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Crystal (A story from Chase Middle School) by Vulvana

Crystal (A story from Chase Middle School)

(Like most of my stories, some of which are based on real life, this one is realistic. Don't expect every sexual encounter to include mutual oral sex, anal sex, cum-swallowing and half a dozen orgasms. But do expect an exciting, erotically romantic story of a young girl's first time. You can reprint this story and use it freely provided you list my name as author and don't change the content.)

"Do you know Crystal is still a virgin?" said 13-year-old Cassie.

"No way," said Laurie, 14. "What about Juan?"

"They just played with each other; they didn't do it!' said Cassie.

"How do you know?' asked Laurie.

"Juan told me, of course," said Cassie. "He said she's afraid," she stated, putting her hands on her narrow hips for emphasis.

"What a baby," said Laurie.

My heart sank. I wasn't in the conversation with them; the seventh grader and eighth grader were huddled together while I was walking by on a warm spring day during lunch at my school, Chase Middle School. But I was not only an eighth grader; I was the girl they were talking about. My name is Crystal.

Looking back I should have been mad at Juan for blabbing, but I was mad at myself. "Am I a baby?" I thought. Of course a lot of girls at my age of 14 were still virgins; I later learned half of them were still virgins at 16. But then I wanted to fit in, and Laurie and Cassie were two of the girls I wanted to fit in with. It's funny, because Laurie was an outsider just like me not that long ago. (See parts of the Adolescent Danny series by Vulvana's Brother for more on this).

And so, at 14, I decided to swallow my fear and find someone to give my virginity to.

You'd think it wouldn't be that hard. I wouldn't have called myself gorgeous, but when I was 14 in the late 1990s I was tall and thin with long wavy blond hair, blue eyes and 34B breasts. The women in my family all tended to develop early. And more than one guy has called me pretty. Plus there was a dance coming up, which made it the perfect opportunity to make a move. But it didn't end up being as easy as I thought.

I briefly considered giving my virginity to Juan. He was very outgoing, not bad looking with his brown skin, deep eyes, short black hair and confident attitude. Plus he had experience, more than I did. I really liked kissing him, especially the way he'd thrust his wet tongue deep into my mouth while he grabbed my bottom. And playing with his cock was wonderful. I loved making it hard, and seeing it stick out in my hand. That I did know how to do since my older brother J. J. first let me touch his penis when he was 12 and I was 9. And I had made Juan cum, and liked doing that too. But Juan had said I was afraid, and the truth is he was so self-confident I was afraid, plus he had given away my secret (although he didn't say I only barely let him touch my cunny-I had never had an orgasm) so I'd have to look for someone else.

So I decided to try Michael. I wasn't particularly attracted to him physically, not that he was bad looking. He was tall, Jewish, slightly chunky with light green eyes and curly brown hair. He used to wear glasses, but had started wearing contacts, the only guy I knew in school with contacts. He wasn't my fantasy man, but then no one was.

I had a recurring fantasy about my first time. It was like I was a character in a fairy tale or in one of Shakespeare's plays, a captured maiden princess rescued and swept off her feet by a knight in shining armor who'd carry her through the castle garden. I wouldn't even see his face when we kissed for my eyes would be closed. No words would be spoken, but our communication would be with our lips and our tongues, and our bodies would somehow melt together as one.

Of course, I knew that was just a fantasy, so I was considering Michael. The main reason was because he seemed safe. He was a really nice guy, outgoing, friendly, good sense of humor, the rare eighth grader who could make not only us kids but also the teachers laugh. And he was physically affectionate and always had girls hanging around him. I didn't really know him all that well; since kindergarten I'd only had him in one class in 7th grade, but we'd played doctor in kindergarten. Plus he always seemed easy to talk to, and with all the girls, I figured he'd had lots of experience. I was right, but not the kind I expected...

