But the joke was lost on the officer and his face remained as tight as stone. He motioned the man back once more.

"Have any of you seen this woman exposing any of her private parts in this bar?" the officer said out loud to the rest of the men hanging around nearby. They all shook their heads no.

"Can't you see what's happening officer?" Lisa yelled out as she walked towards the stone-faced cop. My heart sank and images of spending a night in jail danced in my head.

"No, what is happening here?" The stone-faced cop said turning towards her.

"Well earlier tonight, there was this group of other girls in here, dressed kinda of plain in jeans and such--well they were with their boyfriends and their boyfriends started taken an interest in her--," Lisa rattled on and on to the officer then lowered her voice slightly. But I could still hear her say "You, know, she does dress kinda like she is easy and all--Anyway their boyfriends start checking her out like a slab of ribs with barbecue sauce and their girls did not take kindly to being ignored. Her hoggin' the spotlight and all. The girls started making catty remarks to her--You know--about the way she is dressed and all and started using some racial remarks as well. ----So naturally they probably left here in a huff with their boyfriends and to get even with her they call you guys and make up some stories."

"Is that so?" the officer said nodding his head as if agreeing, but the look expression on his face seemed to indicate that he did not quite buy Lisa's story.

"I mean they used all sorts of racial references to her," Lisa continued and then raised her voice slightly higher so all the bar could hear her. "Why they called her a ASIAN WHORE, and a GOOK, one even suggested she swim back to china." -- I wanted to break in and correct her that I was in fact half Japanese-not Chinese. But, I dared not intrude," I mean they resented her a lot because she is foreign and all" Lisa continued and once more I had to fight to restrain myself from commenting. "I mean you could have a HATE CRIME on your hands," she said, and then quickly added, "I mean the way you guys came in here and accused questioned her in front of everybody. All because some other girls got jealous of a china doll. Like -- I think her civil rights might have been violated--having been humiliated in front of everybody like this -- I think maybe she could sue? Doesn't that mean you get to call in the FBI?" Lisa said and then folded her arms. Her last remark seemed to hit home with mister stone face cop.

"Now wait a minute," the stone-faced cop said half panicked then added "Nobody is calling in the feds over something that amounts to a cat fight in a bar! He turned to me "Sorry for the inconvenience---Do you wish to file a report or anything?

"What are the chances you could catch them?" I asked trying to sound sincere. "Not much, just a couple of female voices on the phone--probably from a pay phone" He replied.

"Then no -- I do not want to file anything," I said meekly. The stone-faced cop smiled looking slightly relived, and turned towards Lisa and tipped his hat and turned to walk away. I just wanted to run to Lisa and hug and kiss her for blowing enough smoke at him to get the cop to back off, but before I could thank her, the young cop came up a stood right next to me and between my boyfriend.

"I don't buy that story for a minute," the cop said in a low voice, but loud enough for me and my boyfriend to hear him. " I mean you got dried cum still on your face, that is enough to take you in for questioning"

Suddenly I felt a warm sweaty hand on the back of my thigh. "You don't mind do you?" the younger cop said to me just as his older partner walked out the door. I turned to look at my boyfriend to see what to do.

"We got several people standing here seeing this cop with his hand on you, if he feels you up with others watching then there is no way he could arrest us" My boyfriend said to me, but in a manner that seemed to be talking more for the cops benefit.

"Then I guess I don't mind," I said and hung my head down.

I stood against the pool table as I felt his hand lift the back of my skirt up and revealed my ass. He used both hands to run them up over the otter curves of my haunches, and in one quick motion one hand plunged between my legs making me jump forward.

The young cops hands felt sweaty as he pushed his open palm between my legs, letting his index finger run along my slit. I gasp slightly as on one inward slide his thumb pressed in my rectum. Then jerking his thumb out he wrapped his hand around my waist and his fingers danced lightly in my pubic hair, tickling me and making me squirm from his the motion of his fingers. The tickling changed to quick pain as he grabbed a handful of pussy hair and at first twisted then pulled.

Looking down at him as he tugged and twisted the short crop hair on my crotch. He looked right back at me and we kept our eyes fixed on each other as he continued to twist and pull on my hair. I could see a wiry smile grow bigger the longer he kept it up. To my great relief, he released just a tear form in the corner of my eye.

Still keeping our gazed fixed, I felt his hand slowly descend down the front of my crotch and push up between my thighs. Once more his fingers fondled my cunt and then plunged deep inside my cunt.

"I guess we should go out back or someplace," The cop said with glee.

"Sorry," my boyfriend quickly chimed in "You can touch all you want with your fingers, but that is as far as anybody goes, except me!"

With the cops hand still buried deep between my legs, the cop and my boyfriend exchange hard glaring looks at each other. As if to show his power the young cop suddenly jammed two of his fingers up my cunt, slamming the rest of his hand, into my most sensitive area, as a fist. I heaved forward from the force and let out an audible cry.

The stone-faced officer stuck his head in the door. "Come on, let's move it rookie, we're done here."

