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Crissy by Siren99


When I was 18, I had a summer job working at a gas station, out along the interstate. Nothing glamorous, but it paid my bills and put gas in my '67 Mustang. My normal shift was from 7 a.m. until about 3 p.m., when my relief got there for the evening shift. I was sort of popular with the neighborhood kids, whom I didn't mind hanging around the station, as long as they didn't get in the way. Especially one of them in particular...

Her name was Crissy. She was 13, and she developed a crush on me. As time went by, she hung around more and more, and she stuck to me like glue. Soon, she found little excuses to brush against me, touch me on the arm, and so forth. I found it all rather interesting, and I began to pay a little closer attention to her... Crissy was blond-haired and blue-eyed, and lightly freckled. Nobody would call her gorgeous, but she was pretty in an innocent-little-waif kind of way. Her hair hung straight around her bare shoulders, part-way down the fair skin of her back. She had gone through enough of a pubescent growth spurt to be about chin-height to me, and she was filling out nicely. Her usual outfit was simply cutoff shorts and a tank-top, which allowed me sneak peeks at her developing breasts from the loosely-open sides of the shirt. The shorts showed off the ample curves of her young ass, and her lightly-tanned thighs were nicely-proportioned. Her always-bare feet completed the look, giving her a nymph-like appearance.

I began to feel a stirring in my crotch when Crissy was around, and I began to have serious thoughts of indulging her crush on me. My regular girlfriend was not much older -- 14 -- so the age thing was not really an issue for me. But my girlfriend had some definite sexual hangups, and I was beginning to wonder if we would ever get past kissing. Crissy seemed a little more like a free spirit, willing to go with the moment. Her young laughter always caught me up, making me feel free, too. I wondered if a "right time" would come...

Then, one day, George (my boss) got tired of Crissy hanging around the station. Pulling me aside, he told me to "take her on a long walk and don't bring her back." Sensing an opportunity, I gladly collected Crissy and asked her to come on a walk.

"Sure!" she said, with no questions asked.

So we headed down the road, away from the interstate. There were open fields of tall grass on either side, and we were quickly out of sight of the station. It was a quiet, sunny morning, and you could hear cicadas buzzing in the distance. I took Crissy's hand, and she simply looked up and smiled, blushing a little. I led her over into the almost shoulder-high grass, and she followed along with no hesitation. When we had gotten about 30 feet off the road, I stopped.

"George doesn't like you very much," I said. Turning to look at her, I could see her face had fallen. "But I do," I added.

At this, she blushed deeply, and I pulled her to me, tipping her chin up so that our lips could meet. She melted into me without reserve, putting her arms around my neck and clinging tight. I wondered if she could feel my hard-on pressing against her belly. If she did, she obviously didn't care.

I lowered us down into the grassy field, first to our knees, then down to lying side-by-side. Crissy lay cradled in my arms, kissing me. It was like we were in our own little world, as we flattened the grass in that small area. I would have loved to stay like that for hours, but I knew we didn't have all day -- George was paying me for this time, after all! -- so I decided we needed to cement our relationship fairly quickly, while we were away from prying eyes...

My arms were already behind her, so I began to explore Crissy's body with my hands. I moved slowly up the back of her shirt, then around her side to the nearest young breast. Crissy showed no reaction, other than a muffled "Mmmm", so I lingered there a few moments, feeling her developing softness around the young nipple, which was hardening up as we kissed. I wanted to pave the way for more, though, so after a minute I reached up to take her free hand, intertwining fingers and then moving it down to my crotch. Crissy hesitated just briefly, then began lightly stroking me there, and I hugged her tight in response.

Now that Crissy's hand was where I wanted it, I went the same direction on her, only under her shorts, which were somewhat loose at the waist. I caressed her soft little ass, then moved carefully around to the front, reaching into her small mound of pubic hair. She gasped, so I hesitated.

"Do you want me to stop?" I asked her.

"No!" she said, and shuddered. "You just surprised me a little. I've never done this before. But don't stop!"

I promised her I'd be gentle, then reached in the rest of the way to cradle her sex in my palm. I began to press with the heel of my hand, finding a slow rhythm, and Crissy began to press back in time with me, her breathing getting faster by the minute. She parted her thighs a little, and I let my fingers stroke her lips as we slowly pulsed together.

Crissy began to fumble with my belt, but she was obviously inexperienced at this, so I helped her undo the belt and waist-button. The zipper she understood, quickly pulling it down and sliding her hand into my underwear, down to my aching shaft. Tentatively stroking me, she asked, "Is this right?" (as if she could do it wrong!). "More right than you can imagine," I told her, my own breathing speeding up now. As she went to work on me, I quickly undid her shorts, unzipping them and sliding my hand back into her panties. Now that I could reach her warm little mound better, I slipped a finger into her moistening slit, then carefully began to slide it into her virgin love-hole. Crissy's breath caught again, but then she helped by pushing against my hand, and soon my finger was all the way in. We just lay like that for a moment, cherishing each other's sex. It was like heaven on earth, and I wished we could have stayed that way, but time was getting short...

"Pull my pants down," I said breathlessly, and as I lifted up slightly to help her, I tugged down Crissy's shorts and panties. Rolling her on top of me, I quickly got her centered, with my throbbing dick in position just below her young slit. Her little body felt wonderful as we lay like that... so soft and light, but so hot for whatever I wanted next. Her hair smelled like fresh-cut grass, and her lightly-damp skin smelled like the heat of the sexiest woman alive. I kissed her and put my hands on her developing breasts.

"These are beautiful, but they'll get better," I said, "but this," and I reached down to stroke her between the cheeks of her young, tender ass, "is perfect!"

Crissy blushed again as she locked her lips with mine, and with some guidance from the hand that had been stroking her, I began entering her virgin love-hole. Slowly, just a little at a time, I started to slide into her, and she began pushing back hard, helping me into her tight young slit. Suddenly, I was all the way into this hot little 13-year-old nymph -- she felt incredible! -- and we both began pumping immediately, quickly reaching a frenzy that engulfed us both in waves of pleasure. Afterward, we lay there for a few minutes, catching our breath.

As we got dressed, I asked her to meet me at 3:00, when I got off work. She agreed, and I kissed her goodbye as she headed home. When I got back to the station, George looked at me kind of funny, as if he suspected something, but I decided he could think what he wanted. I thought 3:00 would never come, but finally it did, and Crissy reappeared. I punched out and took her to my car, and we drove away from town to find some deserted country road.

"What time do you have to be home by?" I asked her, as I reached over to the inside of her young thigh and fondled her.

"By dinnertime, about 6:00," she said.

I asked if we needed to worry about her getting pregnant, but she shyly told me she'd stolen some of her older sister's birth- control pills. Relieved, I found a secluded spot, pulled off and parked. Then we climbed in the back seat, got mostly undressed, and balled each other's brains out for the next three hours. We both came again and again, and Crissy's youthful cries of joy were like music to my ears.

That was the way we spent that summer, meeting in the afternoons and having wild, uninhibited sex. I continued to see my regular girlfriend on occasional evenings, but I was right -- we never progressed beyond kissing -- and eventually I lost all interest in her. I had met the perfect little nubile fox, who was giving herself to me completely!

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