I looked for him the next day at school. We had very little choice in what we could wear at school; white top-not low cut, not sleeveless-and black or navy blue pants, shorts or skirt-not too short. I wore a white button blouse and the shortest black skirt I thought I could get away with. It was actually an inch shorter than allowed, but it had an elastic waistband and I pulled it down just a little to make it look longer. I'd done that before when I wanted to look sexy-pull it down an inch for the teachers, then to my waist and up another inch to make it look shorter for the boys when the teachers weren't around. My best friend Angie had taught me that trick. I went to school a little early to see if I could talk to Michael before school started. I didn't really know what I was going to say, but I didn't get the chance anyway. I saw him, but even before school he had two girls hanging around with him.

At lunch it was the same thing, only it was three girls. And Juan saw me and ignored me, which didn't make me feel any better. He could have at least said something after what I did for him.

I decided to give it one last try after school, and then give up-three strikes you're out. I ran out of my class and outside Michael's last class as soon as the bell rang-I figured if I was the first one out I could get to him first. I quickly unbuttoned the first three buttons of my top and pulled my skirt up so it was now two inches shorter than allowed. It was risky, but the teachers seldom paid attention to those things when school was out. I felt kind of slutty, but I liked the feeling. Besides, with all the girls hanging around him, I figured I had to do something to stand out.

Only a couple of people had left his classroom, and he wasn't with them. I got looks from a couple of guys and even one of the girls-I don't know if she was attracted, jealous or just being critical, but I didn't really care. Then I saw Michael. And immediately thought I'd made my third strike, because he was walking out with a girl, and not just any girl. It was Cassie, the one who I overheard gossiping about me. She was blonde and blue eyed like me, but unlike me she was probably the cutest girl in seventh grade. She could change her expression from little girl to temptress and back again in the blink of an eye, and the rumor was she had done it with three guys before she turned her current age of 13. And there was also a rumor she had done it with Mr. Dewey, the science teacher. (Look for the coming story Middle School Science). It wasn't a secret that he was always trying to look up our skirts. I actually spread my legs for him a couple of times in class, once in plain white cotton panties and once in some lacy black thongs I got that my Mom didn't know about, but I'm sure he didn't know I flashed him on purpose. A lot of us girls did that, and giggled about it afterward. I wasn't really attracted to him but it did make me feel slutty. I liked feeling slutty. Which is kind of weird for a virgin, especially one with my storybook fantasy.

For a second I couldn't figure out how seventh grade Cassie was in the same class as eight-grade Michael, but last period was an elective if you were a good student and both grades could be in art class. There was no way I could compete with her for his attention. I guess I must have stared, because Cassie scowled at me, then grinned evilly. But then Michael turned to me and said "oh, hi Crystal."

I was surprised he even remembered my name. We'd hardly talked since kindergarten. "Hi, Michael," I said. Then added "Hi Cassie."

She said, "Hi," then turned away and went back to talking to him about some art project using newspaper and flour or something. He looked at me for another second, then turned to her.

I wasn't going to stay around any longer and be humiliated, so I walked alone to my bus stop. Oh, there were lots of other kids with me, but I walked alone.

But I hadn't waited more than about five minutes when someone said "hi Crystal." I turned and was surprised to see it was Michael, alone for once.

"Uh, hi, Michael," I said nervously. "Did you want to talk to me about something?" he smiled at me questioningly. He had such a sweet smile. He was a guy who could make you feel comfortable being nervous. I had a strange dream about him once where I was suspended in mid air, naked, my arms and legs spread wide and each tied to a pole. In my dream he was there, standing between my legs, smiling at me, and asking if I wanted some tea. The dream made no sense to me then or now. "Cassie?" he said, and I realized I hadn't answered him.

"Uh, yes," I said.

"Let's talk," he said.

I suddenly realized I had absolutely nothing to say. I had rehearsed all the slutty lines I'd seen on TV and in movies, and a dozen different ways to ask him to the dance, but now they fell into stupidity. "Um, I..."