"Your turn is over," my boyfriend told the cop.

My boyfriend just looked at the cop and let out a loud laugh, making the young cop's face turn from arrogant to rage as he stomped away.

"Thank you," I said as I went up to Lisa.

She looked down at me with an arrogant smirk. "You're still a whore," she said.

"Yes, I know," I answered back meekly.

With the cops gone the bartender locked the front door "That is more than enough for one night... LAST CALL," he shouted.

My boyfriend went to the bartender and talked for a moment. Then he walked back to me. "Take you clothes off WHORE," he commanded and then added "The bartender said no one new gets in tonight, so he said we could have two hours to do what we want and I want you naked."

I reached up to undo my dress, but my boyfriend quickly stopped me and motioned two of the strangers that had played with me earlier. They lifted me up to the pool table and then someone put on a song from the jukebox.

It was a slower song so languidly I began to perform a strip tease for those that were left. Once nude, the men and Lisa all sat down and I walked around the bar naked acting as a barmaid and serving drinks. As I would pass by the men would reach out and slap my ass hard almost making me spill several drinks. As I stopped at a table the guys would reach out and play with my breast as I set their drink down.

Once everybody had a fresh round of drinks, my boyfriend pulled a chair out from a table. He motioned for Lisa to sit down. "Come here slut," Lisa called out and wiggled her finger at me.

"Crawl to her," my boyfriend snapped. Slowly I got down on my knees and crawled over to Lisa. Once at her feet, I crawled up over her lap.

An echo rang out around the room followed by my wailing as Lisa gave my ass a real hard swat. Then another followed and another. My ass felt like it was on fire as I lay over her lap getting one swat after another with the men looking on bemused.

"Tell them what you are," Lisa yelled as she landed another one across my ass.

"A slut," I cried

"I can't hear you and neither can they," she snapped and landed two more on my upturned ass.

"I am a slut," I shouted at the top of my lungs.

With my ass good a sore, I was then ordered around the room and laid my body over each strangers lap as they all got to swat my ass 20 each.

My eyes were sobbing, with tears washing away the dried up cum on my face and I was wondering if I was ever going to get fucked when my boyfriend called me over to a table.

He lifted me up by my waist and sat me down on the tabletop. He then pushed me back till I was laying flat on my back with my head hanging over one edge and my feet dangling over the other edge of the small round table. My boyfriend borrowed some belts and soon had me strapped down spread eagle to the table with my tits jutting upwards.

"Do you really want to fuck," my Boyfriend asked with a sinister tone.

"Yes, on yes," I said.

"Then you won't mind if I let someone whip your tits first?" he answered.

"No no, please no," I pleaded.

"Okay, I guess you don't really want to get fucked."

'Yesssss I do."


"Okay whip my tits."


"Whip my tits hard," I yelled.

One of the strangers from the pool game stepped up with a belt in his hands. I cringed just seeing him as he wound his hand back. In reflex I tired to reach my hands up to protect my breast, but they were securely fastened to the table.

WHACK and I felt the stinging blow of the leather belt as it wrapped over both my breasts. WHACK again and I let out such a wail that several men cringed at my pain.

The man was not just whipping my tits; he was beating them with all his might. WHACK, the only relief was when he stopped just long enough to change sides and continue from the other side of the table

WHACK WHACK I strained and pulled at my bounds but could not escape and could only lay there naked in front of everybody as they watched my body being abused for their perverted amusements.

Then I felt something between my legs and I looked up long enough to see my boyfriend standing between my legs. WHACK WHACK, the leather belt kept coming down on my upturned tits. I was sobbing and pleading and just then I felt my boyfriends hard cock ram into my cunt.

WHACK WHACK The man continued beating my breast as my boyfriend rocked the table fucking me hard. Each blow to my body would make me lift up from the table like I was being electrocuted. My wailing disturbed at least two of the men who asked the guy whipping my tits to ease off a bit, but my boyfriend encouraged him on.

With a grunting thrust I felt the warm spurt of his cum inside my cunt and he waved the man to stop beating my chest. My boyfriend passed out condoms to each man and my body was offered up for their use. Lisa finally got into it by dropping her jeans and with a playful "ASIAN WHORE" she jammed her cunt over my mouth and ground her hips into my face.

As the first stranger rammed his cock into my cunt, I felt the hands of some of the others explore my extremely sore tits. They showed little mercy as most took a chance to pinch at my nipples or slap at my meat with an open palm, making me cry out into Lisa's cunt.

My body was racked by a wave of heat and electricity as it convulsed into a bone shaking orgasm. I pulled at my bounds and Lisa muffled my screams as I tired to cry out in shear pleasure that had been denied me for all too long. As the men took turns using me, one after another, and I could feel their hands exploring my flesh I was rocked over and over again with wave after wave of screaming good pleasure.

When everybody was done with me, several of the men untied me and I rolled off the table onto the floor. I felt totally ashamed and defiled, yet totally complete and at ease. I knew I belonged on the floor and wondered when my next night out would be.


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