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College Dare by

College Dare

It was that time of year again, beginning of August it meant only one thing, time for the family trip. I had dreaded going on vacation, mostly because I knew there wasn't going to be a whole lot for me to do on this trip. I had hoped to go on some wild drinking, party, and crazy vacation, but that wasn't going to happen this year anyway. So I went with my family to the mountains, to drive around to the different tourist traps and go into the little shops that dotted the road we would take. The only highlight I could for see was that I would have a room to myself, which meant I could at least watch some porno or something.

After a long drive we arrived at our destination, a hotel off the interstate. I went through the process of checking in and getting my room key and what not. It had been a long drive and because of some stops we made along the way we didn't arrive until late. The trip thus far had been lame, but I looked forward to a night of jerking off watching some porn on TV.

I took my room key saying goodnight to my parents, and headed to my room, which was located almost completely on the other side of the hotel. I opened the door to my room and flicked on the light as I scanned around the room, didn't notice anything out of the ordinary. A TV, a couch, a bed, a small table, just an ordinary room. I tossed my bags down and proceeded to take off my clothes. After I was stripped down to my boxers I hopped on to the bed turned the TV on. After a couple of minutes scanning the channels I came to the horrible truth, no porno channels!

I groaned out loud and picked up a local channel guide to see if anything they had skin-a-max, not even skin-a-max! I threw my head back and cursed aloud.

"Great now I get to really do a whole lotta jack shit this trip!"

I lay on the bed and starred at the TV for moment when I heard the bathroom door creak open. I froze in place and tried to grab for some kind of weapon, but all I came up with was my belt. As I quickly shifted my gaze back to the bathroom door I spoke,

"Who's there! Show yourself goddamn it!"

"Whoa listen, I'm not armed. I just want to ask you something," replied a small female voice.

"Huh?! What ever just step out of the bathroom nice and slow," I demanded.

And out of the bathroom she stepped, a gorgeous brunette who stood about 5'8"or so, with a full chest and a nice shapely legs. I lay there a moment taking her in. She wore a midriff T-shirt and some cut-off shorts. She had her hands out above her head. She was smiling nervously.

"What are you doing in here?" I asked her.

"I think there has been a mistake, so if you don't mind I am just going to go ahead and leave," she said as she began to walk slowly toward the door.

"Mistake? What you expecting someone else to take this room?"

"Kinda, oh look I really don't want to get in to it."

"Try me?" I said moving on to my side.

"Well, simply put my friends said they would pay me a $1,000 bucks if I fucked this nerdy kid that goes to our college. I really don't need the money, and besides I thought the guy was cute anyway so I was supposed to wait in this room for him until he..."

"He checked-in," I interrupted.

"Right. So if you don't mind I am just going to leave."

"Wait a minute, you're saying I 'm not fuckable?"

She looked at me a moment and said, "Oh, god no, it's just..."

"What, you had your hopes set on sex with a nerd? Hey, I am pretty nerdy."

She smiled at my comment and put her hands into her pocket.

"Listen, I know this sounds weird but I am horny as hell right now and I bet anything you are too just from waiting around for this other guy to show up, right?"

"Yeah well, kinda..."

"Kinda? Come on, help out a stranger in need! They don't have porn in this hotel, and I was hoping to jerk off watching women get fucked, but if you're here and you were planning to get freaky anyway why not just get a quickie and call it good? Come on what do you say?"

She stood by the door, swinging her arms around, debating what to do in her head. I sat up right on the bed a starred at her with anticipation. She looked at me, she looked at the door, and she did this a couple of times until she finally looked over at me and said, "Okay..."

I nearly tackled her as she walked over to the bed and began removing her clothes. I helped her with her shirt pulling it over her head, as she began to slide out of her shorts. She stood in front of me a moment completely nude and asked, "What do you think?"

"Nice very nice!" I replied as I took one of her nipples into my mouth.

"Ohhhh, wait..." was all she could get out before I grabbed her by the waste and pinned her down on the bed.

I licked and sucked on each of her nipples taking my time, as to engrave this experience into my mind. I rolled my tongue around her nipples, followed by a gentle suck then a slight nibble, all of which made her twitch around with pleasure. A few moments of my nipple work had worked her up pretty good, so I took this time trace my tongue down her chest, around her navel, to her pussy. She sucked in a deep breath as I flicked my tongue across her clit. I smiled and began to tongue fuck her, pushing my tongue in and out of her slit. She moaned with every push.

My mouth was growing tired so, I rose from kneeling position on the floor. She looked down at my hard cock and smiled. She wrapped her legs around me and pulled my closer to her. I guided my cock into her pussy, as she lifted her hip to mine. I groaned as my dick became full enthralled into her pussy. I slow began pump myself into her, slowly at first and then gradually gaining speed. She met all my thrust with her own. After a few moments it was more than I could handle. I pulled out and shot my load onto her chest, her face, and belly.

I lay next to her on the bed as began to play with the pools of cum on her chest.

"That was good," she said with a big smile on her face.

"Thanks, I try to please."

"Do you think you might be ready to go again soon?"

"Maybe, why? What did you have in mind?" I asked.

"Well, since I am here and I am all messy, I guess I should take a shower," she said, smirking.

I closed my eyes and laughed aloud.

"And I thought this vacation would suck."

More to come and again, any feed back of pics are welcome

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