"Don't be shy," he said, smiling again. "You can ask me anything."

How did he know I was going to ask him something? "Well, I was going to ask, well..."

"Crystal," he said, and he actually, no kidding, took my chin in his hand and held my face up so I was looking directly into his eyes. Suddenly his slight chunkiness and his contacts vanished, and I was hanging naked again, my legs spread, my 34B breasts and dark blonde-haired cunny exposed, my eyes looking into the eyes of the most wonderful boy I'd ever seen. "Ask me," he said.

I was so caught up in dreaminess I forgot to be nervous. My lips spoke on their own. "Would you like to f--go to the dance with me?" they said. They almost said, "Fuck me," but I had just enough control to keep them from saying that. Thank God!

He looked at me for another second, which seemed like eternity, then said "thank you so much, Crystal, but I'm already going to the dance." My hopes shattered, but then he picked up the pieces. "But I'd love to dance with you when I get there. I always go to dances alone. I never know who I'm going to meet."

Then the dream shifted, as he said, "Oh, that's my bus, gotta go. See you!" and took off running. I was so caught up in fantasy that I almost missed my own bus five minutes later. But then my logical brain came on, and I thought, "You fool; he said he always goes to dances alone; he might meet somebody there. That doesn't mean you, you idiot; he's already met you." Then I really felt like a total loser. He hadn't said he'd go with me; he'd turned me down!

As soon as I got home (after lowering my skirt to respectable level and buttoning another button) I called my friend Angie. She and I not only talked about everything, but she was much more experienced than I. "Angie," I said as soon as she answered the phone, "I just got turned down."

"Turned down for what?" she asked. I had already told her I planned to lose my virginity.

"The dance," I said.

"No way," she replied. "Who did you ask?"

"Michael," I said.

"Michael?" Angie said, then laughed. She actually laughed. I already felt stupid enough for asking someone who was way more popular than I was; I didn't need my best friend laughing at me.

"Angie, it's not funny," I pouted.

"Sure it is, Crystal," she laughed again. "Don't you know Michael is gay?"

"Gay?" I said. "But he's always got lots of girls hanging around and..." then I stopped. It suddenly made sense to me.

"Of course, silly," she said. "Of course they do. He's safe."

Great. I had spent all day trying to hook up with a gay guy.

"What am I going to do?" I said.

"Why not Juan? He'll pop your cherry."

"I don't want Juan," I said. "Not after he blabbed about me."

"I think Mr. Dewey is into young girls."

"I don't want my cherry popped by my science teacher," I said.

"Well, I got news for you, Crystal. There aren't many of your fantasy silent knights in shining armor running around. Or do you want to stick with your Mom's dildo?" She was my best friend, so of course I'd told her my fantasy. And she also knew I had secretly borrowed my Mom's dildo, although only once. It didn't stimulate me-remember I'd never cum-I had just used it to break my hymen. Angie said that I would still be a virgin-only penises counted-but that way it wouldn't hurt so much the first time I was with a man. I was glad I broke it first-it definitely hurt.

"Ok, let me think," Angie continued. Then "I've got it; it's perfect. Well, he's not perfect, but it will work."

"Who?" I asked.


"Packard?" I said. He was an eight-grade student who just moved into our school in the middle of the school year, a few months ago. He insisted on being called by his last name, and played every sport you could think of. By his reputation, sports definitely included sex. He was as tall and almost as big as Carl, who was the biggest guy in school until he graduated last year. Of course Packard was older than most of us. I had heard he was 15, and had probably been held back a year. He had dark brown, almost black skin; kinky black hair; dark eyes; and large hands and feet (which Angie insisted meant he was well endowed too, not that I cared about that.) Even though I'm white, I had no problem imaging myself impaled by a big black guy. He was definitely not a knight, but he was big and strong. But what were the chances he'd be interested in me? "But Angie, how am I going to ask Packard?"

