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Coworker Coitus by Jazz

Coworker Coitus

Jodi and I had always been pretty open in our discussions with each other. It seemed that no topic was off limits. We often found ourselves talking about our sex lives with one another. Now, Jodi is 57, red hair, slim figure, small breast but perfect size for her frame, nice ass, and long legs. I'm 58, brown hair, heavy set, good looking for my size.

Our boss leaves at 5:00 on Friday, and often we find that it is pretty slow in the store during the last hour before we close. We would sit in the office talking about this and that, but our conversations always turned sexual. She would tell me about what she did to her boyfriend, I would tell her what I did with my girlfriend. I of course would become erect sitting there listening to her tell me about how she blew her man the night before, or that morning. I would sit there and shift in my seat trying to conceal my stiff cock. From time to time, I would catch Jodi starting to sweat, start shifting in her seat, and on occasion would catch her nipples getting hard.

I guess it was only a matter of time before the two of us would just get so turned on that we had to do something about it. On this particular Friday, business was dead. We hadn't had a customer since 2 p.m., and our boss gave up and went home at 4. This particular Friday, Jodi had chosen to wear a short black skirt with a white top. This outfit showed off all of her curves.

We sat in the office and began chatting. Of course our conversation turned to sex. Jodi's narrative, along with her outfit, had my cock rock hard in no time. It was obvious that she could see that I was enjoying the conversation. I decided not to hide it any more and let her see the bulge in my pants. It was obvious to me that she was becoming aroused, well any man could have spotted it. Her nipples became erect, her face reddened, and she was slowly raising her skirt to allow me to see that she wasn't wearing any panties. It was blatantly obvious that she was willing to do something if I was. I got up, left the office, locked the front door of the store and put the closed sign out. Jodi watched me do this, and when I arrived back in the office she had her skirt hiked all the way up to her hips.

I couldn't help myself. I kneeled on the floor in front of her and buried my tongue deep in her red box. Jodi leaned back in the chair allowing me full access to her pussy. I put my arms under her knees and lifted them high. This allowed me to sink my tongue deep in her hole. Jodi let out a moan of pleasure and approval. My tongue continued probing her cunt for a minute or so before finding its way to her swollen clit. When my tongue hit her clit, Jodi damn near jumped out of the chair. She let out a loud moan and grabbed the back of my head driving it harder into her snatch.

I continued to service Jodi's cunt, licking my way from her clit to her hole and back. Always stopping and probing her deep before returning to suck at her hood. Jodi's body shook in pleasure, and when she came she shot her hot juice all over my face. I lapped up every drop. I wanted to keep going, but I also wanted my cock serviced. So, I stood up, removed my pants and lay down on the floor. I urged Jodi to join me and she did. At first she was just going to suck my cock, but I would have none of that. I wanted more of her snatch. With just a little urging Jodi took up a 69 position above me.

As my tongue found her snatch her mouth found my swollen cock. I knew, from our conversations, that Jodi was no stranger to sucking cock, and it showed. She licked at the head for a few seconds before slowly swallowing my cock in her throat. I continued servicing her cunt as she slowly and methodically sucked my cock. She would work her mouth up the shaft, flicking the head with her tongue at the same time. This was mind blowing.

My tongue forced Jodi to cum 2 or 3 more times, before she dismounted my face. Jodi wanted me to cum. She told me to sit in the chair and watch her.

I watched as Jodi's mouth worked the length of my shaft. To help build up the feeling she would tug and stretch my balls while sucking at the head of my cock. I thought I was going to black out. Eventually I couldn't hold out any longer. I told Jodi I was about to cum. She looked up at me and smiled with my cock in her mouth. Jodi then began to pump my shaft with her hand and mouth at the same time. I warned her that I was cumming and she continued sucking at my cock. Was I seeing what I thought I was? Was Jodi going to swallow? Yes! I began pumping hot cum into Jodi's mouth and she just kept sucking. Jodi and her hungry mouth worked my cock dry. Jodi then removed her mouth, looked up at me and swallowed. This was incredible, this was something even my girlfriend wouldn't do.

Jodi asked if I enjoyed it, and I responded that I did. We sat there for a few minutes, catching our breath. The two of us were both still horny. So I stuck my finger in her twat and began playing with her. She definitely approved. It wasn't long before my cock recovered and was hard again. Jodi then said, Why don't you put that somewhere well both enjoy? That was all I needed to hear. I sat her on the desk and took up a position between her legs. I pointed my hard shaft straight at her wet cunt, and slowly inserted it. She was tight. I guessed that her man wasn't as big as I was.

I began pumping her cunt slowly at first then faster and harder. Jodi let out moans of pain and pleasure. You fucker, fuck me harder she yelled. I fucked her hard; I could feel my nuts hitting her ass and the desk. Harder, deeper! she commanded.

>I pulled out, and moved her to where she was bent over the desk. Her ass and cunt were now ready for me to fuck her hard from behind. I paused for a moment, wanting to fuck her ass, but thought I had better not. My cock quickly found her cunt once again. I pulled her hips closer to mine with every thrust. My cock worked in and out of her wet cunt. We were fucking so hard the desk was shaking. That's it! Don't stop! I'm almost ready to cum! Jodi screamed. I kept up the pace and force. My own cock was ready to cum. I could feel Jodi's cunt getting ready to cum; she was tightening around my shaft with each thrust. Neither of us could take it any more. Jodi began to cum, and with the pulsing of her twat my cock could take no more. Hot cum shot from my cock deep into Jodi's hungry cunt. This kept Jodi cumming. Her body continued to convulse with every pulsing of my cock.

The two of us went into the rest room to clean up. We then went back up front and reopened the store. But not before spraying some Lysol and air freshener to cover the fact that we had just fucked. I was a little concerned about her becoming pregnant. She assured me that she was on the pill and it was hard for her to get pregnant because of that. Jodi told me that she and her boyfriend fucked like animals at home and never used protection without any pregnancy scares. She told me this to reassure me. A month came and went, and her period arrived on time.

The two of us have had sex 3 or 4 times since. Every time we did it, it sure made the time go by quick at work.

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