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A Cry in the Night by Will Bubar

A Cry in the Night

The question is: was it really rape? Of course, in the legal sense it was, but in all other aspects, was it? And if it was, who was the rapist? Really, was it he or she? This story might just help you decide, but you must understand I am not offering any excuses, merely an explanation of how the whole thing happened. I'll be as explicit as I can, but you must remember that this is the story as told to me by him, as he remembered it. All I can add is that personally, I believe he told me everything. As shook up as he was at the time, in fear and remorse, I don't think he was able to hold anything back, or make anything up. This is his story...

When we arrived at the door, I told Dave that I would wait out in the car, as I had had enough to drink that all I really wanted was to lay back in the seat and close my eyes, and hopefully the world would stop spinning. Dave wouldn't hear of it, insisting that I come in and meet his girl. He had been bragging about her all night, and wanted to show off his prize.

"You gotta come in and meet Becky," he sputtered. "Besides, if she ain't too mad at me, I'll probably be an hour or more." He gave me one of his silly grins and whacked me on the back to demonstrate what he meant.

When I gave in and followed him through the door of the small cottage, we were in the living room. I could see a couple of worn couches and a large overstuffed armchair off in the corner. After the usual greetings I headed over to the chair and slumped down, trying to make myself invisible as Dave grappled Becky onto one of the couches and proceeded to get right into some heavy kissing while at the same time he was working her tee shirt up around her throat. In virtually no time he had gotten her bra off and was noisily sucking her breasts. Between what I was trying not to watch and the sounds I couldn't escape, I was finding myself getting aroused and was much happier when they disappeared into another room, hopefully a bedroom.

Thinking myself alone, I had just shoved my hand down into the front of my jeans to rearrange myself when I was shocked to hear a young voice. "They got to you, didn't they?" she said.

I looked around, and what I thought was a rolled blanket on the other couch started moving and a young girl stood up. She was about twelve years old, a perfect little blond angel wearing a flowered print dress.

And the words she said sounded strange coming from such a sweet mouth. "By now Dave has her stripped and she has his cock clear down her throat. She never seems to get enough, and really loves to give blow jobs."

I just sat there stupidly, shaking my head. Those words couldn't have come out of this beautiful child. Remember, this was in the fifties, people might have sex, but they didn't talk about it, and all children were automatically innocent. Now, let me state right here and now that I was not only stupid, but also young, (19), and drunk. This is a common, but nonetheless disastrous combination.

Then she smiled again, and spoke, "You just relax and I'll get you a beer, you look like you need it."

That was what she said, and that was what she did. Before I had a chance to refuse, she was gone and returned with a cold longneck, which she pressed, into my sweaty hand. Then she proceeded to climb up on the arm of the chair, lean against me, and put her arms around my neck. That was actually when the whole thing started, up to this point we were both innocent.

Pulling herself tightly against me, and kissing and licking whatever she could reach from my ear to my mouth and neck, she proceeded to tell me that she was hot, that she was, 'better than my sister' that she was younger and had "a lot less miles on her."

I was still in shock, and while vainly protesting that she was a child, that it was impossible, that it was illegal, I stupidly did not simply pry her off me, get up and leave. I just couldn't believe this was happening, even while it was happening.

Lord, she smelled good, sort of clean and fresh. And she was warm. Every part of her that touched me was warm, and oh, so soft. When she finally slid off the chair arm down into my lap she created a pool of warmth there, and when she plastered her lips to mine in an astonishingly experienced French kiss her mouth was so hot and her tongue in my mouth burned. She opened my leather jacket all the way and pressed her chest against mine, and I could feel two hot, hard nipples moving against me. They felt even harder compared to all the softness against me.

Then she started shifting her butt on my lap, with the obvious result that my erection, which had almost gone away, swiftly returned. I know I kept feebly trying to stop her, but she was one or two steps ahead of me all the way. I held her hips to stop her squirming, and she opened my shirt. I grabbed for her hands and she was kissing and licking my nipples, driving me crazy. I grabbed her head to move it away and she shifted and pulled her nice little cotton dress clear up to her armpits, exposing proudly the nicest young set of breasts I had ever seen.

I stared, I couldn't help it. They were only about an inch out from her chest, pure white, with the area around the nipples a darkish pink. The nipples themselves were fantastic, and should have been on a grown woman, as they were almost a half-inch thick and stood out proudly at least that far. Then she leaned in again and started moving them against me, moaning all the while as if they were tender.

When I dropped my hands to push her away she was ready and guided them to her hot firm breasts. I was lost. The nipples seemed to burn the palms of my hands, and the contrast between their hardness and the softness yet firmness of the rest of her breast was simply amazing. Time seemed to stop, all I could do was gently caress those sweet young beauties, gently catch her nipples between my fingers and roll them.

Then she lifted until they were there and placed one in my mouth. It was heaven, and while I was in this condition she had my belt undone and my pants opened and had extracted my aching erection.

I was still concentrating on those beautiful breasts. I noticed that the harder I sucked and nibbled on them the harder and seemingly larger they got. Then I noticed that the area around the nipples had gotten all swelled and rough, almost pebbled.