"Don't worry," she said. "I'll ask him for you."

"No, Angie, don't do that."

"It's already done," she said, and hung up. I hated when she did that.

Angie had a way of doing what she wanted and expecting you to be thankful. But she usually got what she wanted, so I decided to wait.

My wait was only 47 minutes. I know; I checked. I know Angie.

The phone rang and I jumped. It rang again, and I cleared my throat. "Hello?"

"Hey, this is Packard. Is this Crystal?":

I almost panicked and said it was a wrong number, but I didn't. "Uh, yes, I'm Crystal."

"I heard you wanted to talk to me?"

"Uh, yes," I managed to say.

"So talk," he said.

I had no idea what to say. "Uh, how are you doing?"

"How am I doing? Fine, talking to you," he said. He had all the confidence I lacked. "What's up with you?"

"Nothing," I said, then scolded myself. "This is getting nowhere," I thought, "say something intelligent, stupid!" Then I blurted out "are you going to the dance?"

"Wouldn't miss it," he said, and I realized he must already have a date. What was Angie thinking? "What about you?" he asked.

"Yes," I said, "I'm going."

"Got a date?" he said.

"Well, no. But I was hoping, well-"

"Well you got one now," he said. I couldn't believe he said that! How could he simply presume that I would go with him just because he said so? I'd never had a guy talk to me that way, and...

"Really?" was all I said. My lips, talking on their own, again.

"Sure," he said. "I'll meet you there, Crystal. I'm looking forward to it. See ya later."

"Bye," I said. What had I just done?

I was still asking myself that question a few days later as I found myself dropped off and standing in front of my middle school for the dance. I was wearing a short lavender dress with a flowered pattern, matching shoes, and a small matching purse that held something I couldn't believe Angie talked me into getting and my older brother J.J. had given me: two condoms. "I don't want you fooling around, Sis," he told me, "but if you're going to like Angie thinks you will, you got to always keep one of these-and keep a spare, just in case." That Angie.

I didn't see Packard right away. Michael was there, talking to a guy and a girl. A few days ago I would have thought he was friends with the guy and trying to pick up on the girl, but now I knew it was probably the other way around.

I got asked to dance a couple of times and did dance once, but after 30 minutes I still hadn't seen Packard or Angie. Laurie and Danny had to be broken apart already for dancing too close, but other than that nothing was happening and I was wishing I hadn't come at all.

Then I saw them. Packard and Angie came in together! What was Angie doing?

"Hi, Crystal," she said.

"Hi," I replied.

"Hey, Crystal," said Packard. "What's up?"

"I bet you will be soon," said Angie.

"Angie!" I said. How on earth could she talk that way? But she just laughed and Packard smiled, so I said nothing. I had to admit that Packard was handsome. For an eighth-grader, he had muscles, was over six foot tall already, and was big in his light blue button shirt and black pants that matched his black tie. Angie's curly red hair was wild as usual, and she was wearing a tight-probably too tight to get away with-red button blouse and short-probably too short- red skirt with a black belt and black shoes. We didn't have to wear uniforms at dances, but she was still pushing the limit with that short skirt and her tight blouse, which showed off her perky A cup breasts.

Packard asked me to dance right away, and was very nice about it. He didn't say much, but smiled a lot. Angie was off dancing on her own, dancing with whoever she wanted, like she usually did. If she were a guy, she and Michael would be a perfect match.

Packard and I each danced one time with someone else, then after two more dances together and a glass of punch, he said, "Let's go for a walk."

I thought it was kind of quick to wander off from the dance, but I said, "Ok." We weren't supposed to leave like that and I was wondering how we'd sneak away, but then Angie suddenly stood on a table and said she had an announcement. She was always doing crazy stuff, but her skirt was short enough that if you were standing near her like I was you could look right up her skirt and barely make out her black panties. Miss Crumb, our prudish principal, was already headed over to her. What was Angie doing?

