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V.V. Vidal's Stories

Bottle of Confessions by V.V. Vidal

Bottle of Confessions

I once heard from a wise man, that a man can get rid of his confessions with all the guilt and pain, by writing them down on a piece of paper and putting it in a bottle, then throwing it in the ocean.

I don't know whether it's true or not, but I stand before the ocean ready to get rid of my confessions.

As I look back to what happened that summer, I realize that I must confess to the temptations that were set before me, and how I easily gave in.

CONFESSION #1: June 6, 1992

I had just moved to a new town to get a fresh new start. I was an aspiring artist at 34, hoping to make it big, so I moved to a small town to get clear my mind. Big cities were a hassle, but small towns I could work with. It has the perfect artist environment. At least that's what I believed.

I moved into a nice neighborhood. Friendly neighbors. They weren't too shady about a black man coming to live in their neighborhood either. I unpacked and got settled in a couple of days, and then the regrets came.

What am I doing here? Did you make the right decision? All those agonizing questions running through my mind. What if being an artist doesn't work out? Then what will you do? You can't go back to modeling. That was the only thing I was sure about. I didn't want to model again. I had the looks and all, 6'2", 200 pounds, built, hazel eyes, and my head was shaved bald, but I hated being on camera. I liked watching other people and that's what I like being an artist. I capture emotions and images with real people, not make believe, but I use their image to create a fantasy land. But I knew that I had to do something, because this artist thing wasn't working so far, I was willing to do anything, and go anywhere.

Over the next few days, I was spending my days at a small lake, they had on the other side of town. No one really went there, but I believed it was the perfect place to capture my images. Well on one sunny afternoon when I was down at the lake, something intrigued me.

It was a girl, she looked about 20, but she had to be younger than that. She was sitting on the other side of the lake on the grass. She was wearing a blue bikini top, with black shorts on. She was leaning back on her arms with her legs stretched out. Her head was cocked to the side looking at the water as if she was day dreaming. What intrigued me the most about her was her mass curls of brownish gold hair. It was wild like on her head. And the little blue flower that was sticking out from her head made her look so innocent. I couldn't see her real well from where I was, but I wanted to draw her anyway.

I began to sketch her smooth brown legs first. It was only a matter of minutes before I had her captured. After I was done, I took a good look at what I had drawn.

Perfect, I thought to myself.

The girl then got up and looked across the lake and smiled at me. Then she left. I didn't think of it at the time, but all the while I was drawing her, she never moved. It was like she wanted me to draw her.

CONFESSION #2: June 10, 1992

It wasn't until the next day that I found out that she lived next door to me. I was working on my lawn when she appeared behind me. She said wanted to greet her new neighbor. Her name was Aleasha. I thought that was a beautiful name. She asked what mine was and I told her Malik. That was my artist name. Looking at her close up I could tell she was really pretty. She was about 5'6", had brownish bronze skin, with green eyes. I thought that she was probably a mulatto, or one of those mixed kids. She was 16, but looked very mature for her age. It breasts were too fully developed for her age. Which to my guess were probably a C or D cup. She was a cute girl and I only wished I were years younger. She then pulled out a lollipop and began sucking on it. I mean to see the way this girl rolled it around in her mouth between her big lips was amazing. I immediately got a hard-on from her. I was lucky I was wearing baggy pants, because my dick would have burst through at that moment. I believe she knew what she was doing, no girl could suck on a lollipop like that, and not know what they were doing.

Our visits together over the next few weeks were regular. She would come over to my house and sit on my porch and talk with me about her life and boys and what she liked and disliked. And I would draw her. I captured every movement she made through my drawings. The gestures she made every time she would talk about herself and other people, and the gestures she made when she was angry at her parents. I found myself thinking about her. Probably too much. It was weird the feelings I got when I was around her. She was something different. Exotic like. Sometimes I would stay up night thinking about her. What will I draw of her tomorrow. What will she be like? Sometimes when she talks about the guys she has been with, or she likes I get jealous. I couldn't understand why. I am more than twice her age. What do I want with some teen. But more and more I would find myself imagining me and her together. I would masturbate many nights thinking about my 9" inside her sweet little pussy. I would pump my cock up and down so hard that I would shoot a load off and then be able to go for more. Sometimes I imagine what it would feel like to explode right inside her pussy and feel that pussy throb as she would cum all over me, or even taste her juices inside my mouth. It was all too soon before I would find out.

Some days went by and I didn't her from her. I began to get worried and even considered going to her house and looking for her, but what would that look like. When she finally did come by I was upset with her. I yelled at her for not coming to see me. Suddenly it hit me what I was saying. Did I really have feelings for her? She seemed confused, so I said I was sorry for yelling at her. I told her I would make it up to her by making her lunch. She forgave me and came into my house. It was the first time she has been actually inside my house. She was the amazed at all the pictures I had on the wall. She asked me if I drew all those. I said yes. She was even more amazed. She sat on the couch while I went to go get some food. After we ate lunched we talked for awhile. Then we became bored and said nothing to each other. She then laid her head on my shoulder and shut her eyes and hummed a little bit. I was frozen by her touch. Never had she ever touched me before. It was magical. She grabbed my hand and kissed it and placed it on her thigh. I was touching her, and it didn't even hit me that I was actually TOUCHING her. She smiled at me and moved her hand farther up her thigh. I could have stopped her but I didn't. She unbuttoned her shorts and she stuck my hand in her shorts and down her underwear. I could feel the bristles of pubic hair on her pussy. I was paralyzed by confusion and some what wanting it to happen.

