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Lauren Takahashi's Stories

College Sex by Lauren Takahashi

College Sex

My first year in college was the most memorable experiences I've ever had. I went to a college out of state from my hometown. I still remember my first day of school, all the looks from the guys, the comments made, "Wow, check out that Asian chick". Guess it was because I went to a school where the majority of students were Caucasian and they weren't used to seeing an Asian girl. I lived in the dorms with two other girls who were very pretty and outgoing. Jennifer was about 5 foot 7, long brunette hair, and a nice figure while Joanne was about 5 foot 8, a bit heavier than Jennifer but pretty nevertheless. All three of us got along very well and we had fun times with each other.

It was our first Friday night together and there was a huge party going on at one of the fraternity houses down the street from our dorm. They were one of the more popular frats due to the strict criteria of membership; guys that were fine, but I didn't mind at all. I wanted to look good for my first party so I wore my dark blue mini dress and white tank top. Jennifer and Joanne where pretty wild girls, they wore some tight miniskirts and low cut tops showing their cleavage for all to see. When we arrived at the party it was really rocking with crowds of people dancing and drinking. I was drooling about the quality of the guys present at this party. They were all very tall, broad shoulders, and extremely cute. Not really being a heavy drinker, my girlfriends immediately gave me shots of Midori sour and tequila just to see my ass drunk. Half an hour into the party my head was spinning so I decided to sit on the couch by the dance floor area. My girl friends wandered off somewhere probably to find some hot guys to dance with. As I sat down for a bit, a guy with dark brown hair with a nice sweet smile said, "Hi my name is Mike, you wanna dance with me baby?"

Still feeling a little dizzy I said, "Why not, you seem pretty nice." I tried to dance but my coordination was a mess from taking all those shots, which caused me almost to fall flat on my face. As I was about to tumble and embarrass myself he grabbed my waist and purposely slid his hand up my skirt. I felt his hand on my ass, but I was in an awkward position so I couldn't move away.

"Are you all right?" he said.

"I'm fine but I think I need to sit down, my head is really dizzy," I told him.

Mike sat me down and started talking to me but I couldn't understand what he was saying. And then it happened -- I passed out!

I don't know how long I was passed out, but I found my self on a bed in someone's room. I could still hear the music so I figured I was still at the frat party. Then I notice something; I felt a hand touching the outer skin of my pussy. I tilted my head a bit from the pillow and noticed my skirt was pulled up and my panties were dangling on my ankles. I then felt a finger slowly inch its way into my inner pussy. "Ohhh," I moaned as I could feel someone probing my pussy. I looked to the side and it was Mike who was eagerly fingering my pussy.

"Don't worry baby, I'm going to treat you just right," he told me. "I've never seen an Asian pussy before, but it's just like all the rest, nice and wet."

"What is going on?" I thought to myself, "how could I let this stranger finger fuck me like this?" His finger moved deeper in as his thumb rubbed my clitoris. "How can something so wrong feel so good?"

"I bet you are a dirty Asian whore huh, I can't wait to fuck your tight Asian pussy," he said with a big grin on his face. It felt like he was playing with my pussy for hours as he rigorously slammed his fingers in my cunt. "Damn you're a fucking wet whore," he shouted.

The alcohol was still affecting me so my senses weren't truly there but I could feel the ecstasy of having a stranger play with my pussy as if it were some toy. Then all of a sudden I heard another voice walk in the room, "Damn Mikey, what the fuck, why didn't you call me earlier, I've always wanted to fucking bang an Asian slut."

It was probably another frat boy. I heard him throw off his clothes to the side and he quickly laid beside my squeezing my tits and nipples. "Damn, she looks so innocent, I can't wait to monster fuck this Asian whore," the guy said.

For some reason I just laid there taking in what they said and what they did. For me it was a turn on, something in my life that I just had to do. "Let me fuck this pretty slut, I want to know what Asian pussy feels like," said the guy.