"That's our cue," said Packard. Then I realized what was up. Angie had arranged this whole thing with Packard before he even asked me to the dance! It was like the priest arranging the escape of Romeo and Juliet. We sneaked out quickly-who was going to notice us with Angie doing her antics-and he took my arm and we walked. It was a nice evening, the moon was just a sliver but the air was cool and brisk and the flowers were blooming and the stars were gleaming and I just went all fluttery, caught up in it all. I half expected to hear myself compared to the sun or moon or something, but then my airy dream crashed back to Earth when Packard said "you sure you want to do it?"

"Do it?" I asked, incredulously.

"Don't you...Crystal, Angie told me you wanted to-"

"Lose my virginity? Is that what all this is about?" I asked.

"Well, isn't it?" he said. Which, of course it was. But somehow thinking that the only reason Packard asked me to the dance and took me for a romantic moonlit walk was to get laid wasn't what I had in mind.

"But I want it, I want it to be romantic first," I said.

"Isn't this romantic?" he said. Then he paused, cleared his throat, and said "We met at the dance, an accomplice distracted the enemy who wanted to keep us apart, and we sneaked outside into the moonlight to embrace in secret." It wasn't exactly Shakespeare and I knew it came from Angie, but it was the most romantic thing I'd ever heard a guy say to me outside of English class. And it really was romantic and exciting. Once again, I was swept off my feet.

Literally. Packard actually picked me up and carried me! My fantasy was coming to life! I closed my eyes and breathed it all in...

He put me down, and I opened my eyes briefly. Somehow we ended up on a blanket in a grassy area surrounded by trees. I didn't even know where we were or where the blanket came from, but didn't want to know. The important thing was we were together, me the virgin princess, and Packard my shining knight. I was lying on my back and he was over me, his dark form almost invisible against the night sky. He started to kiss me on the lips and I closed my eyes. Our lips met, barely touching, then met again, then again, and then I felt his wet tongue and I opened my mouth for it. Our tongues licked each other's teeth and lips and inside each other's mouths. I threw my arms around him and held on, my eyes closed, sensing the world with my hands and my mouth and smelling the scent of his cologne and the wet grass with my nose.

Then he started kissing my ear, licking his tongue over the curves and crevices. I never knew my ear could feel so wonderful! Then my other ear, equally wonderful, and them my neck, nibbling as he went. His little bites made me shiver. Then we French kissed again, our mouths so wet and our tongues intertwining. I was living my fantasy already, and I was only 14!

Then he stopped, and I felt his strong hands pulling on my side. I didn't know at first what he wanted, but didn't want to ask or open my eyes. And I didn't want to hear another word from my silent knight. Then I realized he wanted to roll me over, so I let him. I turned on my belly, and his large hands moved to the top of my dress, and slowly-I couldn't believe how slowly-he pulled the zipper down. Then his hands began caressing my back, rubbing my shoulders, down my sides, then by my spine. A couple of times his hand brushed against the back of my white back-hook bra. Finally one of his hands undid the clasp. Even I usually used two hands, but he did it with one. He continued rubbing my back, somehow gently but firmly. I loved the touch of his strong, 15-year-old hands. He rubbed to the small of my back, and his hand just touched the top of my lacy white bikini panties.

Then his hands moved to my shoulders, and kept moving lower, lower. Finally one of his hands was actually touching the right side of my breast! It had been touched before, but never like this! I was breathing harder, he was turning me on so much.

Then suddenly he grabbed me and rolled me over onto my back. I gasped, but not for long as his tongue was thrust into my mouth. My hands were at my side. I didn't know what to do but kiss him back. Then he was instantly gentle again, nibbling my neck. He was driving me wild! My chest was heaving, and I found I was actually panting! His hand hadn't gone beyond or beneath the top of my panties, but my virgin pussy was already getting wet.

I threw my arms around my knight once again, my eyes still closed, and smelled his scent. He smelled of cologne and a trace of man-sweat. I felt his hair, which was wet and kinky.

