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Cindy and the Twins by G-boy

Cindy and the Twins

Algebra class was in full swing, and Cindy Potter, a beautiful eighteen-year-old was having a hard time keeping up with the fast paced teacher. She realized he only had an hour, really fifty minutes to cram the information into, but she was getting lost. She didn't dare raise her hand and ask a question, Dr.

Huxton had embarrassed the last person to ask a question so badly that the little Asian girl hadn't returned to the class since. He finished his rambling monologue and picked up the sheaf of papers from the corner of his desk. He began to rapidly walk up and down the aisles, slapping the papers down on the students' desks. She watched the man, in his early thirties as his skinny butt in the ill-fitting slacks stopped at the desks of Sara and Tara Mitchell. The nineteen-year-old twins smiled brightly and cooed over their passing grades. The teacher fawned over the attractive brunettes before continuing his journey. He slapped Cindy's paper down and continued on his way. She stared at her '54' and opened her mouth in shock. She felt a tear well up in her blue eyes, but brushed it aside.

After class, the pretty blonde approached the twins as they laughed and giggled in the corridor outside of the classroom. She admired their matching square faces with the strong jawbone and heavy eyebrows. Their blue eyes looked at her heart shaped face and pouting lips and smiled. She pushed her thick blonde hair out of her face and tried to return the smile.

"So, um, what'd you get on Huxton's test?" she asked.

"Ninety eight," they both answered. "You?"

"Fifty four," she said.

She stood about an inch taller than the two five foot four inch girls, but felt smaller than them right now. Their figures were almost equal to her own thirty six C breasts, twenty eight inch waist and thirty four inch hips, but she felt so inadequate right now, she felt like these two were superior to her in every single way. The trio watched as Dr. Huxton left the classroom and rapidly walked off to his next class of victims. Cindy stared with hatred at the skinny man's back. His brown hair was thinning, and she noticed with some satisfaction the growing bald spot in the back of his head. His large Adam's Apple twitched nervously as he glanced behind him at the trio. His large glasses sat at a crooked angle, and he tried to straighten them before entering room 322.

"Jeez, that's rough!" Sara, or was it Tara said.

"Really, I mean, I know you take notes and everything, I see you scribble like crazy every class," Tara, or was it Sara agreed.

"Yeah, I do, I just don't get this stuff, you know?" Cindy commiserated.

"Well, what helps us is having a study partner," one of the twins said.

"Yeah, well, I don't have a built in study partner," Cindy smiled.

"Well, the next test is Monday, what you doing tonight?" the other twin asked.

"Studying my ass off, I guess," Cindy said.

"Why don't we get together and study tonight?" a twin suggested.

"Really? That would be great!" Cindy agreed enthusiastically.

She quickly wrote down her apartment address and telephone number and left the twins. She found her pickup truck in the endless parking lot and drove back to her apartment.

She liked her apartment. She didn't think she would at first, having never really lived away from the comfort of home before, but after a few sessions with Dr. Conelly, after her rape at the hands of a former High School classmate, the good doctor suggested she try to be a little self sufficient. She had to agree that Susan had been right to suggest this. She had a place that she and she alone was responsible for. She had to provide her own clean clothes, her own meals, her own entertainment. Thank God though, the doctor did not suggest that she quit seeing Lindy, or pursuing a heterosexual relationship.

She let herself in and threw the book bag onto the large couch. She and Lindy, her small lover, had really been excited when Cindy bought the leather couch. They'd stripped as soon as the delivery men were gone and cuddled up on the dark cool leather and kissed and caressed each other until they wound up in a sixty-nine position, Cindy's head between Lindy's short legs, eagerly lapping at the lightly furred slit, while Lindy's small tongue swabbed Cindy's hairless slit.

She pulled off her tight tee shirt and put on a crop top. The thing she loved about the crop top was she didn't have to wear a bra; the tight material kept her breasts in place. Ever since Bobby Bordelon had tied her up and pierced her nipples with a searing hot needle; she really hated wearing a bra. Under Dr. Conelly's guidance, she tried putting rings through the holes in her nipples, and she had to agree, she rather enjoyed the naughty feelings. Every now and then, she would put some delicate gold hoops on, but today wasn't one of those days. One second though, she pulled the crop top off and slid out of her tight jeans, parading about in just her panties. She called her lover, who answered in her usual small, surprised voice.

"Hey Lindy, what you doing?" she asked.

"Nothing, you?" the small voice asked.

Cindy stretched out on the couch and slithered a hand down her panties. Just the sound of the girl's voice could get her feeling warm and loved. The four foot ten inch girl, with her long dark hair and big round dark eyes had introduced Cindy to girl-girl love, and Cindy truly did love her. They all agreed that Lindy's relationship with Cindy's brother, Adam, should and would not get in the way of her relationship with Cindy.

"You know Sara and Tara Mitchell? Well, they're coming over at about six tonight, we're going to study this damned Algebra," Cindy said.

"I told you, drop Huxton, get Doctor Faeroe, she's a lot easier," Lindy said.

"Yeah, I know, but her class was all full, and I needed to take it to get the CAPS scores," Cindy groaned.

"Oh, well, Sara and Tara are real nice, I've got them in my Speech class," Lindy said. "Even though they're pretty, they don't act all stuck up, you know?"

"Yeah, they seem real nice," Cindy agreed.

"Well, have fun. Me and Adam are going out to Damon's for dinner tonight, he says he wants to talk to me about something," Lindy said excitedly.

"I'll bet he's going to pop the question," Cindy said, her own excitement building.

"If he does, the answer's yes," Lindy laughed. "I'd marry either one of you!"

"Yeah, well, I'd love to marry you too, but we both want kids one day," Cindy laughed.