By now her moans were gasps and soft cries of joy, and she couldn't remain still. She was squirming and bouncing on me, holding my head tightly to her breasts, then she gave a long, gasping moan and just sat there shuddering, and I could feel her panties in my crotch become wet. She froze, motionless, for a long moment, and then suddenly she was on the floor at my feet pulling my pants down, muttering to herself when she realized that she would have to pull off my boots before she could get the pants off. She accomplished this in record time, and soon my pants, and my shorts with them, were on the floor. I was naked from the waist down.

Sometime while I was mesmerized by her tender breasts she had simply lost the dress over her head, and the damply transparent panties were all she wore. She dove between my legs, and before I realized what she intended she had my cock halfway into her mouth. Talk about heat, her mouth was an inferno. Her tongue was never still, and in no time she had her lips pressed to my belly. I was done for, there was no more thought in my mind of consequences.

Sliding to the floor on my back I rotated her, she never losing her mouthful, 'till I could fasten my hungry mouth on that tender, hairless little crotch. Senseless with lust I bit and licked at her, finally biting into the band of her panties and, with a hard shake of my head, tearing them off. As my tongue worked between her lips and entered that immature opening I could feel the reaction in her, and if her mouth hadn't been stuffed with my cock the whole neighborhood would have heard her screaming with joy.

All rational thought was gone, we were simply two animals attacking each other in unbridled lust and want. She was on top of me at this time, and it was a good thing I was so much stronger as when she first stiffened, then went into orgasmic convulsions I had all I could do to hold contact between my lips and that hot ravenous lower mouth of hers. I had both hands behind her, each holding one delightful sphere of that exquisite ass. In my attempts to hold her, my fingers tightened even more, and as my finger tips slid harder into the crease between those wonderful moons one finger entered into her tiny tender hole bringing on another, even more violent convulsion. As she flooded my face again and again I entered a state of nirvana, nothing existed but the here and now. I was so involved that I didn't even notice that I had climaxed, she drinking every drop while still maintaining me at full erection.

Suddenly she shifted, and her lovely face was at mine. She was kissing and licking at me, cleaning her spendings off my face and neck, alternately putting her tongue into my mouth as if she were trying to lick my tonsils. As I lay there gasping for breath she sat up, raising herself until she could place the tip of me at the entrance of her heat, then slowly she started to descend. Placing my hands back on her lovely breasts with those hard hot nipples, she gave me an angelic smile of pure delight. It seemed like forever, but couldn't have taken more than a few minutes before she had inched her way down until we were socketed to the hilt.

Then the most amazing thing happened. Every time I would squeeze one of her breasts, her internal muscles would give me a rippling squeeze. It was as if there were a direct connection between those sensitive nipples and her fiery young pussy down below. And when I would grab one of those hard spikes and roll it between my fingers she would convulse against me. As I held one and pulled outward she raised up my straining erection until it slipped from my fingers and snapped back which caused her to drop also, our pubic regions crashing together. We didn't just have sex, as such.

There was no he, no she. We were a dual entity, each half experiencing the other half fully. There was no conscious thought, merely the happening, the feelings and emotions. She was in constant climax, one after another, and one of those triggered mine. I can't describe it, as at that moment I lost this world and floated away on a timeless sea. When I did recover my senses, to see this lovely, this so delectable CHILD laying there beside me spread and gasping for breath, I realized what had occurred, what I had done. In horror I jumped up, dressed as best I could, and ran out with the sound of her voice in my ears.

"No, come back! Please, don't leave me! Come back!" With those words ringing in my ears, and the demons of hell riding my shoulders, I got to my rooms, quickly packed and left. In an hour I was out of the city, by daylight out of the state. This was all many long and sorrowful years ago, and no matter what I have since done with my life, whether good or bad, I have never been able to escape that haunting voice I hear deep inside calling me to my doom.

"Please, don't leave me, come baaaack!"

This is how he told it to me after one of our group therapy sessions, and I would never have betrayed his confidence except for what happened later. He was in his late twenties when I knew him, and was in therapy because he was afraid of young girls. If he was walking on the street and saw one coming he would turn and go around the block to avoid her, or run down an alley and huddle against a wall shuddering with fear. He had a job as mail boy in a large insurance company, delivering mail to all the different offices, and thought he was safe there. The rest is third hand, as I wasn't there, but this is what was told to me.

He was on the seventeenth floor making his rounds when he heard a noise and looked up to see Mrs. Weintraub from Customer Relations coming down the hall toward him, leading a dozen or so young girls. These were from a local school on a field trip, but he didn't stop to hear that. Letting out a scream he bolted to the end of the hall, and there was nowhere else to go. Hearing him scream, they must have thought he was hurt, and hurried toward him, which only panicked him the more. Opening the large window at the end of the hall, he climbed out onto the ledge.

As he did so, one of the girls cried out, "Don't go out there, come back." According to Mrs. Weintraub, it was the most peculiar thing. When he heard that he got such a peaceful look on his face, smiled and turned, then simply leaned forward to begin his seventeen story flight to the street. They all agreed that he never made a sound all the way down.

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