Then he was kissing lower, moving down past my neck and onto my chest. His lips were somehow both gentle and strong like the rest of him. Then his lips lifted and his hands moved, pulling my dress further down and my bra with it. My eyes still closed, I could feel the cool breeze where I hadn't felt it before, and I knew my 34B breasts and dark pink nipples were exposed to the air and his eyes. He stopped for a second, and I imagined he was looking at me, taking me in. Then his kisses continued, down my chest, and then his tongue gently licked the side of my left breast. I knew my nipples were engorged and erect; my whole breast felt covered with goose bumps. Then his mouth moved and he gently brushed my nipple with his lips. It felt exquisite! Then his lips were over my nipple, and he sucked my pink nipple into his wet mouth, and suckled me. I felt my heart beat in my chest, my arms, my whole body, and even my pussy seemed to beat with my heart as he sucked.

Then he went to the other nipple, and did the same to it. Oh, it felt so good. I knew that even someone with years of experience couldn't suckle me better than my 15-year-old silent lover.

Then, while he sucked, one of his hands started sliding lower, past my chest and down to my belly. I was so turned on I wanted him to thrust his hand quickly down, a big black finger into my wet virgin hole, but again he was slow. The hand almost tickled as it gently went down. Then his mouth met mine again and we kissed. But his hand kept going down, past my navel, lower on my belly, until it came to the top of my white, lacy bikini panties I had worn just for him. Then his strong hands moved behind me, and he sat me up, then lifted, and somehow I was standing. My dress was being pulled down by an unseen force as my eyes remained closed. I lifted my legs one by one as my dress was pulled away.

Then his hand went to the last protector of my virginity, my white bikini panties. He firmly grasped them, then slid them down. I felt the cool breeze first on my bottom and then across the dark blonde patch of hair above my pussy, and then on my pussy itself. My opening felt cold and hot at the same time, cool from the breeze and hot from my blood and my juices. I lifted my legs again and my panties were gone.

Then he grasped my waist with both hands, and I felt his weight. I didn't know what he was doing, but suddenly I felt a light touch on my crotch, right in the middle of my hair. I knew then that he had gotten to his knees, and had just kissed me on the top of my virgin 14-year-old pubic mound. It had never been kissed before.

Then he kissed lower, and then his wet tongue joined in, and soon he was licking my wet pussy for all it was worth. I knew my clitoris was so stimulated it was under its hood, and my vagina was so wet it was waiting for penetration. It was waiting for him.

He licked and licked, and I grabbed his head and pulled his mouth even deeper. I was panting like a mad woman, but I kept my eyes close. Oh, it felt so good! Then one of his hands took mine, and I didn't know what he wanted when he pressed it against the top of my vagina. But then I understood, and I started playing around and over my little clit as he licked my pussy. I was shaking and it felt so good and I was so wet and I could feel something building inside me. Was I about to have an orgasm? I'd never had one with a man before. But it built and it built and I rubbed harder and he licked deeper and then suddenly, "Oooooooooooo! Oh, oh OOOOOH!" Waves of pleasure pulsed through my entire body. I came in his wonderful mouth. The mouth of my silent knight.

Then I felt something change and realized he was standing by me. He kissed me, and I felt and tasted his saliva mixed with my own vaginal juices. I had never tasted them before, but found I liked it, especially knowing that I was tasting my juices mixed with his. Then he moved away a bit, and I stood there, the cool breeze playing on my naked form. I heard a sound, then another, and didn't know what was happening. But I waited, eyes still shut.

Then suddenly he had hold of me again, pulling me back down onto the blanket on the grass. I let him, and then he made me lie down on my back. I felt a tickle between my legs, then knew his head was once again there for his tongue licked me some more. I felt so wet and open, it felt like I could take in anything.

I was soon to find out. For he moved again, and I could feel his arms beside me, his form over me as I lay on my back, and soon I felt his fingers opening my vagina.