When they hung up, Cindy spread her legs wide and dug three fingers deep into her soaking wet cunt. With a short squeal, she came and came again. She pulled the dripping fingers from her cunt and sucked them clean. Her nipples ached and throbbed, and she looked at them. She'd just bought some new hoops for them, with small dangling pearls. She pulled her wet panties off and padded naked to her bathroom.

The earrings still sat in their box and she carefully threaded each one through the nipple holes. She admired them in the mirror and decided she liked what she saw. The thin gold shone against her tanned breasts and the five pearls that hung from each one highlighted the dark pink nipples. She'd heard one girl talking about having her clitoris pierced and Cindy looked down at her hairless slit. The pussy lips, still slick from her masturbation, poked out slightly and her clitoris was still visible. She tugged on it lightly, and almost sank to her knees. No, she wouldn't pierce that; too sensitive.

The twins chattered in their own language as they walked up the flight of stairs to Cindy's apartment. The girl's apartment was in a nice complex, in a nice neighborhood. It was certainly nicer than the dormitory room they shared. Tara, the bolder of the two, knocked firmly on the door the note indicated.

Cindy looked up from the computer screen and saw that it was almost six o'clock. She hurriedly slipped the crop top back on and yanked up a pair of cut off jeans. She ran to the door and checked through the peephole. Two square faces beamed up at her and she opened the door and let the two chattering girls in. They both admired the furnishings of the living room. The dark green couch, the two cream-colored canvas easy chairs, and the dark wood entertainment center with stereo and television. The kitchen slash dining room also impressed them; the table matched the entertainment center and coffee and end tables.

"My study room's in here," Cindy said, pointing to the second bedroom. "You want something to drink before we get started?"

"Scotch," Tara said, "And, Sara'll take bourbon."

"Shut up, Tara!" Sara laughed. "She's the one likes bourbon, gives me horrible hangovers."

"Vodka, gin, or beer," Cindy said. "But, I'll try to get some scotch for the next time."

"Gin," both twins excitedly said. "How'd you get any of this anyway? You got to be twenty one, don't you?"

"Go to Express Grocer's, they never card anyone, you know, unless you really look too young," Cindy laughed. "I've been going there since I was sixteen."

"Cool!" the twins, said.

They took their drinks into the spare bedroom and sat on the simple chairs set up in the room. Sling back chairs, each with it's own footstool were pulled in a circle, and the session began. Finally, her head whirling with numbers and gin, Cindy got up and went to the bathroom. Sara looked at Tara.

"She's got nipple rings on!" she whispered. "You'd look so hot with that!"

"You would too," Tara agreed.

"Oh, but there's no way I'd do that!" Sara laughed.

"Oh, sure, one right here," Tara said and traced her sister's nipple through her tee shirt.

"Oh!" Sara moaned.

"And right here," Tara said and traced the other breast.

"Oh!" Sara moaned again. "Stop that!" The twins heard the toilet flush and stopped their play. Cindy walked back into the room and sat down. Sara covertly looked at Cindy's chest, but Tara was much more bold in her appraisal.

"You've got nipple rings," she stated. "I've been thinking about doing that but I was always afraid it'd hurt too much."

"Yeah, it did hurt," Cindy said, and her easy smile faded.

"Why'd you do it, then?" Sara asked.

"I didn't," Cindy said and took a deep gulp of her gin and tonic.

Bobby Bordelon, a somewhat unpopular boy from Asbury High School had lusted after Cindy ever since the seventh grade. She'd even dated him once, but his boorish and crude behavior turned her off. She'd humiliated him by teasing him to a full five-inch erection, them sending him home. When she and Lindy and Adam and a few of their friends went to a beach cabin for a summer vacation, Bobby followed. As the others frolicked on the beach, Bobby had snuck in and held Cindy captive. To mark her as his bitch, he'd taken a hot needle and seared holes through her nipples and threaded gaudy earrings in. Then he raped and sodomized her.

"But, with my doctor's help, I'm getting to where it's not his decision any more, it's mine," Cindy finished.

"Oh! Look, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to bring it up, it's just that they look so cool, you know, under that tight shirt," Tara mumbled.

"Oh hey, look, like I said, it's my decision now whether I wear nipple rings or not," Cindy smiled. "And these are a whole lot prettier than the cheap ass ones he'd jammed in there. I also bought some with little onyx beads, and.."

"I'd love to see them," Sara quietly said.

In answer, Cindy pulled the short top off and bared her breasts to the twins gaze. Tara was the first to reach out and touch one. She tugged on it lightly, which elicited a groan from Cindy. Sara lightly traced the other one and Cindy sat back as two pairs of hands admired her breasts. She felt hot breath on them and looked down at the twin faces that hovered millimeters above her throbbing nipples.

"Want to see the onyx ones?" she managed to husk.

"Yeah," Tara said.

Weakly, she got to her feet and padded into her bedroom. The large waterbed was made, with the large teddy bear that Adam had given her for a moving in present, squarely in the middle of the bed. His furry belly was matted from Cindy humping her smooth pussy against it. Sara squealed when she saw it and picked it up. Tara smiled at her sister's elation and looked around the lavish furniture.

"You've got such a nice place," she commented.

"Thanks," Cindy said, and showed Tara the onyx earrings.

"Oh! These are pretty!" Tara said. "Sara, leave the bear alone and come see these."

"You going to put them in?" Sara asked shyly.

"You do it," Cindy said and handed them to Sara.

With trembling fingers, Sara and Tara pulled the pearl earrings free and threaded the onyx earrings in. They stepped back and admired the effect.

"That's it, I'm doing it," Tara declared. "You help me?"

"Me, too!" Sara said.

"Shit, I wouldn't want to, suppose I fuck it up?" Cindy said.

"I trust you," Tara said.

With that, the twins pulled their tee shirts off and bared their own breasts to Cindy's gaze. Their dark nipples were fully erect, but even at full erection, the points were small, sticking out only a quarter of an inch. With some cajoling, they talked Cindy into it, and Cindy got a large needle and a few cheaper pairs of earrings from her dresser drawer. Tara flopped back on the large bed and raised her arms above her head. Cindy crawled up onto the bed and squatted down.

