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Okay, this is a story that happened a few weeks ago. It was a Friday night and my girlfriend of 22 decided she wanted to hit the town in style. She got dressed up in really sexy gears that showed of her figure beautifully. She wore these little sexy high-heeled shoes that are black and white, these black fish net 3/4 stockings and a really high-cut satin-blue mini-skirt. On her top she wore a tiny little crop top that ended just below her pert beautifully-formed breasts - her flat belly was on proud display.

Her name was Sarah. I loved everything about her body - her long milky-white legs, tight ass and tits and flat stomach. Her face was particularly beautiful, with pretty pink lips and topped with a fiery mane of sexy red-hair.

Anyway we moved from pub to pub. I took pleasure in watching drunken louts leering at her body whilst I knew they would never get her. We had had a great night, and Sarah got particularly drunk - she had been slamming double-gins most of the night. Finally it neared the time to go home for it was late. As we wondered into the night we passed a sex-shop to our right. It had a giant picture of a scantily-clad girl wearing just a g-string and a blindfold. "Ooooo can we go in there?" Sarah blurted out in an excited drunken tone. It had been a mellow night so I thought, "Why not?"

We paid the small entry fare and entered the place. It became evident that we had entered the shop-part of the place. A few couples and other men wondered the area scanning the selves intently. When they caught sight of Sarah they couldn't keep her eyes off her smooth body. My attention was turned to Adult Explicit magazines while Sarah's attention was diverted to this full-body suit made of mesh. We looked around the store for a while and finally found our way out back. The sounds of orgies and feverish sex-videos assailed our ears as we got closer to what seemed to be a number of video booths stretching down a shortish corridor. There were about 8 booths in all.

We moved down the corridor and entered one. It was just like the ones I had read about on the Net - and here they were in the flesh! I sat Sarah down and turned on the TV and a hard-core porno flashed up. There were two men with large cocks double penetrating this hot blonde porno star with massive heaving tits. I sat next to Sarah as the men on the screen pulled out and proceeded to spray their cum all over the starlet's face. I was feeling really turned on by now and began to fondle Sarah's tits. I looked around the booth and noticed a lever that would operate the curtains on each of the booths. "Want to put on a bit of a show?" I asked Sarah who was obviously feeling pretty bold because she just pulled off her top revealing her beautiful swelling breasts pulled tightly into her bra. She smiled at me as I operated the lever and wound back one of the curtains, revealing the booth next to us and it's sole male occupant. The man's attention rapidly diverted from the video to the show beside him - he had obviously been hoping for something like this. He moved his chair and watched as I slowly removed Sarah's satin-red bra. I moved my hands slowly over her breasts and brought her erect nipples up to mouth. I licked them with my tongue and gently bit them with my teeth. This drove Sarah wild - especially as it appealed to her exhibitionist side and mixed with alcohol there was no stopping her. As I suckled her tits I could feel the heat of her pussy though her tiny little skirt. I leant past her and opened up the other curtain to our left. Another man was in there and he quickly turned his attention to our little show. Sarah soon got off the chair and began to walk seductively around the room. She moved up to the windows and rubbed her tits up and down them. She then moved to the centre of the room and bent right over - giving myself and the men the perfect view of the tops of her stockings, her red suspender belt and her tiny little satin-red g-string. Her pussy was barely concealed by the g-string - and she knew it! She brought her hands up her legs in this position and slowly caressed her beautiful smooth ass and then her fingers found their way up her inner thigh and she began to caress her pussy sensuously through her panties. God I was so turned on! One of the men had unbuttoned his jeans and exposed his thick member. He was rubbing it vigorously as he watched the show. Sarah moved to his window and slowly removed her skirt. She was now just wearing her high-heels, suspenders and g-string. She looked so fucking sexy. "God I'm horny! I want to be a bad girl tonight!" She whispered as she passed me. I just smiled I was used to these moods that took her from time to time. I looked forward to them immensely. The guy who had his dick out then stuck through the glory-hole that was lower down the window. Sarah moved over to it and began to dance up to it, rubbing her pert ass against it. She crouched down and smoothed her tits over it.

The guy was going mad with lust! His cock looked swollen and sore.

"Can I touch?" She looked pleadingly in my direction.