Before I realized what was going on, I had my fingers rubbing her clit. I moved rubbed my fingers slowly on her clit. She grabbed my hand pulled it tighter to her pussy. She began moving her hips up and down. She moaned softly as I rubbed her clit faster. I felt down farther and I could feel her juices flow from her pussy on to my fingers. She was moaning louder than before now. So I took a chance and decided to stick my fingers insider her pussy. That got her going. She humped and bucked and swore. All the while telling me to go faster and harder. I stuck my fingers out and gave her clit a final rub and she came with her hips in the air. After she relaxed I took my hands from her pussy and tasted her cum. It was sweet and I felt as though I were in heaven. The next thing I knew was that she was on her knees and my pants were undone and around my ankles. She had my pulled down my boxers and went to work on my hard dick. She pumped it first in her tiny little hands, but those hands were hands of experience. She all the way up and down my dick rubbing it. Then she took it in her mouth licking the head then sucking on it all the way down to my balls, just like she did those lollipops. I grabbed her head and pumped my tool inside her mouth. I was surprised she could take it, but she did and was furiously sucking on it up and down and giving it licks on the head. I knew I was going to cum any minute. It just about did it for me when she began to pump it with her hands again up and down my shaft. My balls tightened and I exploded right on her face. My cum gushed out like a geyser and she lapped it up quickly as it rained on her. She smiled and gave it one last lick and buttoned up her shorts and left. I was going to stop her, but I was too overwhelmed. As I started to drift of into a sleep, thoughts came to me.

What the hell was I doing? This is wrong and illegal. Why did I let my subconscious thoughts get the better of me. Then new thoughts came to me. What if she told someone? What if I went to jail for what I'd done. But she was willing. But no one would understand. I was the bad guy. I decided that next time I saw her I would tell her straight.

CONFESSION #3: June 15, 1999

Days went by and I didn't hear from her. Those days felt like a slow torture. I kept wondering the worst.

Was she telling everyone?

Would the police come bursting in at any moment and arrest me? I felt like they were just waiting for me to crack and confess. I had one time gotten the nerve to actually walk up to her house and knock on the door. When I knocked. No one answered. I felt relieved, but angered. How dare she leave me here to sit and panic.

When I finally did see her, she gave me an excuse that she had gotten busy and she couldn't come over. I told her that I went to her house and knocked on the door, but no one answered. She said that she wasn't home, she was busy. I accepted her excuse and decided to talk to her about what we had done. But before I could get the words out, she asked if she could go inside my house and talk. She walked in before I could answer. When we were in the house, I told her that we had to talk.

Right when I was about to tell her, the phone rang. I cursed silently and went in the other room to answer it. It was some solicitor on the phone. I hung up quickly with them. When I went back into the living room. She was gone. I called her name out a few times. I looked outside. Where was she?

Suddenly I heard a door slam down the hall. My bedroom door was closed. I walked to my door and opened the door slowly. She was in my room naked. My eyes just stared at her body. Her breasts were round and her nipples were erect. I could see her pussy clearly now and the little patch of brown hair that covered it. She laid down on my bed and slowly spread her legs apart. I walked closer and could see her brown pussy wet as could be dripping with cum. Everything that I was going to say before completely left my mind and like a zombie I reached down and touched her love pearl. She let out of gasp of pleasure. I rubbed her clit around in circles and she began to move her body up and down moaning. I couldn't resist temptation. I crawled on the bed stuck my tongue between her legs. She tasted so good. I flicked my tongue rapidly over her erect clit. She started to clutch my head and drive my face down into her pussy. I couldn't take it any more, I had to put my hard, ready to explode, dick inside her. She smiled as I began to take off my clothes. She told me she wanted me to put my dick inside her. I never heard her before use language like that. But I thought might as well give her what she wanted. I entered her slowly. She felt warm and slippery inside. One thing I couldn't believe was how tight she was. I had the impression that she slept around a lot. But she was very tight. I pumped my dick inside her pussy. She moan and yell with each thrust. She told me to give to her faster. I pumped faster inside her wet pussy. We both soon were bucking and faster and faster. I finally let out a cry and exploded my hot cum inside her. She came a few seconds later. I could feel her pussy throb as cum gushed on to us. We were both sweating and tired. I didn't realize I fell asleep, but when I awoke she was gone. I found a note on my table when I got up. She said that she was going to be leaving and that she would probably never see me again. I was heartbroken. Everything that we shared was gone.

---- Confessions of a broken heart.

It has been seven years since that summer, and I never did see her again. I moved away from the town and moved to California. I decided that being an artist wasn't working for me and quit that. I don't know why I'm standing here with my bottle of confessions and throwing them into the ocean. Maybe I expect something to happen. As I long for her each and everyday, I realized that I was only hurting myself. Maybe throwing these confessions away will erase the passions I shared. Erase the memories that I long for. Erase her. I threw the bottle with all my might into the ocean. It landed with a splash. I walked away from the ocean still. I still remembered her.


(c) 1999 Vanessa inc. All rights reserved.

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