"This is going to hurt," she cautioned.

"That's alright, Tara's into pain," Sara giggled.

"Not as much as you," Tara giggled back.

Even with her warning, and the application of rubbing alcohol to clean and slightly numb the area, Tara still jerked when the needle pierced her flesh. She bit down on her lip and bravely endured the pain. She watched as Cindy approached the other nipple and repeated the process.

"Wipe that with alcohol before you put it in," Cindy told Sara, who was holding the pair of simple gold hoops.

"Really, wouldn't want my tits to get infected," Tara gasped as the needle burrowed through her flesh.

"Does it hurt?" Sara asked.

"No, Sara, it feels good," Tara snapped. "What do you think?"

"Told you," Cindy laughed.

The crotch of her cut off jeans was fully damp. She was sure that the twins could see and smell her excitement. She didn't notice, but the twins themselves were equally excited. Sara's jeans were dark, so the wet patch at her crotch didn't show. Tara's faded jeans looked as if she'd pissed in them and the patch was growing wider as the earrings were inserted into the raw flesh. Cindy finally noticed the excitement in Tara and smiled broadly.

"Like that, huh?" she said and playfully patted Tara's crotch.

"God, yes!" Tara shuddered. "I can't wait to see Sara get hers!"

"You do clittie rings too?" Sara groaned.

"God, no! I wouldn't even know how!" Cindy exclaimed.

"I'll do it," Tara moaned.

Sara slithered out of her jeans and flopped on the bed. Cindy stared at the bush that opened up widely in front of her. The girl had shaved her pubic hair into the shape of a heart, and her slim light pink labia glistened wetly as it opened up. Tara got to her knees between her sister's legs and roughly pried the lips further apart. With deft fingers she yanked the small clitoris from its hood. Sara jerked slightly at her sister's rough treatment, but Tara was unrelenting. She jerked and tugged at the small clitoris then roughly swabbed it with a cotton ball soaked in alcohol. She cleaned the needle and, without warning, jabbed it through Sara's throbbing clitoris. Sara gave a sharp cry and bounced on the bed.

"Hold still, bitch," Tara growled.

This was a side Cindy would have never suspected about these two sweet looking girls. She watched as Tara pulled her own small hoop earring from her ear lobe and prepared to insert in into her sister's wounded clitoris.

"Wait, let me clean that first," Cindy warned.

"Oh, yeah," Tara smiled.

"You want to put it in?" Sara gasped and groaned when Tara pinched her clitoris.

"Um, no, it looks like Tara's got in firmly in hand," Cindy giggled at her own pun.

"There, how's that?" Tara said, and rubbed her sister's lips.

"Hurts," Sara complained.

"Good," Tara smirked. "Now, let's get them tits done." The twins admired themselves in Cindy's full-length mirror. Their nipples looked great with the simple golden hoops, and their matching clitoris rings also looked hot. Tara shaved her own bush into a diamond shape. The gold rings gleamed out from the thicket of dark hair, and the girls giggled and chattered about how sexy it was. Cindy poured another round of drinks and the girls sat on the large bed.

"Take these off," Tara demanded and unbuttoned Cindy's cut offs.

"You're not going to pierce my clit," Cindy warned.

"Nope, out of earrings," Tara laughed.

"Oh, God, you are so sexy," Sara moaned as Cindy's smooth cunt gleamed out at them.

Cindy found herself sandwiched between two sucking and licking mouths. The twins each took a nipple and teased and tugged at the earrings. She gasped as two hands, one from each side, pulled her lips apart and two sets of digits rubbed and poked and prodded at her wet pussy. She reached her own hands down and stroked the nearest breasts she could find. She lost herself in a stereo effect, two bodies writhing around hers, two mouths teasing her.

Tara was definitely the aggressor. It was her diamond shaped bush that squatted over Cindy's mouth. She gasped and squealed as Cindy's tongue swiped the raw clitoris and two of Cindy's fingers worked in and out of her tight pussy. When Cindy jammed a third finger into the hot wetness, and wormed her thumb into the wrinkled anus, she shuddered and came loudly. Sara was busily lapping at Cindy's wet insides and fingering herself to orgasm. Tara slumped from Cindy's mouth, and Sara resisted slightly when Cindy pulled her into a sixty-nine position. Sara screamed and came when Tara reached out and cruelly tugged at a hanging nipple ring. It seemed the rougher her sister was with her, the harder her orgasm was. A gentle teeth pull on the clitoris ring from Cindy elicited a shriek of pleasure from her, and Sara slithered off of Cindy's face. The trio lay, gasping and murmuring in a sweaty heap on the bed, until Cindy looked at the bedside clock.

"Damn, it's already eleven!" she said.

"Oh, shit! We've got to call the dorm, let them know we'll be late," Tara mumbled.

"Why don't you just stay over, for tonight?" Cindy suggested.

"Please?" Sara begged her sister.

"Can we?" Tara asked.

They lay under the covers; Cindy firmly trapped between the two twins. They didn't get much sleep that night; as soon as one would doze off slightly, the other would begin her rubbing and kissing of Cindy's face, breasts, belly. Cindy groaned when the six thirty alarm went off, and clambered out of bed, stepping gingerly over the sleeping Sara. It was Sara; the heart shaped mound was fully visible as she slumbered on her back. She turned on the coffeepot and padded into the bathroom. By the time she finished her shower, the twins were seated at the table, drinking coffee and chattering. She poured herself a cup of coffee and sat down with them.

"Thanks for coming over, helping me with Algebra," she smiled.

"Oh, thank you for the rings," both Sara and Tara smiled.

"No problem," she laughed.

"So, which ones are you going to wear today?" Tara said.

"The onyx ones. They'll go great with my black tee shirt and jeans," Cindy said.