Mike moved to the side as he began to undress while this other frat boy spread my legs and pointed his dick at my sweet spot. Without hesitation or remorse, he drove his cock in me with a powerful thrust. "Ahhhhh, god damn, tighter than I thought, should have eased it in, but who cares -- I'm going to fuck this bitch raw," he shouted to Mike. I screamed out and moaned noises as he forcefully fucked my pussy. I could feel his meat thrusting in and out of me with no abandon, but my cunt was becoming even wetter. He fucked me hard and deep as I felt myself starting to cum.

"Look at this fucking slut, she is enjoying every minute of it," said the frat boy.

"Don't fuck her too hard, leave some for me, I found her first," said Mike.

The frat guy spread my legs even more as he used his weight to fuck my hole even harder. "Shit I'm going to fucking cum in this Asian slut's pussy," moaned the frat guy. With a frantic pace he fucked me as fast as he could before he released his seed into my inner flesh of my pussy. "Fucking Asian whore, made me cum too fast," he said as he laughed.

I was still in a state of shock, but the sexual feelings inside of me were too great to stop. "I'm going to let this whore suck off the rest of my cum," said the frat guy. The two turned me over with my bare ass showing for them to see.

"My turn now" said Mike. As Mike prepared to fuck me doggie-style, the other guy slipped in his semi-hard cock covered with cum into my mouth. It was so salty I almost gagged but he didn't care. Mike drove his cock into me just like his friend did. "Damn dude, fuck, I can feel all your cum in her pussy, I hate sloppy seconds" he said with them both laughing at the same time. "Fucking shit, her Asian pussy is tight, dammit hell it's good," he said.

As Mike pounded me from the back he probed my ass with his thumb sticking it in my asshole. "Check this out, dude, I'm fingering her ass hehe, this girl is such a slut," he said.

I felt like every hole in my body was being filled by these two strangers. I have to admit it was an incredible experience and I didn't want it to end. I was their slut tonight, and they could do what they wanted of me. Mike's friend began to get hard again and he started to motion his hips into my mouth. "I'm going to fuck face this Asian whore Mike, I want her to swallow my seed," he said.

As Mike was fucking me deep in my pussy his friend was making my mouth into his own little pussy. I couldn't handle it anymore, the intense feeling of being gang banged my two guys took me over the edge as my body shuttered in pleasure. I let out moans and screams for them to be heard. "Holy shit, this whore is enjoying it, fuck this bitch harder Mike," said the frat guy. For about ten minutes the guys were fucking my mouth and pussy constantly treating me like the whore I wanted to be.

"Oh shit I'm going to cum in her mouth, suck it your whore, suck it," he shouted. He blasted his white creamy cum down my throat not allowing me to spill any of his white seed. "Oh damn, she is one hell of a Asian fuck," he said as he laid back in exhaustion.

I could tell Mike was about to cum as his pace quickened pumping my cunt with his hard cock. "Yeah baby, I'm going to cum on you, fuck I can't hold back," Mike shouted. He took out his dick and sprayed his cum all over my ass and down my back. My body was lifeless as I lay on the bed. "Damn what a find, I'd fuck this girl forever," Mike said. I had enough strength to turn myself around and I saw the two guys putting back on their clothes.

"What's your name honey?" the frat guy said.

"Umm Lauren," I whispered.

"Well Lauren, you are officially one of the slut girls on the list of this frat house, when we all need a good fucking, you better come our way," he said. I was so tired I really didn't know what he said. I fell back asleep on the bed and I woke up the next Saturday afternoon to find I was still naked.

"Oh my god, what did I do?" I said to myself. I looked at my body only to find cum stains on my breast, in my hair, on my ass, and spills all over the bed. I tried to get up but I couldn't walk because I felt this pain in my ass. What a night, something I will never forget! I never went back to that frat house, but the reputation went around that I was a slut. What can you do, I just had to live with it.

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