I nodded - I wanted to continue enjoying the show - and we couldn't let down our customers! She smiled sexily back at me and reached out to grab the guy's cock. She began to rub it slowly up and down as she turned away from him and began to rub its head against her pussy, through the saturated material of her g-string. She kept doing this for a while, rubbing her pussy against his cock, thoroughly enjoying teasing this guy's swollen member.

The guy looked at me pleadingly.

"Suck his cock, baby," I ordered, "You're not being fair!"

She was annoyed that she had to give up her game but never-the-less she knelt down and began to lick his cock. First she lapped up the pre-come that was dribbling from it, before licking it from the base of the shaft to the head - still tantalizingly slowly though. Finally she swallowed the throbbing cock in her mouth, deep-throating the entire thing. As soon as she began to get a rhythm going she stopped, leaving the guy in an incredibly volatile state. She just giggled. She was drunk and getting her kicks being a blatant cock-tease. I decided to teach a little lesson. I signaled to the guy who had been getting the head (I'll call him Black Hair for the sake of this story) to come into our booth. In five and I winked. He smiled back his understanding and zipped up and left his booth. I think the other guy might have caught on as well because he left shortly afterwards.

"Where are they going? Are we missing out on more fun or something?" Sarah was obviously a bit confused and sad that her audience had left.

"Well who's going to put up with a cock-teaser like you?" I asked her, "Do you blame them?"

"I didn't mean for them to go - I was only having fun - I was planning on bringing them BOTH off ...eventually...there's nothing wrong with a bit of teasing."

"Well they obviously thought so." There was a knock at the booth door. "How about doing more than just teasing" I said getting up and sliding the latch open. The door swung open and the two men entered.

"So we meet again!" the black haired guy said. He smiled at me and then said, "So does the girl want to continue to tease? Because I don't think I'm going to let it continue any longer."

Sarah looked a bit concerned but I smiled warmly at her. "She'll do more then just tease this time" I said.

I saw several guys pile into the adjacent booths and gather to watch the spectacle enveloping before them. The black-haired guy unzipped his pants and pushed Sarah to her knees "Suck my dick, Tease," he commanded.

Sarah was hesitant at first but obediently took his cock into her mouth. He stood above her feeding its length in and out of her smooth mouth. The other guy unzipped and took out his cock, it was bigger than the other guys and he moved around behind her and began to feed it into her dripping pussy. It turned me on immensely to watch Sarah being ravished by these two men. Her pussy was being relentlessly pounded by one guy while she feverishly sucked the other guy off.

"Time to join in the fun" I said taking off my pants. I lay down on the floor and moved the chair so the onlookers would have a clear view. I motioned for Sarah to come and mount me. The guys pulled their dicks out of her and she moved over and slid her hot pussy down over my stiff cock. I groaned at the feeling as she slowly began to ride me. The black-haired guy then moved behind her and pulled her cheeks apart. He began to rub at her asshole with his finger and lubricate it with her abundant juices. He then slid his whole cock slowly into her ass. I could feel his cock entering her. She groaned loudly as he did so and we slowed the pace until she was accustomed to the feeling again. The other guy came over and waved his cock in Sarah's face. He then forced it into her mouth and began to fuck her mouth vigorously. Sarah was soon in ecstatic throes as she was consumed by these three hard cocks. The door to the cubicle opened and several other men entered. Several took out their cocks and began to masturbate as they watched the scene. One crouched down and squeezed Sarah's tits, encouraging her to take the guy's cock deeper and deeper down her throat.

I was quickly reaching the point of no return and signaled to the dark-haired guy to pull out as well. I stood up and grabbed Sarah by the head. "Maybe this'll teach you a lesson about not being such a tease," I said tersely and sprayed my hot cum all over her face and tits. The black-haired guy followed suit and as Sarah knelt there he shot his huge wad. The guy who was getting the blow-job quickly brought himself off and soon everyone in the cubicle was spraying Sarah with hot cum. It saturated her and she just opened her mouth and tried to catch as much of it as she could. Her mouth quickly filled with it. One of the men turned her around and shot his load all over her back and ass. Cum slowly dribbled down onto her pussy. By the time they had all finished, Sarah's entire body was covered in sticky wet cum. The guys all left and I helped clean her up. That was certainly one lesson she wouldn't forget in a hurry!

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