"They are pretty," Sara said.

"Shower's all yours," Cindy said as she prepared to get dressed.

"Good," Tara said. "Come on, Sara." The twins went into the bathroom, but didn't close the door. Cindy caught glimpses of them soaping each other up and touching and lightly slapping each other as they showered. The clear shower curtain barely obscured her view of the erotic twin play, and she smiled and laughed as she brushed her teeth and applied light makeup. Finally, the girls tired of the water and clambered out. They dressed in the clothing from last night, and both kissed Cindy passionately as they prepared to leave.

"I'll try to get scotch or bourbon for the next time," Cindy promised.

"Oh, no, gin and pussy's fine," Tara laughed.

Lindy was still in a daze when she looked at her tiny hand. The large diamond gleamed up from its heart shaped setting. Adam had looked so handsome, in his best blue suit as he pulled up to the house she shared with her father. She realized she was underdressed and raced down to her room. He disappeared for a few moments into her father's study, and when the two men emerged, Jake Carter's brown face was beaming widely. But, Adam wouldn't tell the four foot ten inch girl what he and her father had talked about. Damon himself greeted them at the door and ushered them into the private dining room. Damon was their waiter for the evening, fawning over the couple, and smiling broadly. Adam, his blue eyes twinkling and his teeth flashing, wouldn't tell Lindy anything, but his excitement was evident and infectious. When he ordered the chocolate cheesecake, Lindy protested. Chocolate was her one weakness, her one holdover from her pudgy childhood, but the steak and oysters and house salad had her so full she couldn't move.

"Oh, no, my dear, you'll like this," Damon, in his heavy French accent insisted.

"Just a small piece, then," Adam also insisted.

"But, but," Lindy tried to say, but Damon was already gone.

She looked at Adam's beaming face. She'd been in love with him for six years. She'd been in love with his sister for six years also. When they'd all gone to DeGarde Elementary School, Belinda Carter had been the school pariah. The short fat kid with the frizzy hair and thick glasses. When puberty hit, it just made the fat lump up in different places and added pimples to the pale round face. Then Cindy Potter, the prettiest girl in school, had invited the entire seventh grade to her birthday party. Adam and a few others threatened to beat up Belinda Carter if she dared to show up to the party. To Cindy's dismay, the girl did. To protect her, Cindy held Belinda's hand tightly throughout the entire party. Belinda left the Potter home deeply in love with Cindy. She'd secretly admired Adam's muscular physique and brown curly hair, but now she also felt the same heart tugs when she looked at his sister. The Carter family moved away at the end of the school year; Jake's company moved them to Arizona.

Although heartbroken at leaving the only person who'd ever shown her any kindness, the small girl stepped out into the dry heat of Arizona and determined to change her life. Strict diet and exercise and makeup and hair styling tips and Belinda Carter shed eighty-two pounds and emerged a stunning beauty. Her small round pale face and dark eyes looked out from under her dark crown of hair. Her breasts, no matter how much she exercised, were a stunning thirty eight-D, capped with large dark nipples. Her waist, once a mere twenty inches, had filled out to twenty-two, and her hips flared out to thirty-seven inches.

Her legs were short, but muscular. And this new beauty did not gain her the friendship she had starved and stuffed herself for. Girls felt threatened and boys felt intimidated around her. When Jake's company threatened to move him and his family again, he quit and formed his own company. They moved back to their hometown, and Belinda Carter was accepted at Asbury High School, a school known for accepting only the brightest and best of the town. Belinda was elated to see Cindy Potter sitting in her first period class.

Cindy didn't recognize the ravishing petite beauty, but quickly resumed her friendship with the girl. That Friday night, she invited Belinda over, and amongst the splashing and horseplay in the swimming pool, they talked and laughed. When Cindy mentioned a 'Truth or Dare' game she'd recently played, Belinda asked if they could play this game. They raced up to Cindy's room and were locked in a passionate sixty-nine within moments. By morning time, Belinda had been renamed Lindy and she and Cindy were inseparable. Adam was even more handsome than Lindy remembered, but they discovered Adam's secret that Friday night. He was gay. Within a few months, though, his relationship with the other boy had cooled, and Adam found himself drawn to the small and quiet girl that loved him for who he was, never mocking him or rejecting him. On the night that he caught his boyfriend in the local bus station bathroom, taking on all comers, her boyfriend had broken up with her. At his parents' cabin on Baylor Lake, they'd come together.

"We've been together for a year now," Adam interrupted her reverie.

"That's right! One year ago tomorrow," she smiled.

"And it's been the best year of my life," Adam smiled.

"You too?" she smiled.

"Here we go, one chocolate cheesecake," Damon said as he brought Lindy a massive chunk of the dessert.

"I thought you said a small piece," Lindy protested.

"Oh, but this is special piece," Damon smiled.

Lindy's eyes went wide as she looked at the cake. In the center, sticking up out of the heavy chocolate syrup was a ring. She looked at Adam, her mouth open.

"Baby, will you marry me?" Adam asked.

"Oh my God!" Lindy said. "Oh my God!"

"I don't know that's yes or no," Damon said.

"Shut up, Damon," Adam laughed.

"Oh my God!" Lindy said again.

"Yes or no?" Damon said.

"Really? You really want to marry me?" Lindy asked.

"Really," Adam said.

"Oh my God!" Lindy said.

Her father was waiting up when they returned home. Tears still streaked Lindy's small face as she showed her father the ring. He hugged her tightly, and when they pulled apart, she saw that tears streaked his brown face as well. Adam kissed her goodnight, shook her father's hand again and drove away. She sat up in her bed and examined the diamond from all angles. She would never remove it, she vowed, even under penalty of death. She thought about calling Cindy, but decided it would be best to show her, see the look on her face. When her alarm went off at seven o'clock, she hadn't gotten any sleep.