And then I felt it, something much larger than a finger was at my opening. I almost panicked-I hadn't gotten a condom out. I reached out and actually grasped his member, which was firm and smooth and erect-and covered with a condom. I had never wanted a man inside me as much as I wanted it right then. He really was my knight; strong, gentle, silent and ready for me.

I spread my legs as far as I could, and felt his hard member touch the opening to my virgin channel. He pushed, and the head of his engorged penis slid barely into my wet inner lips. He relaxed, then pushed again, a little harder. The head penetrated me just a bit more. I wanted him inside me so badly I grabbed his firm buttocks to pull him inside. But he knew better, and pushed just a little more. One more push, and the head of his cock slid past my lips and into my wet 14-year-old pussy. Now my virginity was his!

He thrust in, and out, a little deeper, a little deeper, until finally he was thrusting deep inside me. Oh God, it felt so good! I felt one of his hands slide up my body toward one of mine but I knew what to do now. My fingers started diddling my cunny and my clitoris as his cock, oh, his hard cock, thrust in and out of me. We thrust together, our bodies beating together. His breath was coming faster, and I could feel it, hot breath against my face. Then he kissed me, deeply, our tongues fucking each other's mouths as his cock fucked my pussy and it was harder and then oh god it felt so good and his mouth moved away from mine and we panted and I moaned and then oh god I came again! I moaned and he said "Ahhhhhhh!" and came hearing me cum and I knew his cock was deep inside my body shooting its hot cum. Then he collapsed on me and we held each other and breathed hard and kissed each other.

And then he spoke and said, "Now why don't you look at me?" And I opened my eyes, and saw my lover's face smiling back at me, his eyes gleaming and his black skin sweaty. And I kissed him again, but this time with eyes opened. And we held each other, lying naked on a blanket on grass surrounded by trees.

And then I looked around, curious at last and wondering where we really were. It looked familiar but strange, but when I fully realized I was looking at everything upside down I knew where we were. We were on the grass at our middle school campus! I had fucked for the first time at school!

Then I got worried. "Packard," I said. "We're at school!"

"I know," he said, and grinned.

"But what if we get caught?"

"We won't," he said. "You have a friend standing guard."

"A friend?" Then I saw Angie, her red hair as wild as her red blouse and skirt. She was grinning from ear to ear as she pulled her hand from out of her skirt. "Angie!" I said, realizing I was lying naked with a naked boy on top of me in front of my best friend. "What are you doing here?"

"Standing guard, like he said," she replied. "Man, you two were hot! I came two times masturbating while I watched."

"You watched?" I exclaimed.

"Well, when I wasn't checking to see if anybody else was...cumming," she grinned. "You wouldn't want Miss Crumb walking in on you, would you?"

"Of course not," I said. Being watched by Angie wasn't part of my fantasy, but it did make sense. Our principal would have killed us if executing middle school students were legal. And somehow the thought of my best friend watching made it even more, well, not romantic, but erotic. "But how did you get away?" I asked.

"Simple, I just made my announcement, and got down. She told me to never do it again, but that was it. She doesn't like giving detention at dances for things like that-she knows there's other things to look for, "she said, still grinning. "Then I came out and stood guard. And I made sure he used one of the condoms." I glanced over and noticed my purse was opened.

Then Packard and I got cleaned off and dressed. With the help of Angie, we were actually able to sneak back into the dance-our lovemaking seemed like it lasted forever, but the dance was still going on, so it hadn't. At the end Packard and I slow danced, we sneaked a goodnight kiss, and I was picked up and went home.

I had done it. Now popular girls like Cassie and Laurie couldn't gloat over me. I had done it with the biggest man on campus, biggest physically if not socially. But somehow I didn't care about telling them. Let them gloat in their ignorance. For it may have only been a one-night fantasy, but I had met my knight in shining armor!

The End

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