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Covet Thy Neighbor's Wife by Drywater

Covet Thy Neighbor's Wife

When our new neighbors moved into the house next to ours, we really didn't pay much attention. We live on a military installation, and people come and go all the time. Getting new neighbors happens about as often the winds shift.

My wife is a military officer. I have the luxury of staying at home and trying to start my own business, because we can live nicely off of her salary. Our street is made up mostly of families where the husband in military and the wife stays home, usually with the children. Most military bases are this way.

However, when I first saw Amanda, my heart skipped a beat. I am partial to plump women - not obese women who look like blobs of cellulite - but Reubenesque women who could stand to lose a few pounds, yet keep themselves beautiful regardless. Amanda fit the description perfectly. She was about 5'3" and weighed probably 165-175 lbs. She had a beautiful face with piercing blue eyes, framed by dark brown hair. Her breasts were full and heavy, but not enormous. Her hips were wide and plump, and she had a bouncy bubble ass that jiggled when she walked. Her skin was white and creamy, with a small spattering of freckles on her nose and her shoulders. In my own opinion, she was perfect. In addition to all of this, she was one of the sweetest, gentlest women I have ever met. I wanted her in the worst way.

Being a male military spouse, I am a rarity. But I have found that most wives of military members I know are more willing to share their most intimate secrets and problems with me than with other women. Perhaps it is because their own husbands are away so much, they crave the attention from a man. Whatever the reason, I have befriended most of the women on the block and become a sort of confidant to them. All of my relationships with them have stayed on the up and up, however. But all of that changed with Amanda.

Amanda and I had become good friends over the course of several months. Her husband, John, and my wife had known each other for most of their careers, having trained as officers together. John was nice enough but, as I found out from Amanda, he was also verbally abusive and controlling when they were alone. Maybe it was the officer in him, maybe it was just his personality. She and John had not made love in over 8 months, despite her efforts to seduce him. Amanda and I had many discussions about him. They had been married for just over a year. He had been married twice before; this was her first marriage. Naturally, Amanda sought someone to confide in about the hell that her life had become. For some fateful reason, she chose me.

I had desired intimate contact with Amanda since the start of our friendship. However, I always restrained myself, not wanting to violate the trust she had in me. I would never think to take advantage of her vulnerabilities. For as much as I wanted her and lusted after her, I also respected and felt genuine affection for her. As our friendship progressed, we began daily "gab" sessions which almost always focuses on the problems we each had in our marriages. We also started spending more time together going places, watching movies, gardening, etc. In short, we were "casually dating" one another while our spouses went about defending our country. Infidelity is rampant in the armed services, and the military has the highest divorce rate of any profession in the nation. I certainly never envisioned myself becoming a part of those statistics.

One day, however, the dam of pent-up emotions and desire between us broke. Amanda had come over in tears, having had a huge argument with John just that morning. In the course of their verbal war, he had told her how "disgustingly fat" she was and that she was an embarrassment to him as a Naval officer. That had been the straw that broke the camel's back, as it were, and as soon as he left for work, she came to me, hysterical.

I held Amanda close as she wept, soothing her as best I could. She soon calmed herself, but would not let me release my grip on her. The events of the morning had been too much for her, and she needed the physical contact that was lacking in her own marriage. We sat on the couch, with me holding her in my arms, and our relationship soon moved into the next phase. As I held her, I began stroking her clean-smelling, shiny dark hair. She began running her hands up and down my back - something I love, and which my own wife used to do, but hadn't in a long time. Soon we were kissing. It wasn't the hard, intense kiss of two desperate lovers, but a tentative, cautious kiss between two people who were confused about their feelings but weren't willing to fight them.

I had never been unfaithful to my wife in 7 years of marriage. I'd had my share of opportunities, but any one of them would have been a temporary fling, a purely animalistic sexual relationship with nothing but physical gratification and no emotional bonds. That is why I always avoided them. If my marriage is going to be destroyed by infidelity, I at least want to get something more than sex out of the affair. If all I want is sex, I can buy a hooker.

Soon Amanda and I were kissing more passionately, greedily exploring each other's mouths with our tongues. We could have stopped ourselves right then, agreed to forget it ever happened, and move on. But we did not. Soon Amanda was crying with the overwhelming sensation of feeling loved (I admit I had fallen deeply in love her over the weeks, and though I had never told her that, I believe she could feel it in my touch). It was then that she uttered the words that changed everything.

"Please make love to me," she gasped.

I could not refuse her. I had wanted to hold her, to make love to her, to make her feel safe for so long. I picked her up and carried her into the bedroom. I sat her on the bed - a bed that had not seen any action between my wife and I in months - and slowly began undressing her. I removed her sweater revealing her white lace bra. I unsnapped the bra, releasing her heavy white breasts. I was pleased to see they were sprinkled with light freckles along the top, something I found strangely erotic. Her brown nipples were already stiff and erect. I ran my warm hands over them, gently rolling each nipple in my fingers. Amanda let out a low moan.

I pulled her silk skirt down over her wide hips, revealing her matching white panties and full, plump thighs. I was getting so turned on by now my hands were trembling. Amanda was the most beautiful, sensual woman I had ever had the pleasure of undressing. As I removed her panties, she squirmed a bit, wanting to get out of them as quickly as possible. Her mound was plump and already wet. Her pubic hair was trimmed to nearly nothing, another highly erotic sight for my eyes. I quickly shed my own clothing and laid her back on the bed.

I ran my hands softly over her creamy, plump body. I lingered at her breasts, teasing the nipples. She gasped and giggled. I moved my hands down over her plump belly and hips to her inner thighs, deliberately avoiding her wet cunt. She let out another moan and rotated her hips, apparently trying to force her pussy onto my hand. I teased her a bit more, running my fingers up and down the crack of her heavy ass, still avoiding her slick groove. She squirmed more still.

"Please, don't tease any more," she cried desperately.

I complied, finally allowing my fingers to dance lightly over her cunt lips. She cried out as I gently massaged her pink clit. I gently inserted a finger into her hot, wet vagina. She was surprisingly tight - I assumed it due to a lack of activity for nearly a year. I slid first one, then two, fingers in and out of her pussy, hearing the wet sounds her channel was making as I did so. She was really wet now, and very much in heat.

I placed my head between her thick, white thighs and began slowly, gently licking and kissing her gorgeous cunt. I have never been particularly fond of eating my wife out. She enjoys it, but I rarely ever initiate it because she has a taste I find unpleasant. Amanda, however, was perfect. She tasted slightly tart, but more sweet than anything. I ran my tongue up and down her slit, swirling it firmly around her small clit. She raised her full hips and ass off the bed and ground her cunt into my face. I thrust my tongue as deeply as I could into her tight hole. Soon she was bucking her hips and gasping wildly in the throes of an intense orgasm.

When she was done, I kissed my way back up her luscious body, stopping to gently bite each swollen nipple. When I reached her mouth, I kissed her deeply. She opened her legs and I guided my rock hard cock into her soaked cunt. I began thrusting in and out, gently at first, then with more intensity as our climaxes built up. Soon I was at my peak, shooting my load deep into her tight, slick channel.

I collapsed on top of her, physically and emotionally drained. As we lay there holding each other, we soon fell asleep, happy, content, and sated. This was just the beginning.

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