The twins were in Lindy's Speech class and Lindy smiled at them. She sat down behind one of them, Tara or Sara; she couldn't tell which was which.

"Hey, how'd it go at Cindy's?" she asked.

The twins turned, looked at her and burst out in giggles.

"Fine!" Tara said. "We had a blast, didn't we, Sara?"

"Yeah," Sara smiled and blushed. "It was fun." Lindy felt jealousy rear its ugly head. Although she and Cindy had sex with boys, she with Adam and Cindy with whomever she wished, their lesbianism was supposed to be exclusively with each other. They had included others briefly in their lovemaking, Danni Michaels, a pretty little blonde that had been friends with Cindy since the first grade, and Muriyito Asahi, a pretty little Japanese girl that had played softball with them, but other than that, they had shared this intimacy with each other only. She could tell from the giggles and blushes that the twins had enjoyed more than just studies with Cindy. The rest of the day was spent in quiet hurt and anger. When she finished with American History, she ran to her Jeep and drove to Cindy's apartment. Cindy wasn't home yet, but she let herself in with the key she had to her lover's apartment.

Cindy smiled happily when she pulled up and saw Lindy's Jeep in the parking lot. She grabbed her books and ran up the stairs. When she opened the door, Lindy punched her in the belly with all of her might.

"You slut!" she screamed. "You fucked them, didn't you?" Cindy curled up on the floor and groaned. Lindy was on top of her, punching and slapping and pulling her hair. She tried to fend off the blows, but Lindy had the upper hand.

"You slut!" Lindy was sobbing now. "You fucked them! I can't believe you! I thought you loved me!"

"Lindy! Stop it!" Cindy cried out.

"Slut!" Lindy cried.

"Lindy, stop!" Cindy cried and pinned Lindy's struggling form to the floor.


"Lindy! Stop it!" Cindy said and sat on top of Lindy's struggling body.

"Fucking bitch! Get off of me!" Lindy screamed.

"Lindy, please stop it," Cindy said, tears streaming down her face.

Lindy stopped struggling; she was losing both strength and anger. Cindy tenderly kissed Lindy's forehead, eyelids, button nose, and mouth. When she reached Lindy's mouth, Lindy opened her mouth and Cindy slipped her tongue in. Lindy bit down and trapped Cindy.

"Mph! Linny, thop!" Cindy moaned.

Lindy released the tongue, her anger had melted, and she really didn't want to hurt the first love she'd ever had. Cindy sat and held her tongue gingerly.

"Why, Cindy? I thought you loved me?" Lindy cried.

"With all my heart," Cindy assured her. "Baby, I didn't plan on this happening. We were drinking, and they wanted nipple rings like mine, and the next thing I know, we're all fucking."

"Just like that?" Lindy said.

"Well, no. I was already excited, talking to you on the phone, and then.." Cindy started. "Oh! What happened at Damon's? Did he?"

"Get your fat ass off of me and I'll show you," Lindy groaned.

"Fat ass? You bitch!" Cindy giggled and bounced lightly on Lindy.

Even though Cindy was only one hundred and twenty pounds, she was sitting on Lindy's stomach and it hurt. Cindy rolled off and grabbed Lindy's left hand. Both girls squealed out loud.

"Oh my God!" Cindy said.

"Will you be my maid of honor?" Lindy asked.

"Not if you're going to beat the hell out of me," Cindy said.

"Cindy, I just don't understand, how can you say you love me, and then do this kind of thing?" Lindy said, fresh tears beginning.

"What? I'm supposed to just sit here and wait for you to get tired of Adam's cock? Come over when you feel like fucking, but I can't?" Cindy snapped.

"Well, no, but.." Lindy said.

"Baby, what we have will always be special, you're the first and the best I've ever had, but I can't just sit here forever, waiting for you," Cindy said and held Lindy tight.

"I know, but..." Lindy protested.

"That is a beautiful ring," Cindy said, and kissed Lindy again.

This time, Lindy didn't bite down on Cindy's tongue. Hand in hand, they went into Cindy's bedroom. Lindy gasped when she saw the big bruise beginning on Cindy's belly.

"Oh, Cindy! I'm so sorry!" she cried out.

"Well, kiss it and make it feel better," Cindy laughed.

With a groan of desire and love, Lindy sank to her knees and rained tender kisses on Cindy's flat belly. Her kisses began to travel down and Cindy spread her legs wide for Lindy's small tongue and fingers. When the pleasure built up to a dizzying level, she sank to the bed and Lindy climbed on top. Legs entwined, she rubbed her lightly furred slit against Cindy's smooth lips.

"Wait for me!" she ordered, but Cindy was already bucking her hips in orgasm.

Tara looked at Sara's nipples and giggled. Her own tits were sore; the piercing was uncomfortable and itched, but it also felt so good to hurt in such a naughty way. Her clitoris ached and throbbed and she unzipped her jeans and pulled them down around her knees. In front of her sister, she parted her legs and grasped her puffy cunt lips in her hand and gingerly touched her clitoris. With a groan of discomfort, she came hard. Sara flopped down onto the small bunk and dipped her fingers down the front of her own jeans. She stifled a scream of pleasure as the clitoris ring ached and throbbed painfully.

"I wonder if Cindy would give us a little.." Tara moaned and snapped her thin belt purposefully.

"Too uptight, I'll bet," Sara groaned and licked her fingers clean.

"Want to find out?" Tara said and lightly slapped the belt across Sara's exposed tits.

"God, yes," Sara groaned.

"Stop that!" Tara ordered and slapped at Sara's digging hands.

Sara pulled her hands out of her jeans and rolled over onto her belly. She rubbed her crotch against the bed, which prompted another slap from Tara.

"You're a slut, you know that?" she chided her twin.

"Room to talk," Sara gasped. "Bitch."

"Cunt," Tara snapped.

"Whore," Sara groaned.

"Twat," Tara said and sat on her sister's wiggling buttocks.

"Dyke," Sara giggled.

"Gash," Tara giggled also.

"Butch," Sara said as Tara yanked a handful of hair.

"Hole." Tara said and bit down on Sara's ear.

"Ow! Oh!" Sara exclaimed.

"Want to go over there?" Tara mumbled.

"Fuck yes," Sara said.

They hurriedly dressed in matching crop tops and shorts and ran downstairs to their battered old car. They enjoyed the admiring looks that they received from the few males that walked around the campus, but didn't have time to put on a show for them.

"Okay, so it's agreed," Cindy said as Lindy dressed.

"Yeah," Lindy mumbled.

"Lindy, no matter who I'm with, it's only you in my heart," Cindy protested.

"I said 'yeah,' okay?" Lindy yelled.

"God damn it, Lindy!" Cindy snapped.

"You're right," Lindy admitted. "I'm just being a selfish bitch."

"A selfish, engaged bitch," Cindy smiled.

"I know! I can't believe it!" Lindy crowed her anger and jealousy forgotten as she looked at the ring.

"Is it incest, to fuck your sister in law?" Cindy laughed.

"Well, incest is best, relatively speaking, they say," Lindy laughed.

The twins didn't see Lindy's Jeep as it roared around the corner. Lindy didn't see the twins in their battered old car either. Cindy was slipping into just a long tee shirt when the knock at the door came. She padded to the door and looked through the peephole. Two square faces beamed up at her and she sighed and opened the door. Chattering and giggling, they entered the apartment.

"I, um, I didn't know we'd planned on studying tonight," Cindy mumbled.

"We didn't," Tara said and flopped down on the leather couch.

"No, we just thought we'd come over, see what's up," Sara said and sat down on the couch, next to her sister.

"Is this real leather?" Tara asked.

"Yeah. Want a drink?" Cindy smiled.

Even though the twins' barging in after such an emotional moment with Lindy was unwelcome at first, their genuine fun spirit was infectious and she felt drawn to them. Plus that, she and Lindy did agree that Cindy's body was her own. Cindy considered her heart to belong to Lindy, though and Lindy alone.

"Gin?" Tara asked.

"You know it," Cindy said and fixed three gin and tonics.

"Cool TV, what you watch?" Tara said.

"Mostly Public, I don't much care for the networks, I got cable and watch a lot of 'Discovery' and other stuff," Cindy said. "You want to watch TV?"

"At the dorm, there's just one TV, and this bitch, Bernice, she decides what we're going to watch," Sara complained.

"Big Bad Bernice," Tara grimaced. "She's about two tons, and thinks just because she's been there four years, it's her TV."

"You got any movies?" Sara asked, looking at the stack of videotapes on a shelf above the television.

"Yeah, 'Wizard of Oz,' that's Lindy's favorite movie, and some dirty ones," Cindy blushed.

"Lindy? Lindy Carter?" Sara asked. "She's in our Speech Class, she's so sweet."

"Yeah, she is," Cindy smiled. "She's engaged to my brother, they just got engaged."

"Really! That's wonderful!" Sara exclaimed. "Any good dirty ones?" Tara asked.

"Tara!" Sara exclaimed.

"What?" Tara protested. "Like you don't want to see any?"

"Well, yeah, but," Sara said.

"This one's good," Cindy smiled and stuck one of the tapes in.

The title, 'Anal Girls,' popped on the screen, and Tara and Sara giggled. Cindy sat in a chair and sipped her drink. The first scene showed a buxom blonde and her two friends, both brunettes, trying on various items of clothing. The blonde was complaining that 'Dave' kept wanting to fuck her up the ass. One of the brunettes looked at her and asked what the problem was. The blonde claimed that she didn't think she'd enjoy anal sex. Within moments, one brunette was seated, with the blonde eagerly lapping at her trimmed bush. The other brunette was fingering the blonde's anus. The second brunette reached into her purse and pulled out a strap-on dildo. Both other girls giggled as the brunette affixed it and prepared to plunge into the blonde's waiting ass hole.

"Oh, no!" Sara gasped. "That's got to hurt!"

"Like you'd mind!" Tara said and pinched her sister's leg.

"Not really," Cindy said. "Do it right, it really feels good."

"You've done that before?" Tara asked, hopefully.

"Yeah," Cindy admitted and gulped her drink.

Even though she'd seen this video hundreds of times, the all lesbian anal sex still got her just as excited now as it had the first time she and Lindy and Danni had watched it. She was sure that the bottom hem of her long tee shirt was wet from her excitement. Her anus certainly twitched and throbbed. Lindy had stolen the tape from one of her older brothers and played it for her and Danni. Within moments she and Danni were thrusting a latex cock in and out of Lindy's stretched hole. Before the night was through, Cindy had her own ass fucked hard and fast by both Danni and Lindy. Danni, however, balked when her tight virgin ass was approached.

After that one time, she and Lindy regularly incorporated anal play in their loving. She had an assortment of phalluses in her bedroom, and watching the tape drove the desire to fuck herself onto one of them, maybe the big black one, ten inches long and three incredible nubbed inches around. It took some work and grease to get it in, but once it was the bumps and sheer girth was absolute anal ecstasy. She was sure the seat under her was getting wetter as she thought about it.

A slap brought her out of her reverie and she looked over at the twins. Sara was rubbing her left buttock where Tara had slapped her. They were giggling. On the screen, the buxom blonde was stuffing one end of a double headed dildo into her wet pussy, while a big breasted brunette was taking the other end into her stretched anus. The dildo was so big around that the blonde had trouble sliding it into her pussy and the brunette's anus was pulled out wide around it. Her anal ring pulled out whenever the blonde withdrew and slurped noisily in when the blonde pushed.

"God, I got to take a shit, just looking at this," Tara exclaimed and ran down the hall.

Sara looked shyly at Cindy.

"You really do this?" she asked.

"Every now and then," Cindy said and tried to sit comfortably.

Her tee shirt was getting wetter by the second. The toilet flushed and Tara ran back to the living room and plopped down on the couch. She drained her glass and watched the two women on the screen. Despite the girth of the dildo, the two women were picking up speed and screaming in bliss.

"No way!" Tara giggled.

"Not that big, that's for sure," Cindy agreed.

"How big?" Tara asked.

"That, on the TV," Cindy said and pointed.

"No, I mean, how big can you, you know, take it? Up the butt," Tara explained.

In answer Cindy got to unsteady feet and rapidly scurried to her bedroom. She opened the dresser drawer and rummaged around. At first she was going to pass on the big monster, but decided to take that and the next smaller one, a double ended one two inches around and twelve inches long. She grabbed her tube of grease and ran back to the living room. On the screen, the big-busted brunette was giving the blonde a taste of her own medicine, plunging the huge rubber cock in and out of the stretched anus. Cindy pulled the long tee shirt off and threw it on the chair she'd just abandoned. She opened the tube of grease and got a dollop onto her fingertips.

"The main thing is, grease it up good," she said and reached between her own legs. Her anus was already expanding, in anticipation of Big Boy. She bent over in front of Tara and Sara and showed them her three fingers applying generous grease to her hole. She then applied a little to the tip of Big Boy and got to her knees, ass facing the entranced twins. Her anus clenched briefly when the tip of Big Boy touched it, but she relaxed and it opened slightly. With a groan, she worked the bulbous head in.

Gasping, she waited for the discomfort to wear off, then eased some more in. After a few starts and stops, she had half of the black latex in her stretched rectum. With a grunt, she began the in and out fucking motion her ass hole knew so well. She fell forward and gasped and grunted as she came. Tara and Sara watched in fascination as her cunt lips quivered and opened wide. Her juices flowed freely down her thighs. Finally, she sat up; phallus still imbedded, and sat down on the floor. This drove Big Boy into her ass, to the hilt. She turned and faced the twins. She blushed, suddenly embarrassed at her own actions and enjoyment. Tara reached over and unzipped Sara's shorts.

"Our turn," Tara demanded.

Cindy handed Tara the double-ended dildo. Sara wiggled out of her clothing and helped Tara out of hers while Tara greased up one end of the phallus.

"Like this?" Sara asked as she draped herself over the coffee table.

"Yeah," Cindy husked.

She took the tube of lubricant from Tara and applied a generous amount to Sara's offered anus. Sara cooed and moaned as Cindy worked three fingers in and out of her ass. Tara fitted one end of the dildo into her cunt, which was oozing her excitement down her inner thighs. She grasped the slick end of her 'cock' and brought it to Sara's slick anal opening. She pushed forward.

"Ugh!" Sara grunted.

"Go easy," Cindy said. "You don't want to hurt her." In response, Tara leaned heavily into the forward thrust. Cindy watched as Sara's stretched anus took in five full inches. She writhed slightly but held her ass in place. Cindy looked at her flushed face. Tara began to pull out and had to hold onto the dildo; Sara's clutching rectum had a tight grip on the end. She pulled until just the bulbous head was imbedded in Sara's upturned ass. She slowly pushed in and groaned as her pubic hairs rested firmly against her sister's rounded ass cheeks. She reached around and viciously tugged at Sara's clitoris ring.

"Oh, fuck!" Sara screamed and shook in orgasm.

"Good?" Tara teased.

"Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck!" Sara moaned as her entire body shuddered.

"Like it?" Tara cooed.

"Oh!" was all Sara could say.

Tara picked up speed until Sara just sprawled helplessly. When no amount of tugging or thrusting could elicit a response, Tara pulled the dildo completely out of her sister's ass. With a groan, Sara rolled over. Tara lowered her face to her sister's cunt and began to slowly and lovingly lick the wet lips. When Sara regained her breath, she stroked her sister's hair and smiled contentedly. Tara looked up at her sister and smiled.

"My turn," she demanded.

Sara eased the end of the dildo into her pussy, after Cindy had wiped the soiled end clean, and waited for Tara to assume the position. Tara lay on her back and kicked her legs up. Sara entered her and slowly pushed the bulbous head into her twin's ass. Cindy gripped the handle of her own Big Boy and began to fuck her ass as she watched the twins play. Their nipples brushed against one another and the twins kissed lightly.

Tara lowered her legs and wrapped them around her sister's waist. Their fucking was slow and loving, as compared to Tara's rough treatment of Sara's abused ass. With a tiny squeal, Tara came and Sara shuddered as her own orgasm rocked though her. They picked up speed and whimpered as a second orgasm rippled through them. Cindy grunted as Big Boy brought her to her own orgasm. Tara pulled Sara down and they kissed, tongues fighting for each other's mouth. Finally they pulled apart and giggled.

"Whore," Sara said.

"Cunt," Tara snapped.

"Slut," Sara responded.

"Twat," Tara spat.

"Tramp," Sara giggled.

"Fuck toy," Tara giggled and they kissed again.

They seemed to realize that they weren't alone when Cindy finally pulled Big Boy from her aching and abused ass and put it on her coffee table. They got up and sat back down on the leather couch.

"God, this leather feels good," Sara sighed as she wiggled her sore ass on it.

Cindy looked at the clock, seven twenty.

"Did you eat yet?" she asked.

"No," both twins answered.

"Like Chinese?" she asked.

"Yeah!" they both said.

She called Ring Low and ordered a feast for them. Sara and Tara looked slightly worried.

"Um, Cindy, we don't have any money," Tara finally said.

"So?" Cindy smiled. "I have enough for Ring Low, that's the great thing about them, they're cheap."

"Yeah, but, we don't have any, you know, to chip in," Sara mumbled.

"I said I'd get it," Cindy said. "Don't worry about it." She pulled her tee shirt back on and answered the door while Tara and Sara hid in the kitchen. The delivery boy took in the pretty blonde that answered the door and almost forgot to charge her the twelve dollars for the food. She smiled seductively at the gangly seventeen-year-old boy, but refrained from giving him too much encouragement. She firmly shut and locked the door after he gave her the change for the twenty-dollar bill and carried the bags into the kitchen. Sara and Tara helped set the table and they ate and talked and laughed.

"Yeah, I'd love to eat every meal like this, all naked," Tara giggled.

"The cafeteria would love that," Sara laughed.

"Ew! The cafeteria!" Cindy wrinkled her nose. "God, every time I walk past that place, I get sick just from the smell!"

"You think the smell is bad, you ought to try eating it," Tara agreed.

"No, thanks!" Cindy said.

"Um, Cindy, we really appreciate this, I mean, you know, the food, and a place to hang out, get away from campus," Sara mumbled.

"Yeah, really!" Tara agreed.

"Oh, hey, that's cool," Cindy said. "I was on campus for one semester, at Texas State, and I hated it!"

"Yeah, well, Louisiana's not much better," Tara complained. "I mean, don't get me wrong, this town's real nice, but it's just not home, you know?"

"Where is home?" Cindy asked.

"San Diego," Tara said.

"California?" Cindy asked. "Why'd you move here from there?"

"Because, there, everyone was always trying to separate Sara and me," Tara said. "Some fucking psychiatrist said we should try to develop, you know, on our own."

"So we said fuck them and applied for some smaller colleges," Sara said. "Louisiana was the first to respond, so here we are."

"Would it be so bad, you know, being separated?" Cindy asked.

"Sara and I, you might have noticed, we like, well, we love each other," Tara said and blushed.

"No! I'd have never guessed," Cindy laughed.

"I mean, we're not opposed to one or the other, you know, finding someone else, but.." Sara said. "I mean, Louisiana was about the only one that even said we could bunk together! All the other ones wanted to put us in different rooms!"

"And, we've never been apart, you know, for even one night!" Tara finished.

"Suppose you meet some guy you like?" Cindy asked.

"Why do you think we shave our pussies different?" Tara laughed. "We have! But, Sara would try to steal the ones I liked and she says I tried to steal the ones she liked!"

"You did!" Sara said.

"So, I trim my bush into a diamond, and she has a heart, so that whoever can tell us apart, you know, when we're fucking," Tara giggled.

"Every boy I liked," Sara grumbled.

"Did not!" Tara said.

"Did too!" Sara said.

"Whatever," Tara muttered.

"It's true, whore," Sara mumbled.

"Not, cunt," Tara mumbled back.

"Can I have another drink?" Sara asked.

"Yeah, help yourself," Cindy said.

"You want another?" Sara asked as she picked up Cindy's empty glass.

"Yeah, gin and tonic," Cindy said.

"Me, too," Tara demanded.

"Get it yourself, slut," Sara said lightly.

"Get me a fucking drink, bitch," Tara demanded.

"Or what?" Sara said.

"God damn," Cindy snapped. "You two are worse than kids!"

"No shit!" Sara said from the kitchen. "Someone needs to teach that fuck toy some manners."

"Think you can?" Tara yelled.

"She might not be able to, but I will," Cindy said. "Shut up, slut."

"Yes, ma'am," Tara said meekly.

Cindy was surprised at her own outburst. The alcohol, the hard anal sex, and the bickering of the two girls were giving her a bit of a headache. More surprising, though, was Tara's response. The aggressive twin sat demurely and finished her meal. Sara sat smugly as she watched her sister's submission. Cindy smiled. She knew that Sara was enjoying watching someone dominate her sister. If she wanted to, she could have both of them doing her bidding. Her pussy got wet just thinking about having two submissive lovers.

"Can you stay the night again?" she asked.

Tara looked up from the table, her eyes glowing.

"Yes," she breathed.

"Good," Cindy said.

"What you want to do?" Sara breathed.

"Fuck, what else?" Cindy laughed. "You, come here." Tara got up and grunted as Cindy tugged one of her nipple rings. Cindy bent the girl over the table and bit down on her rounded ass. She nibbled her way to Tara's drooling pussy and eagerly lapped at the girl's excitement. She spread her own legs wide and motioned to Sara. Wordlessly, Sara slunk under the table and began to lick at Cindy's hairless slit. Tara groaned as Cindy thrust three fingers deeply into her sore rectum. A tug on her clitoris ring and she came hard. Cindy shoved Sara's sucking mouth away from her clitoris and stood up.

"Bedroom," she panted and grabbed Tara's clitoris ring in one hand, Sara's clitoris ring in the other.

"Would you, um, beat us?" Sara pleaded as she roughly shoved them onto her bed.

She selected a broad belt from her closet and approached them. Tara spread her legs wide for the belt. Cindy gingerly swatted at the girl's splayed cunt, but Tara shook her head no.

"Harder!" she demanded.

Cindy brought the belt down with a loud crack and Tara squealed. Several blows later, Tara slithered away from the belt's lashes and Cindy turned her attention to Sara. Sara wanted her ass reddened and Cindy obliged. Sara yelped as Cindy aimed and struck her puckered anus. To her complete amazement, Sara thrust her ass higher and spread her cheeks for the next blow. Cindy struck the tender rosebud several times, then threw the belt down. She flopped down between the two and viciously grabbed handfuls of hair. She forced two heads toward her throbbing, dripping pussy.

The alarm went off, and Cindy roughly shoved Sara awake.

"Go make coffee," she ordered.

Sara scurried out of bed and scampered into the kitchen. Tara wiggled toward Cindy and nuzzled her neck. Cindy lightly slapped Tara's breast and kissed her forehead.

"Algebra today," Tara reminded her.

"The test isn't until Monday," Cindy said.

"Want us to come over and help you study?" Tara giggled.

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